The keyboard on your Asus laptop does not work

Turning on the numeric keypad

Sometimes the entire keyboard does not work, but only the number block, which is located on the right side. When it is disabled, the numbers are not typed: the keys perform other functions. for example, work as navigation keys.

To turn on the side numeric keypad, press the Num Lock key. It allows you to activate the right keyboard: the numbers are unlocked and you can type them. If there is no separate block and the digits themselves are located on some keys with letters, you can unlock the numeric keypad using the FnF11 combination.

Be careful: on some Asus notebooks this combination mutes the sound. See how to unlock the numbers in the laptop‘s manual. If you don’t have a manual, look closely at all the keys in rows F1-F12. they have icons on them that tell you the purpose of the key.

Fn and function keys F1÷F12 do not work on the laptop

Good day!

Oh, these modern keyboards, which now do what manufacturers do. And a problem with the functionality of the keys, even on a new device, is not uncommon. #x1f440;

Actually today’s article will be about the operation and configuration of function keys F1÷F12 and Fn on laptops. The fact is that often they either do not work at all, or they do not work as they should.

over, many manufacturers “create” a form of keys, their functions, switching on / off, the setting, as they like (no standardization).

keyboard, your, asus, laptop, does, work

Meanwhile, the Fn, F1, F2, F3, etc Fn keys are very important, they allow you to quickly add / remove the brightness and sound, turn on / off Wi-Fi network, touchpad and much more.

Generally speaking, to refuse them means to deprive yourself of the necessary functionality, which is not good.

The keyboard does not work on the laptop: causes and solutions

You’re never safe from a broken computer keyboard. The problem seems especially global when it comes to a laptop, because to change the input device in this case is not as easy as in the case of PC. Keyboard failure can be due to different causes of hardware or software, and if the failure was preceded by any event, for example, you spilled something on your laptop, the source of the problem is obvious, but more often the user has only to guess about what could cause damage and how to deal with it. We will consider the main causes of trouble and tell you what to do if your laptop keyboard suddenly stops working.

chip burned out

The main reason, which is difficult to foresee. is when a chip burns out.The first thing to check is the touchpad, as well as the ports that are on the perimeter of the device. It is important to pay special attention to the USB connector and RJ-45 (for the cable). When they are not in working condition, you will need to contact the service center. If the warranty has not yet expired, you must demand a replacement. To get rid of such a problem can only be a person who has appropriate experience in this area.

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If the ports have a working condition, you can hope for a positive outcome. The most frequent reason can still be the plume that provides the connection of the motherboard to the keyboard. In such a situation, in order to gain access to the slot, you will need to disassemble the laptop. Keyboard mounting is carried out with the use of latches, which should be slightly lifted with a plastic card and then pull out the necessary module.

Fasteners, with the help of which the loop is fixed, after some time can loosen or oxidize. This is possible when the working environment is humid. To restore the working condition of the mounts should be cleaned and then returned to their former place. In many situations such actions are quite effective.

The key(s) on the laptop keyboard does not work, PC [Solution Options]

Good day!

If with an ordinary PC keyboard there is no problem. if it breaks, I buy a new one, but with laptops it’s not so easy:

  • First, in some cases it is quite difficult to find;
  • Secondly, it is not easy to change it by yourself (sometimes you need to disassemble the whole device);
  • Thirdly, malfunctioning of some keys is not always due to a malfunction (and this is what many users get burnt by). )!
  • Fourthly, notebook keyboards often “bite” in price (they are much more expensive).

Actually in this article I would like to mention some not quite obvious reasons why the keys can stop working. In addition, it is not always necessary to immediately run to get a new keyboard. agree, if you have not working 1-2 keys (which are not often used), it is quite possible to do without them?

In general, in this article I will give different versions of the causes, solutions, and what you can do if you encounter this problem.

Easy ways to fix the problem

Not always in order to restore the functionality of a part of the keyboard, you need to do something complicated. Often the problem is solved quite simply. So from the beginning do this:

1.Try pressing the Fn and Num Lock keys. It is possible that pressing one of them has blocked some of the keys on the keyboard.

Press Fn and press Num Lock, then release both buttons. In some cases this simple method allows you to start full operation of the keyboard.

Take a brush and go over the keys with it. It is possible that some dust has accumulated under one of the buttons. If possible, also take a vacuum cleaner. On the Internet you can find a special vacuum cleaner for a small-sized keyboard.

keyboard, your, asus, laptop, does, work

Reboot your computer. In some cases there may be a minor bug that prevents certain buttons from operating.

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In most cases the problem will be minor and can be fixed with one of these actions. If nothing works go to the next step.

Fixing a Software Failure

It is quite possible that the problem is caused by incorrect functioning of some programs or services. To check this option and fix the problem, you need to do the following:

Booting from Safe Mode without drivers. To fix it, reboot the computer and start pressing F8 immediately. Select “Safe Mode” among the boot options.

Note: Depending on the system configuration, the button to select the boot mode may be different. So try using all buttons from F1 to F12, if pressing F8 doesn’t help. As a result you should see a window like the one shown in Figure 2.

Options for selecting the boot mode of the system

Try to create some document and use all the buttons from the keyboard. Check not only the buttons that have previously refused to work, but all the rest! If it is really a software problem, the set of bad keys may change with every new start.

So, if all the buttons work fine, the problem is in the operating system. The most likely solution to the problem is a driver update. The best way to do this is the standard way:

Device Manager in the control panel

keyboard, your, asus, laptop, does, work
  • Open the “Keyboards” item;
  • usually there is only one keyboard, right click on it and select “Update drivers” (if there are several keyboards, which is very unlikely, do the same with all of them);
  • Select the item “Auto Search”;
  • Wait for drivers to be available on the Internet, they will be installed automatically.

Update the drivers in the standard Windows way

And you can also download and install DriverPack Solution. It allows you to scan your entire computer for the latest available drivers. If your keyboard has the wrong (roughly speaking “broken”) or irrelevant drivers, you can easily update them. Using this program is as follows:

  • Download the program (here is the link);
  • install it and run it;
  • will automatically scan, after which you simply click on the “Update All” button.

Scan the system with your antivirus and remove any detected viruses. And you can also use special utilities such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

If driver updates and scanning doesn’t help, try to roll your system back to a point where everything was fine.

How To Fix Keyboard Not Working on ASUS Laptop Windows 10

Select “Restore System” from the “Start” menu

  • in the window that opens, click “Next”;
  • then select the desired restore point, and they are sorted by date and time (choose the one that most closely matches the time when everything was fine);
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Choose a restore point to rollback the system

In principle, it is possible to reinstall drivers and rollback the system even in cases where in the safe mode the keyboard does not work properly. But in that case the probability that it helps is very low. Most likely the problem is already mechanical, not software, and to solve it you need to physically interfere with the computer hardware.

All elements of the operating system to enter information, using the keyboard, the manufacturer has implemented in Windows. But, sometimes, the keyboard can not be activated, not because of the different modes of input, but for a fairly trivial reason, because of the drivers.

  • Find out if it is so, using the control panel. So, enter “Control Panel” into the Quick Launch Toolbar search box and click on the item that appears;
  • Then, select “Large icons” and then “Keyboard”;
  • You will see a window which will allow you to manage the settings and monitor the status of the keyboard;
  • If you open the “Hardware” menu, you will see all the devices that are currently connected to your computer;
  • Going to the “Device properties” block, above the “Status” inscription, you will see whether there are errors in the keyboard functioning, or whether the device is working normally;
  • When errors are still present, you will need to click on the “Properties” button, then the “Driver” menu;
  • A new window will open, where you will need to click on the “Details” button to see all the information about the installed keyboard drivers.

If not, you will need to go to the official Microsoft website and download the necessary drivers. This sometimes happens when you use an unlicensed Windows operating system (downloaded from an unofficial site).

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop

My question.


Help with one problem. All of a sudden the keyboard on my Lenovo B70-80 laptop stops working. The laptop does not strike, not flooded, not shocked. just after powering on, does not respond to some keys. What can I do?

The good thing about this is that you can quickly swap from one keyboard to another in a matter of seconds. In a notebook PC, unfortunately, such a procedure cannot be done so quickly #x1f440;.

Generally, that out of the blue the keyboard does not work. a case is extremely rare. Most often, the user guesses what the cause is (and sometimes #x1f44c;). For example, quite often there are cases of flooding the keyboard with tea, water, juice; mechanical damage, etc.

In this article, let’s look at the main causes of keyboard failure, and what you can do to get your device back up and running. And so.