The sound on the iPhone works only in headphones

sound, iphone, works, only

What to do if the sound disappears on the iPhone

If the iPhone disappears, the reason for this can be not only software or hardware malfunctions, but even user inattention. Therefore, you do not need to immediately sound the alarm. The problem can be solved on your own. Consider all the possible reasons for the absence of sound on the iPhone and ways to eliminate malfunctions if there are.

The sound when calling can disappear for a variety of reasons. From a banal oversight to serious malfunctions. There are two main categories of malfunctions that become source of all problems of any smartphones:

Before contacting the manufacturer for technical warranty and post-warranty services, you must carefully inspect the phone and understand whether it is possible to do something yourself without the intervention of specialists.

sound, iphone, works, only

Program errors

Malfunctions of installed applications or the current operating system are called software. Among them, the most common cause of violation of the correct operation of the device is:

  • Jailbreak is a manual hacking iPhone, which is produced in a third.Party service center and leads to a violation of the normal operation of the OS and its components;
  • The installation of unlicensed applications from third.Party resources after hacking a smartphone is able to seriously disrupt the system, cause a malfunction of many components at the same time, not only volume;
  • Incorrectly set settings conflict with standard attitudes or options of any applications, including third-party ones;
  • Hanging the system due to factory marriage or incorrect handling of the device.

Hardware problems

This category of problems is caused by various damage to the case and internal components of the smartphone both during factory assembly and in user operation. The sound will affect:


  • Moisture hit is able to entail not only the lack of sound, but also the failure of other important technical components of the iPhone;
  • Blockage. Getting dirt on the speakers and the microphone leads to the fact that the sound is heard poorly or not heard at all;
  • Mechanical damage. If the contacts have departed, the smartphone fell from a high height or suffered serious pressure, the internal components may be damaged and not working properly, this applies to both the speakers and the microphone.

Often, the user can independently cope with minor damage or blockages, moisture. But even if everything is done correctly and the functionality is partially or fully restored, it is recommended to take the iPhone to check, since the problem may not prove itself immediately, but after some time.

What to do if the sound works only in headphones on the laptop?

If the sound on the laptop disappears when the headphones are turned on, and during the operation of the speakers it is present, or, conversely, the sound on the laptop only works in headphones, then the problem is possible in the improper connection of the gadget. This can be checked in this way: press the icon denoting the speaker, PKM (right mouse key).

The optimal solution in this case is the usual reloading of the phone. If the problem was in the system glitched, after rebooting the indicator will turn off by itself. If a serious system failure has occurred and rebooting does not help, then it will need to reset the smartphone settings to factory to eliminate it.

What to do if the iPhone has no sound in headphones

One of the main reasons when there is no sound in headphones is the connector for or the train has moved away.

Why? This occurs with mechanical damage or moisture hit. What to do? As a rule, you can’t do without service.

After the repair, in the future, do not insert and pull the plug out of the nest, as this greatly affects wear.

Sometimes a sharp connection of headphones in the nest can help. Just do not overdo it.

It happens that the iPhone sees headphones, but does not reproduce sound. The problem may be in the headset itself.

Why bad sound in iPhone headphones

A bad sound can be through a poor.Quality recording or through no one quality of the headphones themselves.

Another situation when a weak sound. A quiet sound can be due to the fact that your settings include a limitation.

To disconnect it, go to the settings, select music, then “Limiting Limit” and in a new window move the slider to maximum power.

Why is the sound without headphones on iPhone/iPad does not work

Dust easily accumulates in the ports of your iPhone or iPad, it destroys the speaker and easily spoils your sound. Iphone low volume of the call, even without sound.

The problem with the software, including incorrect settings and some unknown, but fixable errors, will affect the performance of your device.

For example, a broken speaker, which easily happens to an old device that has visited the water.

How to find out if the speaker is broken

First, clean the port of the headphones and the dynamics with a cotton swab, then turn on the melody of the call to check whether the speaker is in order: open the settings ⟶ sounds and tactile sensations ⟶ melody, tape one and see if it will be reproduced.

Assuming that there is no sound, this may mean that the dynamics of the device is broken, just take it to the Apple Store.

If you hear the sound, we assume that this is a software problem, just perform the following actions and see if it works.

How to turn off a soundless regime

If you do not hear the sound of a call on your iPhone, the first thing you need to check whether a soundless mode is included. As a rule, it is he who becomes the main reason for the problem.

On Apple iPhone, the transition between modes is carried out using a special switch, which is located on the left end of the case. Pay attention to how the switch looks like in ordinary and silent mode.

Also, the transition to silent mode is carried out by lowering the volume to the minimum level using two side buttons that are under the switch.

The reasons for the loss of sound

Indeed, in most cases headphones or an iPhone speaker do not work due to incorrect smartphone settings. Consider the most common reasons:

Activated the “without sound” mode

Perhaps you accidentally pressed a switch that is on the side of the iPhone on the left. Red label indicates that the sound is disconnected. The phone will sound again if you transfer the switch to a standard position.

The warning was incorrectly set up

If music or videos are played without problems, but during the calls the phone is silent, the settings of the notification are set incorrectly. Edit the parameters simply. Go to the “Sounds” section and deactivate the “Change button” parameter. The line above will allow you to set the volume you need. If you prefer to change the volume directly when working with a smartphone, activate the “Change buttons”.

Connected peripheral devices

You noticed that the IPhone disappeared after connecting the Bluetooth column? Most likely, now the audio track is transmitted to it precisely. Open the control point and activate the “on the plane” mode. So you break off the connection with wireless devices. Next, you need to go to the Bluetooth section and turn it off or break it off with a connection that translates the sound device. Final chord. Call the control point to turn off the aircraft mode.

A system failure occurred

If your iPhone does not see the headphones or does not reproduce the sound through the speaker, IOS fail. Reload the mobile device. If the reboot did not help, it’s time to use the “heavy artillery”. Try to restore the device. Create a backup in iCloud and start!

The second solution is to clean the charging connector

Charging connector is also not protected from dirt. We clean in the same way, as well as the headphone connector. It doesn’t matter if it is an old 30-Pin connector or Lightning. Unforgettable about thoroughness.

sound, iphone, works, only

Iphone Headphones Not Working! ��[5 FIXES & TIPS!]

You can show you that the method is like a joke, but this is not the case. By numerous Комментарии и мнения владельцев and answers on the forms, you can verify the performance of the method. Check for yourself. To cool the smartphone in the cold season of the year, the balcony is suitable. Otherwise, you can put the smartphone in the refrigerator. We withstand the iPhone in the cold for 2. 3 minutes, pick up and check if the sound appeared.

Why in wireless headphones the sound disappears?

Why when using wireless headphones on the street, sound is interrupted? Printing a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) radiates an undirected signal, and a small antenna built into wireless headphones accepts it. Therefore headphones can lose contact with the signal source, and the sound will be interrupted.

Make sure the Bluetooth device and the headphones of the left and right channels are included. Increase the volume on the Bluetooth device. If the sound is reproduced only by the left headphone, check the following