The printer does not print around the edges. Press service

A sign of poor print can be any change in the quality of the impress on paper. For example, a picture or text becomes fuzzy, some part of the sheet or the entire seal is blurred. The printer of any manufacturer can be lowered (HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and others).

We’ll figure out why the printer is not printing, although there is a paint. What to do to diagnose and fix the problem when only black color is badly printed.

Economic printing mode is included

Despite the fact that the paint (ink) or the toner is in the printer, it may not be enough, or the level of fullness of the container is approaching zero. In this case, some printers of the printers can automatically include the so.called saving mode when the quality of the printout is reduced. Due to the saving of the dye, it is possible to print more sheets in the “last pairs”.

It is recommended to first check this particular problem, especially if you see when checking the level of the remaining ink that the colors are less than half.

Open the “Devices and Printers” window. To do this, execute the Control Printers command in the window, which must be launched by the Windowsr key combination.

Find the desired printer. Click on the icon with the right button and in the context menu select the “Print Settings” item.

Depending on the model, the printer settings menu will be displayed. Switch between tabs to find quality settings.

In some printers, such a function and settings may not be at all. It all depends on the specific manufacturer and model.

On the example of the Canon brand, you can see that the “Home” tab has the necessary settings.

Defects of laser cartridges

The first image. This is how the seal should look with a seasoned, serviceable laser cartridge and printer.

As you can see, the text is clear and well read, and black filling and halftones have a homogeneous, uniform structure. We will be on this ideal printing.

Very often both of these defects are found simultaneously, and the reason for this is simple wear and age (old age) of the cartridge.

Pale print with even more pale strips across the sheet.

The next problem is very interesting and is quite rare. With the advent of new compatible universal cartridges, which should be approached by many models of the same type of apparatus. But because of their cheapness and versatility, such cartridges come across a crooked (marriage) corps. As a result, it turns out that the central part of the case blocks the passage of the Lazer Light, and we have a pale print on a large section.

As in the second case, these problems are usually found at the same time: a dark dirty background and thin black and white thin stripes along the sheet. Here’s what you can see when the charge roller in the cartridge fails.

After refueling, the cartridge began to print pale on one side? It is worth checking the clamp of two halves of the cartridge. the springs between the two parts.

The next nuisance is most often found after poor cleaning or not neat refueling the cartridge. White or pale stripes across the sheet.

  • Check the magnetic shaft contacts. grease with conductive grease.
  • Check or replace the gear of the magnetic shaft.
  • Check or replace the side cover from the side of the magnetic shaft gear.

If suddenly, after the next refueling, chaotic points were found during printing, then it already came the wear of the cartridge or damaged it during refueling.

In my previous article, I analyzed the reasons for the almost white sheet. Let’s now write the causes of the black sheet. There may be a problem, both with the device and with the cartridge itself. Let’s imagine that you only tucked it and got such a picture.

Check the charge video, replace if necessary.

At the end of the article, let’s analyze several problems with printers and copiers. Some defects may never meet with you, but if suddenly it is, then you will already know where and because of what it is.

Printer defects and All-In-One Printer

Black stripes or in general squares with a clear border only when copying. If you send to print from a computer, the result will be clean.

And those who prints very often and many may soon come across this. When, most likely, the toner will not start to bake along the edge and smear. This indicates that the thermal soldier in the apparatus stove was torn or worn out. You can check and run a finger on the smeared image yourself. If the toner remains on your finger, then this is your case.

If after printing it is drawn with a hand over the sheet and the picture is lubricated anywhere. the toner in the stove does not bake.

On this I will end my second selection for defects in laser cartridges and printers.

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Program for working with documents

If the document should go to print without fields once, it makes no sense to constantly switch the parameter in the printer settings. Instead, you can only once set it when interacting with the program itself, where the preparation of the document is carried out. It can be any text editor, the principle of further action will not change in any way.

Sometimes the only working way will be editing the document itself by removing fields through the software, in which work is carried out with it. There is a separate article on our site, dedicated to how to cope with the task in Word, and you can only adapt the instructions for the text editor used and start the seal without fields.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Why is the text shift when printing on the printer

Printing with a displacement is possible after installing a new printer. Check the position of the sheets in the tray. The page could shift due to transportation. And if the alignment did not help, evaluate the settings of the new printer. Also problems may occur after updates.

Page format

  • In the working document, click “File”.
  • Select “Print” item.
  • Open the “Properties” window.
  • Check the type of carrier. It must correspond to the quality and format inserted.

Field setting

A field is a page free from the text from above, below, left and right. The settings failure will lead to the fact that the printed image will be placed unevenly relative to the edges. A simple way to fix the error is to edit the fields in the document. With systematic failures of a similar nature, you will have to change the print settings programmatically.

The size of the fields may differ from the standard if this requires a document.

Printer Printer Crooked

The problem is characteristic of new or updated devices. But if the old printer began to print crookedly, you need to check the physical elements of the equipment.

Foreign objects

Extraneous objects in the tray are the cause of the crooked text, scorched sheets, printer breakdowns. Such objects can be parts of the previous sheet, structural elements of the device, the elements (buttons, scrapers, another trifle accidentally hit inside). To eliminate the problem, open the printer cover, inspect the internal elements, remove the excess. Repeat printing on a test sheet.

Problems with cartridges

In jet printers, the main problem is to dry up ink due to long downtime. A sign of a problem will be a partial and uneven printing. Dried ink can be removed manually.

  • Remove the cartridge.
  • Drip a few drops of washing products around the sopel of the cartridge.
  • Pick up drops of washing with a clean cloth without a pile.

It is strongly recommended to work on a spread out or a rag. With severe pollution or completely dried ink on the nozzles of the cartridge, you can soak in a soap solution, putting down in the tank with a printing head down.

In HP, Canon and others, the function of the cartridge software cleaning is available.

  • In the “Start” menu, select the “Device and Printers” button.
  • In the list of connected devices, select a problem printer.
  • In the drop.down menu, click “Properties”, “Service” tab.
  • In the list of available operations, select “Cleaning” or “Deep Cleaning”.

After the first cleaning, the crooked seal may remain. Go through the procedure 2-3 times. For laser printing cartridges at home, only the software method is used.

All the actions described in the article that concern program corrections can be done in a special. You can download software on of. resources of manufacturers. So, for HP there is a Toolsbox program for Canon. Canon Service Tool, Epson. Service Utility.

Positioning tape

Encoder tape inform the printer’s software about the location of a moving carriage. Encoder pollution leads to the passage of sites, displacement of the pattern.

  • Disconnect the device from the mains.
  • Remove the protective cover.
  • Assess the condition of the tape, it should be transparent without dirt and ink.
  • In the case of sticking ink or lubricant, carefully wipe the tape.

Cleansing is better to do a cotton wool. It is impossible to press hard, you can damage or tear the tape from the mounts.

Alignment of printing heads

Alignment at home is carried out programmatic.

  • In the “Start” menu, select the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • In the context menu of the device, click “Print Settings”.
  • Click the “Service” tab.
  • Select “Alignment of the print head”.


The synchronization failure of the electronic and mechanical elements of the printer is characteristic of actively used devices, the print on which is made constantly and intensively for a long time. In this case, it is necessary to calibrate to coordinate all mechanisms.

Many models with displays on the case have a calibration function in their menu. If there is no one, then the setting will have to be performed by another algorithm.

  • On the official website of the printer brand, download the driver to your model.
  • Install software.
  • Run the program.
  • In the “Service” menu, start calibration. The process will take some time.

For each manufacturer, calibration can be in other places. For Canon printers, the function is on the “Service” tab.

The procedure can be repeated until the seal is completely corrected.

In multifunctional devices (All-in-One Printer), calibration is performed through scanning. After the start of the printer calibration through the “Service” menu, the sheet must be put on the glass of the scanner along the guides. Conduct scanning the work sheet and expect a stopping device. After the light signal is stopped, the scanner will be calibrated.

Cleaning rollers

With uneven feeding of the pages, the text shifts towards a worn roller. Most often the problem is caused by physical contamination of the supply mechanism or its partial wear. In the first case, it will take to clean the rollers manually or programmatically. To launch the utility in print settings, select the “Service” tab, the “Cleaning rollers” item. The procedure is done several times.

If the printer is crookedly captured by paper due to wear, rollers are replaced in the service center.

On the night mode

The night regime is a forced noise reduction when working at night or when silence is required. The change of mode helps when the printer captures the paper with jerks.

  • In the “Start” menu, select “Devices and Printers”.
  • In the printer properties, go to the “Service” tab.
  • Click the “Silent mode” section.
  • In the new window, select the operating time of the mode.

A silent seal will correct the problem only temporarily, without eliminating the problem itself. The seal capture mechanism will work smoothly and without noise. But the problem will return if you get out of the “night” press. For a constant flat print, contact the SC.

Inkjet printers

A similar problem is not characteristic of this type of printers, but on a technique that has been damaged for many years, leading to the formation of strips on the sheet. But there are other reasons that need to be understood in detail.

The level of ink

If we talk about jet printers, then the level of ink is checked for a start. In general, this is the least costly procedure both in time and financially. over, it is not required to get the cartridge, it is enough to only start a special utility, which should go in configuration with the main device. Most often it is on the disk. Such a utility easily shows how much paint remains and whether it can lead to stripes on the sheet.

With a zero level or close to it, you need to think that it is time to change the cartridge. Its refueling also helps, which comes out much cheaper, especially if you do it yourself.

It is worth noting that there are printers who have a system of continuous ink supply system. This is most often done independently by the user, so the utility from the manufacturer will not show anything. However, here you can just look at the flasks. they are absolutely transparent and allow you to understand if there are ink there. You also need to check all the tubes for damage or clogging.

Zasor of the print head

From the name of the subtitle, you might think that this method implies the analysis of the printer for the components of the elements, which cannot be done without professional skills. Yes and no. On the one hand, manufacturers of jet printers provided for such a problem, since drying of ink is natural, and created a utility that will help to eliminate this. On the other hand, it just may not help, and then you have to disassemble the device.

So, the utility. Almost every manufacturer produces branded software capable of cleaning the print head and duz-elements clogged due to the infrequent use of the printer. And so that the user does not clean them manually all the time, create a hardware alternative that performs the same work using a paint from a cartridge.

It is not necessary to delve into the principle of work. It is enough to open the software of your printer and choose one of the proposed procedures there. You can do both, it won’t be superfluous.

It is worth noting that such a procedure has to be done quite often, and sometimes several times per approach. The printer after it needs to stand without work for at least an hour. If nothing has changed, then it is best to resort to the help of professionals, since manual cleaning of such elements can end with financial losses comparable to the cost of a new printer.

Garbage on the encoder tape and disk

Strips can be both black and white. over, if the second option is repeated with the same frequency, then you need to think about the fact that dust or other dirt, interfering with the proper operation of the printer, got on the encoder tape.

To clean the cleaning, quite often use the winding tool. This is justified by the fact that it contains alcohol that removes various clogs. However, it will be extremely difficult for an inexperienced user to perform such a procedure. You can’t get these details and you will have to work directly on all the electric parts of the device, which is very dangerous for it. In other words, if all methods are tested, and the problem remains and its character is similar to the described above, then it is best to contact a specialized service.

This review of the possible problems associated with the appearance of strips in a jet printer is over.

Laser printer

Printing strips on a laser printer is a problem that occurs sooner or later on almost every similar device. Malfunctions that cause such behavior of technology, a huge number. It is necessary to understand the main ones so that it is clear whether there is an opportunity to restore the printer.

Damaged surface of a photo bus

Photo busan is a fairly important element, and it is from it that the laser is reflected during the printing process. The damage to the shaft itself is practically excluded, but its surface, sensitive to radiation, often wears out and certain problems begin with the appearance of black stripes along the edges of the printed sheet. They are always the same, which allows you to easily identify a defective place.

By the way, by the width of the strips you can understand how exhausted the layer of this drum. Do not ignore such manifestations of a problem, because these are not just black stripes, but an increased load on the cartridge, which can result in more severe consequences.

This layer can be restored, and many services are even engaged in this. However, the effectiveness of such a procedure is not high enough to neglect the usual replacement of the element, which is recommended in this case.

Bad contact of the magnetic shaft and drum

Another same stripes that can often be found on printed sheets indicate a specific breakdown. Only in this case are they horizontal, and the cause of their occurrence can be almost anything. For example, a crowded bunker of waste or a poorly seasoned cartridge. All of them are easy to analyze in order to understand whether they could become the result of such a problem.

If the toner does not participate in this problem, then it is necessary to check the wear of the drum and the shaft itself. With frequent use of the printer for many years, this is the most likely outcome. As mentioned earlier, repairing such elements is completely unjustified.

The ending toner

The easiest to replace the printer element is the cartridge. And if there is no special utility on the computer, the absence of toner can be noticed along the white lanes along the printed sheet. It is more correct to say that some remains of the material in the cartridge are still available, but this is already not enough to qualitatively print even one page.

The solution to such a problem lies on the surface. replacing a cartridge or a toner refueling. Unlike previous defects, this situation can be solved independently.

Cartridge leakage

Problems with the cartridge are not limited to only the absence of toner in it. Sometimes the sheet can be crowded from various kinds of stripes that always appear in different places. What happens to the printer at that moment? Obviously, the toner just gets enough sleep during the printing of the sheet.

The interesting engineering behind the SHAPE of Train wheels!

Get a cartridge and check its tightness is not a matter of a matter. If the rash place is noticed, then you need to check if it is possible to eliminate the problem. Maybe the matter is only in the elastic band, then no difficulties should arise. only its replacement will be required. In the case of a problem, it’s more time to look for a new cartridge.

Overflow of waste bunker

What to do if a strip is found on the sheet that appears in the same place? Check the waste hopper. A competent master will certainly cleanse him of the remaining toner when the cartridge will refuel. However, users often do not know about such a tool, so they do not carry out the corresponding procedure.

The decision is simple. to examine the bunker of waste and the integrity of the rocket, which shakes the toner into a special compartment. It is very simple and any person will be able to perform such a procedure at home.

The consideration of all relevant methods of independent repair can be completed, since the main problems were considered.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Fix Alignment Errors on HP Printers | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Why in the middle there is a white strip when printing on a printer

The problem of the appearance of strips when printing on the printer is far from new. However, in this case, all known methods for its elimination do not lead to the required result. In addition, this defect can manifest itself even in a new printing device that has recently been purchased and put into operation.

After a long search and careful study of consumer Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it was determined that the printer prints a white wide strip mainly through a computer running Windows 10. To find out if this is really so, users were invited to reinstall the PC operating system and the driver of the printing device. However, the result was positive only in a few cases. But this gave a tip to the next stage of searching for the problem.

If you open the Windows 10 update log, you will find that the update of the operating system is from 09.03.2021 caused the appearance of the BSOD’s blue death screen when printing on some printers and All-In-One Printer Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra. However, this problem was quickly eliminated by an additional patch of updating the operating system from 15.03.2021 (Read more in the article: “As an update to Microsoft Windows 10 from 09.03.2021 influenced printing from a computer: eliminating the blue screen of death (Kartridge.Org) “)).

Referring to the above data, many came to the conclusion that the printer prints a wide white strip due to the conflict of the device driver and the recent updates of MS Windows 10. This theory is also confirmed by many users of office equipment who noticed the occurrence of the problem immediately after the renewal of the OS. In turn, Microsoft officially announced only BSOD error when printing. About the appearance of a horizontal or vertical wide white strip when printing due to updating Windows 10 of official statements from the OS developer was not.

Please note: similar problems are also observed on the senior version of Windows The ninth of March also issued monthly KB5000848 and KB5000853 storage bags, which broke the seal through the computer. Corrected by the rollback of the operating system to the previous version or by installing the update KB5001640 from 22.03.2021.

How to eliminate the problem of the appearance of a wide white strip when printing

Users were invited not only to reinstall the computer’s OS, but to roll it up to the older version or immediately install Windows 10 without the last two updates. To delete Windows 10 update, you need to press the Start button, open the “parameters” (gear icon), go to “update and safety”, click on “View the update magazine”, go to the “Delete updates” menu, find and delete the update from 09.03.2021 (or from 15.03.2021). Windows 10 updates to be removed (depending on the version of the OS):

In addition, you can delete Windows update through the Wusa /Uninstall /KB command: XXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXx is the update number (for example, 5000822). It is also worth noting that you can update the system to the very latest version of March 15. But in some cases, this method does not allow to eliminate the problem of the appearance of a wide strip in the center of the sheet when printing.

Supplement: unscheduled Windows 10 of March 18 corrects the problems that occur during printing due to renewal of OS from 09.03.2021.

The printer does not print the right edge of the sheet over different distances

Good afternoon. Please help in this problem: the Canon Pixma MP230 printer does not print 1-3 centimeters on the right, despite the fact that with each print, this distance of “non-printing” is different. Interesting: color cartridge prints the edge perfectly, but with black and white just trouble. The positioning tape was cleaned, Enconder himself too. PG aligned, new cades. They inserted an original, black and white cartridge, but the same problem. What to do?

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Inkjet printer prints pictures, but does not print the text. why

Owners of Canon and HP printers sometimes fix the following problem: the printer or All-In-One Printer perfectly prints photos and monochrome documents in the photo mode, but on ordinary paper the text does not print or miles. The reason is simple: the problem with the black pigment cartridge, which is manifested only in special mode. Details below.

Most inexpensive HP and Canon printers use combined ink:

  • Black pigmented (often designated as PGBK): they are poorly absorbed into the photo paper, but they are not washed off with water, do not fade, spread less on paper, which allows you to increase the clarity of the prints. Used to print black text, including text in PDF documents and Word files. The printer automatically uses this cartridge when obtaining a certain type of task, including partially used (black text in the PDF document will be printed with black pigment, pictures-water colored colors).
  • Color water (water-soluble, water-based), sometimes supplemented by photo-black (black water): well absorbed into a photo paper, cheaper, dry less in a print head during downtime. Used to print pictures, photos, text (for example, gray color is mixed with all colors). over, if the Word document is printed on a photo paper (select this type of paper when printing), even water ink will be used to print black text-black will be the result of mixing all colors.

Accordingly, when the black pigment cartridge has dried, it ended or has other problems, defects will be visible only when printing black text on plain paper. If you have a 5-cartridge printer of Canon Pixma, spaces in the upper unit will have a printing report (or there will be no PGBK quarter).

In such a situation, the first thing you need to launch the cleaning of the print head (“cleaning the snot”) through the printer menu 1-2 times with a pause of 5 minutes. If this does not help, the source of the problem can be different:

Problems with cartridges

Toner or paint ended

The dye does not end suddenly, first the print quality worsens.

If white spots, stripes appear on the print, the image is dim and partially not printed, it’s time to think about refueling the cartridge.

  • If the toner ends in a laser printer, the cartridge can be shaken a little to complete the printout of the document. This is only a temporary measure, refueling will still be needed in the near future.
  • In color printers, if one of the colors ends, you can still print, but the quality of the copy will be reduced.

Drying and clogging of the cartridge

The problem is more characteristic of jet technology, which uses water.based liquid ink. Over time, if the printer stands without work for a long time, the paint thickens and dries, which entails clogging of thin passages of snot and ines of the print head.

To clean the clogged cartridges or a separately installed print head, the software method uses the printer utility. To use software, find your model in the device “Devices and Printers” and click on it with the right mouse button. From the resulting context menu, select “Print Settings”. In the “Service” tab, select the method of cleaning or calibration of the print head suitable for the situation.

In NR printers, this function is called “Cleaning Cartridge”, Epson has “cleaning the print head”, and Canon has “cleaning” and “deep cleaning”.

There are no pumps in budget models, so such cleaning methods are not available.

Software cleaning is effective with weak clogging. With more complex contamination, flushing of the snot and doz is done by the user manually:

  • A pair of clean napkins is laid on the bottom of a shallow container.
  • A special liquid or water is poured several millimeters above the level of napkins.
  • The cartridge is laid down to the nozzle.
  • After a few hours, the nozzles are wiped with a soft rag.
  • The cartridge is dried and put back in the printer.

To clean the separately printing head, through it you need to skip ink under pressure. In the printering of HP, this function is performed by the “Center for Solutions of the NR” ​​utility.

  • Run the program.
  • Close the “Press Parameters”-“Panel Parama” sequentially “.
  • Click on “Device services”.
  • Click “Cleaning Printing Heads”.

Incorrect or incomplete installation

  • The inkwell of the jet. Need to be installed in a carriage in accordance with the colors. Cartridges should fit tightly and do not stagger. For additional fixation, you can use a piece of cardboard, foam rubber or several times a sheet of paper.
  • Cartridge of the laser apparatus. If the printer has a cartridge of the inappropriate model, there will be no printout. During the installation of the cartridge, a characteristic click should sound, and the photoval protection curtain is opened completely.
  • SNPCh. If the system is not a “native” for the printer, it is important to correctly install it on the table. Both the printer and the SNPC should be on the same level on the flat plane. Check the integrity of the tubes by which the dye is coming. They should not bend.

Problems with SNPH

  • If the SNPC is installed above or below the printer, the ink will begin to pour into the body. The system must be installed strictly according to the instructions.
  • When air enters the SNPC, the printer stops printing and may fail. First, check the presence of air plugs in the tube for applying ink. If they are, frighten air in accordance with the instructions for the SNPC.
  • If the SNPCh loop restrained or clogged, you need to return the original appearance as soon as possible as soon as possible.

Non.original, incompatible consumables

If you buy a new cartridge, make sure that it is original or at least compatible with your model.

Not all printers can work with non-original consumables, in them the seal will be blocked until the cartridge is installed from the manufacturer of printing equipment.

Printing meter

In modern cartridges there is a chip that calculates the number of copies made. During the counting, the degree of filling the page is not taken into account with ink, so when the calculated figure reaches a critical value and the seal is blocked, the dye can actually remain in the cartridges. Not all models have an additional user notification about the completion of the toner, most often the device simply stops printing. In this case, the lock is not removed even after the cartridge refueling. There are several ways to solve the problem:

Method 2 and 3 is not available for all cartridges.

Printer malfunction

If the printer itself breaks down, to establish the cause and repair, you need to contact the service center. Sometimes it’s more profitable not to fix the old equipment, but to buy a new.

There are several signs of failure of printing equipment:

  • The printer refuses to print;
  • Comers paper;
  • releases clean pages;
  • not all colors prints;
  • transfers only part of the image to paper;
  • does not fix the toner;
  • does not capture the sheets;
  • applies the text unevenly;
  • instead of one document, several are printed and vice versa.

Flashing bulbs on the case can signal the breakdown. A red indicator may burn, in rare cases yellow. You need to pay attention to the bulbs, even if the printer still prints.