The set-top box does not connect to the TV

The TV does not see the digital TV set-top box, what to do

Users often complain if their TV set doesn’t see the digital TV set-top box. When a “malfunction” is detected, many run to the service center or complain to the seller of the product. After visiting the wizard or returning the tuner it turns out that the device works, but the cause of the problem was the wrong connection or tuning. To avoid such situations, carefully study the article below.

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AV connection

The tulpan connection is typically used for older televisions that were manufactured before the HDMI connector was available. I tell you right away that the picture quality at this connection leaves much to be desired, on some TVs is even difficult to make out the text that is displayed on the TV. In such cases, it is recommended in the settings of the set-top box to increase the font to the maximum. Connecting: Here is a little more complicated, because on one side will be plug 3.5 (AUX), and on the other 3 tulip sockets in yellow, red and white. If your TV has connectors of the same color. Plug it in, but if you only have two Tulip sockets on your TV, you will have to try it out scientifically until you get an image and sound.

How to connect via an HDMI-AV (RCA) converter

The third is the rarest, but still a good way to solve the problem of connecting the set-top box to an old TV via HDMI. If your set-top box does not have an AV output, and your TV does not have an HDMI connector, then this item is for you. You need to buy an HDMI to RCA converter before connecting. This unit costs about 10-15. Also, do not forget that this adapter is powered by USB, it can be plugged directly into the console.

I hope this article was useful to you. Remaining questions? Ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to connect a Smart TV set-top box to an older model TV

Many users ask whether it is possible, using the TV set-top box, to make an old TV set “smarter” and prolong its life? It would seem that there are no problems here, except for one. older TV models do not have an HDMI input. What you can do?

Look for a TV-Box with composite outputs, which are usually three: Yellow. for connecting video. Red and white for sound.

The TV must have identical inputs. Connection is made with a 3RCA-3RCA cable with three “tunnels” at each end. To avoid confusion, each end has a different color. As soon as the TV set is connected, the TV set is switched to the mode that provides video output.

The modern TV-boxes with advanced hardware no longer use the obsolete “tulip”. Instead, an AV output is installed, the cable to which is not always included. If it is not available, you will have to buy an adapter.

Practical experience shows that it is possible to use a cable 3.5 Jack-3RCA, which has a 3.5 jack on one end (similar to the one used in headphones) and three “tunes” on the other. Jack is used to connect the Jack output on the TV set, and 3RCA is used on the TV set.

In specialized stores there are also video signal converters, or converters, to put it simply. One option is the HDMI2AV model, which can be purchased for 500. The TV set-top box is connected to it via HDMI input and the signal is transferred to the TV set via 3RCA-3RCA wire.


If we consider the problem in its entirety, we can distinguish three reasons why the digital receiver doesn’t turn on. technical malfunction, firmware failure and remote control breakdown. The last two situations are easy to remedy, but you will have to tinker with the equipment repair. Let’s note right away that the elimination of technical malfunction should only be done with experience. It’s one thing if the console didn’t see the flash drive or there are problems with the sound, but to solve the difficulties with the device performance is not possible for everyone.

Here we will highlight the symptoms that characterize the problem:

  • The red indicator light is on or flashing;
  • a digital set-top box does not turn on from a long distance and the green indicator light is on;
  • The equipment writes ON on the display, but does not turn on;
  • The TV set does not start after the firmware;
  • The device fails after rebooting.

The task of the user is to determine why the digital TV set-top box does not turn on and eliminate the malfunction with minimal loss of time. The difficulty is that each failure can manifest itself differently.

These instructions do not call for you to do the repair yourself. Its aim is to help you to diagnose the problem and decide on further actions. After analysis, you can conclude: to repair the device or buy new equipment due to the inexpediency of buying spare parts and restoration.

What to do

Knowing the reasons why the digital set-top box does not turn on, connected to the TV, you can begin to eliminate the problem. For convenience, let’s consider each of the causes separately.

Technical failure

Before studying the circuit, understand the elements that make up a digital TV set-top box. Its elements:

  • Built-in memory. used for storing software and setting TV channels;
  • decoder. recognizes the binary code;
  • Inputs. plugs for the mains connection;
  • voltage converter. reduces the parameter to the required level;
  • AV output. is intended for connecting the TV, output video and sound to it.

There is no sense to consider the other elements, because they can not be repaired without special skills.

Check power supply

First, check the fact of voltage supply to the device. For example, if the digital set-top box does not turn on and the LED is not lit green, the cause may be the lack of current and malfunctioning power supply node.

  • If the indicator lamp is on, you can hear the TV set-top box starting. the power circuit is working;
  • LED is on, but no sound is heard from the load. there is no current in the processor (check the voltage on the pins).

First check the LED itself. Connect a light bulb to its pins for the appropriate voltage, for example, from a flashlight. If it lights up, you need to change the indicator. Otherwise, the cause is the power supply.

If the above steps do not work, the problem may be due to damage to the board. In such situations, it is better to give the device in a service center. If the set-top box is cheap, it’s easier to replace it and not waste time on repairs.

Examine the state of the internal memory

One of the reasons why TV set-top box doesn’t turn on and the indicator light is green is the internal memory malfunction. The device starts, but the memory is not read by the equipment. In such circumstances, pay attention to the contact connections. If there is a gap, use a palnick to fix the problem. If this does not help, it is better to buy a new digital TV set-top box, because the purchase of the chip and repair will cost more.

One of the reasons why the set-top box doesn’t turn on. problems with connectors. There is no visible malfunction, but you still can not watch digital TV. First of all check the RN-IN input. Noise and interference occur if the contact is bad.

If the problem is in the input, you cannot watch TV. The reason is that you need a strong signal to display an image on the TV screen. If it is weak, some of the information does not reach the digital set-top box, and it is impossible to decode the data.

In the situation with the output everything is simpler. Here it is enough to check the quality of the contact with the board. If you find problems they can be easily solved by soldering. When checking, you need to see what doesn’t turn on. If there is a problem with the sound, check the red and white plug. If there is no video pay attention to the yellow contact.

Check the decoder

When considering what to do if the set-top box does not turn on, many recommend checking the decoder. But this is not quite correct. If there is a problem with this equipment, the TV set-top box, as a rule, is turned on, but the digital channels do not show. To diagnose the problem you may need to buy a diagnostic tool to connect to the UART port.

After connecting the equipment to the PC and the digital TV set-top box, install the Hyper Terminal program on the PC or laptop. In it set the following data:

As a result the decoder shows the cause. defective device or no file required for digital signal processing. In the second case, you need to reflash with a special installer.

Pay attention to the voltage converter

One of the reasons why the digital TV set-top box doesn’t turn on is a faulty voltage converter. In such a situation the set-top box starts, but shuts down almost immediately. In this case do the following steps:

  • Check the voltage levels on the capacitance and the choke.
  • Compare the voltage readings with the nominal. For each of the boards they should leave 3.3; 1.8; 1.2 V.
  • If the voltage is normal, inspect the capacitor to see if it is blown or damaged.

The board can be replaced to correct the problem. If several boards are broken it is easier to change the equipment and buy a new set-top box for watching digital TV.

Check the contacts

If the digital TV set flashes green and does not turn on, or if there are other problems with its operation the contacts of the digital TV set can be damaged. Check the pin connections on the board and if they are damaged, repair them with a soldering iron. If the contact burns out only replacement will help. The reason of the burnout can be caused by severe voltage fluctuations.


A common reason why the set-top box doesn’t turn on is a software malfunction. If the tuner stopped working properly after installing the new firmware, the cause is. In this case you must be careful and install the software recommended by the manufacturer. You can find the necessary software for flashing on the Internet, but it is better to contact a service center.

Remote control

If the Smart STB doesn’t turn on when it’s connected to the TV make sure the remote control is in working order. Often the problem is due to a malfunction of this device. For example, the remote control’s batteries could be dead or its on/off button could be broken. To diagnose the problem, move closer to the device, change the power supply or try to control the Smart STB to watch digital TV directly from the panel. If even in this case the device does not turn on, the problem lies in the technical component.

When a diplexer is connected

If you connect both a digital antenna and a satellite dish to the STB, you must realize that they are different devices. On the user side they work as a single device. But the operating conditions are different for each one:

  • Signal reception. For the antenna, the quality of the signal received and the weather conditions are important regardless of their location, i.e.к. The ground station covers the entire area around the house. The satellite dish, on the contrary, receives a very strong signal with a frequency above 10GHz and is received in all weathers, but there must be no large obstacles (buildings) between the satellite and the dish.
  • Broadcasting. Satellite and digital. different types of broadcasting. If there is a temporary outage or frequency change on one channel, the broadcast continues on the other channel.

If using a diplexer you can only receive one signal (DVB or DVB-T2). The problem is only with one of the receivers. When a single channel is missing from both signals. repair work is underway.

Important! When using a diplexer you first need to find out which unit is not looking for channels correctly. To do this, you need to connect each receiver separately and see the result.

Your TV says “No Signal”. What To Do

The first thing the user needs to do is to call the service company at the official number and ask about working points with the TV tower or antenna. The problem may lie in the repair work.

Next you need to check all the equipment for serviceability. If everything works, then it’s worth checking the quality of settings. It’s possible that they don’t catch the antenna due to the fact that they are dislodged. In a case when all parts are well, the settings are correct, and the company does not carry out any repair work, then you need to call a master who will find the cause and fix the problem himself.

The problem of signal loss is solved by a step-by-step plan that you need to know and apply if necessary. The problem can disappear on its own if you know all the cases in which the TV can fail to work properly.