The Samsung tablet is charged only in the off state

Why does the phone charge only in the off state? Reasons and solution to the problem

Some owners consciously turn off the phone during charging, believing that this will reduce the waiting time. Over, for some users, such an initiative is the only way to charge the battery, since in the state on, the device does not charge. And such a phenomenon is not normal. Why is this happening and how to solve such a problem, you will learn from this article.

Lack of charging. A consequence of a malfunction conditionally divided into 3 categories:

Program faults include malfunctions in systems, incorrectly working programs or viruses.

The category “Electric” includes faulty accessories. Cable and/or charger.

Hardware problems are caused by malfunctions inside a mobile device.

People with the same problem (225)

The red cross on the zipper does not indicate a small charging current, about damage to the white or green wire in the cable or about poor contact. The same thing happens when connecting to the “non.Native” ZA, t. To. They may not be short of 2 and 3 conclusions of the Mom connector. In order to be possible to charge a tablet from such a memory, they must be finalized. Disassemble and attack the jumper between the 2 and 3 foot of the connector on the USB connector. This also applies to chargers built into sockets, you need to do the same Upgrade with them. Dudergofer May 29, 2017

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Samsung Gelexi Tab2 GT-P3100 The turned off is charged, there is no charging and a red cross, writes still that it does not charge. In fact, you don’t have to do anything, the whole thing is in the current, try on different outlets and find one where it is charged. I tried three sockets at home and a red cross everywhere, went to the service there everything is charged, I arrived home and found the right outlet and all the problems disappeared. It is not necessarily original charging, any left is suitable for the current to suit the nest, good luck to you Ufag April 24, 2017

Red cross. Means that the tablet (phone) lacks current strength. That is, there is voltage (5V), but there is not enough strength (a). This may be due to several reasons: a charger has been replaced by an amperage weaker than that. Replaced the cord connecting the charger to the tablet, in which the cross.Section of the wires is very thin. And they are not able to miss sufficient current. And the most common phenomenon (provided that the nest and plug are physically working, not shook, not oversized), this is the contamination of contacts of both the tablet nest and the charger plug. In this case, it is enough to clean both with a brush moistened with alcohol or solvent. Oleg56 February 21, 2016

The tablet of the 2nd year, the grantia passed very well, when I connect the charging of the battery, but even also crossed out a cross for the charge for 3-4 days to 100% of the native block, but the cord has already changed, but the armor remains, after changing the cord, the charging does not withstand the load and sits very quickly, but it sits down very quickly, and it sits down very quickly, If the tablet is on charging and it is funeral, then Samsung Galoxy Tab 2 is cut, which will advise? Yedyun on December 11, 2015

Guys help me, I ask in VK voices, I will only help the Aidi) in short to the topic I have Samsung Gelxi Tab 2 and when I turn on the charging, the white lightning is crossed by the red strip and because of this I can not charge normally!(If such crap appeared for the first time, I did not pay attention because while lying in the hospital, I put it on the whole but whose charge but it remained when it was- (5) percent and finally 0 and now in the dullness (now Help me the VK voice only help Kishas on November 22, 2015

So my friends, I will give you comprehensive information about this problem, there are several options for the occurrence of such a malfunction precisely on Samsung, why:. The problem is in the cable, especially not original fly. Problem in power supply for Sams phones. Must be output 5V. 1a, for tablets 5V. 2A. It is “2A”. If you try to charge not two ampere block but for example 1a, then there will be a red cross, however, it will be charged with the Wi-Fi and minimal brightness, but the problem is very slow in the charging connector, for example, one of the contacts has micro cracking, in in this case, the cross will appear either to disappear, respectively, or the soldering station. Or workshop. The problem is in the battery, it is worn out and does not properly accept the charge, only replacement, it happened with new ones, it is a marriage, also replacement, but there may be a BATT controller glitch, then if the battery is turned off for a couple of minutes, saved the situation. The problem is programmatic, this is rare. But the reset helped. And the rarest case. This is a problem in the controller, this happens when it is charged with all sorts of Chinese figovins and as a result they are stained with the device, well, they will help in the workshop. That’s all the problems. Straight hands, or normal master will help, good luck! Korgot November 17, 2015

Cover the charging with your teeth (make a gap already) and stick out with periodic breaks for 5-10 minutes. And so until the cross on the ILA indicator in the turn off is left until the green indicator scale crawls to the end. Do not discharge advice completely and do not charge constantly. FIMO October 29, 2015

Good afternoon! I have Samsung Tab 2, he certainly fell to me, the news screen is beautifully painted, but I thought it would pass fire and water and copper pipes! In general, the problem of charging/ all started with the fact that here the charge I have 80% of the active work (I sent a couple of messages to VK) and I already have 50% and then everything has already fallen in 4 minutes to 2%, I have to open all over the charge of charging. Night (100% written on the scoreboard), and there are 2% there and now the battery indication into one division passes only and all! What to do? Sometimes I have a desire to throw it out. But not in that position now to take a loan, but without a quick Internet access, please help Lyavazhupo on October 3, 2015

samsung, tablet, charged, only

The same trouble. (I tried to wipe all the connectors with vodka, after which the decision appeared just. No need to rush and wipe everything now, read to the end) but I found some strange and effective solution. I blow out a little Connector, which is connected directly to the tablet, and then I stick it. Only you have to do this almost every time as soon as I removed the tablet from charging. Strange solution, but works. I hope my decision will save you. I think that most likely bad contact on him so affects. Troy 23 July 2015

I connect the tablet to the charge, the image of the battery appears, the load begins, reaches one division, and then it goes out again. And so is repeated and repeated, but does not charge. Already removed the lid, looked, but everything is fine there, took out and inserted charging, still effect 0. But I don’t want to carry it to repairs, all the same, he is not yet a year. Help, please listkovalarisa May 29, 2015

Hello, I had a problem with the Samsung Galaxy tablet TAB2 GT P3100 when connecting a zygor device on the screen begins the display of the battery with the red cross on it and I have to turn off the network, and if you try it for a new one, it may be a naval way should work as it should work. I ask you to help with my problem I will be very glad of your help in advance thank you. Budulai86 May 24, 2015

Hello everyone, after the battery discharge, the tablet stopped charging, you insert the cord on the battery, one division rises and everything goes out, the problem decided to trifle the back cover and the charge went. Thanks Yu-Tubu there is a detailed video how to remove. Stanislav Shpak February 23, 2015

People with the same problem (156)

From March 5, I started the phone itself charging ⚡ I have been sitting for an example at school and I have shows that the phone would become infected, but at that time I didn’t have a wire, I first thought that some glitch but no when I looked after I already had all the lessons already 100 %and at the beginning I had 30 and it lasted about a week and I do not know what to do Dyukut on March 17

samsung, tablet, charged, only

After the moisture was visited on the phone, I began to show eternal charging. Only helps the reloading of the phone with clicking the button after which I stick into the PC, and put the data transfer and pull out, and stops showing for time until I reboot the phone, what to do? Jupid November 8, 2021

The battery indicator is constantly burning. Solution: toothbrush and clean alcohol. Cleaned the nest for the charge. Charging tongue inside the nest. Everything worked. Do not forget to turn off the phone before cleaning. All good luck Tsitsuk June 27, 2021

Hello. Yesterday there was such a problem showed that the phone is on charging, and even next to it was not later, Smart was drawn and no longer turned on and does not react to the charging of Mozuyu on March 16, 2021

G-N7000 is exactly the same problem. With connected charging, I fell to the floor. Began to show all the time that it was charged with the charging, the screen backlight did not turn off. In a needle, he cleaned in an elegant connector, the filled garbage moved the tongue with the contacts with the contacts with the contacts a little carefully lifting it and everything worked. Bemog February 5, 2021

Xiaomi Redmi 6A phone. It does not charge on his native charging, after the charging process after a while, the charging indicator of the device with mediocre sound of charging lights up. What is the reason? This firmware flew or USB input or battery. Rytshushchet December 30, 2019

On the phone constantly shows. That charging is going on, although the charger is not connected. It turned out that when connecting the fork to the nest, central contact was bent in the phone’s nest, which closed to other contacts. Because of this, the phone showed false exercises. Yevyupa December 14, 2019

Good day, I have a ZTE BLADE A510 phone. The phone was just lying for some time. Today I tried to turn it on. It does not turn on. Put it for charging, he began to charge. I turned it on it works normally, I remove it from charging and writes 0%, and although it has charged up to 100% that it could be that? BATETIYE January 8, 2019

Something recently quickly discharges a smarton, charged in the evening, in the morning it has already shown 5%. And today in Vatsap wrote a message to her daughter and he was cut down. Black scoreboard, shows that as if it was on charging and that’s it. For 5 hours such a story. I do not know what to do. Tell. Efobya September 26, 2018

Good day! I have Samsung Grant Praim, the phone was completely discharged. I put him on charging. From zero to 44%, he charged literally in an hour, and then stood still an hour or a half further and did not charge. The indicator on the phone itself shows that charging is going on, but at the same time, the % charge does not increase. What happened, what to do? Answer please. He did not drop him early, he was not in the water. Vitsi on February 6, 2018

Roverpad tablet. After I charge the tablet (%at 25-30), I remove it from charging, but the charge icon flashes that it is charging, although it is not even connected to the network. For some time passes and it turns off. Ugupo November 26, 2017

Good afternoon, please tell me what to do? The Roverpad So G7 3G tablet began to constantly show the battery charged, and on the battery itself the charge shooter burns, and the battery consumption is not visible, only while it itself is exhausted, when the charge “probably” ends. Stavra March 14, 2017

The situation is as follows: the phone nubia z9max phone is not fully charged, but up to 70-75 percent further turns off the charger itself, sets the battery in normal mode, but when it reaches one 1%, it works another 3-4 hours how there is these 25-30%. Third.Party programs for the battery even show that when connected that when the phone is turned off, the charge is constantly on, and when the phone is turned off, the display with a crossed out lightning burns, the reset did not help the calibration via Root too, I tried to clean the contacts in the connector, I can’t remove 0 battery, I can’t remove the phone, the phone is not Checked, tell me what else could be? Emukhi on February 13, 2017

If the device with a non.Native or “broken” battery, the problem of rebooting may arise. Both during work and exercise. The battery icon flashes, the viba is triggered and. Round. When trying to turn on the device, it starts, turns off or overloads to the engineering menu. Ymydshat February 2, 2017

Galaxy S3 mini. It became quickly discharged. Then he constantly showed the connected charging at all. And first, then then constantly. The case was in the pollution and getting wet of the USB connector. I dismantled cleaned the connector with a needle of dirt, washed with acetone (I don’t know the best option but it was only it) and plunged contacts for allegiance. So the flange warmed up the connector. Everything earned as it should be juried on January 25, 2017

Hello. I put the phone on charging shows that it takes charging, but instead of taking interest, on the contrary, it reduces. Who has come across, please help (Amelie_1 December 28, 2016

Hello. I insert the cord into the computer and the phone to throw off the information to the computer. The result is charging on the phone and the phone is not visible on the computer. Tell me how to fix the error before this was not there. And I changed the cord all the same Husky at 123 rus August 3, 2016

The screen lights up and a signal sound occurs, which means that the charging is connected. But the phone is not connected to anything and when the screen is banging the screen again turns on and the sound is pronounced about charging the battery. Tishus July 29, 2016

There was the same problem, took advantage of the advice above, carefully clean the plate in the nest with a knife, did so, flashed the spark and cut it out, pulled out the battery, inserted it again, turned on it, it seemed to help, and while there are no glitches, I hope it will be so it! Dude, thanks!)) Naska-ASKA 26 February 2016

My phone today showed that he was on charging all day, although he was lying in my Not only does he show it with a waning charge of the battery, so he also turned off and turned on this Sashaca process July 24, 2015

When I take out the charging cord, still shows that it is charging. And when I remove from the outlet, then the norms but charging quickly sits down. Who has come across such a problem? Help pliz Grigyuri February 26, 2015

N7000 shows the indication of the charging process, constantly including the screen. The USB connected icon also hangs, although it is taken out. If you turn off the phone, then the charging indicator continues to appear, but the phone is no longer turned on. It is turned on only when the cable is joined. Goting the battery did not help. The problem appeared after the conversation during light rain. Brevity July 17, 2014

If you have stopped charging, how to find out the reason?

Many users of modern gadgets are unhappy that their “assistants” are discharged in a few hours, to work with them away from the outlet is completely impossible. However, fast battery discharge is the problem of most devices, and it can be dealt with by installing the appropriate settings or using a portable battery. It is much worse if the new tablet is not charged when connecting to the network. In this case, the device requires comprehensive diagnostics and competent repairs in the service center.

The failure of the following elements of the tablet computer can lead to a problem:

  • Cable (the wire can be damaged both during operation and during storage. Being grimaced);
  • Adapter of the charger (breaks due to overheating or surplus jump in the network);
  • Battery (it can lose the container as a result of natural wear or under the influence of external factors);
  • Connectors (loosened and deformed);
  • Power controller.

If the culprit is a wire, it must be replaced. It is convenient and profitable to use a USB cable. If the tablet has stopped turning on and charged due to the fact that the limit of the charge cycles is exhausted, it is worth purchasing a new battery, it is advisable to repair the available in rare cases.

Why does the phone charge only in the off state

Your phone is charged only in the off state? It is logical that this should not be. Charging the battery must go in any mode. Why is this happening? The reasons for this behavior are not always clear, but in some cases we can try to deal with the problem on our own.

If the phone does not lend itself to influence, it should be attributed to the service center. But first, let’s try to cope with the task with our own hands. In our review, we will consider several ways to repair and test mobile devices:

We will leave a trip to the service center as an extreme measure.

The reasons for the problem and ways to solve

If the battery charging is performed only in the off state, there may be several reasons. This is:

Unofficial firmware

The version of the OS, released by third.Party developers, is called custom or unofficial. Very often the result of its installation is a conflict with a power supply. As a result, it is possible to charge the battery only after turning off the gadget. The firmware should be changed to official or through the service center.

The charger is damaged

To determine such a malfunction, the included equipment is connected to a USB cable to a PC or laptop. If charging is going on, then it’s not about the apparatus. Otherwise, it is worth making sure that the USB port is not damaged and has sufficient power to charge mobile gadgets. You also need to check that the recharge option from USB is included in the tablet. Having excluded these factors, they talk about the malfunction of the power supply.

If the voltage in the network is lowered below 220V, it is impossible to charge the battery of the gadget turned on.

Food block from third.Party manufacturers

Unoriginal universal chargers often have insufficient power to charge the tablet and allow it to work. This usually happens with Chinese accessories. It is recommended to try to charge equipment using another power supply.

If the malfunction is eliminated, it is enough to change the accessory, it is better. To the original, although it has a higher price, unlike the universal Chinese.

Closed contacts

Another possible option for eliminating a malfunction is to clean the contacts on the gadget itself and charger. This will require alcohol. Sometimes this action brings an effect even if the technique does not charge at all.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Won’t Turn On-Easy Fix

If the actions proposed above did not bring the result, the reason may be a faulty board inside the device, microscopic gap inside the cable. Other breakdowns are possible. It is difficult to eliminate them yourself, so it is better to visit the service center.

Battery malfunction

The problem may be a fault of the smartphone battery. When the gadget is turned on, the battery is discharged several times faster. Even connecting the charger does not solve the problem. The phone does not charge or charges very slowly. The only way to charge the battery is to disable the gadget.

You can find out the level of battery wear using our instructions or applications Accubattray. The main information about the battery is displayed in the main window of the utility. Also, with the help of software, you can determine which programs consume a large amount of battery charge. If there are problems with the battery, the only way to solve the problem is to replace it.

Now you know what to do if the phone does not charge or does not see it. But it is better to repeat everything again:

  • Check the cable,
  • Testing it,
  • Clean the connector from dust and dirt,
  • We try to discharge to factory settings,
  • We change the battery to a new.

With the correct use of a smartphone, the battery will last up to 5 years (300-400 full cycles). This is the normal service life of the battery. When buying smartphones, it is better to give preference to those in which it will be possible to independently replace the battery.

How to solve problem of Phone charging only when in switch off mode?