The touchpad does not work on the Lenovo Ideapad laptop

What to do if the touchpad does not work on the laptop

Surely you have already tried to restart the laptop to solve the problem, but if not yet, be sure to try. Since the touchpad does not work, you will have to use the mouse or press the power button and use the arrows on the keyboard to select “Reload” in the menu that appears.

Often the touchpad automatically turns off when the wired or wireless mouse is connected. Thus, false works are excluded when you touch the panel with your palms when typing the text. Try to turn off the external device, and perhaps the panel will work.

Manual inclusion of the touch panel

So, why the touchpad does not work on the laptop, but the most common of them lies in an inaccurate disconnection of the sensor by the user himself. Absolutely all manufacturers introduce an option into their products that allows you to enable or disable the touchpad. Often, this is the simultaneous pressing of the FN F1-F12 keys (a specific button depends on different models of laptops and manufacturers). Consider the main combinations:

By the way, on the button you need in a number of F1-F12 will be a picture on which the icon of the touch panel is drawn.

Here it is worth noting another nuance. Not all manufacturers prefer the above methods. A separate key is built on some devices. It can be directly on the surface of the panel with a sensor, usually in the upper left corner of the touchpad, as in the screenshot below (it happens that it is hidden under the panel in the same place).

You can also find a functional key next to the sensor panel or in the area of ​​USB connectors, power and motherboard. In any case, slip a button or hold it for a couple of seconds and check, the desired option turns on or off.

Update or rollback of the touchpad driver

Try to update or roll back the touchpad driver. Go to the same devices dispatcher as described above. Find a touchpad device, it is usually called, like a laptop brand (Dell TouchPad, Lenovo TouchPad, Synaptics, HP TouchPad, Acer TouchPad, Asus TouchPad.) Press the right mouse button on your driver and select the properties. Next, click update to make sure there are any useful updates for your touchpad.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problem!! Fix | LENOVO IDEAPAD 330s

Many people were reported on Microsoft forums that the touchpad stopped working precisely after updating Windows 10, for this you need to choose to roll back the driver. If you do not burn the allocated button, then you do not have a previous version of the driver.

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Reasons for the refusal of the laptop touch panel Lenovo

The most banal and frequently encountered reason why the touchpad does not work on the Lenovo laptop is a random pressing of the keyboard combination, which includes and disconnects this panel. In the case of Lenovo there are two options: either FN F 8, or FN F 5 (in older models). To exclude another simple reason, you must walk along the path-parameters-device, find the “touch panel” item there and check what position its switch is in (vn or off).

If the touchpad stops working after updates or installing some programs, you can try to download the last successful configuration. To do this, it is necessary on the command line running with administrative rights to complete the command:

After that, turn off and turn on the laptop again, starting on the key F 8. After the menu appears, we are looking for an appropriate item there and start the restoration.

If even after that the touchpad does not work on the Lenovo laptop, and the laptop in addition “slows down”, a deep check with licensed antivirus with fresh bases is needed.

Disconnecting the outer mouse

When using an external mouse connected through its USB port on a laptop, the touchpad can be inactive and connects after it is removed.

If the listed methods of activation of the touchpad did not lead to the desired result, the cause of the malfunction can be its pollution or mechanical damage.

You can clean the device using a cotton swab dipped in soapy solution and carefully squeezed to eliminate moisture. After cleaning, the panel is wiped with dry water and checked for performance.

touchpad, does, work, lenovo, laptop

To disassemble and replace the device independently (in case of breakdown or mechanical damage) using the instructions from the Internet, it is theoretically possible, but in practice, in most cases, it ends with serious damage to the laptop and significant repair costs in a specialized workshop. Counting on warranty replacement in this case is not worth.

The touchpad does not respond to pressing. What to do?

The priority task of the user is to check the device manager. Enter the “Input device” tab and turn on the device if it is disconnected, or turn off and turn on the sensor again after a couple of minutes. Checking for viruses can also solve the problem. After scanning, it is advisable to restart notebook. Check the driver’s performance, perhaps when installing the updates of the operating system, an error arose, which served as a failure in the operation of the touchpad. Rollback to old bases or reinstalling the driver can solve the problem.

With electromechanical malfunction or flooding with water, independent repair is not recommended. Why? You risk causing a devision more harm than to fix it. Contact the corporate service center, repair quickly and with a guarantee.

Solving the problem with working keyboard and touchpad on Lenovo laptops

Completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger. Click and hold for about 20 seconds the “Power” button until the charging indicator goes out. Next, just turn on the laptop and everything works.

As you can see, no drivers should be demolished/put, they did without indebions from toads and tears of virgins, but anyway, such a decision is such. I understand that this is abnormal by such shamanic actions every time conjure over the laptop, but the method is really working.

Lenovo did not find anything like this in the maintenance guide. By the way, who is interested in at the end of the article can find a link to him (not every manufacturer posts a full guide to disassemble his laptops).

I can assume that the Embeded Contoller settings are reset in this way. This is a built.In controller designed to control the platform (usually. Mobile) both at the level of turning on and off, and for processing the ACPIs. The tasks of the EC controller include maintenance of the battery of the mobile platform: selection of the mode of its charge, control of discharge. As a rule, on mobile platforms using the EC controller, the keyboard controller is also sold.

This is usually done by a disconnection for some time of the battery, but now almost all laptops are made with a non.Vegetable battery and in order to get to it you need to disassemble the case.

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If nothing helps

If you tried all the methods higher, but the touchpad on the laptop does not work, then the problem may be hardware. In this case, you should contact the service center, they will determine exactly why the panel does not work, and they will find the best way to solve. Without sufficient experience and knowledge, you should not try to perform repairs yourself, even a simple disassembly of a laptop can cause injuries or the basis for a complete write.Off of technology.

You should also think about when the touchpad stopped working, and what happened before that. If everything worked properly and without complaints, but after installing the game, software or updating the drivers, problems began, then the reason is probably in these actions. Due to drivers, the touchpad buttons often do not work and the panel itself, after adding some programs, the sensor simply turns off in the system. It is necessary to return all changes back, remove the installed software or updated drivers. It is also worthwhile to figure out how to turn on the panel if it was disconnected programically.

touchpad, does, work, lenovo, laptop