The phone is charged only in the off state of Xiaomi

Why is the Xiaomi phone is not charged and what to do in such a situation?

The reasons why the new Xiaomi smartphone does not want to charge, there may be many. But most of them can be solved on their own. The help of specialists will be needed only if the breakdown is hardware.

Often in Xiaomi devices there is a factory marriage. And most of it in the cords that connect the smartphone with the charger. But other problems are possible. They can even be associated with the software features of a smartphone. What are the reasons?

  • Bugs of a programmatic nature. Perhaps the phone is charged for a long time (or does not charge at all) due to the error in the firmware of the gadget.
  • System failure. It may be that there was a certain system failure and the device of the Redmi line (4x, 3, 2, 5 Plus and so on) stopped charging.
  • Charger problem. If the device has stopped charging for no reason, then the problem may be in the charger itself.
  • Connective cable problem. If there is a charge indication, and Xiaomi does not charge, it is charged for a long time or not charged to 100%, then the problem can be with the cable.
  • The charging nest works poorly. This problem is also found. The reasons can be very different, but the result is one. The smartphone battery does not charge.

All of the above problems are relevant for almost all Xiaomi devices: Redmi Note 4, Redmi 5a, Mi6, Mi5 and so on. But in most cases, the problem can be solved on its own. And now we will consider the right options.

Frequent problems and solutions

Next, we consider the most frequent problems leading to a violation of normal charging on Huawei. Also, ways to solve.

Important! To eliminate problems, it is necessary to correctly diagnose the cause. If on the eve the device worked properly, it is worth remembering after what events there was a problem.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is slowly charged. Practical recommendations

You want Xiaomi Redmi 4 to last you much longer? Here are the practical recommendations that will help you extend the life of the gadget.

phone, charged, only, state
  • Do not charge the device from an unstable network. This causes malfunctions not only in charging, but also with the stability of the tablet as a whole.
  • If you do not use the device, disassemble it and carefully put it in the box (as the manufacturer did).
  • Try to protect the gadget from deep systematic discharges. Because of them, the gadget fails faster.
  • Connect the charging only if the battery power is less than 20%. Try to charge up to 100% and spend the battery up to 0%.
  • Put the device and turn it off. Give up the use of the gadget during charging: so you will not spend the resources of the tablet.
  • Periodically check the condition of the connectors, clean them of moisture and layers of dirt with alcohol.
  • Once every 6 months, disassemble the gadget and evaluate the condition of the battery: whether it has become curved, convex, as if swollen?
  • After buying a new device at least 3 times, completely discharge and charge it to “activate” the battery into normal working condition.
  • Periodically check how much the battery resource goes (and where). There are special applications for this.
  • Carefully treat the “arriving” on your device with updates: they often correct one system error, but bring confusion into the operation of other software systems.

Remember that the battery is the most important element that should guarantee the convenience of the operation of the gadget. Choose high.Quality gadgets from well.Known manufacturers that will allow you to enjoy the process of using the gadget

What to do if the phone is XIAOMI REdmi 4x began to charge for a long time

As soon as you notice problems in the charge XIAOMI REdmi 4x, Immediately it is worth taking the first emergency measures to solve this problem:

  • Check the appearance of the battery for the presence of mechanical damage or swelling.
  • Delete all Android applications that are responsible for charging, energy savings, including the popular Clean Master. Taking the phone to the service center is the most and best and safe way to solve any malfunctions with gadgets. They will conduct his diagnostics, figure it out in the reasons, give advice and solutions.
  • Independent battery calibration will help. However, it is worth being prepared to lose a guarantee if it is still valid. All calibration applications, including the recommended Battle Calibration, require a Root-right, that is, in fact, hacking a smartphone.

IMPORTANT! Sometimes the reason may be a third.Party application that is in no way connected with the battery. Try to remember, perhaps the problems began after installing a particular program. Try to remove it, and again check the operability of the battery.

phone, charged, only, state

Other options for correcting problems

In addition to the above recommendations, we have collected some tips that are divided by the owners of Xiaomi smartphones to solve problems with charging:

Mi Note 4 Dead | Connect Charger Only Charging Logo Problem Solution | BSI Line Miss

  • If the gadget does not charge in the on, try to turn it off and connect it to the outlet;
  • Disconnect the GPS module for the time of charging, t. To. He consumes a lot of energy;
  • Return the phone by the time he was normally charged. This action can be performed only on condition that you previously made backup;
  • Download antivirus and check for the presence of viruses. Perhaps malicious in interferes with the correct operation of the battery;
  • If the phone is charged, but does it for a very long time, the firmware can be too “heavy” for him. In this case, install the simplified version of the shell.

Why is the iPhone charging only turned off?

Different difficulties when trying to charge the battery arise among the owners of the iPhone quite often. The most common problems are the lack of charge indication, the immunity of the battery to the charge, the inability to connect the plug to the nest. But sometimes a very specific problem appears, in which the iPhone is only charged when it is turned off. Because of what this happens and how to cope with such a nuisance, if this happened with your smartphone, our article will tell. But first, we note that there are several sources of this problem, and in some cases the user can solve them on his own, without resorting to the help of a repair workshop.

If the cause of the problem is in accessories

Oddly enough, if the iPhone is charged only in the state, then accessories can be “to blame” for the problem, and, more precisely, their malfunctions. Your device is charged exclusively in the off state? Maybe the charger itself has failed. This often happens. To find out if this is source of the problem, you just need to try to charge the gadget with another device. If the process goes well, you need to turn on the device, and if after that everything remains as before, then it was a malfunction of the previous charge.

And if the process has not begun, most likely there are serious breakdowns inside the iPhone 4s (or any other phone model), for example, a charge controller often breaks. Only specialists can help in such a situation. The gadget will need to be taken for repairs, where the master will open the body and replace the failed part with the new. It is extremely not recommended to do this yourself, especially in the absence of any experience, since all the parts inside the case are very fragile. In addition, you need to know the algorithm for assembling and disassembling the device, so that every detail always remains in its place.

One more method should be mentioned, which will make the preliminary conclusion that the source of the problem is still iphone itself. It is necessary to connect the gadget to another phone from Apple, and if the first begins to charge, then it is the matter in it.

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Having decided to buy a new charge for the iPhone 4s or another version of the gadget, make sure that it was an original accessory. If you use compatible devices. The warranty for the repair of the device is most likely to be lost. In addition, it is often the use of such charges that causes breakdowns. Of course, such accessories are an order of magnitude cheaper. But is it worth it to take a risk in order to subsequently overpay for the repair of a smartphone, which could be avoided?

As the practical experience of many owners of Apple phones showed, non.Original accessories often cause various breakdowns of the phone. In particular, the batteries and circuits of control of the charge are out of order.

Check the battery and installed software

The problem of the iPhone charge is only in the off state can be associated with the battery itself, which loses its qualities after prolonged use. And the only solution in this case is to leave the device for charging at night. Perhaps by the morning the battery will at least partially restore its functionality. But this, of course, will be a temporary way out of the situation, and not by solving the problem. Sooner or later, the battery will have to be replaced.

If the iPhone is charged only in the off state, the reason may be in the presence of a large amount of software that causes increased energy consumption exceeding the charge current. Because of this, the charge process cannot occur normally when the device is turned on, and in the state of shutdown, nothing prevents the battery from charging. To eliminate this problem, the user should be removed from the memory of the smartphone rarely used programs, and then conduct a test of the charger again.

In addition to all the above recommendations, with a problem with charging, you can try the following:

  • Make a reset of system settings to factory. Sometimes this can help restore all the functions of the device.
  • Conduct up to update all programs, which often leads to the fact that the iPhone begins to work in normal mode.
  • Carefully inspect the charger cable. Perhaps it is damaged.
  • Test charging using a computer to determine the fault of the phone itself and its internal components, if any, there was a place.

But if not a single advice helped, it is better to hand over the iPhone, which is under warranty, back to the store where he was bought or exchange for a new. And if the warranty period has already ended, you need to contact an authorized repair workshop. Now you know why the iPhone is only charged, and what to do in such situations. And then we will analyze the rules of competent charge of devices from Apple.

How to remove the inscription “accessory or cable is not certified” from the screen “

The iPhones of the latest models are able to recognize genuine USB cables, because the manufacturer in the plug began to install a special chip. However, today you can take a chance to purchase, so to speak, “chipped” exercises done by the Chinese. But the fake will not be able to ensure the proper speed of recharge of the battery and can lead with a serious breakdown.

If the display has an inscription “Accessor or cable is not certified”:

  • Turn off and re.Turn on the cable
  • If the problem is repeated, use a cable for charging, in the originality of which you are sure
  • Try to update the software (may fail)
  • Overload the smartphone

Using a non.Original cable, do not be surprised if you see the phrase “this cable or accessory is not certified on the screen of your device.”. The manufacturer quickly determines what type of cable is used and removes the guarantee, in the case of the use of a Chinese fake.

Iphone competent charging rules

In order for the charge of your “apple” gadget to never fail, you need to know and follow certain rules for recharging the device. By the way, this is so important that a separate page is dedicated to this issue on the Internet resource on the Internet.

The problem with the controller

Among hardware reasons, the controller malfunctions are most often indicated. When the element is output, the smartphone often stops normally replenish the battery energy reserves and is charged only in the state off. The controller (BMS board) controls the processes of charging and discharge, supports the battery in normal condition and protects against critical voltage fluctuations, turning it off.

The key function of the cell. Protection against overloading when charging the device, as well as from a deep discharge leading to loss of capacity. It will not be possible to diagnose a malfunction without appropriate knowledge and skills, so you should not disassemble the device yourself, the best exit in this case will be the service to the service.

We solve the problem

Consider the possible causes of the problem and directly effective solutions. If you do not understand at all in smartphones, follow each instructions in order.

Complete discharge

The first case. The phone flashes red due to the completely settled battery. This happens in cases where the owners throw a smartphone into a “long box”, trying to bring it to his senses in a few weeks/months.

The nature of the malfunction is simple. The battery completely lost its energy, which does not even allow the system to start elementary. This provokes “indifference” to the inclusion key.

First connect the phone and wait for about an hour

The solution does not require complicated manipulations from you. Just leave the smartphone on charging, literally a few hours. After that, it is recommended to clamp the power button for 10-15 seconds, since the system may not respond to attempts to conventional starting.

In my case, the completely settled Samsung Grand Prime smartphone was supposed to hang on charging for about an hour, after which he came to life and was a charge. Therefore, this option should not be excluded.

phone, charged, only, state

Software failure

Important. This method works only with a sudden disconnection of a smartphone with complete / partial charging. We will use the “strict reset” of the Android (Hard Reset) system present at any modern smartphone:

  • We convert the phone into “Recovery mode”. In some models, the transition method varies, by default it is necessary to clamp the volume control buttons, turning on and “Home” (average on the lower part in the front model). To clarify the exact translation mechanism, you can use the search engine.
  • We hold a combination of up to 20 seconds, after which the software menu of the device appears.
  • We dwell at the point “Separate all data”.
  • Choose the column “confirm” (Yes. Delete All User Data).
  • After that, we find the item “Reload right now” (Reboot System Now).

After rebooting, the problem should disappear. It should be noted that all data will be erased, and there may also be problems with the entrance due to the unknown error of the Google account.

Failure of power source

It sounds funny, but sometimes it is the broken outlet who loves to pat the nerves to the owners of smartphones. Try connecting the charger to another, after checking the performance by other home appliances.

Another frequent case is damage to a USB cable or a charger unit. Try changing the diet itself. Twitch cable bends, blow the plug and nests.

Separately, check the capabilities of the power supply itself. Miliampere data should be written on it. Perhaps your block does not have enough speed to start a smart/tablet. By the way, a very common problem on cheap Chinese devices.

Remove any garbage, dust and dirt from connectors

Battery malfunction

Check the condition of the battery is possible only on devices with a removable lid. Carefully remove it, we take out the battery. We examine it for the presence of bloating, obvious scratches, melted/burnt elements.

Be sure to check the serviceability of the battery

If everything is fine. We wipe with a damp cloth, we also do not bypass the maple (protruding contacts). They must be even, otherwise we do not recommend correcting anything on their own.

In the case of a non.Removable battery, you need to use special applications. Accubatty (checks the battery charge controller) and Battle. But they will be relevant after any inclusion.