The printer does not see a flash drive after formatting. Reinstalling Windows XP for USB devices

USB flash drives are now used by almost everyone. This is a simple and reliable way to transfer and storage information. But the failure in the operation of these devices has become a common problem for many users. Below are all possible causes of problems and options for their elimination.

First, simple and effective ways to solve the problem will be described, therefore, recommendations should be followed in order. But do not forget that some problems, such as severe physical damage, will not be possible to eliminate.

Reasons why the system does not recognize the device

For the operation of a USB device, a built-in special controller in it. With a certain failure, it can be blocked, which will not let the computer recognize the flash drive.

The reason for the failure may be a jump in the power, a sharp extraction of a flash drive, its improper formatting, etc.D. Violations of this type can still be corrected, but with mechanical or thermal damage to restore the operation of the Flash drive, it is impossible.

Understand that the flash drive is not determined by the computer, you can by such factors:

    The USB device is connected, but the computer writes “Insert the disk”;

Also, the reason for the failure may be:

Flash drive restoration. ⁠ ⁠

Flash drives in case of improper operation tend to break quickly enough. Often, the breakdown is expressed in the form of determining the system of an unknown device or card with zero memory. A flash drive can just stop reading as a result of a short circuit if it is pulled out of the nest without using the function of safe extraction.

First of all, the type of breakdown should be determined. To do this, insert the drive into the USB connector, and look at the indicator:

If the bulb is caught fire and does not go out, there is a malfunction, which is often eliminated using special applications without loss of data.

The light bulb went out and does not start. there is physical breakdown, which is also possible to restore the performance of which, but already using a soldering iron.

In the first case, if the program does not work, options for how to restore the flash drive are also possible:

The flash drive is defined as a not formatted disk with a size of 0 MB. the device must be correctly formatted.

The drive is not determined at all, probably due to the loss of the firmware data as a result of the voltage jump-you need to find it on the Internet and reflash the flash drive.

The system sees the drive, but does not read information.

This is the easiest case when there is a file of the file system data without impaired clusters marking. When trying to display available files in the presence of bad sectors, the computer often just hangs, so you do not need to try to open the device. Instead, we will use the command line, performing the following actions:

Look at which letter the system determines the drive (in our case G).

Run the command line. To do this, press the key and R keys or using the Start button, call the “Perform” window, write a line CMD in the input field, click OK.

In the command line window, enter the chkdsk g: /f (under the letter G the system in our case determines the flash drive).

Thus, the ChKDSK program for checks for the presence of file system errors will be launched, the key /f will give it the command to automatically correct the problems found.

Upon completion of the utility work, you will most likely carry out successful flash drive restoration without data loss.

The system determines the USB drive with a 0 byte disk

There is a file system failure, but with impaired clusters marking. Will correct the problem without saving the formatting, but only specialized utilities will help. ordinary team lines will not cope here.

One of the special and most universal applications that can format the damaged card is HP USB Disk Storage FormatTool.

Formatting with HP USB Disk Storage Formattool.

Using this program, you can qualitatively and correctly format the USB carriers in FAT32 and NTFS:

Opening Disk Storage Formattool, in the first drop.down list, select your formatting device.

In the “Formatting Options” section, remove the flag from the fast formatting point, t. to. In this mode, the program may not cope with the task if there are many broken sectors on the flash drive.

After that, it remains to click the “start”, the application will launch the formatting procedure.

Formatting with HDD Low LEVEL FORMAT TOOL.

If the case is complex and the above application cannot cope with the task, then to restore the flash drive you can try to apply low.level formatting. In his course, there is a complete pipe erasing of sectors and assigning them to the zero value, which also means the impossibility in the future in any way to extract data stored from the device on it.

But if there was nothing important on the flash drive, then you can try to save it using HDD Low LEVEL FORMAT TOOL with the destruction of all data:

When starting the program, a window will open, which will need to indicate in which of the modes. a paid or free user will use the application.

Choose a free mode by pressing a button with the inscription Continue for free.

A window with a list of connected disks will open. Choose your flash drive and click Continue.

Confirm consent to formatting, after which the process will start.

In free mode, the program limits the rate of formatting 50 megabytes per second, and the low.level process itself is not quick. Therefore, get ready for the fact that the program will format the flash drive for about an hour.

If the computer defines the killed flash drive as an unknown device, does not see its data or formatting does not give a positive result, the firmware may be damaged. the micro.application controls the device controller. To successfully find a firmware on the Internet, you first need to find out the type of microcontroller of the repair flash drive.

How to determine the type of microcontroller

You can use different utilities to extract these data. One of the best is Chinese chipgenius, it is advisable to use the domestic Flash Drive Information Extractor to control the result.

The utility of chipgenius is downloaded, a flash drive is inserted into a USB-drive and the program is launched.

In the upper window, she will display a list of all the USB devices found-select your drive, after which detailed information will appear in the lower window.

If you click on this window with the right button, then all the displayed information will be copied to the buffer, after which it can be viewed in an ordinary notebook, which is much more convenient. Here you need to find:

VID and PID identifiers (USB Device ID line);

Manufacturer and Controller Vendor and Controller Part-Number).

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How to Format a USB Flash Drive using Command Prompt in Windows

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Through the command line

When the carrier is opened, the computer begins to hang due to the fact that it cannot display the carrier files or read them. But we will try to restore the flash drive through the console.

Conventional formatting

You can try to restore the damaged USB flash drive by conventional formatting. Remember that after that all the data will be erased from her.

Defective or disabled USB port on a computer

Sometimes the problem of inconsistency of information on a removable medium is not associated with the problem of the flash drive itself, but to the connector in which it is connected. A certain USB port can be non.working, and this condition can be caused by banal damage to the connector contacts. Then not only a flash drive, but also other USB devices will not work in this port.

You can solve this problem, armed with an ordinary soldering iron and minimal knowledge of circuitry. If there are no such knowledge, skill and equipment. then this can be fixed in the nearest service center for a low fee.

However, if no reaction to the connection of the USB device is observed on all connectors, then the problem may lie deeper. Ports can be disconnected in BIOS settings.

In order to connect ports in the BIOS menu, you need to get there initially. To enter the BIOS in the first seconds of the computer load, you need to press the corresponding key on the keyboard, which is responsible for calling the menu. Most often, the F2 or DEL key is placed by default, but depending on the company’s motherboard and the BIOS version, it may be different. In the first image that pops up when loading it is indicated.

After you entered the BIOS itself, we need to go along the following route: “Advanced Settings. USB Configuration “.

USB Configuration “Width =” 370 “Height =” 315 ” / Advanced Settings. USB Configuration

Find the “USB Controller” line so that you are allowed to use ports, on the contrary, “Enabled” should be valid.

We put Enabled opposite USB Controller

After you turned on the USB ports on the computer, press the F10 key. This will save the settings you set and will leave BIOS.

Reload BIOS via F10

Polluted USB Flef’s connector

The flash drive is a mobile device for storing information and therefore is often worn in s, portfolios or as a keychain on keys. Due to such operating conditions, dust, fine garbage can accumulate in the connector. This does not happen often, but can cause the incompetence of the storage flash. Dust and small garbage is collected by a plaque on the contact and does not make it possible to connect from contacts in the port on a computer. Such a flash drive may not only not display at all, but also hang out, slowly transmit or read information and not be determined the first time.

To clean the USB Flef’s connector, arm yourself with a match and a cotton wool. When wielding a match, remove all the garbage from the connector, and then moisten the cotton wool with alcohol and wipe the contacts of the flash drive. So you will save her from garbage and oxidation.

Formatting flash drives

If you do not need data on a flash drive or you have already restored it, and Windows still continues to ask for formatting the media (that is, microSD cards)-just agree.

You can also format the USB flash drive by going into “My computer”/”This computer” (screen above):

  • First, click on the SD-card with the right button and in the context menu, select “Format”;
  • Next, select the file system (I recommend starting from which file system the device supports in which it worked / will work. As a rule: Fat 32, Exfat);
  • Click the “Start” button (Windows will ask you whether you want to format the carrier for sure. Agree. );
  • If everything has passed as usual. See the message that the formatting is completed (each step is shown in the screenshot below).

If your flash drive is not visible in my computer, or Windows cannot format the carrier, you must use special. Utilities for working with such flash drives.

  • Supports the following intenses: S-SATA (SATA), IDE (E-EIDE), SCSI, USB, FireWire;
  • Supports most manufacturers: Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum and others.;
  • supports formatting SD cards when using a cardrider (which we need!).

How to format the SD card in HDD Low LEVEL FORMAT TOOL:

  • Insert the SD card into the cardrider of the laptop (computer) and start the utility;
  • In the first window, click Continue (continue). The difference in the paid and free version is only in the speed of work (for working with a flash drive. the difference in speed is insignificant);

Bullet Conflict: Change of Disk letter

In general, when connecting some drive (including flash drives)-Windows automatically assigns the letter to this disk (for example, F :).

But there is such a “glitch” that the letter is assigned incorrectly: for example, what is already in the system. as a result: there is a conflict and your flash drive is invisible!

Therefore, in the case of invisibility of the flash drive, the first thing I recommend doing is to go to the “Disks Management”: see the letter letter, change it (it is possible to format the carrier).

1) To do this, first click the Winr buttons in the “Open” line Enter the Diskmgmt command.MSC and click Enter.


In this way you can open a lot of applications and Windows settings. Complete list here: https: //

2) Next, find in the list that disk (microSD card), which is not displayed (not visible). Click on it with the right mouse button (sign-1 on the screen below) and in the context menu, select “Change the letter letter or the path to the disk”.

1) If there is no resulting flash drive in the “disk management” in the list, go to the next subsection of this article.

2) if the file system is marked as a RAW. the flash drive must be formatted (more on this at the beginning of this article).

3) In the next step, click the “Change” button (number-1 on the screen below). Next, install the slider on the “assign the letter of the disk (A-Z)” and select some unique letter (the one that is not in the system).

Agree with the changes made. Sometimes, it may be necessary to reboot the computer (laptop).

If the problem was associated with an incorrectly specified disk letter, the flash drive will become visible and will work in normal mode.

Determining the controller model and flash drive firmware

If all other methods did not help, then most likely you will have to try to reflash the flash drive. You need to do this carefully, because if the firmware is incorrectly selected, you will ruin the flash drive and then you can’t restore it anymore.

  • First, the flash drive controller for unique identifiers VID and PID is determined;
  • Further, a special utility for flashing is located on these identifiers;
  • And only then the flash drive is reflash.

I accidentally dropped my flash drive on the floor. Everything would be fine, but after that she stopped displaying in my computer.

Having dismantled it, I found that several contacts had left and they had to be soldered. By the way, in most cases, it is the contacts that leave, the microcircuit itself remains whole (unless, of course, a hammer or brick fell on the flash drive).

After weaving. the flash drive began to work as usual, and not even one file was not lost! This method, however, is suitable only for those who know how to solder a little (well, if there is no very necessary data on the flash drive, otherwise it is better to give it to the service center).

By the way, you can open the flash drive with a knife and screwdriver. Some models have the body is not collapsible. therefore, its further use will not be very convenient (although you can put on a shelf and use, say, for “rare” tasks. ).

It is impossible to format a USB flash drive, writes “The disk is protected from recording!”.

Hay! I also had! You try through disks control! I managed!

The guys helped me one wonderful program. Jetflash recovery v.2.

How to use: 1) download the archive; 2) unpack; 3) install (in the line the choice of the language will be English and Chinese, select 1); 4) open on the desktop (the main thing is to put the box create a shortcut on the desktop during installation); 5) Press the start, wait for the wu-a-la, the flash drive works as it should! Use!

ATP for a comment (but I replaced your link with the name, was put on an obsolete except, and in such archives everything can be anything. ).

Help, nothing helps. The problem is buried, most likely, it is in my computer since the flash drive is determined and works correctly. The only Disk Park program found a mistake: “The parameter is set incorrectly. See the information in the journal of the system of the system “.

And what are you trying to do with her, which command do you use?

The article is really good, but unfortunately I did not help me. If the file with screenshots is not attached, then I will describe the text: 1. I have micro SD 64 GB. 2. OS W7 defines it (the files are visible, the properties show what volume is busy, which. free). 3. SD opens, all files are visible. Plus, there is an opportunity:. open (lose) files on a flash drive;. Create copies of files available on a flash drive. And “as if” delete these files

But! a) after extracting the flash drive and its re.connection to PC. O miracle: all deleted files on the flash drive! b) formatting (fast and complete) cannot be completed with any means, including:. built into the OS;. administration;. and even recommended special.SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0.1 for SD/SDHC/SDXC “.

Tell me, please, what are these miracles? PS: I checked it for errors, checked for viruses updated Kaspersky.

good time. It is very similar to the fact that the “lever” on the Lock on the flash drive is included (and the formatting of the drive is blocked). It is possible that it is you and switched to the right position (and in fact broken. ).

I want to formate my USB flash drive, but I can’t complete formatting.

As soon as I did not try to reformat the USB flash drive. issued a flash drive from the recording. I tried the Formatter Silicon Powe program, and it turned out! I recommend! Good luck to all!

How To Fix Corrupted USB Drive Or SD Card In Windows Computer

Same problem. Even low.level formatting does not help. over, it is interesting that two micro-sd cards failed in this way. Stood alternately in the smartphone on Android. One miracle saved one card. I managed to format. I have been tormented by all kinds of programs for half a day. TRANSCEND 32GB card.

How to format a flash drive

The flash drive is not formatted

I myself somehow came across a similar problem when, after a short use, the computer stopped seeing a USB flash drive and began to give out a mistake: “We need to format the disk in the drive before using it. Format?””. over, after formatting, the flash drive works for several days, and then this error will come out again.

If you connect the carrier to another computer or laptop, then everything will be fine and you will also have access to files. Here the problem lies in the computer itself or the operating system. Therefore, we look at the next chapter where I use complex measures.

Why does the computer not see a flash drive: 10 main reasons!


Flash drive at the moment, this is one of the most popular types of information carriers (except for the ability to exchange files over the network).

In fact, the USB flash drive has a lot of advantages: mobile (can be put in any ), universal (connected to different devices: PC, laptop, gadget), it is quite quick copy/reading information, etc.D.

But one small happens to them “problem“. sometimes the computer refuses to recognize it and see. There are quite a lot of reasons for the invisibility of the flash drive, in the same article I want to bring the most basic ones that you most often have to face in my work.

You will also learn from the article what can be done to restore the performance of your device (not always immediately throw out and run to buy a new?! ).

To help!

If you want to buy flash drives at catchy prices, I recommend using Chinese online stores

The reasons for the invisibility of the flash drive

Problem: flash drive is not formatted

This reason is the most common! The fact is that after buying a flash drive. it needs to be formatted (Note: very often new flash drives and discs are not formatted and therefore they are not visible in “My computer/this computer”. ).

It is most likely to go into “my computer” to In some cases, you will not see a flash drive there.

Therefore, you need to open the “Disks Management”. To do this, click the combination of Winr buttons (the “Perform” window should appear). Enter the Diskmgmt command.MSC and click Enter (screen below).

Diskmgmt.MSC. Run disks control


If your flash drive is not visible in the “disk management”. Go to the 3rd problem

Further, in the “Disks Management” you will see all the carriers connected to your computer (even those that have not yet been formatted).

Find your USB flash drive in the list (focus on its size and name, for example, “KingSton. 8 GB “), then press it with the right button and in the context menu that appears.” format. “(Example in the screenshot below).

How to find and format an invisible flash drive (disks control)

Actually, this is all. By the way, I recommend that the file system select NTFS ( on FAT 32, which often goes by default on flash drives, it is impossible to copy and place files, the size of which exceeds 4 GB).

Problem: incorrect auto-installation of the letter letter/flash drive

When you connect any disk drive, flash drive, diskette, etc.D. To the computer. it automatically assigns to your drive a unique letter, for example, “System disk C: \” or “Local disk F: \”, and pr.

Everything would be fine, but sometimes the auto-installation of the letter fails, and assigns to your connected drive a unique letter. As a result, the drive is not visible.

To solve this, you just need to try to change the letter (it is done quickly and very often solves the lion’s share of the problems).

It is also necessary to go in the “Disks Management” (as done. painted above), then select your “invisible” drive, press it with the right mouse button and select the function “Change the letter letter or the path to the disk”.

Next, install your unique letter for the flash drive (for example, some “n”, “m”, “z”, etc.).

By the way!

In some cases, Windows may not at all assign the letter letter all connected drives. To fix this. use the following recommendations

Problem: outdated or non.working drivers

A very, very common problem is outdated drivers (also sometimes drivers can fail and conflict with each other). It is worth noting that on old computers another problem is possible. the inability to see a flash drive, the size of which is more than 32 GB.

This is solved as follows: first, old drivers are removed, then new.


There are specials. utilities that can automatically delete and update old drivers for any devices on a computer.

First of all. open the device manager, it is in it that you can see all the devices connected to the computer.

To find the device manager: Open the Windows control panel, then transfer viewing into “Large icons” and select the “Device Manager” in the list (example on the screen below).

To help!

Alternative ways to open the device manager

Next, open the “USB” controllers section and find the line “Remanding device for USB” in it, select it and delete it (screen below).


On devices for which there are no drivers, the yellow exclamation mark will burn in general, it is undesirable that you have such devices marked with exclamation signs (or red crosses).

After removal, click the “Update Equipment Configuration” button. it is located at the top of the device manager window. After that, you will blink the dispatcher window a couple of times, and the drivers will be reinstalled.

Problem: the front panel of the system unit is not connected

Very often, USB ports on the front panel of the system unit are not connected to the motherboard (apparently, they forget to connect this panel when assembling PC). In this case, you insert the USB flash drive just into the port to nowhere.

  • Simple enough: connect the flash drive to the back of the system unit. It always has 2 ÷ 4 USB ports. At least this is recommended just for verification-to confirm the inoperability of USB ports on the front panel.
  • Try to connect the front panel to the mat. board. If you have never had such experience before, I do not recommend going into the system unit, better use the services of service centers.

Software malfunctions solved by “low blood”

There are a number of problems with a flash drive that do not require repair and are solved by a programmatic way. In such situations, systemic information about the stored data is often damaged: size, file names, catalog structure, clusters, file system, etc.

How to fix. We brought links to the corresponding guides that will help you eliminate errors on the flash drive, make it readable:

  • USB flash drive is not formatted (the file structure is damaged or there are read errors): http: // softdroid.NET/WordPress-Category
  • When connecting the flash drive, the message appears: “The flash drive is protected from copying”: http: // softdroid.NET/KAK-Snyat-Zashchitu-Zapisi-Fleshki
  • The flash drive is not determined by Windows or other OS, its contents are not displayed in the conductor: http: // softdroid.NET/KOMPYUTER.N-VIDIT-USB-FILSHKU-HHTO-DELAT
  • What to do if the flash drive requires formatting: http: // softdroid.NET/Fleshka-Prosit-Otformatirovat-Otkryt-Bez-Formatirovaniya
  • Open a USB flash drive in the operating system in its most “clean” state as possible. Reload the computer in safe mode.
  • Some types of protection can be disconnected, allowing CD or DVD-discers to work in their base state. Information on the hard drive will be read, even if the disk does not go through a regular loading cycle. A similar method can solve the problem and, perhaps, the drive of the drive will not be needed.
  • Competitive software for the treatment of flash drives (Apacer, HP, Kingston, Panasonic, etc.). Another software can be available on the manufacturer of your flash drive, we recommend asking.

In the event of a problem, it is important to determine the symptoms, causes of the problem. This will help to make the right decision by saving time and nerves. Someone is able to go to the end, trying all the methods of restoring the flash drive; It’s easier for someone to buy a new device and forget about the breakdown. In any case, we have brought all possible ways to revive the USB drive.

If the described methods do not help and the flash drive still does not work, look at other sections on our website: there are many other useful guides on the restoration of flash drives and SD cards. Also ask questions through the feedback form, we will try to answer. Part of the answers are published below.

Answers to reader questions

The USB flash drive was broken, but 4 contacts did not explode, the fee has broken. In her non.knowledge, my sister used 2 days after. The system displays flash as a removable disk. There is no strip of division below, nothing. I didn’t realize the files. help.

Answer. It is not clear from the question what kind of fee has broken. If this is a fee with chips. alas, repair is impossible. If the actual USB file actually broke, then you can replace it with good. The only thing that you will need a soldering iron and the ability to use it for repair. You can find out the contacts on the USB-flash drive board here.

After the warranty repair, all photos on the smartphone and on the SD map disappeared.

Answer. A very blurry question. A guarantee repair of which was carried out. a mobile device or memory card? All your claims to the performers are regulated by your contract.

As for the restoration of data on the SD card, use specialized applications, which, in fact, is devoted to this site.

Flash card on 2GB from an old Nokia phone, the phone sees a flash drive perfectly, a tablet and other phones do not see. My equipment sees other people’s flash cards.

Answer. If other flash cards do not open on your, as you yourself say, old Nokia, then most likely because the phone simply does not support new technologies. Study documentation and specifications for your device. Perhaps the time has come to update the “iron”?

My micro.flash drive 32GB broke. How can you restore information on this flash drive, tell me, please, where and who can help me, how to fix a flash drive?

Answer. Alas, this flash drive cannot be repaired or at least somehow reanimate. If the firmware “flew” on your flash drive, then you could give some chance to restore. As for physical breakdown, it all depends on the damage. If the flash memory chips are intact, you can read data through the PC 3000 Flash reader and T.P.

The only possible solution (if files are not of particular importance). purchase a new Microsd card.

The flash drive does not open, does not display as a removable disk, is not displayed in the device manager. The physical effect is excluded, There are three such flash drives, different people worked with them.

Answer. You have not specified the type of memory with which you work. In any case, if a flash drive or SD card does not open, I would advise you to check the operation of the flash card on other devices. Test it on other phones or devices to which it can be attached. If this is a SD card, try connecting it to PC via card-reader.

Check if the attached device is determined in the device manager. If so, use any program to mark the disk or with standard Windows, or branded software available on the USB developer’s website to format the USB flash drive in NTFS or FAT.

During the formatting of the flash drive, they pulled out a flash drive with PC. It was clear that it would no longer work, the check confirmed this. The computer does not determine the flash drive, the indicator blinks all the time, in the “My Computer” it does not, in the device manager. there is, writes that it works normally, is defined as a storage device. Help restore TRANSCEND flash drive!

Answer. Probably a file table was damaged on your flash drive. You can still restore the work of the flash drive if you create a section on it and format. You can reanimate a flash drive, as already mentioned, with specialized utilities like Acronis Disc Director and so on., But it is best to use Testdisk application for breakdown and restoration Transcend.

The flash drive was shied into TrueCrypt, reinstalled the OS, mount the flash drive, files are displayed, but when trying to open it, it gives out an error. the access is refused. Tell me whether it is possible to save information if the flash drive is not determined after encryption?

Answer. You will need a client program for working with TrueCrypt. Alas, at the moment TrueCrypt.Org is not available, and the project itself is closed. So try to find the application somewhere on the Internet. After that, when opening files, you will need to enter a password to access your files.

The flash drive was dilute and the system requires format the flash drive, but I need to save the files very important and expensive. Help!

Answer. In no case do not agree to formate your flash drive! Instead, use data recovery programs and try to restore the missing section on your storage device. You can safely copy all the saved information on a hard drive and then look for exactly what you need among these rubble.

There is a jetflash transcend 8GB flash drive. It has ceased to be determined by the system. Formatted it with Jetflash Online Recovery and she deleted all the data from the flash drive. Is it possible now to restore the TRANSCEND flash drive, that is, it is given on it?

Answer. To restore the Transcend flash drive, the UNFORMAT program is suitable. The chances of recovery depend on the depth of formatting. In any case, use the deep scan option. As an option, try Recuva with a similar scan option.