To enter the service menu of LG TV

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LG LED TV enter the service menu

To enter service menu on LG LCD TV sets is possible only from a special remote. However, the situation can be cheated. you can feed a special signal to the input of the photodetector.

The general procedure is as follows: 1. The signal itself is required. This is an audio file, you’ll find it below in the attachment. 2. Run this file in any player on your computer (standard Windows or WINap, makes no difference). Set the player into replay mode. 3. Connect to the headphone jack IFK LED. It can be extracted from any remote control (if you don’t want to buy it). If you need more power to your headphones, you can solder an LED in parallel to the PC speaker.

Next, turn on the TV and bring the LED to the window of the photo detector. If everything is done correctly, you should see a window like this:

Next, with the regular remote control, enter the password: 0413

Sound file to enter the service menu of the LCD LED TV can be downloaded from the link below. There are also descriptions of service options in the archive.

30.08.2021 Hi All. It’s been a long time since I wrote the article and now there is some new information.

With the increasing number of LG TV models, the number of options to enter the service menu has increased, to be more precise, the attached above sound file is no longer universal for all models.

Here is attached an archive with different variants of sound files, as well as variants of passwords to enter the service menu. Download from the link below. as always all for free

LG entering the service menu

All information is taken from public sources and reference documentation and is intended for professionals, dealing with TV repair.

Attention. We remind you that modern TV-set is a technically complicated product and careless intervention in the software can lead to unpredictable consequences up to the loss of device operability.

Note: On this page you can see how to enter input mode in LG CRT (CRT) TV. If you are interested in how to enter the service menu on the LG LCD you are here

LG Chinese LC863332B 52Z6, LA76810A service menu entry: MENU 8 6 3 3

Chassis 1415 top LG assembly Kazakhstan Processor TDA11106PS/V3/ Enter service: MENU 6 4 8 3 Then DISP Position selection by digital buttons 0.9 To access to M3.M9 in M2 you have to activate SET SELECT line (set value 1) POWER output

Chassis 12.4, 12.5 LG CK-20F84 To enter service mode you need a special service remote control, but you can also use the regular one. For this purpose connect pins 10 and 17 of the encoder chip in the panel.

CW62, CW62B LG 21FS6RLX, 21FS2CLX, 21FS2BLX, 21FU3RLX CPU. TDA12XXXH 1. To enter service mode you need special service panel. Press IN-START button. 2. To enter service mode: Turn on the TV in operation mode and press MENU on the TV and MENU on the remote control simultaneously. Exit OK.

CW71A LG 29FS7RNX, 29FS4RNX, 29FS6RNX, 29FU1RNX, 29FU3RNX CPU Box.LGE537-LF A6ME091999H 0826S (3.11V/4E8B) Press MENU on the remote control and MENU on the TV panel to enter service.

CW81B LG 21SB1RG-Z4, 21FU6RL chassis. LV762223 3C 1. You need a special service remote control to enter service mode. Press IN-START and MUTE button. 2. To enter service mode: Turn on the TV set in working mode and press MENU on the TV set and MENU on the remote control simultaneously simultaneously without releasing the button on the remote control and press MENU on the local keypad once again.

Chassis MC-00AA, MC-007A, MC-007B, MC-009A, MC-019A, MC-7CD, MC-8CB, MC-52A, MC-52C, MC-71A, MC-71B, MC-74A, MC-84A, MC-84B, MC-99AA, MC-99BA, MC-991A, MC-993A, MC-994A, PC-8KA, PC-53A, PC-58B, PC-73A, PC-81A, PC-81B, PC-82A, PC-99DA, PD-8TA. CT-15G92E LG CE-20F66, CE-20F66X, CE-20F86X, CE-20K48ET, CE-20K48ET, CE-21F66X, CF-21T26EX, CF-21T28ET, CE-21K46EX, CT-29K37E, CE-25Q26ET, CE-21Q26ET, CE-20J3BGX, CE-20J3BX, CE-20J3GX, CE-20J3RX, CF-21F30K, CE-21J50KX, CE-21J50K, CF14F80K, CT-21Q66KEX, CT-21Q92KEX, CP-29K40, CT-29K30E, WF-32A10S, WF-28A12T, WF-32A14T, CF-29H90TM, CF-29H30, CF-29H70, CF-29K40N, CF-20F60, CF-21F60, CF-20F80, CF-21F80, CF-14K50, CF-20K50, CF-21K50, CF-14K52E, CF-20K52E, CF-21K52E, CF-14S10E, CF-16S10E, CF-20S10E, CF-21S10E, CF21S10EX, CF-14S12E, CF-16S12E, CF-20S12E, CF-21S12E, CF-14S10X, CF-16S10X, CF-20S10X, CF-21S10X, CF-21D33E, CF-20D33, CA-14F33, CF-21D73, CF-21F33, CF-21F80, 21-K40EX, CF-21K54, CF-21S14, CF-20S14, CF-14S14, CF-21D33, CF-14F33, CF-20S32E, CF-21S32E, CT-29G24PT, CT-21G61E, CB-20A86, CI-14E20, CI-14E20F, CI-20E20F, CF-25A64DF, CF-28A64DF, CK-20F60, CK-20F60X, CK-20F80, CK-20F80X, CK-20K40X, CK-21F60, CK-21F60X, CK-21F80, CK-21F80X, CK-21K40X, CB-20T20X, KCI-20F60, KCI-20F60X, KCI-21F60X, WF-32A22DI, DI-28Z12 Processor. SDA55XFL, LG8993-08B, LG8993-09B, CXP85340, CXP85452-135S, LG8734-01E, CXP86441-509S, LG8738-05C, LG8993-13D, LG8993-37B, CXP86441-533S, LG8818-19A, LG8991-04B On dedicated service panel press SVC button. Enter service mode with your remote control by pressing both the OK button on the remote control and the OK button on the front of the set. Press and hold until SVC is displayed. Yellow button toggles through the menu options. CH- CH VOL- VOL Move through menus and change values. POWER OFF output.

Chassis MC-05HA LG 29FS4RNX Enter service mode: Turn on the TV in working mode and press MENU on the TV and MENU on the remote control simultaneously. OK output.

Chassis MC-017A LG RE-29FA33PX, RE-29FA33X, RT-29FA31PX, RT-29FB21 pro. SDA5555-A045 Press OK at the same time. on the remote control and OK. on TV. Press and hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds.

How to enter the secret service menu on LG TV

MC-022A LG CE-28H80RX chassis. VCT3834 Enter service mode by RC-5 remote control. Short out pins 1 and 11.

Chassis MC-036A LG RT-29FA51RB Press MENU at the same time. On remote control and MENU. On TV. Press and hold for 10 seconds. Press OK to save the modified settings and options. Exit OK again.

Chassis MC-049 LG 21CA65 pr. VCT49 Press MENU simultaneously. On the remote control and MENU. on TV. Hold button for about 10 seconds. Press OK to remember the changed settings and options. Exit OK again.

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Chassis MC-51A LG CF-2570, CF-2580, CF-25C44, CF-25C60, CF-25C70, CF-25C80, CF-2970, CF-2980, CF-29B20, CF-29C44, CF-29C60, CF-29C70, CF-29C80 LG8434-04C Press OK button on TV front panel and yellow button on remote control. Second alternative: Press OK button on the front panel of TV and keep it pressed and double press yellow button on remote control.

Chassis MC-51B LG CF-25C26, CF-25C36, CF-25C76, CF-29C26, CF-29C36, CF-29C76 pro LG8434-17A C69524Y 1. Press (MENU) (VOL) (PR) on the panel simultaneously (OK) memorize the changes. To switch to white balance adjustment : =i for GG, =? for RG, =x for BG. 2. 2nd way. If your remote control has the SVS button pressed for 3 seconds to enter the service menu. POWER OFF output.

Chassis MC-059A LG RT-21FB3RB-TH. LG046N 9R 57P3-E Press MENU simultaneously. on the remote control and MENU. on TV. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds. Press OK to save a menu of modified settings and options. Exit OK again.

Chassis MC-059C LG 21FS4RG-TS, 21FJ7AG, 21FS2CG, 21FS4RLX, 21FS6RG, 21FS7RG, 21FU1RG, 21FU2RG, 21FU4RLG CPU. OICTMSA007B LG046N 9R Press MENU simultaneously. on the remote control and MENU. on TV. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds. Press OK to save modified settings and options. Exit OK again. Service code: Postal: Mode FB Address 04 Command FB RCCreator: 31552074CB594A90520 To enter the options, press MENU.

Chassis MC-991A LG CF-20F89 CT-29Q10E/EN/ET/CE/, CL-29Q10ET CF-25/28 C28F pr. CXP86441 Press OK on remote control and OK on TV simultaneously. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds. POWER OFF output (TV/AV).

Chassis PC06A GS8114-01B Processor LOCK ON Deactivation: Mac Code 1123 1. MENU button 2. Press OFF button together with Shift button.

Chassis PC33B LG CB-25C20X, CB25C22X CPU GS831001A (SDA20160) Special Remote Control Input. Press and hold down the (SVC) button The remote control is built on the SAA3010 chip. Short out pins 1 and 11 TV output.

Chassis PC-58A LG CF-20F89 CT-29Q10E/EN/ET/CE/, CL-29Q10ET CF-25/28 C28F CPU. CXP86441 Press OK on remote control and OK on TV simultaneously. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds. POWER OFF output (TV/AV).

Chassis PC-81A LG CK-20F60, CK-20F60X, CK-20F80, CK-20F80X, CK-20K40X, CK-21F60, CK-21F60X, CK-21F80X, CK-21K40, CK-21K40X, CB-20T20X, KCI-20F60X, KCI-21F60X Processor. LG8818-19B (CXP86441) Press OK on the remote control and OK on the TV at the same time. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds. Yellow button toggles through the menu options. POWER OFF output (TV/AV).

Chassis PC-91A LG CKT-9745 pro. SAA1293-02 With the remote control of TV Horizon without graphic display press the SERVICE button, CH appears on the display, press again OP appears, then with the volume you select the register numbers (1-4) and use digits (1-9) to change the bits. Then press Memory. (also connect pin 15 and 23 of the SAA1250 chip in the controller). POWER OFF output.

LG 29FA5RLX CPU. TDA12021PQ/N1F00 Press MENU at the same time. On remote control and MENU. on TV. Hold down the buttons for about 10 seconds.

Models made with CCU SEL04 / SEL07A Processor Mode 1: Press screwdriver in the hole near the keyboard and press once more (S) Mode 2: Press screwdriver in the hole near the keyboard and once again (S) and press once more the. LOAD output.

LG CKT-4745 CPU. SAA1293-03, SAA1293A-03 TV remote control Horizon without graphics press the SERVICE button, the indicator will light CH, press again to display OP, then volume to select the register numbers (1-4) and numbers (1-9) to change the bits. Then press Memory. (Also connect pin 15 and pin 23 of SAA1250 chip in the controller). POWER OFF output.

Chassis MC-48A. KY-14V30, KY-20V30 Menu can be entered through a special remote control. Press the button (SVC) POWER OFF on it.

Chassis MV-031A LG KF-15FA92B pr. TDA9381PS/N2/3i0864 There are 2 jumpers with the inscription OK KEY next to the control buttons on the board. Switching them on and off hold OK on the remote control until the service menu appears.

KF-14/20V30, KF-14/20/21U30/40, KF-14/20/21U40 programs. LG877801C. In these models of monoblocks, image adjustment is done electronically. To enter the service mode, you need a special service desk (it fits all the models described above) which has an additional button “SVC”. Tapping this button puts the monoblock into service mode, where you can adjust the picture by following the on-screen menu. In urgent cases if there is no special service remote control, you can use your own monoblock’s remote control. Each of these units has a hidden button for entering the service mode. To get access to it you either need to take it apart or carefully bend back the plastic self-adhesive sticker. Location of “SVC” button differs for each model. KF-14/20/21U40 hidden in the bottom row, rightmost button. For KF-14/20V30 left middle hidden button in the bottom row. For KF-14/20/21U30 there is a second button hidden in the bottom row from right to left. Also, it should be mentioned that all remotes of the specified models are interchangeable. POWER OFF output

Monoblock: KF-15FA9S CPU. LG899606A. Entering the service mode for this chassis On the control board, on the side of the pushbutton station R58 terminal is signal, simultaneously press the button (OK) RC panel after entering the connection with the ground can be removed. Suitable for KF-15-20-21Pxx series monoblocks POWER OFF output

Proc. uPD790066F-384, TDA9381PS/N2/3/0749 To enter the menu, put the TV in standby mode and press (DISPLAY) (MENU) (MUTE) (POWER-ON)

CPU. TDA9381PS/N2/3/ UOC FM OSD, TDA9381PS/N2/3/0533 OICTMPH007A, TDA9381PS/N2/3/0697 OICTMPH005B, TDA9381PS/N2/3/0701 OICTMPH007B, TDA9381PS/N2/3/0702 OICTMPH010A TDA9381PS/N2/3i0774 OICTMPH009C, TDA9381PS/N2/3i0774 OICTMPH010C, TDA9381PS/N2/3i0838 OICTMPH005C, TDA9381PS/N2/3i0864 OICTMPH016A, TDA9381PS/N2/4i0793 OICTMPH010A OkOk _10sec (Child lock).Off)

How to turn on LG TV without remote control

Remote control TV or as it is often called, just a remote control device that allows you to change programs, adjust the sound and other settings without leaving your couch, a very useful thing. And although the first TVs with remote controls appeared in our country in the early 90s, today they are so much a part of everyday life that many do not know how to do without the remote control. Nevertheless, manufacturers of modern models of TVs have provided for this possibility, so any LG TV is easy to turn on or adjust manually.

If the batteries in your remote control ran out, or you can not find it, or the remote control is broken, then you can still use your LG TV: turn on and adjust all functions, to the fullest extent.

It is worth noting that if on older TVs all the buttons were placed on the front panel and were quite large and easy to use, on modern models of LG TVs they are located at the back or on the bottom panel to maximize the functional surface of the screen.

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Button placement can vary from model to model and is described in detail in the user manual for the TV. You will need a section Operation and functions, which schematically shows the location of all the function buttons, as well as a detailed description of which of them is responsible for what.

What are the icons on your LG TV?

All televisions have standard icons, pictograms for the function buttons, which are very easy to understand.

The TV remembers the last channel you watched on it last time, so the next time you turn it on, the demonstration will start on it. Some models have a default channel selection function, you can select and activate it in the TV settings.

LG TVs Service Menu Access| How To Open Service Menu On All LG TV and LCD TV

Another way to control LG TV without a remote control is to use your smartphone instead. This feature is supported on TVs released after 2012. The TV must support these options:

  • the ability to connect via Ethernet (local area network),
  • The ability to connect Wi-Fi,
  • Remote control option,
  • Smart TV or Internet TV option.

On your smartphone, you’ll need to install the LG TV Remote app. It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Each TV has a service menu, which can be used to change the parameters of the device. This is an advanced mode and is quite different from the usual screen with a set of settings for each user. With the help of the built-in system more serious changes in the TV device.

To use it you need to use a special remote control. It must come with the device. Otherwise you have to buy it additionally. There is a nuance. a universal remote control is not suitable, and therefore it is necessary to pick up a variant, according to the brand of existing TV.

Using the special menu of TVs with properties different from the standard, the literate user can make his TV a real home theater.

In the service menu of the Samsung TV (or any other) can be changed:

  • Spectrum of the image. Usually change these settings to restore the normal picture, which for various reasons can be disrupted. For example, the picture will become too red or green.
  • Screen Settings. From a special window, the image position can be expanded or narrowed. This feature also helps to solve the problem if the settings are accidentally knocked down and the picture becomes cropped at the top, bottom or side.
  • Sound. If the user is not happy with how the sound bar reacts to key presses (lowers or increases too much/weakensely), this can be changed in the menu. As a result, even with the volume turned up to the highest setting, the sound is practically inaudible. You can adjust the settings the way you like them. Through the menu you can add various effects. ECHO, enhance acoustics.
  • You also get the ability to change the TV’s built-in features.

After reading the service menu description, you can determine whether or not a normal user needs to enter it.

Register an account

The registration process is complete, which will now allow you to fully use your LG TV.

Press the Home button on the remote control and select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to General (General) Reset to Initial Settings. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Set TV to Standby mode, turn off TV with remote control, then successively press buttons on remote control: “Info, Menu, Mute, Power”, then TV will turn on and display the service menu.

How to enter the Service Menu of LG TV

LG Smart TV service remote control

The service menu on the TV can be necessary to return the user to the factory characteristics. Similar manipulations are needed when the technique begins to work choppy, hangs or otherwise malfunctions. Rarely do people know how to enter the service menu of LG TV, the following will be considered this process very carefully.

Depending on the specific model of TV, logging into the engineering or service menu can vary slightly, despite this highlight the main points is an option. Let’s begin with the elite, this method is suitable to do our client television LG with Smart TV function.

Go into options with the remote control, this is an option by pressing the “menu” or otherwise speaking “setting”. In the menu find in this section “settings” and here the “factory settings”. Here you will be available to restore and reset all the characteristics that permits you to return the TV operating system to its original state. If you set yourself precisely this problem, in other words, resetting options, then it remains to do our client that you need to know.

How to enter the service menu of LG SmartTVs ?

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How to enter the secret service menu on LG TV

For most will be news that most TVs there is an additional, service remote, which at this time does not work only in this mode. To find such a remote in the box with the TV can not, as well as buy it separately in a store appliances. A similar device can be found exclusively in the car service LG, it is in the arsenal of craftsmen.

If you did manage to get such a remote, then, before you change any values or settings in the TV, it is recommended to record them or take a picture on his cell phone, because you can hurt the TV, and the data will need to correct the situation.

It is considered the next, more accessible method to visit the service menu of the TV, for this purpose will need a cell phone with infrared port. On phones with Android install a special application, Smart IR Remote, activate it and put it in the appropriate mode, directing it to the TV. Subsequently, control the service menu will be available with a normal P / U.

In any case, be very careful when changing the characteristics in the service menu, without special knowledge is an option to break the technique.

How To Enter LG TV Service Menu Code || LG TV Secret Menu Code || LED TV Hard Reset Easy Method

Will be able to ask a question to craftsmen of our service center by calling on the phone, or by writing your own question on the form of communication with customers.

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LG TV repair in 1 day

Order the repair in the service provided, and get a working device on the same day, with up to 1 year warranty

Find out a clear time and price to repair

How to register LG TV in Smart TV

Almost all modern models of LG TV sets are equipped with the Smart TV option (Smart TV) technology to support the Internet and various interactive services, which greatly enhances the functionality of the TV and makes it possible not only to view programs, movies and serials received via TV antenna or satellite, but also to access content on the Internet, as well as install various applications (including social networks), games and widgets.

In addition, Smart TV makes it easy to control the TV: switch programs, zoom in and out using your smartphone, gestures or even your voice (availability of these features varies depending on the TV model).

To enjoy the rich functionality of Smart TV you need to connect your LG TV to the Internet and register it in Smart TV.

Smart TV function implemented in televisions using the operating system. In LG brand models it’s specially designed for smart TVs WebOS.

In addition to the ability to connect your TV to the Internet (basic to Smart TV), LG Smart TV manufacturers have developed several other useful and convenient features for owners.

  • Smart Share function allows you to connect your home devices into a local network and view content from your smartphone or tablet on your TV.
  • Weather forecast. A special widget that displays the weather directly on your TV screen (you can customize the widget’s options to see only the data you are interested in: temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, etc.).д).
  • Internet Photo. Picasa lets you store photos online, share them with your friends who are registered to Picasa, and view them.
  • YouTube. A handy widget to use the service.
  • vTuner. Widget for internet radio.
  • VoD service. Widget for watching videos directly from streaming services on the Internet (foreign Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.).д., as well as Russian Amediateka,, Okko, etc.д.)
  • Social Service. Features for using social networks.
  • Browser for surfing the Internet.
  • LG Apps. The official store with LG Smart TV apps.

Register your TV LG в Smart TVStep-by-step instruction

All functions of Smart TV will be available after the registration procedure. It’s very simple to do. To do this you need to register on the website of LG Content Store manufacturer:

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Select the Settings section (Gear icon).
  • Press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen, select General, and under Create Account.
  • Once you’ve read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. Login your email address.
  • Enter your date of birth in the appropriate field. This is a required field, as some services and options may not be available to users under 18 years of age.
  • Press OK to confirm your actions.
  • Log in to your mailbox and confirm your registration.
  • Press the Exit button on the remote control, then press the Home button and return to the Home page.
  • Click Sign in at the top right corner.
  • Log in to your personal area to enjoy LG Smart TV functions.
  • To avoid having to enter your username and password every time you log in, don’t forget to check the Stay in the system box.

Important: To avoid problems when logging into LG Smart TV (for example: ME error.003.02 incorrect password) note that your email domain must match the selected region in the TV. If your TV is registered in Russia, it has an extension.Go to.

You can edit and modify your profile. To do this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Advanced Settings.
  • Find General section, then select Account Management.
  • Under My Account, you can view your personal information and make changes. For example, change your username and password.
  • Remember to save your changes.

If you forgot your LG Smart TV login and/or password, you can restore your LG Smart TV account information. To do this, go to the Sign in menu (see the instructions on how to do this). above), enter the data that you remember, and then if there is an authorization error, click Restore access. Follow the instructions you receive to the email address you entered.

Important: In the newest versions of LG Smart TV you can reset your password only via LG Service Center.

How to enter the service menu with a standard remote control?

You can’t access the full range of service options with a standard remote control. But even without the help of a special remote control it is possible to do, for example, a reset to the initial settings.

The entry to this menu may slightly differ depending on the specific TV model, but the main general points can still be highlighted.

This method is applicable to all LG Smart TVs:

Use the standard remote (remote control) to enter the settings by pressing the “Menu” or “Setting” button (translated as “settings” and sometimes the button shows the familiar gear).

Find and open the “Settings” item and then the “Factory settings” subsection. Here you can restore and reset all the parameters, which will reset the TB back to the initial state. That’s all you need to know to do a task like this.

If you can’t find the special remote control, and you need to enter the service settings for other reasons, you can use this complicated method:

  • Take and carefully disassemble any usual remote control (you can find it at home from an old TB or ask an unwanted one from your friends).
  • Put the wires separately on each leg of the IR diode, and connect the other ends to the output of the music center or the active speaker of the computer.
  • Download this archive here Run the music file from the downloaded folder which corresponds to your service menu.
  • Bring the diode up to the TB and gradually increase the volume on the speakers until the TB screen shows a window to enter the password to open the service menu.

Video instruction for this method (example shown on an LG 32LD420 TB):