the ringer on my phone doesn’t work. If the default settings do not work

Why the Android phone does not accept mobile calls (incoming calls)

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The basic functionality of the Android OS fails. The problem with the lack of connection to the mobile network and the rejection of calls may arise from a subscriber of any mobile operator (Beeline, MTS, etc.).п.).

Phone is switched on and works without fail, but other subscribers can’t call. operator reports unavailability and busy tone sounds.

It is important to solve the problem as soon as you identify it, otherwise you might miss an important call. Let’s look at the basic causes of the problem:


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Call Detail

Almost all telecom operators offer details, which the user can get for free. This function is designed mainly to calculate the costs of.

IMPORTANT! If you go through all the steps, you will eventually get a statement listing the outgoing and incoming calls. But the full number will not be displayed. It looks like this:

You can perform this action through “My Account.”. The printout shows only the first four digits, which will only tell you about the operator. There are many “detective” sites on the Internet that give out complete call information. You should not waste your money on such manipulations, it is most likely a scam.

Or maybe it’s easier to ask? If you know the contact, the easiest thing to do is to call him or her and ask when calls were made from your phone to his or her phone.

Gesture or button to answer and end a call?

Thanks to the new technology that came to us with touch screens, there is even the expression “smartphone finger”. This is when one finger, usually the index finger, must always be clean and dry in order to be able to work with your smartphone or tablet.

The standard way to answer a call on Android is to lightly move your finger horizontally from right to left of the green button to the other side, as if carelessly “dusting off” the screen. To end a call, you need to swipe from the red button to the opposite edge of the screen. These swipe type gestures are set up on every phone by default.

However, you can change the settings slightly to make answering a call with a button in Android, as well as using the button to end a call. You don’t have to install a new app for this, everything is already in the operating system itself.

Below are the settings for Android version 5.0.2. Depending on the phone manufacturer, the names of the settings may be slightly different.

If there are physical problems

Before we figure out how to fix Android’s microphone not working, let’s look at how the microphone is set up.A microphone is an electroacoustic device that converts sound vibrations into electrical current. It is necessary for recording and amplification of audio. The principle of operation is that the pressure of the vibrations strikes a sensitive membrane. It also creates electrical vibrations, which are processed by other parts of the phone. For the proper functioning of the speaker system of your smartphone, as you understand, the following conditions are necessary: the possibility of unobstructed passage of waves, serviceability of the microphone, the proper work of the other elements.

The sound comes and goes again? Means that the electrical contacts are damaged. Most likely due to moisture or shock. Take your phone for repair. If the signs of the problem are different, let’s move on.

It does not work when you talk. Sometimes this does not prevent the use of third-party applications with the same function. The fact is that many phones have two built-in microphones: a talk microphone and an external microphone. They work together, distributing functions to improve sound quality. You can’t hear anything during a normal call, but it’s fine when you’re talking in an app? So you have a broken conversational microphone, and the external microphone is working, so the microphone does not work on your Android when you call. Accurately diagnose and fix such a problem can in the service center for repair.

You can not hear very well. The sound is distorted and the person you are talking to is hardly audible. This happens if you use a headset during a call. Most likely the microphone is working, but something is obstructing the sound waves. It means that the sound trap is clogged with dust, sand, or something else. Gently blow out this small hole in the phone or clean. Just be careful not to damage the mechanism. If this is the problem, it should help.

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Top ways to get the microphone to work

So, if there is a problem with the microphone, the first thing to check if there is dust or water in the microphone opening or if the cover is not covering it. The holes for the microphone are usually at the bottom of the phone if we are talking about the main microphone, and also at the ends or at the top of the phone if we are talking about an additional microphone.

If you find dirt or dust in the hole in the microphone. urgently remove it with a cotton swab, toothbrush or toothpicks.

In case this did not help. check whether the microphone starts working when you switch the phone on speakerphone or back. It is important to check this because modern phones have 2 microphones in different parts of the body.

If the microphone works in one mode and does not work in the other, then we have localized the problem.

Do not receive incoming calls

Users complain about problems with the call function

Here is what users who have faced this problem write:

“Before the update, my phone worked perfectly fine, but after I installed the new version of the Google app, it was as if the calling function was disabled. Now the only way for me to communicate with the outside world is through the internet.”.

“I do not understand anything. Before I downloaded the google app update, everything was fine. Now neither I can reach anyone, nor anyone else can reach me. Hey, Google, I didn’t turn on auto-update so that you would break my smartphone.

“Has anyone experienced something like this? I’ve been living in a vacuum all day today: no one calls me and I can’t call anyone myself. Contacted my carrier. they said there was nothing wrong with the connection. Apparently, the problem is in the Google application that blocks calls.

Interestingly, there was nothing wrong with the Phone app itself. Just some glitch in the Google app has had a negative effect on it, and its main function. receiving and making calls. has been disabled. However, the developers of the search giant found the problem rather quickly and have already begun to fix it.

Reset my smartphone to factory settings if there is no sound when calling

Reset your phone to factory settings (Android), which will help in removing malicious apps and other problematic data. Make sure to back up any important data on your device before resetting it. It can help to eliminate the lack of sound during the call.

If all of the above does not help, the reason may lie in the physical damage of your phone, in particular the speaker or the sound amplifier board. In this case it is worth contacting a service center to perform the repair of your gadget.