There are stripes on the LCD TV

What to do if there is a vertical stripe on the TV screen?

The most likely and common cause of this malfunction is a failure of the plume, which connects the imaging board with the LCD-matrix of the TV.

In this case, the width of the band can vary and range from the size of a unit image (pixel) to several centimeters. The color of the strip can also vary: it can be black, red, or, say, blue. Associated symptoms of a faulty matrix plume can be the appearance of geometric distortions, rippling or flickering on the TV screen.

Malfunction of the matrix or its components

This list is not the whole variety of these defects on the screen. Stripes can be single and multiple, short and long, but are mainly divided into vertical, horizontal and multicolored.

there, stripes

Try squeezing the frame of the screen with your fingers in different places (not necessarily above or below the band). In a direction perpendicular to the plane of the screen. There is a chance that it will help for some time.

Determine and eliminate the cause of the interference. If the stripes do not appear on all channels, readjust them. If the described actions didn’t help, the reason is the TV set breakage. Consult a master. Often users are faced with such a nuisance as the appearance of vertical stripes on the TV screen. This defect is caused by a faulty matrix or flat cable or other circuit elements. If such problems occur the user should not worry, because most of the problems of this kind are not critical and they can be corrected.

As a result of what they appear, is there a connection between the cause of failure and the type of banding, how serious can be the consequences of untimely elimination of faults. these and other questions are considered in this article.

Absolutely all machinery has no warranty against various breakdowns, but in general these problems can be repaired. The problem is the price of certain spare parts, which can cost the same or more than the cost of new parts. in this case it is recommended to refuse repair.

You can very easily fix these kinds of defects on your own. Clean the cables, wipe off the dust, and set the default settings. Nothing complicated.

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In a situation where the warranty period has expired, and the purchase of new equipment is not possible, there are a few tips on how to try to fix the problems with your own hands.

They are usually caused by disruptions in the scanning frame, resulting from power surges. As a result, it may end up with a cracked chip.

The appearance of a vertical band on the screen indicates a faulty matrix plume. Other symptoms such as rippling, flickering of the screen, distortion can speak of a faulty matrix. The width of this band can vary from 1 pixel to several centimeters. Vertical stripes can be different colors, black, red, etc. д. One or more color lines appear as a result of matrix failure. Do not procrastinate with the repair. Over time, the number of stripes will only increase, they will become more extensive. If not the whole matrix is damaged, the repair is possible. Extensive damage can be repaired by replacing the entire matrix.

there, stripes

The trouble is that cables are very difficult to repair and sometimes the only solution is to replace the matrix, but replacing the matrix is almost the cost of a new TV.

Vertical stripe on the LCD TV screen. What to do

A vertical stripe does not necessarily indicate an important technical problem. It is quite possible that the cause is much easier to remedy than it at first seems. The most basic causes of failure are as follows:

  • Problem with the image adjustment. This can be corrected by using the auto-tuning.
  • The problem is in the cable plugs. If the cable inlet has been in use long enough, it may be dirty or one of the contacts may be damaged. This problem can be solved by either cleaning or soldering the contacts.
  • Cable integrity is compromised. The problem occurs when the cable is often kinked or torn. The trouble is easily solved by replacing the cable. If there is no possibility of replacement, then, as in the previous case, the soldering iron can help the user.

IMPORTANT: Stripes have appeared on the TV screen, although no more than two weeks have passed since the purchase? Contact your dealer for a replacement. After the exchange the counter is reset: you again have 14 days to fully check the device.

Vertical and horizontal stripes appeared on the TV screen. Sometimes different defects can indicate a single failure. That’s why it’s so important to understand what streaks occur most often and what they are indicative of.

A single stripe, indicating the failure of a couple of spare parts, can cost half the price of a new TV. Two or three accidents and the cost of repairs will exceed the market price of a new screen.

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A narrow, vertical streak indicates a matrix error. The cause could be a sudden power surge. Do not rush to call a service center or disassemble the TV. It is possible that the problem will disappear in a few days. Unplug the device, then plug it in again.

Tip. To understand the malfunction of expensive modern TVs Smart series on your own is not worth it. At most you can check the picture settings. For other problems it is better to entrust the elimination of other failures to craftsmen.

Examine the screen carefully

I don’t remember how my husband solved this problem, but it could be something with the HDMI connector? Bad signal or some kind of breakage?

Replacing the matrix is a complex and expensive operation which should be outsourced to a professional repair shop.

But there are different solutions for these problems, too. The first thing to do is to determine what this or that stripe is indicative of. And what repairs may be needed.

The causes of stripes on the screen TV Philips, Samsung, Sony, LG are often hardware malfunctions themselves. They can disappear and then come back again. In addition, it can cause geometric distortion of the picture, flickering image, frozen frames or other interference.

Streaks on the TV screen after an impact

The worst possibility of streaks on the TV display are lines that appeared after the impact of the screen. Physical damage can cause irreparable damage not only to the picture, but to the entire electrical device.

Solutions to problems with lines on the TV screen after a shock, depending on the strength and amount of damage received by the device. If the shock was not too strong, then in the place of damage can be replaced by small darkening, which can be removed by replacing the cables. Replacing the matrix will solve the problem with the lines.

Streaks on the screen after a shock can be confused with cracks in the display itself. In the case of such physical damage to the TV will have to fully replace the equipment screen.

Recommendations for taking care of your equipment so that lines don’t appear on the screen

On a plasma or LCD TV vertical strips, horizontal color stripes do not appear, it is necessary to properly care for equipment. To extend the life of your service, follow these tips:

  • You should not wash your technique with water or a wet rag. Any moisture ingress causes a short circuit, as well as burnout and oxidation of the internal components. As a result, not only stripes can appear, but there can be a complete failure of the TV.
  • Constant, daily moving of the TV leads to internal damages. Microcracks may appear, loops may disconnect. Therefore, it is important that the device is fixed in one place and not constantly moved.
  • Dust must not be allowed to accumulate on the display, back of the TV. Micro-particles will gradually sink in and adhere to the contacts. As a result the components overheat, contacts become deformed and there are stripes on the screen. Optimal variant of salvation from dust. blowing with a vacuum cleaner, but with all precautions.
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Important! Any cleaning, moving, fixing the TV can only be done when the TV is off. And not just turned off on the button, but pulled from the mains. After wiping and dusting do not immediately turn on the equipment. You need to wait for 2-5 minutes.

A streak on your TV: Variety

Horizontal stripes on the TV screen, vertical stripes, blurred or clear, stripes, diagonally, crossing the plane of the monitor. each type indicates a particular breakdown. Most often the problems occur suddenly and not at all predictably.

  • Vertical stripes on the TV screen indicate a defect of the matrix, which can sometimes disappear on their own.
  • Horizontal stripes on the TV screen made of pixels are the most likely to indicate a faulty line/column decoder on the matrix and require immediate professional intervention.
  • Wide vertical stripes on the LCD TV suggests T-Con board malfunction or matrix plume detachment.

Defects that can only be repaired in a workshop

The main issue of troubleshooting is cost. Expensive repair does not guarantee that after replacing parts your TV will work properly. Therefore the pros and cons should be weighed.

IMPORTANT! If irregularities occur don’t wait for them to get worse. Contact a mechanic immediately.

Matrix flat cable can fail for reasons that require professional intervention:

TIP. It requires professional diagnostics to find out the reason.

Failure of the matrix controller means a defect. If the warranty period for the product has not passed, request a replacement TV for another model.

If the matrix cannot be repaired, for example if the decoder fails, then the part will have to be replaced. Replacing it is expensive and complicated. It is desirable to buy a new replacement part, it can be ordered from the service center according to the TV model and year of manufacture.

We hope that our article has helped you to understand the causes of the stripes and ways to fix them.