The printer does not scan on the computer what to do

The printer does not scan on the computer. What to do?

Sometimes it happens that the printer will transfer to scan. In this article we will analyze the main reasons why the printer is driving.

So, let’s begin. Why the printer stopped scanning? It may be a malfunction of the All-in-One Printer itself and it may be the case in the data transmission cable (USB), in connecting the printer-computer. Below we will analyze the main specific recommendations to restore performance. Repair of All-in-One Printer Faders in Donetsk Sale of cartridges Suppuction of Master

Possible reasons why the All-in-One Printer does not scan, but prints

The main reasons why the All-In-One Printer does not scan can be provoked by certain factors. They are conditionally divided into two main groups:

  • Hardware. Imply a breakdown of the scanning mechanism that connects its cable or USB port;
  • Software. Consist in the absence or incorrect installation of the device software, incompatibility with the PC operating system or the need to update it.

Wi-Fi link problems

When a Wi-Fi network is used to connect via a router, there are many more problems.

  • Check if the access point works. Connect to another device and try access to the Internet.
  • Reload the router. Press the button twice on the rear or lower route panel.
  • Go to the router of the router administrator and check if access for the printer is blocked. Thus, it happens that the router is limited by the number of devices and cannot accept, for example, more than 5 incoming connections. If there are already 5 devices on the network (taken as an example), the scanner will not be able to access the network. This means that the document will not be scanned by the computer.

It is desirable that the router is in a neutral place. For example, in the corridor of the apartment, so that the signal spread evenly throughout the room. If the router is weak, it will be in the kitchen, and the scanner in a remote room, the signal can be almost zero.

It is also recommended to place a router away from powerful devices with electromagnetic radiation.

The reasons and ways to eliminate them are possible

So what to do if it does not scan All-in-One Printer? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the printing device, must be turned off, then turn off the power cable from both devices. Wait for about a minute, and connecting the power again, turn on both devices. Thanks to such actions, the memory of the computer and the multifunctional device will be cleaned, which will allow All-In-One Printer to work in normal mode.

But if the scan has not started, and previously a multifunctional device began to give out various errors, then be sure to eliminate them in a timely manner. You can find detailed descriptions in the instructions attached to the printer. In addition, a multifunctionally device of almost any model makes it possible to scan and copy in T.N. Service mode. To start it, first of all, turn off the device itself. Then click the “reset” and the “Power” button. Next, release the first button and press it twice (for different models the number of such presses can be different. Read more in the instructions for the operation of the device). In the end, release Power and check if the printer began to respond to scan commands.

If the printer does not scan and the above recommendations did not help you, then be sure to try to reconnect the USB-Schuer. Pull it and connect it to another port PC. It is advisable to organize such a connection not through a USB hub, but directly to a personal computer. Then, first of all, check whether the PC printing device began to see PC. If the printer has become prominent to the computer, then try to scan and print a couple of sheets.

Another reason that the printer prints but does not scan is the scanner drivers, which the user simply forgot to install. The question arises of what to do in this situation? So, if the PC does not see the scanner for this reason, then download the corresponding drivers from our site or from the site of the manufacturer of your office equipment and install it. If you do not know what exactly to download, then it is better to download the full device driver. In addition, the reason may be even in the established driver, which simply “flew”. In such a situation, you will have to first delete it and install the updated version.

In the event that All-In-One Printer prints, but does not scan, you will have to dump his settings. This method will also help when solving the following problems: the printer does not copy, stopped responding to the user commands. You should reset the settings from the device menu or using the special in.

printer, does, scan, computer

In addition, the device may stop scanning due to the breakdown of the power supply. Most of the models are connected to an electric network using a similar part, as well as mobile phones. You can solve the problem by buying and installing a power supply with similar characteristics.

In general, the situation is not uncommon when the printer works, and the All-in-One Printer scanner does not function. Especially such a problem finds the user by surprise, when a normally printing printer is still out of order. According to some specialist, the All-in-One Printer scanner may stop functioning due to the creation of microwaves by any objects. Therefore, before using the device for printing, it would be nice to turn off the microwave oven. Perhaps this will help you.

In addition, if the printer works, and the scanner itself is not, then check the grounding of the wiring, the voltage in the network and carefully inspect the wire connecting the PC to the scanner for visible damage.

We scan with Bullzip

The Bullzip PDF printer allows you to scan multi.Page document and combine separate copies into one PDF file.

  • Numbered each scan page so that the sequence does not interrupt.
  • Select the latest file, open it and click “Print”. In the window that appears, select the Bullzip PDF printer. The window opens in which you need to specify the PDF format, the file name and the place where it will be saved.
  • Then select the “Combine” tab, select the following file, attach it and click “Save”. Then consistently add all the pages.

This article on how to scan several pages in one PDF is written with the support of specialists of a copy center

Elimination of the disabilities associated with the connection of the scanner (Windows)

Determine and eliminate problems with connecting a scanner on a computer with Windows OS.

Follow the following procedures in the indicated manner. Use the printer after each procedure to check whether to eliminate the problem.

Using HP Print and Scan Doctor (Windows)

Use HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer with Windows OS to diagnose and eliminate printing problems and scanning.

Make sure the paper is loaded into the main tray, and then turn on the printer.

Download HP Print and Scan Doctor and follow the instructions to install and open the product.

On the screens of the greeting, click the start. To choose a printer and start diagnostics.

If the printer is not found, press my device is not indicated and follow the instructions to eliminate the problems with the connection.

Reinstalling the Press Driver HP (Windows)

Remove and reinstall the print driver on a computer with Windows OS.

Disconnect from the printer all USB cables.

In Windows OS Find and open the installation and deletion section of programs.

Find the name of your printer HP in the list of programs.

If you find your printer, select the printer name, then click delete.

If you were not able to find your printer, find and open the section Prinaters and scanners. Select your printer, then click remove the device.

If the message is displayed control of user accounts. Click yes.

Follow the instructions to complete the removal of the software, then reboot the computer.

Go to the website 123.HP.Com. To download and install the latest version of the print driver.

Check Windows Image Acquisition

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) provides a connection between the computer and the scanner. If the Wia program is not turned on or does not work properly, the scanning task may end with the error.

In Windows OS Find and open viewing local services.

Next to the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) point, check the condition and type of start.

Fix scan problems with ControlCenter4 – from computer

If the condition is indicated as “launched” or “works”, and the type of launch as “automatic”, the WIA service works properly. Additional actions are not required.

If the condition is indicated as “off” or the value is absent, follow the following actions.

Click the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) right mouse button. Then select the properties.

On the General tab, select automatically in the launch type opening field.

In the service section, click the start.

If the start button is shaded, return to the “Service” list and make sure that the next services are launched, and the launch type is indicated as automatically.

Elimination of problems with connecting the printer

Determine and eliminate problems with the printer connection.

Elimination of problems with a wireless connection of the printer

Check the availability of network problems and setting requirements if you can’t detect a printer during software installation or perform printing tasks on a wireless network.

Problems with the connection to the network. Move the printer and computer or mobile device closer to the wireless router, and then check if the quality of the signal has improved. Try to open a website to check if the Internet connection is working properly. If the Wi-Fi network works slowly or unstable, restart the router, disconnecting the power cable and connecting it back after 15 seconds.

The printer is turned off or is in sleep mode. Tap the control panel menu or press the power button. To remove the printer from the sleeping mode and transfer it to a state of readiness. Sometimes the condition of the printer can be displayed as “disconnected” when he is actually ready for work.

Checking the condition of the printer connection to the network. Make sure the wireless signal is turned on, and the printer is connected to the same network as the computer or mobile device. If the printer is equipped with an indicator next to the icon or wireless button. Make sure it is turned on. If it is turned off or blinking, the printer is disconnected from the network.

Repeated connection of the printer to the network. Place the printer in the area of ​​the Wi-Fi router signal, and then connect it to the network.

Printers with a touch control panel. Open the setting menu. Wireless network settings or settings. Choose a wireless tuning master. And then follow the instructions for choosing a network name and password input.

Printers without a touch control panel. Press and hold the wireless button for five seconds or until the moment when the wireless indicator starts to flash. Within two minutes, press and hold the WI-Fi Protected Setup button on the router until the process of establishing the connection is launched. The wireless indicator on the printer stops blinking after establishing the connection.

Printers HP Deskjet 6000 and 6400, Envy 6000 and 6400, as well as Tango. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button and the power button on the rear panel of the printer for five seconds until the blue strip starts to flash. Within two minutes, press and hold the WPS button on the router until the process of establishing the connection is launched. The blue strip stops blinking after establishing the connection.

Restarting devices. Restore the printer and computer or mobile device to lose possible errors.

Fix Printer Not Accepting Print Command

Printing a wireless network check report. Find the printer model on the website of HP customer support services, and then search for self-testing on request. To find a document on the report and evaluation of the report.

Turning on the Bluetooth function to configure the HP Smart application. Turn on the Bluetooth function on a computer or mobile device so that the HP Smart application can detect a printer during tuning.

Elimination of problems with wired network connection

Make sure that the intact Ethernet cable is used, that a green indicator is glowing next to the Ethernet port on the printer, then print the report to check the connection.

Disconnecting a silent mode

The silent mode is manually tuned for any printer and can significantly reduce the level of sounds made when printing or copying documents. If you intensively or accidentally activate it, when using the scanner, problems may arise that are solved by getting out of this regime.

    In the device menu, select your equipment again, but this time go to the category of “Management”.

printer, does, scan, computer

The parameters will immediately be updated, try the scan re.Start to make sure that the problem is successful. If this method has not brought the proper result or silent mode and so disconnected, proceed to the analysis of the following options.

The scanner does not scan: instructions for solving the problem

There are many reviews on the Internet and a lot of questions, in the manner “the scanner does not scan, help!”Or” bought a new printer, and the scanner does not work. What to do. “, A lot of information on the repair or elimination of” symptoms of the disease “. Experts say that in 30% of cases a completely serviceable machine “gets sick”. So you do not need to immediately run to the service center and give the printer for repair. You can carry out your own repairs.

For example, try preliminary scanning, that is, launch any software that will allow you to get an image. At the beginning of the scan, the previously installed driver starts. If the driver was not installed, then you need to take the installation disk that is included, and just install the right. If the driver is installed and ready for work, then the actions are completely different.

The driver is installed, but the scanner still does not work

So, there is software, but the device is not determined. The first step to start diagnosing the problem is by pressing the start panel, find and go to the control panel. Then find the administration point, click on it. The window opens, with a list of different functions. You need to find and start the device manager (a lightweight option is to label my computer, press the right button from scratch, and go into the equipment tab).

The item was found and another window jumps out on the monitor, with a bunch of plus and names. You need to find the scanner and determine if it is installed. Search for “image processing devices” should not take much time. So, we click on the plusk and here it is, the name of the model and near it an exclamation mark on a yellow background. What does it mean? This means that the drivers are either not suitable or outdated. But the way out of the situation is the same. We go to the Internet and find the driver we need.

You can also download a program that will automatically update all the drivers on the “gland”. Drivers are found and installed, restart the car, everything is ready.