The screen does not turn off when talking Xiaomi

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Attention! We are not responsible for all your manipulations with the phone, carried out according to our instructions. Repair should be performed by a qualified technician. Contact our suggested repair service.

When the quality of pixels is determined, and among them were found “burned out”, you can start looking for applications that will fix the situation:

  • JScreenFix is easy to use, you have to use the Fix Stuck Pixels button to get started. The developer promises 30 minutes to complete this operation, but service center technicians recommend leaving the devices. At least 10-12 hours for a more complete check;
  • Pixel Fixer: another program similar to JScreenFix. The green button must also be pressed to recover pixels;
  • “Cure for Broken Pixels”: the platform not only tests the cell phone for broken pixels. And then “fixes” them, but at the same time reveals other defects in the display.

When using the applications is recommended at the time of the “treatment”, the device should not be disconnected from the charger. During the processing of pixels, the smartphone is constantly on, so the charge may not be enough.

Microcracks in the screen, can cause the power circuit to break. If this happens, you will have to replace the screen. Fortunately in China they cost several times cheaper.

Double tap to wake and turn off screen problem in Xiaomi phones fix

Sometimes, and the problem lies in the wrong installation of the SIM card or USB flash drive. Try to take them out and check what happens.

A card with problems can be repaired by recovering the broken clusters, with the help of PC.

If you shake the device, the display’s power plug may fall out. This will disable the image transmission module, or partially disable it.

Remove the lid of the device and plug the cable into the jack. If it is plugged in, take it out and put it back in. Do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery.

To check the Android proximity sensor using the engineering menu, you need to enter the combination ##3646633## in the dialing menu. In the menu that appears, select the Hardware Testing tab, then select Sensor and press Light/Proximity Sensor.

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Now we will figure out how to enable/disable the proximity sensor on Android, or configure it if necessary.To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Go to “System Applications”.
  • Choose “Phone”. “Incoming calls.
  • Look for the line “Proximity sensor” and activate the function.

The screen does not lock when talking on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Each Xiaomi (Redmi) phone has a built-in proximity sensor, which comes in two types:

It is located on top of your phone, usually near the speaker.

It’s the sensor that detects if you bring the phone to your ear to talk and gives you a signal to lock the screen and touchpad to rule out false positives.

Before we jump to any deeper conclusions, let’s check to see if the display lock is turned on or if it’s accidentally turned off.

If your Android device does not turn off during a call, or the screen does not turn on after the end of the call, then you should look for a problem with the sensor. The reasons may be the following: Poor visibility (covered/covered with a protective film or cover). Lack of RAM.

In the settings of Incoming calls on Hiaomi find and select the proximity sensor item under which it will be written (turn off the screen automatically when you bring the phone to your ear during a conversation) and turn it on.

How to configure the proximity sensor

If this is the first time you’ve encountered a problem with your Redmi’s screen not going out during a call, try simply resetting it. This may be a temporary malfunction. If you can’t solve the problem this way, you’ll need to configure.

If the sensor is enabled, but the sensor continues to work incorrectly, examine your phone.

There may be mechanical obstacles preventing the phone from seeing proximity. protective glass or a film not from your Xiaomi model that covers the sensor. To check, peel back the film and test by making a call.

If the problem persists and the screen still won’t turn off, try disabling the phone’s lock function in your Sometimes these two programs, turned on at the same time, may conflict, as they use the same functionality.

On different models of the smartphone, this function may be activated in different ways:

  • Through “Phone”, holding the “3 dashes” icon, then “Incoming calls” and “Lock in “.
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Lock and Protect” (or “Lock Screen and Fingerprint”), then “Advanced Settings” and then press the blue button to disable the “In the ” mode.

Some smartphones also have the “Prevent accidental presses” function.

It’s handy, but it can also conflict with the proximity function and not respond to touching the screen even when the phone is in hand.

How To Fix Screen Off During Call in Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi/Poco | Screen Off During Call problem Solved

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To disable it is easy: go to “Settings”, then select “Lock screen and password”, then. “Advanced”. And then uncheck the “Prevent accidental presses” option.

When calling, Xiaomi screen goes out and does not turn on

When calling, Xiaomi screen goes out and doesn’t turn on, can’t reset the call. Now you have to press to turn off the phone.

On Xiaomi, the proximity sensor has failed. What should I do?

When you press the call, the display on Xiaomi turns off, and the call is no longer reset. Help solve the problem.

At Xiaomi appeared glitchy screen, when I take a call, the screen turns off, along with the touchscreen. I hear the other party talking, and he hears me, but I can not disconnect.

Problems with the screen when calling on Xiaomi

If when talking on the phone you suddenly noticed that the screen does not go out, then the problem is in the proximity sensor.

Proximity sensor on Xiaomi smartphones is responsible for turning off the display during a conversation, and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen.

There are several options for solving this problem.

This situation occurs either when the sensor failure, or its software or manual shutdown. To fix the error, you need to enable (restart) the sensor through the settings:

auto display off when holding near to ear during call in redmi mobile phone

Go to “System Applications” or “All Applications.

Reboot the smartphone and check if there is a problem.

The standard location of the sensor is near the talkback speaker or the front camera, depending on the model. The sensor may be blocked by the protective glass or film: gently bend the edge of the film or remove the protective glass altogether, and then check the sensor operation. Also make sure that the sensor is not clogged with dust or foreign objects.

To check the sensor functionality, turn on the camera on the other phone and point it at the sensor Xiaomi, and then call the tested smartphone. During a call through the camera of another phone you will see the flicker of the sensor.

If there is no flicker, it means that the sensor is either disabled or broken.

You can try to fix the problem in the following ways:

    Check if the sensor is working. To do this, open the dialer, go to the settings (press the touch button at the bottom of the screen (three horizontal bars)).

Next, you need to go to “Incoming calls” and, if necessary, turn on the proximity sensor.

The screen goes out during an incoming voice call on Xiaomi

The moment a full screen notification of an incoming call occurs, the Android operating system turns on the sensor. Normally, it detects that there is nothing near the screen and so the display activates. However, if the phone is in your. or lying on the table with the screen facing down, there is sound, but no picture. For the same reason, during a call the screen is turned off to save power, because you can’t operate the Xiaomi at that moment.

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If there is a software failure, when during a voice call the screen dims and does not turn on, you can do the following:

First, let’s try the simple option and turn off and then turn on the sensor in the hope that it is an accidental software glitch. To do this, go to “Settings”, find the menu “System applications”. Now find “Phone.”. Select the “Incoming Calls” option. We are interested in the proximity sensor menu. Turn it off and then back on. To be sure, reboot the phone the usual way. In most cases it helps, if there was no mechanical damage (the phone was not dropped, was not flooded with water, was not exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures). If this procedure did not work, let’s try to calibrate the sensor through the engineering menu.

Calibrate the sensor through the Xiaomi engineering menu

To enter Xiaomi engineering menu open phone dialing application to make a call, but dial the following characters: ##6484## You will enter engineering menu, we are interested in “Proximity sensor”, select it. The program will start to check the functionality. The upper digits should change to 0 when an obstacle approaches the place where the sensor is installed (next to the speaker). If without an obstacle it has a digital value, but with its proximity changes to 0, then the sensor is faulty. If not, perform calibration.

If the upper digits do not change at all, then either it is out of order, or something prevents it. Often the protective glass, which is not glued correctly, or dust on the sensor, or water can interfere with normal operation. If the protective glass is glued, remove it and check the sensor operation again. Make sure there is no dust or other foreign objects near it.

If all the manipulations didn’t lead to the result, there is a high probability of mechanical damage to the sensor and the need to repair your smartphone.

In this case you need to turn off all the functions that rely on the sensor. Follow the above path and disable the Proximity Sensor option in the Phone app.