The new tag how to remove Honor 10

How to connect Google Pay correctly, so that the error “New tag added” does not occur

If the user wants to take advantage of all the possibilities of contactless payment through the phone, he can connect Google Pay. You can learn more about this service from Google in this video

In fact, everything is done quite simply. This utility is needed in order to expand the full range of features. Thanks to it you can add and manage several cards at the same time. In order to connect this feature, just follow the steps:

  • To begin with it is necessary to go to the official source and store all the applications. Play Market.
  • Now type in the search box the application we need. Google Pay. As a rule, on many phones it is pre-installed. If this does not happen, it is necessary to add automatically. Click on the first application and install it using the “Install” button;
  • Once installed, the user needs to open it. The start screen appears, on which you must click on the “Start” button. Pay attention! By clicking on it, the user automatically accepts all the terms of the program.
  • After that, it is necessary to click on the button “Add Card”, and then bind the card, which the user would like to pay with;
  • Entering all the data, the person must carefully monitor their completion;
  • After checking all the data, the system will offer to turn on a special screen lock, i.e. to set the security parameters. The method of blocking the user should also choose independently;
  • After entering a verification code, which is sent to the phone number by the bank;
  • Then enter the code and allow the application to access the data.
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Thus the user has properly configured Google Pay. Now he can easily and simply pay for all his purchases. Before payment, it will be necessary to bring the device to the reader. Payment is almost instantaneous.

After this setting, there will be no problems with adding a new or empty tag. Sometimes the system may ask for extra protection, asking the user to pay by entering the code. It is also possible, you will just need to enter the code that you set before.

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Added new tag, empty tag in Honor and Huawei: what is it, how to remove?

Modern smartphones have an NFC sensor, which can be used to pay contactless at the cash register in the supermarket and gas stations. Mysterious notifications can pop up when the phone is near magnetic tags or near ATMs or terminals that support the function. Since there is almost no specific information on the web, we have prepared an article on how to remove “Added new tag, empty tag” in Huawei and Honor. Faced with the problem for the first time, it may be unclear what caused it, because the alert popped up spontaneously.

Added new tag, empty tag in Honor and Huawei: what is it, how to remove

Smartphone users who frequently use pay-as-you-go without tapping are faced with incomprehensible notifications while using their phone. There is little information on the web on this subject, but on forums you can come across a request how to remove “Added new tag, empty tag” in Huawei and Honor. The answers, if found, are quite vague and don’t give a clear idea of how to fix the situation. In this article we’ll analyze the reasons of the bug and the ways to solve it.

Added new tag, empty tag in Honor and Huawei: what is it, how to remove

How to remove “New tag added, empty tag” notification in Huawei and Honor? At times, users may notice a presented notification in the status bar when using payment applications. Why it happens and how to remove it? In this article we will consider in detail, for what reason the presented notification pops up in the phone and how to remove it.

How to remove “New tag added” notification on Huawei and Honor smartphones

What causes the problem in question is the NFC chip: it is designed to react to magnetic field sources (e.g. magnetic strip bank cards). Consequently, the easiest way to get rid of the appearance of such a thing is to turn off the function and activate it only when necessary.

    The means of activating NFC is, by default, placed in the curtain of the device: move two fingers from the top of the screen to the Advanced Mode, then tap on the desired item.
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How To Turn off New Tag Collected Message on HUAWEI P20 PRO or any Android Phone | New tag collected

What is this tag

The reason for the appearance of the Added New Tag, blank tag is a feature of the contactless payment system. It establishes a connection with the payment terminal over a short distance, then notifies the connection. The device reads encoded payment information with the help of a sensor. The chip reacts to all magnetic objects that fall within its range. For example, if the bank card is nearby (and people often put it in their smartphone case) the system can automatically read the tag not intended for it. It will be displayed as empty.

How to remove “Empty tag added” in Honor and Huawei phones

Faced with failures in the work of a smart device, the owner of the gadget may wonder how to disable empty tags on Honor and Huawei. The solution to the problem lies in the “NFC settings” section. What to do and how to do it:

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After deactivation, the application that contains the bank cards’ data must be reinstalled. The program can be downloaded from the bank’s website or Play Market. After installation, you will need to re-tie the cards and make the appropriate settings for proper operation.

Anatoly Bogdanov (Written articles: 106)

Thank you so much for the tip, everything is simple and understandable! Removed the card from the case and disabled NFC.

There are no NFC settings in the settings section

Thank you very much for the article, I thought I had a virus I wanted to reset the phone to its default settings and it turned out I had to remove the card from the case.

Hello, in the main menu you go to “Settings”, scroll through the list and find the item “”, will pop up the name of the items from the list select “Settings NFC”; opposite to the name is a slider that shows the current state of the application, to deactivate dragged to the left side.

And how to get rid of the function on the phone, add a new tig

Hello, what function do you have in mind??

Good evening! I had such a mess, I did not understand why, but after reading your article passed out! I have a pouch-book (with a compartment for cards / business cards) put a card for free travel on public transport)))) and there is a chip! Thanks for the tip.

Figured it out, I just had gpay installed and that’s why it read the card in my case

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Thank you so much for the tip, just and understandable. And it was very helpful.

You could have not read the article all the way through. From the first lines, everything is clear. Thank you. I did not go into settings, just removed the card from the case. Thank you again so much, and the beeping was annoying, and no one could tell.

Thank you very much. From the first lines, everything is clear, very clear and accessible. Fast and convenient, everything is clearly explained.

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КАК УДАЛИТЬ FRP GOOGLE АККАУНТ БЕСПЛАТНО! All Huawei HONOR Android 10 emui. Unlocking the phone

Added new tag, empty tag. means device has detected contactless terminals tag and appears if NFC contactless payment feature is enabled on the smartphone. The tag is recognized by the chip built into the phone, which continuously reads magnetic objects with wireless support. It could be other smartphones, bank cards with magnetic stripe or payment chip, or smart bracelets from Honor or Xiaomi with NFC support. It may have responded to the card, wristband or terminal if the smartphone was nearby at the time. Usually the technology works at a distance of 10-15 centimeters. So the chip read but did not recognize the information and alerted that “new tag added, empty tag”. Either the device was not properly configured, which also created an empty tag.

The second reason for empty tags is that the payment app itself does not work correctly, or that it is not compatible with your smartphone

How to remove the notification on Android

If you want to switch off notifications about new tags or there are already a lot of them. you need to switch off NFC function. This technology is not widespread yet, so you can safely disable it. Plus, it will extend your smartphone’s battery life a bit. To disable contactless payment function:

After these actions, you need to reinstall or update the program to accept, confirm payments. Go to Play Market and see the version of the app you are using. Look for the official version for your smartphone or choose from reviews on the Internet. Install the application and bind your bank card. Here is a list of the most popular Android programs: