The difference between the Apple Watch 3 and 5

Who is the Apple Watch Series 3 for??

This is the most basic level for getting to know the platform. A great watch for 200 dollars, which will give you a complete idea of what a smart watch is and whether it is worth buying a more expensive model.

The Sereis 3 is also a great option for a child or elderly person. The watchOS 7 update introduces the ability to set the watch with a parent’s smartphone and get notifications about the movement of someone important to you.

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Don’t expect the Series 3 to last you long: next year Apple will likely stop selling the model in the official store and stop releasing updates for the watch, after all, the processor in the Series 3 is no longer able to handle all tasks.

The Apple Watch Series 6 has a 368×448-pixel (44mm) or 324×394-pixel (40mm) display with a brightness of 1,000 cd/m square. The SE has a similar thickness. It’s 30% brighter than the Series 3. The only difference is the Apple Watch SE doesn’t have the Always-On Display feature, which lets you watch it all the time.

In short: The Apple Watch Series 6 processor is 20% faster than the one in the Apple Watch Series 5. Apple Watch Series 6 has a new sensor to measure blood oxygen levels. With each new generation of the Apple Watch, there’s a jump in performance thanks to a new chipset.

The display on the Apple Watch Series 4 takes up almost the entire front and the bezel is now very thin. The case itself is thinner. The Series 3 was 11.4 mm thick, while the Series 4 is 10.7 mm thick. And the edges of the new Smartwatch are more rounded than the rectangular Series 3.

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Series 5 VS Series 3. Which Apple Watch Should YOU BUY? (In-Depth Review)

Briefly: the Apple Watch Series 6 processor is 20% faster than the chip in the Apple Watch Series 5. Apple Watch Series 6 has a new sensor that measures blood oxygen levels. With each new generation of Apple Watch there is a jump in performance thanks to a new chipset.

Comparison of 3 and 4 series

The fourth Apple Watch series released in 2018 with the addition of a new pink design, compared to the third-generation model.

New watch case lengths of 40mm and 44mm, display increased by 2mm. With the new S4 processor, the performance of the device increased by 30%. The watch supports Bluetooth version 5.0. The speaker, compared to the third generation model, is 50% louder. Internal memory capacity doubled to 16GB.

Developers have introduced the wearer’s fall detection feature, as well as sensors for measuring cardiac activity, tactile wheel response, and optical for measuring heart rate. The 3rd generation device did not have them. The watch is compatible with iPhone smartphones version 5S and above.

The obvious leader here is difficult to determine, as the Smartwatch is made with a completely identical design. Apple took this step to interest customers in the budget version of the SE.

The only thing to note is the availability of two new color options in the new Apple Watch 6 (PRODUCT (RED) and Blue), as well as the availability of a titanium/steel case. You will not be able to buy the Apple Watch SE in the signature red or blue color because they are not produced. Similarly for SE there will never be versions in titanium or stainless steel case.

But there is already a question of the fact that in Ukraine there may not be a titanium and steel case, so there is only a color dilemma. Despite the big jump in popularity of blue and red paint, most users will (most likely) prefer the standard gray (Space Gray) or gold (Gold) Apple Watch 6 case. This can be explained by the versatility and durability of the factory paint.

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Well, you can also get the budget Apple Watch SE in gray or gold, for that matter.

Differences in the design of the Apple Watch 4 and 3 series

The fourth series has significant changes in terms of design: the display is 30% larger, the Digital Crown wheel has been changed, and the case has been slightly larger. The whole trick is frameless: the screen occupies almost the entire front surface, plus they added rounded edges, so the watch looks more aesthetically pleasing. Case material is aviation aluminum or stainless steel, the “back” is ceramic.

Apple Watch sizes have also changed. while the Watch 3 Series had 38mm and 42mm variants, the Apple Watch 4 Series comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. Comparing Apple Watch 3 and 4 we can notice that the latter has thinner frames around the screen, which contributed to the larger screen. the display seems almost borderless.

Apple Watch Series 5 vs Series 3: The differences that matter

The watch case has become thinner by 2 mm (10.7 mm vs. 11.4 mm) but the difference between the 3 and 4 series is not perceptible. Three colors of the case are presented:

Apple Watch 3 and 4 series have water protection, you can dive, dive to a depth of 50 meters.

Another noticeable difference is that the microphone and speaker in version 4 are on different sides. The reason is that the fourth generation speaker sounds 50% louder and if placed next to the microphone, like the Watch 3, could have an unpleasant squeak during a call. Since they were placed on different sides, this will not happen.

Digital Crown wheel

Wheel is used to control the device and ECG function. On the Apple Watch 3 it is mechanical, while on the Watch 4 it has been slightly modified, getting a minimum of mechanical elements and is 30% more compact. Series 4 watch supports the Taptic Engine. haptic response is felt.

Differences between the Apple Watch 4 and 3.comparison of Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 specs.

Parameters / Version of the Series 3 Watch Series 4
Case size 38 / 42 mm 40mm / 44mm
Display 38mm / 1.5, 272×340 px, 290 ppi 42 mm / 1.65, 312390 px, 304 ppi 40 mm / 1.57, 324394 px, 325 ppi 44 mm / 1.78, 368448 px, 326 ppi
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The Apple Watch Nike version comes preloaded with the Nike Run Club app. The biggest difference between the two models is that the Apple Watch Nike editions come bundled with Nike straps. All Nike dials are equipped with special features that are linked to the Nike Run Club app.

Key differences between the Apple Watch Series 3 and the same first-generation watch: The Apple Watch 3 integrates a dual-core processor with a new architecture that outperforms the first-generation processor. A chip for wireless communication is installed, which wasn’t the case before.

Which is better to choose, Apple Watch SE or another model

When Apple revealed at a presentation that it would now have a new watch in its lineup, many took it with interest. Indeed, this year we can not just go and buy one single watch, but choose between two different, but relevant models. Given the great interest of people in the iPhone SE of both the first and the second generation, we can assume that the success of the new watch is simply guaranteed. If you look into their specs, it becomes even more certain. For about two weeks I was using the Apple Watch Series 6, and then I decided to try walking around with the Apple Watch SE. That way it was easier to see the difference in contrast. Except I’m left with one question. Was there a contrast? Anyway, let’s go in order.

This year, choosing an Apple Watch is more difficult than ever.

Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 5. Which One to Buy?