Thermal paste for a laptop What is the best advice of professionals

The best thermal paste for cooling the central processor in 2022

Thermal paste is a often transmitted product when assembling a new computer by beginner users. This may be due to the lack of experience or a simple fact that coolers are already supplied with pre.Applied thermal package.

Although the thermal paste previously applied will work, it is often very old and for months “sat in the box”. With this in mind, it is always better to buy and apply your own thermal grease when installing the processor to reduce temperature at standard speeds.

Thermal grease needs to be changed annually, as it dries and begins to lose its effectiveness. If you use thermal maintenance for too long, you will begin to see problems with performance and gradual overheating, which can damage your processor in the long run.

Which thermal paste is best suited for your needs? Let’s look at what really the best thermal paste is now available on the market.

The rating of the best thermal paste

Category place name rating
The best inexpensive thermal towers one Arctic Cooling MX-2 nine.2 /10
2 Zalman ZM-STG2 nine.1 /10
3 GD900 nine.0 /10
The best thermal paste of the middle price category one Noctua NT-H1 nine.5 /10
2 Arctic Cooling MX-4 nine.4 /10
3 Be Quiet! DC1 nine.2 /10
The best thermal paste for powerful processors and video cards one Gelid GC-Extreme nine.4 /10
2 Thermalright TF8 nine.2 /10
The best premium thermal packages one Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut nine.7 /10
2 Cooler Master Mastergel Maker nine.5 /10

Arctic Cooling MX-2

Opens our rating of the best thermal paste for computers and laptops Arctic Cooling MX-2. The main disadvantage of this thermal paste is the absence of packages of less than 4 g. And this is strange, insofar as the manufacturer emphasizes the high duration of the MX-2 service without a significant deterioration in the main indicators. True, you should not hope for the promised marketers for 8 years, but the fact of maintaining the declared thermal conductivity (5.6 W/m k) for half this period, many reviews confirm. Actually, thermointeases based on carbon microparticles are precisely different from silicon-metallic with a smooth schedule of productivity falling along the axis of time, if they are not used in extreme conditions. By the latter, we mean working with Intel Core and Ryzen 7-9 Linech processors.

It is especially worth noting a large number of meters of the counterfeit. Therefore, buy Arctic MX-2 only in proprietary packaging with stickers of a normally scanned QR code.

Good and time.Tested thermal. Many positive reviews on various resources. Large volume. I smeared the laptop and the PlayStation 4 and it is enough to smear it for 3 times, if not for more.

Zalman ZM-STG2

Many people know the Zalman brand for excellent coolers designed to cool the processor. It produces this enterprise and thermal grease, which cannot be dispensed with when assembling or completely cleaning the computer. Zalman zm-stg2 is a little more expensive than other thermal paste of this class-but it also copes with its function. But you should not get carried away. In fact, this thermal paste has the average characteristics. In particular, its consistency changes already at a temperature of 150 ° C. Of course, most users have a processor or video card never warmer so much. But overclockers can happen with overclockers, they are recommended to acquire an even more stable thermal paste.


Favorite thermal package of servicemen. Cheap, effective, short.Lived (which guarantees the latter stable earnings). Keep in mind for private use it is best to purchase it in syringes, insofar as GD900 jars dry faster, and it is difficult to evaluate the condition of the pasta in tubes and mix it if necessary. It is noteworthy that the first weeks after the application of this thermointease, its effectiveness grows. Silicone oil evaporates, which in the GD900 is about 20%. The thermal conductive component is the oxides of metals, and the passport performance of this thermal paste is 4.8 W/m K. By the way, according to the assurances of the Chinese company Foshan High Conductivity Electronics, all its products are not conductive. Even GD900-1, additionally containing powdered metal filler. Improved version is more efficient (6.0 W/m K), but also noticeably more expensive. We recommend as a thermointease for not dispersed PC processors.

Two years ago, he cleaned his stationary computer and changed thermal grease on the processor and video card. And the other day I repeated the procedure again. What can be said about this thermal package. After two years she dried up. The radiator easily starred. The conclusion is that, in principle, this pasta is enough for two years.

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The rating of the best thermal paste

It will be much easier to choose the best thermal pavement for the laptop if you consider the most popular items today, which are presented on sale. Below will be presented a rating of thermal conductive substances relevant for 2021 for cooling processors in portable computers.

Arctic MX-4 2 g syringe

Thermal paste made on the basis of carbon trace elements. Thermal conductivity of the composition reaches 8.5 W/(m k), substance density. 2.5 g/cm³. Type of packaging. A syringe, which simplifies the application of the heat. In the manufacture, an improved formula was used, due to which the composition turned out to be as effective as possible in terms of thermal conductivity, does not lose its properties and does not dry out for a long time, at various temperature differences.

  • Universal thermal paste, which is suitable for ordinary users and gamers;
  • Durability;
  • Convenient application due to packaging-shpris;
  • Well smeared.

Dmitry s. Judging by how the temperature of the laptop fell, then some continuous advantages. The color is gray. I wanted cheerful.

The name is hidden is just a super paste. Reducing temperature by 15-20 degrees on an old laptop with a hot procedure.

Vadim a. One of the generally recognized pastry. It has excellent thermal conductivity, easily applied, chemically not aggressive, not electrically conducted, does not lose properties during operation.

Steel Frost Cuprum Stp-3 3 g shoulder blade syringe

This thermal paste is made of copper nanoparticles. This choice of the manufacturer is based on the fact that this alloy has high thermal conductivity (almost the highest among all metals). Thermal conductivity of the substance. 9.8 W/(m k). Packaging in the form of a syringe, due to which the heat.Conducting mass is facilitated. The set is supplied to the smearing, a degreasing napkin for the preparation of surfaces.

Anatoly in. I was looking for thermal pavement for the design of the design so that there was high thermal conductivity. I took this for the change, I was satisfied. Xeon 2689 Under the tower, no more than 30 degrees is heated. 3 grams. At least coat yourself. Recommend.

Sergey s. Replaced the thermal grease on the ASUS laptop. The temperature at maximum load fell by 10 graduses. This one is better than thermal paste Arctic

Deepcool Z5 3 g syringe

Very popular among buyers of thermal paste, which effectively demonstrates itself in both workers and gaming laptops. Thermal conductivity indicator. 1.46 W/(m k). Working temperature range. From.50 to 220 degrees Celsius. Packaging in shape is a syringe that is convenient to apply the thermal composition to various surfaces.

Alexey s. Intel Core Duo E8400, after replacing the paste and broken Culler, dropped it from 99 ° C (without a culler and on an old paste, the program did not show further) to the factory 39 ° C. I consider the experiment to revive the old PC successful, now it is almost new.

Nikolai p. Excellent and not expensive thermal paste. I take it for a long time if there is no Arctic Kulling MX-2. Applied easy, drop to the center. The indicators are worthy. If you do not fall over the ultimate acceleration, take. Quite good thermal paste, with stable quality. For a regular PC, and its civic dispersal is quite enough.

Zalman zm-stg2 3.5 g syringe

Universal thermal paste, which is suitable for workers, educational, gaming laptops. Thermal conductivity of the paste. 4.1 W/(m k). Working temperature range. From.40 to 150 degrees Celsius. Packaging in the shape of a syringe, due to which the process of applying thermal wire mass is greatly simplified.

thermal, paste, laptop, best, advice

How best to apply thermal grease on the processor?

You bought a suitable thermal grease for a laptop, dismantled the device and are ready to proceed with the application. This is an important point, because the entire efficiency of the cooling system will depend on how the substance is applied. Even a good inexpensive pasta, which is used correctly, will cope with its work. If you make errors when applying thermal paste to a processor or radiator, then everything can end sadly. It is because of such small shortcomings that the central processor or video card often overheats, and this already leads to expensive repair. However, it is quite easy to apply paste if you follow the basic rules.

The substance itself can be delivered to the market in various containers, ranging from tubes and bags, ending with syringes. It doesn’t matter in which you received thermal grease, it is important how much its amount will be applied to the place of contact and how it will be distributed over the surface. But initially it is necessary to perform preparatory work:

  • Completely clean the surface of the processor and radiator. Get rid of the remnants of the old pasta, dirt, dust and other foreign bodies on the surface. Ideal cleanliness is the key to quality contact.
  • Make sure everything is ready for installation. It is impossible to allow such a development of events when the thermal paste is applied to the processor, but its launch will be completed in a few minutes, because you still have to perform the cleansing operation of the radiator or make all the connections. After using the substance, it is necessary to immediately connect two surfaces so that there is no oxidation and drying.
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Preparatory work is no less important, it is necessary to understand this and pay more attention to this process. It is quite easy to apply paste, you should adhere to such recommendations:

thermal, paste, laptop, best, advice
  • Apply a little pasta to the center of the processor case. The amount of substance should be approximately like a rice grain, you should not use too much, it will only worsen the effectiveness of the cooling system.
  • If a special shoulder blade is included in the kit, then distribute the paste along the processor. The substance should be applied evenly to form a thin layer over the entire surface. If a special shoulder blade does not go to the paste, then you can simply attach the radiator to the processor housing. It is necessary to give a radiator quite strongly to the device so that the substance spreads on the surface, but do not overdo it, otherwise you can damage the processor and the motherboard.
  • Fix the radiator with screws or a system of its fastening. After that, you can run a computer or laptop to check the performance of cooling. During operation, the radiator should warm up well, if the fans spin at high speed, but the heat exchanger is cold, then this indicates possible errors when applying a pasta.

Independent application of thermal paste and its periodic replacement is quite implemented. Do not be afraid, this is a pretty simple procedure. If we are talking about PC, then everything is really easy and almost every user will be able to do work. When it comes to a laptop, it is not always an independent replacement of pasta can be a right decision. It is quite difficult to get to the cooling system in some devices, you need to have a special tool and experience. Damage to loops or fasteners during disassembly will create much more problems than dried thermal paste.

How to choose: the most important characteristics

The thermal grease for the laptop is necessary based on its characteristics. First, you should look at the quality of thermal conductivity, the consistency and temperature rate, and then at the price of the product and its composition.

The most expensive types of pastes are based on liquid metals. Such products are usually suitable for more productive computing processes. The most popular solution for users is thermal paste based on solid metals and ceramics.

Thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is the movement of heat by particles of substance molecules from the most heated bodies to elements with lower temperature. Thermal conductivity is measured in WT/(km). The higher the indicator, the more stable the heat intake to high temperatures.

Closely related indicator with thermal conductivity is thermal resistance. The higher it is, the less the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the pasta. Choose a heat release with greater thermal conductivity and lower resistance.

thermal, paste, laptop, best, advice

The most common thermal conductivity coefficients:

Should you replace your video card’s thermal paste??

  • 0.65-0.75 W/(km)-low thermal conductivity;
  • 0.9-1.5 W/(km)-a moderate indicator with reduced potential resistance;
  • 1.6-2 W/(km)-high thermal conductivity;
  • From 2.2. A high indicator for computing power.

Note! The higher the coefficient of thermal conductivity, the higher the composition of thermal paste, which also affects the final price of the product.


Any thermointease has viscosity. Liquid thermal paste tolerates temperature changes better and have moderate thermal conductivity, and dense mixtures are good for working with high temperature changes.

The viscosity coefficient is measured in pass. The higher it is, the more thick the consistency of the heat intelligence. Usually on average it is 100 pass. Viscous substances have high thermal conductivity.

It is also important that the thermal paste is not too thick, otherwise it can dry quickly and then you will need to replace.

Temperature interval

It is also necessary to choose a thermal grease for a laptop based on resistance to temperature conditions. The higher the temperature range, the more stable the substance to changes.

On average, the basic temperature range is from.60 to 180 degrees Celsius. There are more advanced solutions that support more than 240 degrees. At the same time, with low temperature, thermal paste operates worse.

Note! Cormes can be ignited due to ultra-large temperatures. After reaching the mark of 270 degrees, light smoke may occur.

The composition of the pasta

The most stable liquid pastes for laptops are created from gallium. They are known for their high thermal conductivity and moderate viscosity. Silver or aluminum are the most common components, since thermal.Intakes with such chemical elements do not cost any more liquid.

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On the packaging box, characteristics are displayed:

Note! Before choosing a paste, it is recommended to carefully study the information on the package. At the same time, not all characteristics can be indicated. In this case, it is better to look for other products.

There are three price segments on the thermal wire compounds:

Budget pastes are on average 120. They have low thermal conductivity. Less than 1 W/(km), and viscosity below 100 pass. Among these pastes: KPT-8 and Alil. They are obtained on the basis of silicone and are unstable to high temperature regimes.

Average pastes have improved characteristics compared to budgetary and, the average as examples of pastes of the middle segment is highlighted by Zalman, Arctic and Liquid Pro. Most laptop users choose them.

Dear thermointeases are in the range from 1,500 to 8000. High.Class pastes are necessary for water cooling systems and productive numeral machines. A common manufacturer of expensive thermal paste for laptops is Thermal Grizzly.

The choice of thermo.Intake depends on the price, but it is recommended to purchase pastes of the middle price segment, since they are more reliable. Buying budget mixtures is suitable if the old laptop model is being repaired.

Average cost

The price depends on the volume and brand.

The replacement procedure does not always go smoothly, and sometimes at the output the user receives a non.Working device.

  • The integrity of loops and connectors. Are there any visible damage.
  • Connection of loops. Perhaps one of the loops left his nest.
  • Connectors. They should be connected tightly in their places and not hang out.

The laptop does not turn on, and it did not work out the problem on its own? Contact the service center. The specialist will quickly find the problem and return the performance to your laptop.

We hope the material was useful for you. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the following articles. How to replace and how to refuel a cartridge for the HP printer and how to replace and how to refuel a cartridge for a Canon printer.

Deepcool Z3

The pasta has low thermal conductivity. 1.13 W/(m k). Despite this, after applying, the temperature indicators of the processor at maximum modes are reduced by 10 eed, video cards. By 6 ° C C. According to users, values ​​do not change during the recommended period of use. 1 year. The product is conveniently applied using the scapula that is coming in the kit. It dries quickly enough in the air. Minus. 1.5 g of thermal paste is enough for only one processing. The best thermal paste for inexperienced users on the advice of professionals.

Rating of the best laptop thermal paste

Pastes for the removal of heat in the laptop differ from each other not only by life and composition, but also.

Arctic MX-4

The composition of this thermal paste includes carbon microparticles. It effectively removes heat and is conveniently applied. It has dielectric properties, so you can not be afraid of close in case of its accidental contacts. The spectrum of its application is suitable for an ordinary user, and a gamer, and an overlock. The shelf life is 96 months.

Does The Thermal Paste Matter In a Laptop ? 4 Paste Showdown !

  • The ability to choose syringe packages weighing 2, 4, 8, 20, 45 g, with a price of 475 to 4,000;
  • Ease of application using a scapula included in a set;
  • Eight.Year shelf life.

Steel Frost Cuprum Stp-3

The basis “Steel Frost Cuprum STP-3” is made up of copper nanoparticles-one of the best metal heat conductors. It is applied to the surface of the video card and processor using a scapula, after squeezing out of a 3-gram syringe. The average cost is 231

Amperin SS100

Almost liquid thermal paste “Amperin SS100” is packed in syringes weighing 1 to 15 g, tubes of 30 g and jars up to 150 g. The upper limit of the price varies within 100 per gram. The most effective work lasts about 2 years.

Thermal conductivity of the paste is 8.5 W/(m k).

Deepcool Z5

Dielectric thermal paste has a wide range of operating temperatures from.50 ° C to 220 ° C. Packed in a syringe with a weight of 3 g and worth about 230, the shelf life declared by the manufacturer is 2 years, with a service life of 3 years.

GM Inform KPT-8

“GM Inform KPT-8” is a Russian thermal conductive silicon paste with a range of operating temperatures from.60 ° C to 220 ° C. The documentation says that if you use it at a temperature not lower.10 ° C, then the service life will be 10 years, at the expiration date of 3 years. Paces in syringes 3 and 5 g.

The price for a smaller capacity is 150, for large. 160