The printer does not print in line. The default printer

First of all, it is necessary to immediately check the connection of the printing device with a personal computer or laptop, depending on what you use. Pay attention to the power cord and USB or Ethernet cable. When using wireless wi-hi, signal quality check is required. Turn off the household appliance, turn off everything from the mains, and then connect again. Better yet, find and test other cables, at least for a while as a test.

Here are a few more practical tips that can revive your printing device:

  • Raise the lid on the front panel, under which the cartridge is located. Close it again and wait until the device is ready to work.
  • Turn off the printer for a while, and then turn on again. On some models, this helps to clear the list of tasks, which can unlock the seal.
  • Completely reboot the computer. Better yet, at the same time as the previous advice.

Restarting the service

Restarting the print manager after cleaning the deferred tasks in the printer printer can return the function to working condition.

Go to system services using the Services team.MSC launched from the “Perform” window (Win R).

Click the printing manager of the print and select properties with the right mouse button. Then click “Stop”.

Without closing this window, open the conductor (win e) and follow the path:

Select all the contents in this folder by clicking Ctrl A, click on the selected mouse with the right button and select “Delete”.

Close the conductor window and return to the prints of the print dispatcher. Now click the “Perform” button. Then close the services and try to print something.

Network Connection Check

If the printing device is connected through a local network, in which case it is necessary to check the availability and reliability of the connection. First of all, this is relevant for the Lens created using Wi-HI technology. The user must make sure that the router or modem is turned on and works correctly. Check the presence of Wi-Fi on other network devices, for example, on a laptop or phone.

Not so often, but there are problems with the network that is organized using Ethernet cables and sockets. In such situations, you can temporarily use other cables, forks or methods of connecting. This will help you finally and determine why the printer does not print.

Where does the error come from?

It is worth noting right away that such an error occurs only when using Microsoft Word text editors. In addition, it is present in various versions of the program. People using such programs do not encounter such errors.

But there can be many causes of the printer malfunction. Included:

  • outdated or infected by Microsoft Word
  • the failure of the printer itself;
  • defective USB-line or appropriate port on the motherboard;
  • outdated drivers or their absence;
  • device conflict or registry error;
  • viruses and malicious.

What to do

The instructions under consideration are suitable for printers of different companies (for example, Canon, HP Epson, Brother, Ricoh, Samsung) working on Windows from 7 to 10. The solution to the problem depends on its type. It is relevant for local connection, and for network. PC can see a printer, give a message about readiness for printing. Sometimes he even takes the first trial page on her.

It happens that the device does not respond to commands, issues a message “There was a problem with the configuration”. It happens that All-in-One Printer hangs right in the process of printing. In other cases, the device gives empty sheets, prints not at all what was needed. Consider the ways of solving in different cases.

With problems in the installation and operation of the printing system

Initially, check whether a computer/laptop, a printer to an electric network, are connected. When the computer is turned on, but the printer is not, a message may appear that the document is not printed.

It is useless to re.send a document or a picture for printing. you need to check the connection.

printer, does, print, line, default
  • It is necessary to check whether the food wire is included in the outlet;
  • If the cord is connected, but the device does not work, it is necessary to check the degree of adjustment of the plug to the port;
  • If the contact has departed or the cable is interrupted during sloppy circulation, you will have to replace the USB cable;
  • In order for a network printer to work, you need a local network. the device is connected via USB to the desired PC;
  • The classic reloading of the printer/computer will help to quickly solve the problem.

When the printer is turned on on its front panel, LED indicators light up. Determine the readiness for printing is easy. If everything is in order, the indicator burns green. When something is wrong, the red button lights up.

Checking the device connection

When the printer is installed correctly, it is in the list of those devices that are on PC. You can check this according to this scheme: “control panel”. “equipment and”. “devices and printers”. When the tab opens, it will be seen whether the printer is connected or not. If there is a connection, a green checkmark is visible on the icon, the status of “Ready” appears.

To quickly open the desired tab, hold Windows and R simultaneously, then enter “Control Printers”. After that, select the desired sample in the list that opens. In the event that he is not, then he was not loaded on PC. Thus, installation is needed. After that, both devices must be reloaded.

The wrong selection of the printer

Windows can have several printers. However, before sending a document or photo to print, you need to choose a specific device. Not everything from the list of the list is related to the existing printing device. To correct the error, you can make the default installation.

To do this, open the “control panel” tab, switch to “equipment”, then click on “devices and printers” and call the context menu, pressing the icon with the image of the printer. In the window that opens, a checkmark is placed opposite the “use by default” item.

If several printing devices are connected to the computer (laptop), you will have to choose the right one every time you need to print.

The turn of the print freezes

Almost every PC user is faced with the fact that the file sent for a long time hangs or is not printed at all. Repeated attempt to send for printing is also unsuccessful. The reason for this is in the failure of the program, and the more attempts to print, the more documents will be in line. When the connection of the printer-computer is local, this rarely happens. In the case of network equipment, they are constantly faced with this. You have to resort to cleaning this very turn.

You need to remove all the documents without exception from the list. In the control panel select “Devices and Printers”. Having caused the context menu of an active printer, they press the “View Printing Establishment”.

In the opened dispatcher, the print queue is cleaned. You can do this in two ways. For example, you can highlight the desired document and click on the category “cancel”. In the second case, select the category “Clean the Printing Queue”. After pressing, all the documents standing on the list will be removed. After that, the device should work as usual without failure.

Often, for the correct and uninterrupted operation of the PU, you have to resort to the restart of technology. If the service continues to freeze, it comes as follows: open the control panel through administration (“Properties”. “Print Manager”), In the window, the “Stop” item is found, the files from the System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ catalog are deleted in Windows folder in the Windows folder.

If a proper printer, after refueling or updating Windows, refuses to print documents with a PC, laptop or tablet, printing is suspended, and the technique scans the document without printing or freezes, the problem is determined where exactly is the problem. If you need to stop the print line, do not forget about the restart of the system.

If a jet printer does not work, you need to check the correctness of the refueling, exclude the likelihood of drying ink in a printing head or the formation of air traffic jams in the SNPCh train. In addition, you need to make sure that the non.original cartridge is not blocked.

In order to prevent clogging of the head with dried colors, it is impossible to allow a long downtime of the printing device. It is better to buy original ink for the printer, they dry slower than non.original colors. If the blockage is already there, it is necessary to clean the input holes of the DUZ.

You can get rid of a small traffic jam through a special utility of the printer itself. Each brand can be called differently (“cleaning the print head”, “cleaning”, “deep cleaning”). During the cleansing, there is a flushing of the train with ink under pressure. This allows you to get rid of an air traffic jam or clots of paint.

However, even if the installation disk has the support of the pump, it does not have any printer. You have to get rid of blockage by hand by reinstalling and washing with a special liquid. As for the type of head, in modern jet models it is not built into the cartridge, but in the printer itself. If it fails, it’s easier to buy a new device, since its replacement will cost very expensive.

If the cause of the printing is a “spoiled” file, to restore the printer, you need to cancel the seal and clean its queue. You need to disable it when the printer is overloaded with tasks. If the device independently goes into autonomous mode, you need to check the connection and power.

A detailed review of the search for the reasons why the printer does not print is presented in the next video.

Problems associated with the installation of the printer and the operation of the printing system in Windows

Fortunately, most of the press problems associated with software are easy to fix. This includes:

  • There is no printer driver in the operating system or the driver is faulty.
  • Disconnect the press service.
  • Incorrect selection of the printing device by default.
  • The user stops printing.
  • Disconnect the printer.
  • Problems with the document in the print line (too large, not recognized, etc.D.). The printer continues to print, but very slowly. Or instead of the text shows something like hieroglyphs.
  • Prohibit access to the security politicians printing system.

complex cases are damage to the components of the operating system, the conflict of drivers and viral infection. With them, unlike the previous ones, it is not always possible to cope with a pair of mouse clicks.

The reasons why the network printer does not print:

To separate problems with the printer itself from problems with a computer, try to print a document from another PC or mobile device. If (printer) is connected via USB, if possible, connect it via a wireless network and vice versa. Your task is to find out whether the print function works everywhere.

After making sure that the error source is not in the printing device, but connected to the computer, look into the device manager (the printer must be connected to the computer and included in the network). The absence of the Printers group in the list of devices and the presence of unknown equipment marked with an exclamation or interrogative sign means that the system does not have the necessary driver. To solve this problem, just download it from the web site of the manufacturer of the device (for example, HP, Epson, Samsung, Canon, Brother) and install.

If the PC sees the printer, but still does not print, look into the “Service” application (it is more convenient to open the tasks controller through the same name).

Find the print manager in the list of services and make sure that it is launched. If not, click with the right mouse button to open its properties. In the opening list “Type of Launch”, set “automatically”, then click the “Perform” button below ”.

Problem still exists? Forward, continue. Launch the Settings System application, go to the “Devices”. “Printers and Scanners” section (this and other instructions are discussed using the example of Windows 10). In the right half of the window, a list of all installed printers is displayed, among which there should be the one with which you have problems. If it is not, check the physical connection of the machine with PC. If so, click “Open line”.

Then make sure that there are no tasks in the print line (if any, delete and send another printing document). Click the printer tab. The following points are important for us:

  • If the default printer is used (otherwise the virtual printer can be assigned as a default printing device, which instead of printing, for example, converts the file into another format).
  • Near the points “suspend the seal” and “autonomous work” there are marks. The printer is spontaneously disconnected, which indicates a poor connection to the computer, a power problem or a malfunction.
  • If there are documents in the print line, click “Clean the queue” and try to print a test page.

If the printer not only prints over the network, click “Share” and check if this device is allowed.

Then go to the Safety tab and make sure that your account is not prohibited from using the print function.

printer, does, print, line, default

One or more of the following reasons may be the reason that the printer does not put files in the queue:

  • The paper is over or hesitated.
  • Toner or ink ended.
  • The device has a non.original cartridge.
  • The meter of the number of prints reached the limit. the seal is blocked.
  • The user account does not have a permit for printing files.
  • The device is faulty.
  • The operating system fails.

Devices of different manufacturers block printing in different situations. Then, when ink ends in the cartridge, one machine stops processing documents and drops the print line, and the other simply gives out clean sheets. The same is true in other situations. Specific problems leading to freezing are usually described in the instructions to the printer.

Get and Set Active Printer

Many problems with the printer are well recognized by the self.diagnosis system. If the machine is equipped with a display, the cause of the error is often displayed on it. The simplest devices are diagnosed using your own application. Usually it is present on the disk that comes with the device, as well as on the manufacturer’s website.

Below is an example of the function of eliminating malfunctions in the corporate application HP Deskjet 1050.

Interruption when sending a specific printing document is most often connected with the document itself. So, if the printer does not print the PDF file, perhaps the author protected it from printing (PDF supports such functions). In such cases, it is easiest to take screenshots of the pages of a problem file, insert them, for example, into a Word document, and safely print as images.

Determining the number of toner in the laser

If the printer stops printing and laser technique is used. Thus, you can also visually check the amount of ink in the tuer. For example, white stripes on white paper or documents indicate the lack of ink.

When a cartridge of the same brand of technology is used for printing.

You can check the remaining toner by performing the following actions:

  • Select the “Print” line and press it for at least 8 seconds. Different companies can have a different name. For example, “printing of the screen”.
  • If you did everything right, the technician will print the report. Find in it the “toner’s remainder”, the indicators of this line will be the amount of the remaining paint.

Fix Printer Not Accepting Print Command

Attention. Note: Information can be false. The system may be mistaken if it takes into account the remains of up to half the total volume of paint.

If the printer does not print, the good old method can help: active shaking of the extracted cartridge. Shake it, replace and send a document for printing. This can help if the printer has stopped working and you need to get a finished document in a short time.

What is the reason: checking the printer

This situation may cause difficulties in work or stop the functioning of the entire system. At home, there is time to eliminate the drawback, but in the conditions of the functioning of the whole office, this hitch can lead to serious difficulties. Before restoring the device and perform various manipulations, you need to find out the reason for the problem. To do this, carefully inspect the body, paying special attention to the following points:

  • The correct connection of all wires to the power source and to the computer.
  • Software version and availability of drivers.
  • System settings and selection of the mode of operation.
  • The presence of defects in the design of the technique itself: mechanical damage, butter of paper, the absence of a cartridge.

Most often, the reason is the above malfunctions and malfunctions in the system. These malfunctions are easy to eliminate at home.

Important: do not repair yourself, contact your service center for help, where you will be provided free assistance in a warranty coupon.

How to resume a seal in this situation?

If after examination and thorough diagnosis, you were able to detect source of problem, you can proceed to eliminate it. To do this, use a plan to restore the press:

  • Make sure of the correct connection of all wires in the necessary nests and check their integrity. If necessary, replace.
  • Inspect the outer case, eliminate the mint paper, season the cartridge.
  • Go to the printer settings and put it in the default mode mode. If there are several devices, select the necessary option as the main one for printing printing.

After the implementation of all manipulations, the technique should earn and eliminate the problem with the printing of documents.

Important: perhaps after eliminating the problem, it will be necessary to clear the queue for printing. With repeated pressing for printing (in the absence of a printer), the line is clogged. This can lead to a repeated printout of several files.

The network printer works in conjunction with the local group of connected devices, so its work may depend on the condition of the conjugated equipment of the entire group. It is important to consider that for the functioning of the printer, it should be included in the power and have access to the network, the main computer that acts as a server for collecting and sending information for printing. Check in the “Devices and Printers” menu section a given mode of operation for a specific type of device. Opposite the printer used to display information, there should be a checkbox. If it is absent, you need to change the parameters and configure the system for normal operation.

Incorrect settings

In addition to physical problems, we cannot ignore the system problems that arise when the previous settings were accidentally or by mistake changed by the user. All of them equally negatively affect the performance of the printer, causing a situation where he expects a document in line, but cannot print it. Let’s look at them in detail and how to fix them.

Hanging the line of print

The print queue is a list of documents processed by the printer, the state of which indicates the status and progress of this assignment. One of the main “sores” of the queue is that it often hangs due to a large number of documents. System software and printer are physically unable to “cope” with everything. In such cases, it is recommended to clean the queue.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is through the menu browser.

However, this is not always possible to do successfully. There are other, more complex options for cleaning and removal.

All methods of canceling the print and deletion of documents from the queue of the indifference description with pictures and videos for inexperienced users.

The rollback of the operating system

If the printer worked without problems up to one day and did not give out any mistakes, then as one of the options you can try to roll back to the previous version of the Windows operating system. However, this is possible if you previously performed manual recovery points or planned their automatic creation.

To check this and try to carry out the rollback, follow the following actions:

Program malfunction

All types of browsers and editors may have problems or simply cannot print from them. To exclude this error, try printing a document or graph from any other editor. For example, if the printer does not print in Excel, try to send a task to print from a text file.

Solving problems with printing in Word Spoons of the Resume of the Printer using Office applications.

The reasons for not printing documents in PDFS Fast solutions. from eliminating computer failures to correcting damaged PDF files.

printer, does, print, line, default

Physical check

Go to the printer itself and look at it carefully. You can also look at what is written on the screen (if any). Next, see the following submarines below.

Fucking paper

  • Pull the cartridge and check so that there is no paper at the scene of the shaft.
  • Insert the cartridge back.
  • Open the lower panel where the paper is located. Look down, the paper can also stick out from below. If there is no paper, then the device will not print. install a pack of paper back.
  • If possible, then open the rear or top cover and check so that there is also no paper, and the lid was tightly closed.

There may also be a separate cover from behind or from above, which helps to clean the shafts. paper can also get stuck there. If you do not know which cover is opened, then open everything and see if there is a paper inside. If it is, then carefully pull it out of the device.

Little toner

There may be problems with the cartridge. On the screen you see that the cartridge is supposedly over. But do not rush to run to refuel it. Greedy companies producing printers, almost everyone adds special counters to the device. The point is that through a certain number of printed documents you will see this phrase. over, Toner in the cartridge can be very, very much, but the printer will still refuse to print. Samsung, Brother and other network devices suffer from this ailment.

When I worked as a system administrator, only HP did not stop printing, although they wrote that there was little toner there.

What do we need to do? In this case, there are several options for resetting the counter. But the problem is that on different printers, even one manufacturer, the discharge can be done in different ways. For some models it is generally impossible to make it, and in this case you will have to go to the service center and transfer the device. then it will stop swearing on the toner.

In any case, if you have this problem, then you need to do the following.

  • In the search engine, we enter the request “How to reset the counter” and at the end we add the printer model.
  • Next, watch the video or read the instructions for reset counters. Sometimes they are dumped very simply and easily through the menu of the device.
  • If you have a model on which it is impossible to drop the counter, then we call to any service center and ask for you to reflash the device. In extreme cases, sometimes they cross cartridges that go with chips.

Here’s a trouble with these printers. In any case, I still recommend making a flashing so that you do not need to constantly refuel and so the seasoned cartridge.

The lid is open

Also a very common reason. For example, you changed the cartridge or pulled out the clamped paper, and quickly closed the lid. Just open it and close it again.

Direct diagnostics

Sometimes it is impossible to determine what is not so with the printer, looking directly at him. For example, he does not have a separate screen. In this case, the device will burn the indicator of the exclamation mark. Therefore, you can see what is wrong in two ways:

In “Devices and Printers”. just select our device and look at the lower line.

The second option is to go to the printer web-integer, but not all models have it. You must first find out the exact IP address of the device. To do this, click on our device with the right mouse button and go into the “Properties”. Next, go to the “Web Service” tab and look at the “Web page” line.

On the seven, the address may be in the “General” tab in the line “location”.

Next, open the browser and insert into the address line IP printer. In the menu you should see all the malfunctions if they are.

And here you have a great example. I did everything that was written in the fourth step, but my printer indicates that “the toner is not installed”, although the cartridge is worth. Why it could be?. Most likely, the dirt and Toner himself clogged in places where the cartridge is associated with the printer itself. Such a jamb can be on cartridges with chips. Therefore, in this case, I advise you to open the lid, pull out the toner, completely turn off the printer from the network and clean the insides from the toner and dirt.

Only in no case do not use a wet rag, we do everything for dry.

What to do if the printer does not print, but puts it in line and gives a mistake?

This situation is very familiar to computer users who often and work a lot with printers. At one point, the printer simply refuses to print the document sent to it, setting it in the print queue and at the same time issuing an mistake to print a document. In this article you will learn how to get out of this situation and restore the printer’s performance.

So, first of all, what you need to check in the case when the printer refuses to print is it included in the outlet and whether the button indicates on it, which indicates its inclusion. It is also worth checking the reliability of the connection of the cable coming from the computer to the printer.

If everything is fine with the wires, they are inserted correctly and the indicators on the printer glow, then try to turn off and turn on the printer. The same thing is worth doing with the computer to which the printer is connected.

Also do not forget to clean the print queue with every new attempt to print a document. To do this, disconnect the printer and in the print line delete all the documents.

It is also worth checking if the autonomous mode is turned on on the printer.

To do this, go to “Devices and Printers” through “Start” or “Control Panel”, find your printer in the list and click on it with the right mouse button.

Pay attention to the fact that the checkpoints “suspend the seal” and “work autonomously” were removed. Otherwise, remove them by clicking on them with the left mouse button.

Why does the printer become autonomous and methods for solving the problem are described in detail here: https: //

If all of the above does not help and your printer still does not print, but puts the documents in the print queue and gives an error, then the last thing that should certainly help solve this problem is to reinstall the driver.

To reinstall the driver, you first need to remove the printer itself. To do this, everything in the same “devices and printers” must be pressed on your printer and select “Delete the device”.

After that, turn off the printer power and turn on after 10 seconds again. The printer driver will have to be installed automatically.

If this does not happen, then use this instructions for finding and installing the driver to the printer.