The screen on your Honor phone does not turn on

How to enable or disable screen color inversion Huawei Honor and similar Android smartphones and tablets

On your Huawei or Honor tablet or smartphone, the screen has become black and white and everything is seen as a negative? On this page you will find detailed instructions with pictures on how to return the color screen on Honor and Huawei.

The information and pictures in the article will be from Honor 9 smartphone, maybe this method will work not only for Huawei Honor smartphones and tablets, but also for Android devices from other manufacturers. If you or someone else accidentally changed the color screen in the settings of your phone, then do not worry and take your phone for repair, you can set your Android screen back to color. On your phone the name of items may be slightly different than shown below, but after reading the instructions and seeing the attached pictures you can easily find where in the settings to enable or disable the color inversion. Good luck!

And so if your Honor smartphone screen has become like a negative, then to bring back the color screen on Android follow these steps: 1) Open “Settings” on your phone or tablet. 2) Locate and click the item “Management” next to the sign of special features. 3) Next, choose the item “Special Features”. Look at the attached screenshots below.

How to fix Huawei that won’t turn on or charge, screen went black

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4) Now in the opened menu find the item “Color Inversion” opposite of which will be a toggle button. What would happen if the smartphone screen is colored again from the negative perlekom button and done!

How to remove the black and white screen and bring back the color screen on your Honor phone, see this link on another page.

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Instructions on how to disable black and white screen on smartphones with pure Android disabling grayscale mode can be found on this page.

I hope the information helped you to restore the color screen on Huawei Honor. If your smartphone or tablet turns color inversion on or off in a different way, please share the information below in your feedback. May be your feedback will be the most helpful for many Android device owners. Thank you for your feedback!

What to do if your phone works, but the screen is black

For starters, use simple methods to eliminate the black screen on your smartphone. Perform reboot by pressing the “Power” button and holding it until it turns off.

Now take out the battery of your smartphone and put it back. Turn it on again. If the problem repeats, try using the screenshot button.

    Press the “Power” button and the volume down button for more than 5 seconds;

If these methods do not work, go to more serious ones. Let’s try to look under the back cover of your smartphone and find the fault yourself.

screen, your, honor, phone

What to do if the screen is blinking or the image is transmitted incorrectly?

In case the display flickers or the picture is not produced correctly, carry out the following operations:

  • You need to reboot your smartphone and restart the application with the error.
  • If restarting does not solve the problem, you need to go to another add-on and check that the error is resolved.
  • Provided that the work in other add-ons is correct, you can make the assumption that the cause of the malfunction is in a particular application. Follow the recommendations for downloading and installing, only through Huawei AppGallery. Make sure that the application is updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. supporting a particular program.
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Screen contamination

The next cause is screen contamination, which is caused by fingerprints and wet hands. In this case it is enough to wipe the display with a damp cloth. There are deeper stains, when moisture gets between the glass and the sensor. Before carrying the phone to the service center, you should try to dry it with a hair dryer, but without strong heat.

Often such a malfunction occurs when the phone is used in winter outdoors or in summer in the heat. Touchscreen does not like overcooling or overheating. As a rule, when the ambient temperature returns to normal the viability of the screen is restored.

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Why doesn’t the Honor or Huawei phone turn on: causes, what to do?

Huawei or Honor does not turn on? This is an important problem that must be promptly eliminated, because the mobile device. an element of active use. It is impossible to name a specific cause of failure, because it is important to understand the circumstances that led to this result. They are all divided into two categories: mechanical and system.

The very ingress of water on the smartphone is not terrible, trouble arises from oxidation processes. In such a situation it is recommended to apply to a service center and give the gadget for repair. Theoretically you can clean the contacts yourself, but such actions are not recommended.

The easiest way to restore the device operation is to use it if the difficulties with turning it on are caused by a dead battery. If this happens, all you need to do is to leave it charging and wait for the battery to get enough charge before you can turn it on.

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Why does not the phone Huawei/Honor turn on: causes and what to do?

Why does not Huawei turn on. a question that interests many owners of smartphones of this manufacturer. Huawei phones have become popular recently, more and more users prefer the Honor line. But any technique can not be perfect, every system is prone to malfunctions and errors. In this article we will take a look at the reasons why the phone suddenly stops showing the signs of life, as well as how to solve the problem.

The Honor (Huawei) phone doesn’t turn on. causes

Huawei phone does not turn on? Let’s look at the main causes of problems with starting the device:

screen, your, honor, phone
  • It is impossible to turn on your phone because of the breakage of the key. Option one. replace the button in the service.
  • Problems with software. Specialists can make a mistake in the code, due to which after updating the device turns off, hangs up, refuses to start. In addition, many users independently put custom firmware of questionable quality. Solution. reinstall the operating system, again, it must be done in the service.
  • Water intrusion and component damage
  • Battery failure.
  • Mechanical damage caused by shock, etc. д.
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During this operation, all data from Honor 4C Pro or its analogues will be deleted (it is recommended to make a backup copy).

  • Hold down the three buttons for 10-15 seconds until the Recovery menu appears.
  • After the vibration signal, several items will appear on the screen.
  • Use the volume key to move through the strings and the power key to select a command.
  • Select the blue Recovery line.
  • Find and tap Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then factory reset will be performed.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on “Yes.

After these manipulations the reset to the factory settings will start, and the Data wipe Complete message will indicate the completion of the operation. When logging in you will be prompted to enter the data from the previously created Mi account. To exit Recovery press the power key.