The speaker does not work on iPhone 7

Broken speaker

You can find out about a broken speaker by plugging the headphones into the phone. Checking is to test the sound board itself, because if the speaker does not show any signs of life, but there is sound through the headphones, then in 95% of cases it is broken. It can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Water got inside the mini speaker or its contacts.
  • Your iPhone was dropped or subjected to a strong shock.
  • Through a “jailbreak” was made to increase the volume and bass, which led to the rupture of the membrane of the mini speaker, after which, when talking to the caller became hard to hear.
  • You bought a defective smartphone from the beginning.

This type of repair requires a complete disassembly of the gadget, which requires special tools and skills. If you do not possess it, it is better to entrust the work to professionals from the service center. Employees will qualitatively and in a short time to replace the necessary parts, and you can once again enjoy the melody of your device.

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Note! Never disassemble the unit yourself if it is still under warranty.

Learning the cause of the problem helps to avoid damage to the audio codec

According to our observations, the main cause of failure of audio codec chip is a mechanical effect. In other words, the failure occurs after a fall or impact. Often you can see the dents on the body or cracks in the glass of the iPhone, which are brought to the repair with this damage.

It happens that after replacing a broken display passes some time and seemingly on the even ground sound fails. But the reason is, it is the consequences of past falls.

The audio codec problem is especially prone to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is much less common to bring in for repair iPhone 6S, although the chips are exactly the same with the marking 338S00105. From this we conclude that the failure is a design flaw and applies only to newer models of iPhone.

Causes of poor hearing on the iPhone

If this is not the first time you encounter the fact that you can not hear the other party on the iPhone 7 during a conversation. try to find the cause yourself. Make sure that:

  • Microphone is located at a normal distance from the sound source. The reason is trivial, but pay attention to it first. Smartphone users, using the speakerphone during a call, hold the phone in such a way that the speaker is located too far away. That is why there is a bad hearing of the caller.
  • Case does not become an obstacle for the device’s microphone. Unoriginal protective cover becomes a barrier between the user and the microphone. By the way, not only the case acts as a physical barrier. Dropping the cell phone, as well as mechanical effects on the internal parts of the upper loop damage the normal operation of the smartphone.
  • Failure of upper loop. If the loop is completely broken, the volume control and mute buttons on the device will not work properly. By the way, exactly because of the faulty loop the iPhone 5S can not hear the caller on the phone.

Rattling speaker on the iPhone: causes and solutions

The closed nature of iOS ensures the stability of the system, but sometimes there are problems with it too. Common software problems boil down to the following list:

  • Bluetooth headsets from third-party manufacturers may not connect to iPhone correctly. After a user disconnects, the system may think the connection remains. Exit in repeated manual disconnection of the device.
  • Third-party programs although Apple does not give independent developers much freedom in the iPhone, but sometimes their products can damage important elements of the system. If the sound began to disappear after installing a new app, uninstall it and restart the smartphone.
  • iOS sometimes sound artifacts break through on outdated firmware. It is worth checking for the latest updates. You can try to flash the device, but it is better not to do it yourself.
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iPhone 7 Speaker Replacement- How To

  • Silent mode enabled. Check if you have set the device to “Do Not Disturb” mode (the button on the side, on the case). If you can’t hear only the ringtone, that’s probably the case. Also check if you didn’t mute using volume keys. then you won’t hear anything at all, including when talking.
  • Incorrect settings. Try going to “Settings” “Basic” “Universal Access” “Audio Visual Material”. Pay attention to the “Mono Audio” item, especially if the left speaker on the iPhone 7 model is not working. Activate this function with the slider and you will immediately notice that there is sound not only in the upper speaker, but also in the lower speaker.
  • Audio devices connected. When the speaker suddenly stops working, it’s worth checking if any audio playback devices are connected to it: speakers, headphones, multimedia system, stereo, etc. п. In the age of wireless gadgets, it’s easy to forget that, and two speakers won’t function at the same time. Try to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to accurately terminate the connection with the extraneous device.
  • System failure. Very often small debris and dust get clogged in the headphone jacks and “confuse” the system in this way, which interprets foreign objects as a device. This often happens on iPhone 6, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, where the device holes are quite large and the recognition system is not very subtle. Take something sharp, but not metal, such as a canapé skewer, and clean the recesses (but without any detergents). If you are a frequent guest on suspicious sites and download something from there, the downloaded virus can “eat” files of audio libraries, necessary for reading audio extensions. Reset the device to default settings.
  • Broken speaker. If all sorts of noises appeared, the speaker became quiet, you can not hear the interlocutor, then the membrane itself could have malfunctioned. This is facilitated by vigorous shaking of the phone, getting water, juice, tea or coffee on it, as well as hitting any surface (sometimes even a soft one). In this case, you will have to turn to a specialist to disassemble the gadget and see what happened.
  • Broken sound card loop. This circuit connects the board to the speaker, it is very sensitive to all sorts of effects and is one of the most vulnerable parts of the iPhone. It’s also being replaced in the shop.

If you still have an active warranty, you can also write to Apple Support and ask why the sound isn’t working. Perhaps by the description of the problem they will understand what it is and advise how to fix it.

Why isn’t the left speaker on your iPhone working?

The iPhone is flawless in every way. Starting with model 7 the iPhone sound has become a special domain. Voluminous, clear and other adjectives. that’s how even the most reserved users responded.

It could seem that Apple has completely revised the sound system, added another speaker and so on. But in fact, the stereo effect was achieved in a completely different way than users might think. The double grill on the bottom speaker that is located on both sides of the charging port was misleading.

The iPhone microphone does not work or cannot be heard properly

Important! If you cannot be heard during a call. There’s a problem with the microphone. If you can’t hear. there is a problem with the speaker. The iPhone from the 4th generation onwards uses two microphones. One of them (the lower microphone) is on the bottom end next to the charging/sync connector. The second one (the upper microphone) is on the top, next to the headphone jack (iPhone 4/4S) or between the camera and flash (iPhone 5/5S/6). Identify which one is not working. very simply. You can check the sound recording in Voice Recorder app and in the camera app. (When recording video the upper microphone is used and the lower one in the recorder)

iPhone 7 Plus speaker does not work in this condition the phone came for repair in Bgacenter.

  • Phone takes a long time to turn on (up to 15 minutes),
  • All microphones don’t work,
  • the hearing speaker does not work,
  • the polyphonic speaker is not active when making a call.
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Possible reasons if the speaker does not work in the iPhone 7 Plus are:

Carried out a visual inspection of the board for moisture, damaged components, signs of repair, and the integrity of the bushings.

Visual inspection revealed that the board is completely original (factory-inspired), has not been previously repaired.

Decided to solder the audio codec and check for the integrity of the contact pad by measuring the voltage drop on these contacts.

Starting with iPhone 4 the situation has slightly changed. the speaker and the microphone have been swapped, and in iPhone 5 Apple designers have changed the size and number of holes for the first time.

Location of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s speaker and microphone:

Location of the speaker and microphone iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE:

Location of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus speaker and microphones:

Why does the sound disappear on your iPhone??

Many iPhone owners at least once, but have faced problems with the sound on their smartphone. For example, if you suddenly lose all the sound on your iPhone (you can not hear the other party, the microphone does not work, the music does not play), or headphones are not connected (not detected). In some cases, the phone is constantly rebooting, showing the familiar “apple” on the screen. What could be the reason?

If the speakerphone doesn’t work on your iPhone, it’s a sign that the audio codec is damaged

iPhone 7 speaker repair

Owners of such smartphone models as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus know about the excellent sound of their gadgets. The high quality of sound reproduction in these models was achieved through the introduction of an innovative system of stereo sound thanks to the involvement of the auditory speaker. Separately, we should highlight the device’s clear, loud sound with deep bass.

The main task of the smartphone is also performed at the highest level, the voice is received and transmitted with high quality and clarity, without distortion or additional noise. The interlocutor can be heard perfectly even in a noisy room.

If one of the speakers malfunctions, the smartphone loses its ability to perform its main function, namely, provide quality communication. The design of the casing, namely the location of the speakers, protects enough fragile elements from external damage. Nevertheless, violations of operating rules can cause damage and a deterioration in sound quality.

Poor sound quality during calls

Some iPhone 7 users reported poor sound quality during phone calls. Relevant complaints appeared on the site of Apple technical support. The first to write about the problem was a user named Stefan Fisher. His message is dated September 16, the day the iPhone 7 was launched.

In a thread discussing the problem, users have left numerous Комментарии и мнения владельцев with similar complaints. Most of them are iPhone 7 Plus owners.

Apple has not officially commented on the problem, but the company’s website has an article titled “No or distorted sound from the iPhone speaker”. It suggests in the case of such defects to increase the sound, restart the device or remove dirt from the speaker with a brush with soft bristles.

iPhone 7 has a problem with the talking speaker

A few days ago, Apple was bombarded with apples from users facing the problem of a “noisy processor” in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The bug was named HissGate, but as it turned out, this is not the only flaw of the updated flagship.

A number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners have experienced poor conversational speaker performance.

Apple has always been known for one of the best noise cancellation systems, and the quality of phone communications on the devices of the American manufacturer has received rave reviews from IT reviewers and experts (we’ll omit the story with the iPhone 4 and the “rainbow bumpers”). But with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus something obviously strange happened.

speaker, does, work, iphone

We have purchased two new iPhone 7 Plus. During calls, I noticed that the sound comes out of the conversation speaker strangely. It feels like the voice of the interlocutor is coming from somewhere behind the smartphone.

The iPhone 7 feels like it’s in a tube or a closed can. And you only encounter this problem during phone calls. When playing music, it’s fine.

Apple does not comment on this. Not all devices have this problem, but it is fairly common. Whether it’s hardware or software is a question of time.

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch today in Russia. Do not be lazy, call a friend, colleague or acquaintance and check the performance of the speaker phone “without leaving the box.

The iPhone has a problem with the speaker or the sound is completely lost. How to fix the problem yourself

Despite the fact that the iPhone from Apple, considered to be “the height of perfection among smartphones”, trendy, reliable and unbreakable, their owners are not immune to problems with their favorite gadget.

One of these problems can be a problem with the speaker of the iPhone. The causes of the problem may be both minor, related to the settings of the smartphone, and “critical” (serious problems at the hardware level or failure of the smartphone elements). If a “critical” problem occurs, you will definitely need to contact the service center. But if the problem with the speaker is related to the settings of the iPhone, then you can solve it yourself, without resorting to the services of a specialist.

This is the first thing to check if you suddenly have no sound at all, a sudden drop in hearing, or a problem with the speaker:

Check the mute switch

Ensure that your iPhone is not set to silent mode with the mute switch. The switch should be in the upper position. If the switch is in the down position and you see a red stripe above the switch. the iPhone speaker is muted (intentionally or accidentally). Simply flip the switch.

Check whether the “Do Not Disturb” mode (feature) is enabled

You may have turned it on and forgotten to turn off the Do Not Disturb feature (mode). This mode blocks all beeps, vibrations, and notifications. If there is a half-moon icon on the top panel, it means that Do Not Disturb mode is currently on and therefore the iPhone speaker is not working. You need to turn off Do Not Disturb mode to get the speaker working again.

Check if the sound is not being transmitted to another device

You may well have been using AirPlay mode, sending audio from your iPhone to your TV or other available device, and forgot to transfer the audio from the external device back to your iPhone. In this case you should turn off AirPlay or return iPhone as an audio source in AirPlay settings.

Check if the sound is not being transmitted to audio accessories

You must check to see if your iPhone is currently streaming audio to any wireless accessory (Airpods, smart speakers, portable speakers, etc.).д.), blocking the operation of your speaker. Turn off the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone. If the built-in speaker of your smartphone works, then that’s where the problem was.

Clean the iPhone speaker

It is possible that the deterioration of sound or its quality is due to the contamination of the iPhone speaker due to long time wearing in a case or in a of clothes. In this case, to fix the problem with the speaker, you need to clean it of accumulated dirt. Dirt, lint and other debris are gently removed with a small dry brush with soft bristles.

Reboot iPhone

If after performing all the previous steps the speaker does not work properly, you should reboot your iPhone (turn it off and then turn it on). This will remove any problems you may have with the speaker functioning properly due to data corruption, software failure, etc.д. It’s possible that rebooting will restore iPhone speaker functionality.

If performed steps did not restore the speaker, you can contact the Apple hotline for professional advice on how to fix the problem, or to find the nearest service center on iPhone.

If suddenly, unfortunately, your iPhone can not be repaired, or the cost of repairing the smartphone was inadequately high, then you can think about buying a new iPhone (of course, if you are a fan and admirer of smartphones from Apple). If this is the case, find out about the range of currently available iPhone models and their on the Internet.