The keyboard backlight on the Lenovo laptop does not work

How to enable keyboard backlight on a laptop

Producer companies seeking to facilitate the use of computer technology and increase its attractiveness for the buyer constantly complement it with new functions. When choosing a mobile PC, the presence of a mode is often taken into account, which allows you to enable the keying key in the dark or in the absence of proper lighting. The option is becoming more and more in demand, but there is not all devices. On stationary computers, the problem can be solved in different ways:

  • Buying a keyboard that supports this mode;
  • Updating the operating system to the desired version;
  • Installation of additional drivers.


To control the backlight on Huawei laptops, click a combination of functional keys FN F3. You can quickly find the last key on a special icon speaking about backlighting. Clutching these keys on your monitor will appear a hint to set the brightness of the keyboard.

By default, the system has a setting, where after 15 seconds of the inaction of the keyboard and mouse the backlight is turned off. If you want to change this time out, then, first, make sure you have the latest BIOS version. Then act like this:

Open the “PC dispatcher”, click the “Settings” icon (there will be a gear icon nearby), and then click the “System Settings”.

Next, we will need the “Keyboard” section, the “backlight” section and the parameter “turn off in the absence of activity”. In the drop.Down list, select the desired configuration.

How to turn on the backlight?

The ability to turn on the backlight at any time, although it pleased many fans of laptops of this brand, but also put them in a dead end. The manufacturer did not provide the device with a special button and did not explain about the method of activating the innovation.

In attempts to enable the keyboard backlight on Lenovo laptops, many users simply begin to press all the keys in a row, hoping to guess the desired combination of characters. They also feverishly look for a button on the case that activates the desired function.

Of course, with this approach, the correct inclusion manages only the most persistent of them. The most attentive buyers probably noticed that the “gap” in the lower row of the keyboard depicts a flashlight in the lower row of the keyboard. We need it in order to enable the backlight.

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The second “key” of this puzzle is the “FN” key. Located near the “gap”. Simultaneous pressing these buttons allows you to instantly turn on the keyboard backlight and turns it off when you press.

It is also worth noting that not all Lenovo laptops models are equipped with such a function, and before trying to turn on the backlight on the keyboard, you should make sure that your device has an appropriate “upgrade”.

Over, do not forget that by turning on the backlight on your laptop, you will contribute to the rapid category of the battery of the device, and, therefore, it is only possible to use this opportunity if necessary.

Turning on the keyboard backlight on the HP laptop

On the default laptopes, the keyboard of various colors can be installed by default, which, if necessary, you can disable. We will tell you how to do this on devices of this brand.

How to make external backlight

I found instructions below in the Internet, if someone wants to do needlework, then this is for you.

For this you will need. 5V power from the USB. The connector and the LED white. We insert it into the power connector from USB. However, given that the LED has a voltage of 3.5V, and the LED current has 0.02A, while a resistor is required for 1.5V, an additional resistor has a resistance of 1.5V/0.02A. This is 75om. Since USB. The connector gives up to 0.5A, respectively, it can be powered 25 LEDs, but it is necessary to control the current consumed by LEDs, since the difference is 18. 20 mA, reduces the service life of the LED.

By checking the external backlight you made and the brightness of its glow, if you need to increase the brightness of the keyboard backlight, you can connect another LED with the same resistor in parallel. The desired current must be set by selecting a resistor. The backlight made by your hands is ready, you can install it and start work on a laptop with a backlight.

My opinion, of course, is better to order ready.Made backlight, as it is cheap.

Sprout management

If you want to properly activate the illumination function, you will need to use the FN button. All laptop models have this key, but before its use you will need to make sure that it is not disconnected in BIOS. If it is disabled in BIOS, then you can turn it on again according to the following instructions:

  • First you need to enter the BIOS. You can do this using F2 to F12 or Delete keys. Which key will be used to enter depends on the specific model of the laptop. Details can be seen in the documentation for your laptop.
  • In the BIOS integration, you can move between points using keys with arrows. The choice is made by Enter key. Select “System Configuration”.
  • There, find and select the “Action Keys Mode” parameter. When select it click Enter.
  • A special window will open where the “Enable” value should be worth. If there is a different meaning, then change it to “Enable”.

When you figured out the keys, you can proceed directly to turning on the backlight on the laptop:

Why is the backlight of the laptop keyboard operates for 10 seconds and turns off?

Some laptops use the function of automatically shutdown the backlight after a certain time, when they do not press the keys. This is done specifically to maintain the autonomy of the laptop from the battery.

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First of all, install the laptop from the manufacturer. There will be all the necessary settings for the keyboard backlight adjustment.

Surface 2 laptop must be pressed F7 or FNF7 to switch the extinction mode of the backlight.

On some laptops as Acer Nitro 5, the backlight is set at BIOS at Keyboard Lighting Timeout. If you are sure that the timaut is displayed in BIOS and there are no similar points in it, then you need to update the BIOS to the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.

The keyboard backlight goes out on some laptops only when the laptop works from the battery. When from the network, the backlight works all the time. If you can’t find how to switch the extinction mode of the backlight, do not want to go to BIOS, then try to set in the power parameters “high performance”.


Although the backlight is a convenient option for working at night, when the light from the screen creates glare on the buttons, and does not illuminate them, it is, nevertheless, not on all laptops.

Lenovo laptop how to turn on back-lit keyboard

In particular, such an option is not on old models, as well as on economy class devices from this brand.

Therefore, if all the backlight instructions proposed below did not help, it is possible that there is simply no such function on your device.

The backlight is not always convenient. For example, in the case when the buttons are smooth and glossy initially (or steel as a result of wiping with long use), the backlight can interfere, as it will create additional glare on the keys, and as a result of the image of the letters will become indistinguishable.

Exceptions are cases when the letters also glow and when the backlight is optimally balanced by power.

Look at the buttons on your laptop. If the images of the letters on them are translucent, then the backlight is almost certainly in your device.

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Also, you can sometimes consider the LEDs directly next to the keys, and they are perfectly noticeable if the button is removed.

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