The headphones are cracking, the speakers on the neck of the heart are melting. Is treatment possible after…

Question from the user


I have a problem with PC: some kind of extraneous noise comes from columns and headphones (resembles a crack). The wires fenced. it did not help; I also rearranged the entrances. the problem did not leave. By the way, if you click with the mouse, then this noise intensifies a little. What to do?

Sound card, Realtek (I don’t know the exact model). The headphones are new, the columns are the most ordinary, though it’s quite old (7-8 years old).

In general, there can be a great noise found in columns and headphones: for example, the noise of the wheel from the mouse, various crackling, whistle, intermittent and trembling noises, etc. They can appear from a variety of reasons.

The problem described above is the user with sound is quite typical (unfortunately), and it is far from always so simple and quickly eliminated.

Nevertheless, in this article I will try to give all the most important points that you need to pay attention to first. Eliminating them, with a high degree of probability, you will make your sound better and cleaner.

To help!

If you have too quiet sound. see. This instruction.

If you have no sound at all, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this.

Causes and elimination of extraneous sound in columns and headphones

The first thing I immediately recommend paying attention to is the condition of the cable. It is necessary to check if it was damaged or interrupted. If possible, try connecting other speakers with it. ☝

Many do not attach any importance to this (supposedly that it will be with him?). And the cable, by the way, can be damaged by accident: with inaccurate movement of furniture, leaning, having occurred with a heel.

In addition, many have pets in the house. In general, there are enough reasons without your direct intervention.

The photo below shows a damaged audio cable.

Over time, any audio-symbols begin to “weaken” (most often from intensive use)-and the plug in them is not tightly clamped, sometimes even a small backlash is observed (gap).

If in this case, try to insert/remove the plug, twist it in the nest. you can notice how noise will appear in the columns and how they will disappear.

Thus, you can choose the position of a plug in which there will be no noise. The cable in such an “ideal” position can be fixed with tape.

But in general, if a problem with broken nests, replace them with a computer. service, the question is not too “expensive”.

I also want to pay attention to the length of the cable. If computer speakers are 2 meters from the system unit. then use cables 10 meters long is unreasonable (especially if there are some adapters, extension cords).

All this can cause a “distorted” sound, a kind of interference. In general, cables more than 2-5 meters in length (in the most common situations, for households)-I do not recommend using.

Another reason I had to encounter was as follows: the cable from the system unit to the columns was on the “weight”, about 2 meters long. Naturally, if the window in the room was open, then the draft forced this cable to “hang out” and extraneous noises were observed.

It was very simple to get rid of the problem: with the help of ordinary tape, they attached a cable in 2-3 places to the table and the noise disappeared.

By the way, passing people can also touch the cable (if you are not very convenient for PC). Pets, even your own legs (if the cable passes under the table). Therefore, my advice: fix (fix it) or pave the cable so that no one hurts it by chance.

The photo below shows special holders/fixers, which exclude the “confusion” of cables and exclude that some wires will “hang out”.

Such holders on Velcro can be placed from the back of the table and fix all the wires and cables. Instead, by the way, you can use ordinary tape.

Another important point: if laptops have only one audio connector (usually on a side panel). then the system unit has 2 of them (most often): on the back of the block, and in front.

It is more convenient for many users to connect headphones (sometimes speakers) to the front side of the block-and often in this case the sound is not as high quality as if you connected to the audio connectors on the back wall of the system unit.

This is due to adapters, extension cords, etc. moments with the connection of the front panel (from the back of the system unit. Audio outputs go “directly” from the sound card).

In general, the motive of this advice is simple: try connecting headphones/speakers to audio outlets on the back wall of the system unit.

6) Whether a cable with other cords is intertwined

Also, extraneous noises in the columns can appear and appear due to the fact that the audio cable will be too “closely” to interpret with other wires. Try to gently place it so that it is away from the rest. By the way, this advice is intersecting with the fixation of the cable (see. a little higher).

And one more advice!

If you have a hiss and noise in the columns, try connecting headphones instead of them (or vice versa).

This will not solve the problem, but will help to find and diagnose the cause. If there is no noise in the headphones, then for sure the reason lies outside the system unit (which is already something. ).

signs of diabetes mellitus

Today we will introduce you to signs of diabetes mellitus. This is important information, because diabetes is a serious and serious disease, the early diagnosis of which will avoid terrible complications, including a stroke and coronary heart disease.

If you find several of these signs, this is an occasion to see a doctor immediately.

Frequent urination may be associated with diabetes, since due to the increased content of glucose in the blood there is an increased load on the kidneys.

The second feature follows from the first. Frequent urination dehydrates the body, so it experiences constant thirst. If the feeling of hunger does not leave you even after eating, this is a serious signal. In the presence of excess glucose in the blood, the body triggers increased production of insulin, so that the level of glucose falls after eating, and you want to eat again, especially baking and sweets.

Another feature is dry mouth, which is observed as a result of the same dehydration.

We go further. headache. The body’s reaction to the jumps of glucose will be a headache, since there is an additional load on the blood vessels of the brain.

Dangling in the eyes can also become a sign of diabetes, because glucose accumulates in the lens of the eyeball, which is accompanied by fuzzy vision or binary in the eyes.

Increased blood sugar creates excellent conditions for the propagation of fungi, so thrush and fungus on the legs can become signs of diabetes.

If damage to the skin in the form of bruises, cuts, scratches heal for a very long time and do not pass, then this may indicate that the vessels are narrowed and blood with oxygen cannot in sufficient volume to achieve the affected area for healing.

Convulsions, weakness, night pain in the muscles, impaired coordination are signs of diabetic neuropathy, which require urgent seeking a doctor.

Since the blood vessels are damaged with diabetes and the nervous system suffers, in a large number of cases, this causes erectile dysfunction of men and unpleasant sensations in sexual intercourse in women due to damage to the mucous membranes of the vagina.

An unexpected weight loss in patients with diabetes occurs due to the excretion of a large amount of fluid from the body, and the body receives energy by burning subcutaneous fat and muscle mass, since blood glucose can no longer obtain.

Discovered black spots on the body, neck, elbows, under the knee joint, under the armpits-the result of the active breeding of cells due to the high level of insulin in the body.

A specific sign of diabetes is a sweet fruit odor from the mouth. The presence of even one of this feature is an occasion to go to the doctor.

People with diabetes experience shortness of breath with even small physical exertion.

Increased pressure is also one of the satellites of diabetes.

The constant state of fatigue in diabetics is a consequence of the fact that the cells do not receive glucose and cannot develop energy, because when we take food with insulin, it is converted into glucose, and insulin has little, or the body has gained resistance to it.

Glucose is a fuel for the brain, including. Frequent and inexplicable mood swings can be caused by excess or a lack of glucose. If you find such an alarming symptom, you need to take tests for blood glucose levels.

Diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease, and the previously it will be detected, the lower the risk of complications and the transition of diabetes into a more severe form.

Therefore, everyone should know all these signs of diabetes and have them in service.

Treatment of headaches and noise in the ears

For the treatment of headaches, the doctor prescribes a scheme that may include conservative methods or surgical intervention. With acute pain, painkillers can be taken, but they will not affect the main reason. With different diseases, the following methods may be required:

  • with hypertension. pressure correction products, diuretics, drugs to support the work of the heart;
  • in diseases of the cervical spine. therapeutic gymnastics, painkillers and muscle relaxants;
  • specific treatment of ENT organs;
  • diet with an increase in cholesterol, diabetes;
  • Migraine treatment drugs.

If possible, the doctor will prescribe drugs for taking at home. However, if surgery is necessary, the operation is recommended to be carried out at the appointed time. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the well.chosen scheme, as well as on the implementation of all recommendations at home: compliance with diet, gymnastics and others.

Prevention methods

Timely prevention will avoid manifestations of headaches and noise in the ears. Doctors of the clinical institute of the brain recommend following the following recommendations:

  • avoid stress and nervous tension;
  • normalize the schedule of sleep and rest;
  • engage in regular physical exercises, including in the fresh air;
  • observe a diet in which there are vitamins and trace elements in sufficient quantities, as well as a minimum of fatty and fried foods;
  • abandon bad habits, smoking and alcohol use. they affect the state of blood vessels.

The clinical institute of the brain can undergo complete diagnosis and treatment of headaches, which are accompanied by noise in the ears. In our center there is modern equipment. Its use allows you to get an accurate result for the maximum short time, and then begin treatment of the underlying disease. Doctors warn. the effectiveness of treatment largely depends on compliance with all prescriptions at home, taking the prescribed drugs and performing other instructions.

Psychoneurosis: symptoms and reasons for contacting a specialist

Frequent suppression of negative emotions, life in constant stress leads to protracted psychoneuroses. It is extremely difficult to get out of them without qualified help.

For years, a person can torment chronic neurosis for years, the symptoms of which are emotional “breakdowns” (tantrums, tears, irritability) or physiological reactions (stupor, loss of voice, pressure, nausea) to a small conflict or difficulty. A person is simply not able to control the behavior and emotions at a difficult moment.

If the therapist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist have not found anything. do not forget to seek diagnostics to the psychotherapist.

Often in an attempt to alleviate the condition or find out the cause of constant discomfort, people find imaginary diseases with neurosis. This is characteristic of the somatoform form of disorder. A person passes all possible tests, absolutely all examinations are passing. In some cases, the skin burning of the skin or weakness in the legs (sometimes any, the slightest sensation in the body) is perceived as a symptom of a terrible, deadly disease.

This disease is reversible, but an appeal to a psychotherapist is an important step towards recovery. A neurotic disorder worsens relations with relatives, creates problems at work, leads to self.destructive behavior (alcohol, narcotic substances, attempts to die).

The reason for contacting a specialist may be a violation of the thermoregulatory function of the body. speaking simply, an increase in temperature with neurosis. It is called thermoneurosis in another way. It is important to exclude other diseases, so you can at the same time consult a neurologist.

Dizziness for neurosis, interruptions in the work of the heart, increased fatigue and other symptoms. an occasion to undergo an examination by a doctor.

  • A personal conversation of a doctor with a patient is the first and most important stage on which the plan of further actions depends.
  • Consultation of a neurologist. in case of suspicion of neurological disorders (numbness, pain, fever, mobility violation).
  • For differential diagnosis, the doctor can prescribe neurotest and neurophysiological test system (with endogenous diseases), EEG, CT/MRI, blood tests for hormones and markers (indicators) of inflammation.
  • If necessary, the doctor attracts a consultation to the diagnosis of a clinical psychologist or scientific experts.

Based on the results of the diagnosis and history of the patient, the therapist prescribes the corresponding individual treatment. about the treatment of neurosis.

Diagnosis of microdinsult

If the patient enters the clinic of neurology in the acute period of cerebrovascular accident, doctors find many neurological symptoms that are expressed minimally under the microstroxy. A day later, neurological symptoms are not determined from the debut of the disease in the microstroxy. How to check if there was a micro? Neurologists restore the clinical picture of acute cerebrovascular disorders on the basis of a patient survey. The following diagnostic studies are carried out in the future:

examination of the biomechanics of the cervical spine (muscle tone, volume of movements, position of the vertebrae at rest and movement);

radiography of the cervical spine with functional tests;

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The study of the vessels of the neck and brain. ultrasound dopplerography;

magnetic resonance and computed tomography;

computed angiography of the vessels of the neck and brain;

General, biochemical blood test and coagulogram.

For all research, doctors of the Yusupov hospital use modern equipment of leading companies in the world. Analyzes are performed using high.quality reagents that allow you to get accurate results.

Differential diagnosis of ischemic stroke and microinenst

How to distinguish a stroke or microstan in humans? Both diseases develop due to spasm or thrombosis of cerebral artery. Symptoms depend on which vessel is affected. large or small. In case of violation of blood flow through large brain arteries, general and local disorders of neurological functions develop. General symptoms of stroke, as follows:

The local manifestations of a stroke depend on what blood flow is disturbed in the pool of which artery. With a microstan, the general manifestations of the vascular pathology of the brain are almost never. Patients are disturbed by moderate headache, stability and coordination of movements are disturbed. For some time they lose the ability to consider objects with both eyes. All local symptoms of a micro.consult can persist from several hours to a day and pass on their own. If signs of cerebrovascular circulation disorders are preserved for more than 24 hours, this means that the patient has developed a stroke.

After ischemic stroke, a violation of the motor, visual, speech function and sensitivity remains. Patients who have undergone a microstroke do not note any changes and often do not attach importance to those symptoms that were. But they, as after a stroke, form foci of necrosis of the brain substance. With repeated microinensttes, more and more of the brain is replaced by connective tissue. As a result of this, patients are disturbed in the cerebral activity, memory disorders and concentration of attention are developed.

How to remove noise in headphones on a computer that arose due to problems with drivers

To verify the correct operation of the audio card, you should check the condition of the system software and, if necessary, update it. How to remove noise in headphones on a computer that appears due to missing or wrong drivers:

  • Click the right key by the “Start” button and in the opening menu select the “Device Manager” line.
  • In a catalog tree, find and expand the category “audit and outputs”, if a red or yellow icon is near the name of the sound board, then the device works incorrectly.
  • To update the drivers, you need to click on the right key named audio card and select the appropriate contextual menu item.
  • If the system does not find the right software, you can download it yourself, and indicate the update service to the file to the file by selecting the manual mode of installation of the drivers.

What to do if there is no sound in one of the headphones

Most often this problem arises for the following reasons:

  • One of the headphones is simply turned off: the fact is that the headphones are not always automatically turned on when you get them from the case. Sometimes a Western button (or garbage near it) can also lead to this;
  • Sitting battery: most often, at the same time, the LED does not blink on the headphone and it does not react to your presses. Please note that this can occur due to the packaging film;
  • Susynchronization: headphones work in the so-called TWS pair. In some cases, it is “destroyed”, and only one headphone begins to play. Usually, it is enough to do the discharge and everything is restored;
  • With breakdown: most often headphones break when moisture and fur gets. influences.


The first advice is the most banal. reboot the phone (laptop) and try to play sound through the dynamics of the device (turning off the headphones). You need to make sure that there is a sound itself, it is served and works correctly.

If everything is in order with the sound. The headphones are again, and double-check that both headphones are turned on (it often happens that the “silence” of one of the headphones is due to the fact that it is simply turned off!).

By the way, note that the turning button on the TWS body of the headset can be either mechanical and sensory (usually after pressing it. The headphone blinks a free. once a red-blue LED).

Note: some headphones for reconnecting must be put in the case and press the reset button on its case. Then, again, carry out the interface procedure with the phone/laptop.

Step 2

If the headphone does not respond to your press on the ON button., The indicator does not blink on it (and it does not reproduce the sound by itself)-perhaps it is simply discharged! This also applies to new devices!

By the way, note that the contacts of the headphone and case are not sealed with tape or packaging film (and indeed, so that there is no garbage on them).

Headphone contacts are sealed with tape (film)

In addition, after installing headphones in the case-you should see how on their case it will light up for 2-3 seconds. light indicator (which means that charging is performed).

When installing the headphone in the case. Light indicator for a couple of seconds. blinked.

Important: as a rule, time for full charge of headphones (and case) is at least 2-3 hours! Take your time ahead of time again double.check them.

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Step 3

Usually, when using TWS heading first. Both headphones form an automatically “bound” pair. However, for some reasons (for example, due to an incorrect glue. to the phone / when using only one headphone) their canuschronization may occur. T.e. The sound will be supplied to the “main” headphone, and the second. It will remain dumb. (will not know that the first headphone is playing).

To fix this, it is necessary to carry out re.fractions of the headphones. This is usually done like this:

    First, open the phone settings (or the device to which they were connected) and break the connection (on some phones, instead of distort, the “Forget the connection” will be broken);

Break the connection (forget this device)

Lightpods Lite. Configuration has been installed. 100% charge!

Step 4

There are several more recommendations that are desirable to perform for the purpose of diagnosis:

  • if possible, try a basement. headphones to another device (phone, laptop), and check how they will work with it;
  • On some headsets, it is possible to choose the main headphone (usually, for this it is enough to make a quick double press on the ON button. on one of the headphones). Try to make the main right and then left headphones first;
  • During the diagnosis, disconnect other Bluetooth devices from the smartphone (if connected), leave only headphones.

If, after all manipulations, one of the headphones “did not give” the signs of life. it is possible that he simply became unusable (this sometimes happens, even without fur. impact). If you have not ended a guarantee yet, try contacting the service.

If you solve the issue differently. Additions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев are welcome (thank you in advance!).

Reason 4

As for the effects and equalizers (about which the topic has already been touched just above). here it is also impossible not to mention the settings of the player (after all, this also sets in them!). For example, there are many presets in Winamp. And some of them sound far from perfect.

The message here is simple: try another player change the default settings (it is possible that, slightly tixing the filters. the sound will become much better and cleaner!).

Reason 5 (⚡)

In this paragraph, I recommend checking a number of sound parameters in Windows (in some cases due to incorrect registry settings-the sound is much worse than it could be! I already met this on several laptops!).

And so, first press the combination of Winr, and use the MMSYS command.CPL in the “Perform” window.

Next, open the properties of headphones (loudspeaker) and check the tabs: “Additionally”; “Spatial sound”; “Levels”; “Improvements” and pr. Try to adjust the volume and v. filters (which ones will be with you depends on the software and “iron”).

Default playback device

Now, with regard to power supply and registry.

In some models of laptops (I have yet met with HP, Dell, Lenovo) there may be “trouble” with the compatibility of drivers with Windows 10 OS (this is due to power supply). Because of what, when playing any audio and video file (in t.h. and online). “crackling” are heard, the sound is lagging behind, and.

To fix this moment. it is necessary to manually edit the register (this is not difficult to do!). The note below will tell you how to fix it.

Power supply settings (register) // Example, where we will “delve”

Why, with age, a wise person should not have friends: 3 wise quotes of Yuri Levitansky

Children make friends by clicking a finger, it is enough for them to find out the name of their “new best friend” and accept it in arms without a second thought. Over time, a person loses some of his friends, and by old age should not have them at all. Why? Yuri Levitansky believed that friendship was fraught with great danger than a clear enemy: “From a clear enemy, we expect the worst, and from a friend only beautiful, the best” but each of our friend. A simple person who has his own interests, his weaknesses and desires, we do not want to think that a friend can betray or wish a bad, but human nature always prevails: “Most of all we are wounded by the closest ones, because our souls are open to them “”. [Click to read] [more]

With age, the list of those people whom we considered friends are reduced to units: “Where there was understanding, there it will go, where there was trust, there will be no trace, who was called a friend, once, will leave forever”. This is the law of life: the longer we are friends with someone, the more we meet misunderstanding, envy, meanness and hypocrisy, you only need time to manifest itself: “Do not give your hand to your best friend, today she saved you because not It is difficult, but tomorrow you will come to the well and he will say: jump, so you need “. This does not mean that the people around are bad, we ourselves are to blame for what they called them: “Can you call the wolf a calf and wait for him to eat one grass, and then consider it a traitor if he eats a herd? Only because we called him a calf?””. The wolf remains a wolf, as do not call it: “Tell a person to a friend and do not be disappointed, remember:“ Man. This is a person, whatever called him “”.

How to relate to people around to avoid disappointments in life? ️

Yuri Levitansky believed that by calling a person a “friend”, we are trying to tame him, no matter how strange it sounds, to do it safe and friendly, although it is impossible to do this to the end, it is impossible to tame a person as a faithful dog. The problem is not bad friends, but in our expectations: people are not bad and not good, but calling someone else, we expect that he will pass fire and water with us. We so want. We are glad to be deceived, but once an hour of reckoning for our illusion will come: a person remained a man, neither bad nor good, but we waited for the best. That is why an adult, wise man does not make friends: “A wise man does good and does not wait for the same in response, which means he will not be disappointed”.

The essence of human relations always remains that two people are involved in them. Whatever the relationship: friendly, marital, related, sooner or later will make themselves human relations, with their interests and goals, self.interest and motives. You can protect yourself only one thing: do good, if you want, communicate, if interesting, help, if there is an opportunity and desire, but never wait for the one with whom you communicated well and friends will always be favorable to you: “Everyone can sympathize with your failure, but few can be happy with your success “. People change. This is in human nature, you do not need to keep “friends” who have become unpleasant, as well as to turn his nose from those who were not paid attention to: “Friends become others, having delivered you from everything, and you remembered their face like that, that was. Before that, “.