The phone does not see the SIM card what’s the reason

Reasons why SIM card does not work on a smartphone

Modern smartphones can work at all without a SIM card. The so.Called ESIM is already in demand in the West, but in Russia and the CIS countries they have not yet become widespread. Therefore, our compatriots are forced to insert the card into the tray in the old fashioned way. It so happens that the phone does not see the SIM card, for example, writes “The device is not registered on the network”. The causes of the malfunction are different, let’s try to figure it out.

Before you is a universal instruction, suitable for all models: iPhone, alcatel, asus, lenovo, meizu, Philips, Nokia, Oppo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi (Redme), ZTE, BQ, VERTEX, MICMOMAX, MICMOMAX, MICMOMAX Digma, Fly, Umidigi, Oukitel, Texet, Leagoo, Dexp, Doogie, Huawei (Honor), Homtom, Chinese No-Name, sold under brands Megaphone, Beeline, MTS, including button mobile phones, etc.D. Actual for tablets.

Reasons why, the phone does not see the SIM card

Despite the fact that the SIM card is a fairly reliable device, there are times when it stops working. Carefully take out the SIM card from the phone and carefully examine for external damage. If the SIM card has stopped working after you tried to cut it under another format (Micro or Nano), perhaps the chip was hurt and it became unusable.

An excellent solution would first check the SIM card in a deliberately serviceable phone.

If the SIM card looks good, carefully wipe the contacts with a napkin moistened with alcohol, and try to insert it into the phone again. If it did not help, we read on.

Faulty SIM card will be replaced by the operator for free.

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Dirt in the nest or on the SIM card chip

If the card is not recognized in another phone or not recognized only periodically, then its contacts should be cleansed of dirt and oxides. This is performed as follows:

  • With the help of an eraser. Gently wipe the contacts. Do not moisten, do not rub your fingers! Contact the contacts only by an office with an elastic band. Thus oxides are removed.
  • With ethyl alcohol. Use exactly 96%. In pharmacies for medical purposes, a solution of 70%is often sold, after which oxides remain. Wipe with a paper towel. A cotton roller is not worth it: villi remains from it.

And if the phone stopped seeing and connecting the SIM card a couple of days after its cleaning, then this indicates the wear of the contact site. It occurs if SIM is often taken out of the tray. Only the replacement of the card will help.

The phone does not see the network due to the hardware malfunction

Often Android Smartphones do not see the network after a setup from the settings or installation of the next update of the operating system. You can restore the correctness of the settings with your own hands as follows:

Select the automatic search mode of the mobile network signal.

Install a checkmark on the right operator.

If the automatic setting does not work, try to find the signal manually.

Often the smartphone ceases to see the network as a result of mechanical damage. Dropped or hit the device? You probably damaged the antenna, radio contact or power amplifier. After that, the connection becomes worse, the signal is interrupted. Professional repair will help to fix the situation.

Enter your network APN settings manually

If two of the above methods do not work, perhaps your SIM card has completely lost its connection with the network to which it should connect. If this happens, you may have to manually enter the APN settings of your network operator

On the modern device Android (starting with version 9.0 pie) To do this, go to settings → Network and Internet → Mobile network → Additional → Names of access points, and then click

At this stage, you need to either contact your operator to get the necessary APN settings, or check on the Internet whether they are published on the operator’s website.

It can also be a good idea to take a picture of the screen and save the APN settings in advance so that you can quickly contact them if you encounter a problem again.

Problems with SIM card:

First. Check the mode in which the device works. Perhaps you accidentally activated the flight mode in which Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile communications are automatically disconnected. It’s easy to return the smartphone to life. You just need to activate the usual mode of operation.

Sometimes the phone does not see the SIM card because the network settings are lost. Try to overload the device, and if this did not help, contact the service center of the mobile operator service.

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How to Fix Sim Not Supported iPhone X,8,7,6,5,4

Also, the phone does not connect to the network if the SIM card connector is damaged. Conduct a visual inspection of this element to check its integrity. If there are defects, you have to order a new part. We remind you that you can buy a SIM card tray inexpensively for any smartphone.

Trying to save, many Russians buy “flooded” smartphones that are brought from other countries. Indeed, such devices are much cheaper, but there is one “but”. They are designed to work with cards of one mobile operator. And even if you reflash the device, problems with connecting to the network can occur.

How to fix Call problems / Not Registered on Network Message / Phone not receiving calls

Sometimes the lack of contact of a SIM card and a smartphone is associated with the problems of the operator. Outdoor the tower, interruptions with a signal. Restoring normal work takes time, sometimes repairs are delayed for several days. Therefore, if on the phone the inscription “only emergency calls” is on, it will not be superfluous to make sure that there is a connection.

The reason for the problem often becomes a SIM card itself. Check it on another phone. Over time, the contacts are wiped, oxidize, which leads to a deterioration in signal receiving. Replace the non.Working card in the office of the mobile operator. Will take it only a few minutes.

But if the problem is directly in the smartphone, we recommend that you contact the service center as soon as possible. Please note that the phone that is under warranty is best attributed to a certified repair workshop or to the store where you bought it. So you have a chance to save on the cost of services.

We determine the problem

The fault that Simka on the phone stopped working, maybe like a malfunction with the device itself, or with SIM itself. Given modern technologies, many users find such a problem after updating software.

However, even if the phone does not see the SIM card after updating by official or custom firmware, not a reason to blame the performance of the device. Even in this situation, everything can depend on the Simcard itself. Therefore, it is worth checking both the device and the card.

Often the phone does not see the SIM card because the network settings are lost. First, just reboot the phone, and if this does not help, you will need to determine the reason.

Step.By.Step instructions what needs to be done if the phone does not see SIM will help you determine the cause and eliminate the malfunction:

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One. To get started. Pull out the card from the device, and install it again, as well as reboot the phone. If the phone is with a removable lid, then check if the SIM card adjacent to the slot. Sometimes, due to a frequent change of SIM card, a problem with contacts may arise. In this case, try to put a small piece of paper folded several times between the SIM card and the lid (battery).

Insert another SIM card in the phone. If the problem is not related to the contact of the card itself in the slot, then for verification you will need either another phone or other SIM card. To check the telephone, install another card in it. If the situation is similar, then you may require a phone repair that does not see a SIM card.

However, when checking the device, it is worth considering another point. Make sure that the phone does not have a lock under a specific operator. If the gadget purchased from the operator is used, then it is necessary to check it with a “native” SIM card. Most of the smartphone operator models can be sharpened only with their own cards. The exception is devices from Tele2, in which the phone may not see the SIM card of another operator in only 1 slot, and in 2 you can use any.

Install the SIM card in another phone to make sure its serviceability. If there is no problem when installing another SIM on the phone, then a possible reason in the card itself. To confirm her malfunction, you can try to install it in another gadget. If the other phone does not see it, then you need to replace the SIM card.


Когда SIM-карта перестает отображаться в телефоне, это может быть вызвано сбоями в работе как самого телефона, так и SIM-карты. First, decide exactly what exactly is the matter in your case.

If the phone is to blame, it is best to take it to a specialized service. Experts will understand the reason for the problem and help to solve it.

If the failure is called a SIM card, contact your operator. This can be done according to the numbers of a hot line, in a chat, messenger or personally, visiting the nearest communication salon to replace Simka.