The headphone icon on your Xiaomi phone is on fire

Xiaomi wireless headphones. how to add sound?

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Xiaomi wireless headphones, how to add sound? Program to control the sound output to the headphones.

  • Please advise. How to increase the sound in Xiaomi wireless headphones, because they play too quietly?
  • Xiaomi wireless headphones lose sound. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  • Wireless headphones on Xiaomi connect and the icon is displayed, but there is no sound. Help to fix this bug. Thank you in advance.

Ways to fix

Before you start solving this bug, you should determine what exactly caused the error. As we have learned, the mechanical causes of the headphone icon in the top curtain of your device is probably due to moisture or dust in the jack 3.5 mm. Let’s see what you can do to eliminate this error.

How do you remove the headphone symbol in Android when there is no headphone connected?

Dry the inside of the smartphone after exposure to water

If you have allowed accidental ingress of water inside the headphone jack, then the first thing you need to do is to turn off your smartphone and dry the insides of your device. The easiest way is to use a cotton swab make the tip of the swab as thin as possible and several times pass it inside the 3.5 mm mini-jack until water remains on the surface of the absorbent cotton. It is better not to dry your smartphone with a hair dryer, so as not to cause the negative effects of overheating.

If the water was inside your device long enough, it can oxidize the contacts. Do not worry it is not a tragedy. For such cases there are special cleaning liquids. Perhaps the most popular remedy is Flux Off. A couple of drops of this solution should be poured inside the connector, hold the smartphone with the remedy in an upright position for a couple of minutes, and after the procedure remove the residue with the same cotton swab. The problem must go away.

Cleaning the mini-jack from excessive debris

Sometimes the problem is not caused by liquid, but by something less obvious small debris like dust, dirt, hair and so on. But the solution is much more simple just take any thin object (but NOT metal) and run it around the walls of the headphone jack a few times. After this procedure, blow out the connector and try inserting your headphones a few times to remove any debris.

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Headphone Icon Stuck In Notification Bar Problem Solved | Redmi | Headphone Mode Kaise thik Kare

If the Xiaomi headphones icon appeared immediately after you have been caught in the rain or the product has been exposed to liquid at home, then moisture will be the cause of the failure. Here it is necessary to act as soon as possible, because water can penetrate deep enough inside the case, which will cause more serious software malfunctions.

Another common reason after which the headphone icon on Xiaomi lights up constantly. Dust, hair, and dirt entering the connector.

In such cases, you can act in two ways.

Method 1

Clean and dry the connectors. First make sure there are no foreign objects inside the device. Then using a cotton swab or a toothpick with cotton swirled around it, gently clean the inside walls of the connector. Note that the use of any metal accessories is strictly prohibited, as there is a high probability of damaging the hardware.

This option is suitable only if the Xiaomi headphones icon is not lost due to dust inside. If the reason of the hang-up is water, you need to dry the port with a hair dryer, for which you set the minimum power on the device. After the procedure the remaining drops are removed with a lint-free cloth.

Next, you need to repeatedly insert the plug into the socket, after which you can usually remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi.

Method 2

To remove dust and dirt, the second option involves the use of a special liquid, which at the same time allows you to solve the problem with the oxidation of the contacts.

FLUX-OFF is often used. Pour a few drops of the fluid into the audio jack and then wait for a few minutes. Then the remains of the liquid are removed with a cotton swab.

Possible cause. mechanical malfunction

If the headphone icon appears immediately after the owner of the phone is in the rain, or when liquid gets on the device in all conditions, then the cause of the failure is moisture. In that case you need to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Otherwise water will penetrate into the deeper layers of the device body. This will lead to serious software failures. It is possible that the entire smartphone will be disturbed.

If this problem occurs, one of two ways to resolve it.

Method 1

The phone is cleaned, all connectors are dried. The first thing to do is to check that there are no foreign objects inside. Next, with a cotton swab or toothpick (you need to twist cotton on it). carefully clean the inner walls of the “socket”. It is important to note that in any case you can not use metal accessories. They can damage the stuffing of the smartphone.

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This method can be used only in cases where the image of headphones does not disappear due to the fact that the smartphone got into the dust. If the factor that caused the failure, is water, you need to dry the connector with a hair dryer, and then set the minimum power on the gadget. After completing these steps, it is important to remove any drips with a lint-free cloth.

Several times the plug is inserted into the port. In most cases, after these manipulations the headphone icon on Xiaomi disappears.

Method 2

In order to remove dust and dirt there is a second way. It implies the use of a special liquid. It simultaneously with the main task eliminates the problem of oxidation of contacts.

For this purpose is often taken aerosol FLUX-OFF. You need to pour a few drops of the product into the headphone jack and leave it for a few minutes. After the time has elapsed, it is necessary to remove the remains of the liquid with a cotton swab.

On Xiaomi (Redmi) headset icon does not disappear, what to do

From time to time users are faced with the fact that in the status bar on Xiaomi (Redmi) headset icon is lit and does not disappear even after disconnecting the headphones from the 3.5 mm jack. This is quite an unpleasant condition, because the headphones are disconnected, the headset icon is lit, and, most unpleasantly, there is no sound on the phone. Because it is sent to the headphones, which are disconnected.

Redmi Showing Headphone Symbol Problem Solved

This problem is divided into two types: software and hardware. And if it is a hardware problem, you might need a visit to the service center.

Let’s start with the simple. with the software part.

Common causes of icon freezes

There are two types of causes in which the phone sees headphones, when in reality they are not. Finding the source that provoked this phenomenon allows you to find a method to remedy the situation.


This variant of faults includes:

  • ingress of moisture in the connector. walks in the rain lead to the penetration of liquid into the cell phone itself, provoking serious malfunctions;
  • Dust accumulation or penetration of small small objects. crumbs, hair, sand can cause cable blockage;
  • dropping your device on a hard surface does not always end up with a cracked screen, internal parts are also damaged, which leads to the termination of normal operation of connectors.


  • by a hang-up of the cell phone;
  • Malfunctions of the firmware, music player, radio;
  • virus infection. when downloading files from dubious sources;
  • Failures in special applications for music or video playback.

Regardless of the causes of instability, first of all the best solution is to reboot the phone. During its action the system itself removes small bugs.

General information about mobile viruses

Mechanical problem

The icon in the system tray continues to remain in the case of wired headphones. Bluetooth devices are connected without using an audio jack, so the icon does not appear. Well and wired “ears” bring its owners a lot of inconvenience because of the fact that the icon can not be removed in any way.

If you try to turn on music when the icon is lit but the headset is removed, there is no sound.

It is this fact that forces users to figure out why the icon persists after disconnecting the headphones.

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In most cases, the problem lies in the 3.5mm jack itself. Usually it is not equipped with a plug, which means that dust particles can get inside during the use of the smartphone.

But the dripping is not the only problem, because of which it is not possible to get rid of annoying icons. Water can get inside. You should also take into account the fact that the connector wears out over time. If a person uses the smartphone for a long time, then with constant contact some interfaces start to work incorrectly.

This applies to both the audio jack and the USB connector. The problem is also solved mechanically, but sometimes self-cleaning leads to unfortunate consequences when the smartphone stops seeing the headphones.

In any case the problems with the wired headset indicates that the phone should be replaced soon. As a rule, if the icon appeared once, then it will appear again. But you can still try to solve the problem without drastic measures, so that you can reconnect the “ears”.

What to do if the phone shows the headphones, but they are not Xiaomi

Hello, in this article we will try to answer the question: “What to do if the phone shows headphones, but they are not Xiaomi“. Also you can consult the lawyers online for free directly on the site.

If the Xiaomi headphones icon appears immediately after you have been in the rain, or liquid has fallen on the product at home, then the cause of the malfunction will be moisture. This is where you need to be as fast as possible, because water can penetrate quite deeply into the case, and cause more serious software malfunctions.

Banal glitch. Try to reload your smartphone.

If it has not worked, then turn on the radio and reconnect the headphones.

In the upper right-hand corner, tap on the three dots.

Then turn off the speaker by pressing Turn on the headphones.

Completely close the radio dock so it will not remain in the memory. Open the settings and find the All Programs section.

Find Radio, click on the program name.

Only after that disconnect the headphones. This should help.