The home button on iPhone 7 does not work

How to unlock iPhone without pressing the home button

What to do to unlock iPhone without pressing the home button in iOS 14 after several incorrect attempts? Password Wipe Unlock Apeaksoft iOS lets you remove a forgotten Apple ID to activate your iPhone. It lets you access your Apple ID and related iCloud features and settings in a few clicks.

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Wipe your iPhone access code to log in to your locked on-screen device.

Delete a forgotten Apple ID to activate your iPhone as a new one.

Access to Apple ID and related iCloud features and settings.

Update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iOS wirelessly.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Run iOS Unlocker and select Wipe password mode to remove your iOS device screen lock password before pressing the Start button.

After that, you can confirm the information on your iOS device. After that, you can confirm the information on your iPhone and press the Start button to continue downloading the firmware package.

Once you have fully downloaded the firmware, press the Unlock button to erase the access code from the screen. Then you need to enter 0000 to confirm iPhone unlock without the home button.

Tip 1. Clean your iPhone and restart your iPhone

As you know, things will be broken if there is dirt in them. Your iPhone is the same. Splashing drinks, sticky hands, long-term dust and other things can damage your iPhone and lose its functionality.

To solve this problem, you need to clear the home button on your iPhone. You will need 98-99% isopropyl alcohol, a cotton swab, a pipette, and a tissue.

Get 2-3 drops of isopropyl alcohol on the home button. Then use a cotton swab to wipe it off. Press the home button a few times to let the alcohol seep into the frame. Wait about 10-15 minutes before checking to see if the problem is resolved.

And you can also reboot your iPhone. Rebooting your iPhone. The easiest way to solve problems. This is also available to solve the problem of the home button getting stuck on the iPhone. Here’s how to restart different iPhone models.

For iPhone X and later: Press and hold the side and one of the volume buttons. Drag it to turn the device off. Then hold down the side button until you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 8 and earlier: press and hold the top (or side) button on the device. Drag it to turn your device off. Then hold down that same button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

All you need to know about the Home button on iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 looks very similar to its two predecessor models (comparison of iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone SE). But if you take a closer look and work with the novelty a little bit, you will immediately realize the differences (and serious ones)!) a lot. And the most important of them no, not the 3.5 mm jack, but a radically updated Home button!

Strictly speaking, it is not a button at all. Yes, at first glance it looks like the familiar “home“. But it’s actually a touchpad with a fingerprint reader and a unique vibration engine called the Taptic Engine (similar to what’s already on the 12-inch MacBook). The sensation of pressing and releasing it is just an illusion a la the familiar iPhone 6s Force Touch.

  • The new Home button is easier to press than the old one, it has become more sensitive.
  • Now you can’t use the fingernail. In the past, many have used it to “slow down” the Touch ID in the iPhone 6s Apple’s second-generation fingerprint sensor was often triggered very quickly, and you just did not have time to view notifications on the lock screen. There are two solutions to this problem with the new feature Raise to activate (Raise to wake) or just accept.
  • It’s possible that the Home button on the iPhone 7 will be incompatible with your winter gloves, even those designed specifically for smartphones. Bloggers who have tried the Seven in action write that the new iPhone is really not compatible with all “mittens. So by winter you may have to upgrade not only your favorite headphones, but also your gloves.
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The pluses of the new solution, of course, are also many.

First, the physical button is dead, which means fewer moving parts and no more “I broke the Home button there, how much does it cost to fix??”. Somewhere in the basement, a craftsman is already crying, and he will definitely have less work to do, because this has always been one of the most common causes of damage.

Second, you can change the behavior of Home. When you set up the system for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select one of three degrees of pressing the button lightly, medium, and firmly.

You can always change your choice in the future just go to Settings, select Basic and then Home.

Thirdly, double and triple clicking on the Home button is now much faster. If you want to make the pressing speed faster or slower, go to Settings. Basic. Universal Access. Home and select one of the three available options.

Calibrate the home button in the iPhone

There’s one interesting trick available in iOS that can be used to calibrate the home button. It is not entirely clear why and how it works, most likely in this way the memory is cleared and applications that affect the CPU are closed. Here’s how to calibrate the home button:

Open Weather, Stocks, or any of the preinstalled apps.

1) Press and hold the power button until the “Turn off” slider appears.

2) Now press and hold the Home button for 8 seconds until the slider disappears.

This action should close the current app and restart it, after which the home button should become more responsive.

How to fix the Home button on your iPhone, iPod or iPad [Tutorial / iFAQ]

Failure of the Home button on iOS devices is not uncommon. Actions assigned to it may be performed with a delay or pressing is not clear. Many would say that you can do without this button. The Zephyr jailbreak tweak from Cydia will replace it. You can even reflash your device and jailbreak it without using the Home button.

Software Failure. If you often install tweaks from Cydia and haven’t updated your firmware recently then the problem might be a banal software glitch. In this case button presses well, does not stick, but there is a delay. Exit Home button calibration. To do this:

  • open any standard iOS app (Weather, Stocks, Notes, etc.).п.),
  • press and hold down the Power button until the shutdown slider appears, then release the button.
  • press and hold down the Home button until the slider disappears and the app closes.

After that the button will be calibrated by iOS itself and restore standard length of delay between pressing and action.

Button jamming. This can happen if you get dirt, dust or moisture under the button and, at one point, it will not work adequately after you press it. A stuck button is very easy to put back in place with an ordinary charging cable. For this purpose it is necessary to insert it into a socket of the phone and push it with a finger from below gently. This way the connector will push the button and return it to its place.

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Button jamming. differs from the previous condition in that the button is not stuck, and tightly pressed and does not work properly after you press it. In this case, you can solve the problem with the help of a favorite means of all motorists and locksmiths WD-40. This is an aerosol that helps remove plaque and rust. It’s enough to make one spray on the button to get the solution inside, and then make several frequent presses on it. If iPhone repair is not your thing, apply to the nearest service.

Physical breakage. If the previous methods did not help you, then the problem is in the button itself. As a solution to this problem, the use of software duplication can be suggested. This feature has appeared in iOS since version 5.0 but not many are aware of it. The mechanism is activated as follows:

  • Go to Settings. Basic. Universal access
  • Activate the Assistive Touch option
  • Use a duplicate button.

This mode is designed to use some of the functions, in the absence of the ability to press some buttons, turn the device and perform various gestures. On the screen there will always be a button, which will be visible even over the full screen applications. Pressing it will bring you to the menu, one of the functions of which is a duplication of the Home button.

If you decided to replace the button yourself by disassembling the device at home be sure to use our instructions.

Completely eliminate any problems with the software

We continue in what concerns the operating system that is causing the problem, excluding the problem of updates or background processes. The most radical, but most effective solution to any such problem is to restore your iPhone. To do this, you can resort to Settings General Reset and click on “Remove content and settings.

However, the cleanest option for iPhone recovery via computer. Here we tell you the steps to do this with any type of hardware.

Via Mac with macOS Catalina or later

  • Connect iPhone to Mac using a cable.
  • Open the Finder window and click on the iPhone name in the left pane.
  • Go to the General tab and click on “Restore”.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and do not disconnect your iPhone until the entire process is complete.

Through Mac with MacOS Mojave or earlier

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac with the cable.
  • Open iTunes and go to the device management part by clicking on the icon at the top.
  • Go to the “Summary” tab and click “Check for updates”.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and do not disconnect your iPhone until the entire process is complete.

Via PC with Windows

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via cable.
  • Open iTunes and go to the device management part by clicking on the icon at the top.
  • Go to the “Summary” tab and click “Check for updates.
  • Follow instructions on screen and do not disconnect iPhone until the process is completed.

The iPhone Home button doesn’t work

“Iceberg has been with you for 27 years. 5,700,000 repairs completed.

The home button on iOS devices has a universal function. Interactive Element lets you minimize apps, turn on the display, and, on the newest iPhones, unlock the gadget with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The construction of the “Home” button includes electronic and mechanical components that are connected to the board via a loop. Over the course of use, the metal connector of the control weakens and the contact pads oxidize. As a result, the Home button freezes, pressure is unclear and fails to operate properly. If you encounter a similar problem, you should not panic. The Service Center “Aisberg” will solve the problem right at home within an hour.

The button on the iPhone does not work as a result of dirt. clean it with a toothbrush

Most often the Home button on iPhone 6s, 6s, and older models does not work because of dust and dirt inside. So first try to clean it with alcohol or gasoline and a toothbrush. To do this, proceed as follows

  • turn off the smartphone;
  • moisten the toothbrush with alcohol or petrol and shake it off, so that it is wet, but the liquid does not drip;
  • rub the button and the area around it with the brush;
  • gently squeeze the button with one finger and continue brushing. Try to get lint in the space between the body and the button;
  • press the button 10-20 times and leave your smartphone for 5-10 minutes to let the liquid dry;
  • turn on your smartphone and check if the physical button works. If it doesn’t work, repeat the procedure.
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Note that you can clean all the physical buttons that don’t work, i.e. volume and power key, in this way.

An alternative way, which in most cases helps to solve the problem if the button on the iPhone does not work, is to wipe it with a fluffy microfiber soaked in isopropanol. The sequence of actions is similar:

  • First, wipe the button and the surface around it with a dry cloth;
  • Then soak a cloth in a solution of 98-99 percent isopropanol;
  • Wipe the button and the area around it;
  • Then press the button several times and leave the smartphone for 5-10 minutes.

iPhone 7: I love the new Home button

Apart from updating to iOS 15, if we talk about the causes of failure Home button in iOS-devices, or works with some lag (sticking), we can distinguish 3 reasons:1. Software Failures2. Mechanical damage.3. When the Home button freezes, clicks, jams, malfunctions, or does not work at all.

How to reboot iPhone if the Home button does not press properly

Tenorshare ReiBoot for free will help you fix the problem with the Home button with a single click. Entering and exiting recovery mode can reboot your device and resuscitate the Home button. Follow these steps:

home, button, iphone, does, work

Download and run Tenorshare ReiBoot on your computer (Windows or Mac), and connect the smartphone to the computer.

Press “Enter recovery mode” and enter recovery mode, the lanyard and iTunes icon will appear on the screen.

After that, press the “Exit recovery mode” button and your iPhone will reboot and the “Home” button will work.

over, the program is able to get out of any freeze, such as freezes on the apple logo, freezes in recovery mode, freezes on firmware update, freezes on a call, cyclic reboot, black and blue screen, etc.д. This utility allows you to solve most bugs in the system without losing any data.

The home button on your iPhone doesn’t work how to display

There are still a few ways for problems to arise here. Only it is necessary to press the buttons with your own hands without having to reboot the device.

Calibrating “Home” button

If the button becomes less responsive, try just calibrating.1. You need to open any app such as the weather, calendar, or stocks and press the power button on your device until the “off” bar appears.2. Then press the Home button until the previously appeared “off” bar disappears. After the manipulation, everything should work as before.

The original 30-pin cable

  • Place the plug of the USB cable into the connector on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Put your finger under the plug in the connector;
  • Gently push the connector with your finger in the “Bottom-Up” direction and press the Home button.

Other ways to repair the Home button

If the previous methods did not help, but you will have to go to a service center to replace the button and the loop with a new one, after which the Home button starts working like a new one.