To restore the password of e-mail by phone number

How to restore the e-mail if I forgot the login or the password

In the process of creating a mailbox, additional contact information is specified: phone number, another mailbox and the answer to the control question. This information will be required to identify the user in case of password reset.

By phone number

It should be noted that only those users who specified their phone number when registering can restore their email. If the cell phone number wasn’t attached to the mailbox, the user won’t see a link to such a recovery method.

Let’s consider in detail, how to restore e-mail, using the phone number on a popular service After unsuccessful attempt to authorize will appear the link “Forgot your password. You need to follow this link to the page to restore access.

The user will need to provide a password, phone number and the code from the picture.

In a few seconds an SMS with a code will be sent to the specified number. The last one should be entered into the form on the page. The user will need to immediately think up a new password for the mailbox.

After that the access to the mailbox will be restored.

The same way you can restore Yandex mail. ru. On the search engine page, click on the question mark in the password entry field. The page to restore access will appear. Enter login and symbols from captcha. In the next window you will need to enter the 10 digits of the number, which was previously tied to your mailbox, and click “Get code”. You will receive a message on your phone, which you must enter in the line of the form. After you reset the data, the system will offer you to enter a new password.

To have possibility quickly to restore mail by the phone number, it is necessary to specify the valid number in the settings of e-mail in the section of personal data. Within 5 minutes a confirmation code will be sent to it. It should be entered in the corresponding field. That way the phone number will be verified and the user will have the opportunity to use it to restore access.

Without a phone number

The user may forget not only his password but also his email login. What to do if this happens?

  • In most cases one browser is used for the Internet. When visiting a new page for the first time, a message box appears with the message “Please remember data”. Most users confirm the request. In such a situation, if the username is lost, it is enough to click on the empty box for entering the address, and a list of logins that are used on PC will be displayed. To use such a scheme is possible if at the end of the previous session the browser data were not cleared.
  • Usually the same mailbox is used for registration in different services, social networks. For example, in e-mail often replaces the login. To restore the mail, you need to go to VK and in the settings to see the name of the mailbox. For security reasons, the login is not displayed in full, but only the first few letters. Even this information may be enough to restore the name of a frequently used mailbox.
  • Today on cell phones are also installed mail clients. If it was not possible to open the mailbox on a PC, you can see its name in the account on the Android OS or in the mail client on your smartphone.
  • In order not to engage in email recovery it is best to use a single mailbox. In this case, there is a chance that it will be full of spam (unnecessary advertising information). If the need arises to have several e-mail accounts, logins and passwords to them should be kept in writing in a separate notebook.

What to do if the mail is hacked

Very often you can’t access your inbox because it has been hacked. And this applies even to those who have nothing of value there.

It happens, a person has only just registered his mail, has not yet had time to send a letter to anyone, and the box has already been hacked. It happens for a variety of reasons: too easy password, viruses, spyware and more.

If this happened to you, then when you try to restore access, you will see a message like this:

The situation is sad, because in this case it is more difficult to regain access to the mailbox. But do not despair, and enter your cell phone number and the code from the picture. You receive an SMS-message with a digital code which you are to enter in an additional box.

Fill it very carefully. Often after that another, more detailed questionnaire appears.

Also fill it out very carefully. If you can not answer some questions, skip them.

Pay attention to the “How can we contact you” field. Here it is necessary to specify a different address for your e-mail. If it is not there, you have to open it. You can do it for free on Yandex or Google.

After submitting a completed questionnaire we get a message like this:

Now patiently await decision on our question. It will come to the specified in this questionnaire e-mail box.

As a rule, the answer comes within a few days. For me, for example, it came the next day, and it was a Sunday.

If your information is correct, you’ll get an email like this

You just need to follow the link and enter a new password.

If your application is denied (which may be due to an incorrectly completed form), try the procedure again with different assumed details.

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Restoring the password from the mail

Unfortunately, no one is immune to hacking and mailbox theft. It’s possible, if someone recognizes your data you use to enter your account. In that case, you can get your email back by simply restoring your password. Plus, you might need this information if you just forgot it.

Recovering a password from email

Everyone has email. over, users often have several mailboxes on different web services at the same time. But it is not uncommon that many of them forget the password they created at registration, and then it becomes necessary to restore it.


Another domestic search engine that allows you to create an email account. In comparison with the previous one, there are more options to return the access, let’s consider each of them in detail.

With a confirmed phone number:

  • If the previous option failed to restore access, click “Other recovery method”;
  • Enter the address of an additional e-mail and click “Get code”;
  • a message is sent to the backup mailbox with the necessary information.
  • if the previous option also failed, select “Other way” again;
  • Then a new window will open, prompting the user to enter the answer to the security question you specified during registration;
  • after entering, if everything was specified correctly, a form to change the password will appear.

Features of WebGL technology and how to enable it in browsers

Contact Technical Support:

  • If the user forgot the login from Yandex mail or does not remember any of the above, in this case you must contact technical support;
  • click on “I can’t restore” and a questionnaire will open, where you need to fill in all the basic fields;
  • send the form and in the case of a successful check, the user will be prompted to return access to the account.

Password recovery through support service

In case nothing helps, there is another way to restore the password.

To begin with we need another mail box on It is possible to register a new or to ask from the person whom you trust. If you have a Mailbox, do the following:

In the text of the letter you should write about when access was lost, tell that the mail was hacked, and ask for the package of documents that is needed to restore it. Do not forget to specify the full address of the box.

You will soon receive a reply telling you what information you need to provide.

If the box you have registered to your real data, then you can report it, and perhaps you can get by with just a passport photo or a birth certificate.

In the event that the data is fake, then you will need to provide as much information about the mailbox, namely:

  • Personal settings (filters, etc.).
  • Self-created folders.
  • Recent incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Data indicated at registration (name, surname, date of birth, etc.).).
  • The answer to the secret question (if you changed it, all the secret questions and the answers to them).
  • Your previous passwords (all that you remember).

How to recover gmail ID password without phone number and recovery email|Reset gmail account passwor

Tip. When communicating with the Mail support service write very detailed letters, providing maximum information. Be very polite: don’t accuse or be rude about anything!

If you will manage to prove that it is your mail box, in the near future will come the notification about it, and then the link to change the password (it will work for 72 hours).

How to recover a password from mail in Mail?

First, let’s understand where can see the name of the mailbox that you have registered. This method necessarily requires prior authorization in the mail and after the last authorization you should not have cleared the saved data in the browser.

So, if you need to know your email address on the site. it is enough to go to the main page of this site and look in the upper right corner:

restore, password, e-mail, phone

You can also see your mailbox in the left corner, under the site logo:

See? Then copy the name and save it in a text document or on your phone in the SMS draft.

How to restore the mailbox via technical support

If none of the above methods helped to restore access to your mailbox, you should contact the tech support service for help. This method will unblock access only in case of full data verification. Steps for restoring the password through technical support:

  • On the Yandex website find the “Feedback” button (it is located at the bottom of the screen).
  • After that follow the instructions of the operator, who will supervise the procedure.
  • To resume access, you will need to provide scans of documents, questionnaire data, which were specified during registration.

Unfortunately, did not provide the opportunity to restore the forgotten login. And even the fact that you tied your account to your phone number when you registered won’t help you regain access to your mailbox. So if you are faced with such a situation, try to do the following.

Contact your friends

Register a new mailbox, no matter what kind. Then remember who you have recently written messages to. Write to these people and ask them to send you the address from which you sent the mail.

Check the sites you have used to register

You can also try to remember what services you used to register with this address and look in your personal cabinet. Chances are the form will tell you which email you used when you signed up.

Saved password in your browser

The last variant check if you may have saved your e-mail password in your browser. Since you always keep your username and not just your username, you should be able to see them both. The detailed instruction on viewing a password and, accordingly, a login, in all popular web browsers you will find in articles at the links below simply click on the name of that browser which you use and where you save the data for logging on to sites.

That’s all. We hope you can regain access to your email from And if you don’t, then don’t get upset. Sign up again and contact your friends with the new mail.

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How to recover email. if you don’t remember your password or login

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Hello Lena. Restore your mail of course we can not, as it is not in our power. You should contact technical support Explain the situation, give them all the information available on your account. Perhaps they can help you restore it.

Hello, where can I find technical support?”. ?

Hello Lena. Here is a link to their support page:

But first, you should try to use the recommendations from the article above to restore your login.

There is also a help page where you can ask your question, but the problem is that there you must first log in, and if you do not know your mailbox, it will not work. As an option, you can create another box and write from it about the address with which problems.

Is there such a method of finding the login of your mailbox in case you have forgotten. as a method of usual search in Yandex for example in a search engine you type the approximate nickname of your mail. and the search engine gives you similar registrations.

Hello. Login can be found out by any of the methods proposed in the article, there are no other solutions. The password, if saved, can be found in your browser and/or Google and Apple ID accounts, obviously only if they have been used. This was explained in more detail in separate instructions on our website applicable to computer and mobile devices.

If you can not find out these data in this way, you will need to restore the password, or rather reset and create a new one, but this is possible only if you know the login from your email and have access to a backup mail address and / or phone number listed in your account About how to do all this, we have also written earlier.

What to do if you want to create an account and do not know your login and e-mail.

Hello. If you want to create an account, then both the username and password need to come up with your own.

How do I know my email password

Use method 3 of this article it allows you to view passwords, provided you have ever saved them in your browser. Either perform its recovery. the link to reset your password you will find at the beginning of this article, after the introduction.

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Hello. From the phone you can find out if you have logged into the mail account (in the browser or through an application ). All actual ways to get a login are listed in the article.

hello.Registered my email for the game.Forgot my username and can not log in.there should not be any mail there except for the game.Can someone help restore ?

Hello. All possible and working ways of restoration, to be exact, recognizing a login from the mail are described in this article.

To log in to suggested to write login / cat.initially did not give / and the password.passwordwritten.And then they started mocking with the spelling of characters. What to do next

Hello! I have an instagram account registered to a mailbox The name of this box I can not remember and the password too Help please)

I remember the beginning of the letters of the login how to find the login??Thanks in advance.

Since Mail ru does not provide such information for its users and you can not appeal to technical support with a request for help, you can only rely on yourself in the article above considered 3 available ways to find out your login: ask your friends about your email address, if you corresponded with them; look at the security and privacy settings of sites where you were registered with this email usually there is always prescribed full mail address; look in your browser list of saved passwords, along with which you always display a login. Method 3 is the most convenient and easy. We added links to the article with instructions on how to view passwords and logins in different browsers, you can read.

I forgot the login e-mail, which I registered yesterday. It is possible to restore by a phone number?

Olga, hello. There is no such possibility. All available ways to restore the login discussed in this article, no other options do not.

I have a problem with cloud mail. ru. I lost my phone. restored the mail. I have a problem with the cloud. I can’t remember my login

I did not correspond with anyone. did not register. What I have is a linked number

I did not write to my friends and my phone is on factory settings

1) No friends 2) There is a site which entrance demands mail and mail I do not remember 3) saved in a browser of the computer and the computer is broken

I did a reset, I remember the password from the mail no, no friends in it

Post your question here in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we’ll be sure to answer it. If you are interested in how to find out your email username. just read this article it gives an answer to this question.

What should I do if I don’t have friends but I really need them

I can not use your advice because.I can’t use your advice since all the usernames and passwords were recorded on a different work device.I can’t find out my username at the moment.

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I want to find out my old agent login

I forgot my userid from the mail mail and there are no friends with whom I wrote, but there is a number which is tied to what to do me?

I cleared the history of the browser is not saved my mail do not remember

How to recover access if you didn’t know the password before?

Hello! How to hack or help me hack my cloud, my husband uploaded there everything to restore the phone to the new factory settings, and could not remember either username or password, and the kids played and deleted the application, please help me very much, can only remember the number

That’s where my kids have been since birth my whole life.

Forgot my email and the end of the few characters @ number is tied to the mail, but how do I know it, there is even a tie to the supplementary mail!Help Help very much

My number is linked to a mileshare account but I don’t know which one? What do I do?

Hello, I need to know the username from my mail to restore the phone. I have a number from my email account

i have crashed my laptop there was a mail i do not remember but the number what to do please help

i created it on windows 7 now windows 10 i created it for a game i never corresponded with forgot my login and password

Hello. Have you tried the steps in the guide below? If not try it first of all. If you have forgotten all data from mail, it is necessary to try to contact technical support to prove your right to the mail it will be difficult without any data, but it is necessary to try.

Hello! The problem is this. I can not log into instagram, says suspicious activity, and gives a message that the code was sent to the following address ya@m.I approximately remembered my login, tried to find a password that I always use, none of them came up. I tried to restore the password, there and answered a code word and wrote presumable passwords and the data, but I was thrown to the following series of questions, what folders were with whom I corresponded and so on, yes I already do not remember, we created these mails more than 5 years ago at a computer science lesson, I already do not remember what folders I had and with whom I corresponded. But it is important for me to restore access to the mail. Please help me, please

Victoria, hello. Unfortunately, no one can help you with this issue, except for the company’s technical support specialists You should contact them. How to do this is described in detail in a separate guide.

They refuse to help me, they say they can not tell me the email address of Instagram, also does not give me answers. I offered to take a picture with my passport to prove to them that it’s really me. But the answer will be no

Victoria, in this case, try to reach the specialists of Instagram technical support. Explain the situation, say that access to the mail is lost. If you can prove that the account really belongs to you (from what IP you entered, when and to whom last time you wrote, etc.).д.), they might try to meet you halfway.

I forgot my email username and password, but it’s tied to my phone number, it’s on, we can’t restore my Instagram account, please help

Temirlan, hello. At the very beginning of this guide, there is a link to an article that describes in detail how to recover your password. Tell us if you used it?

well this sucks mails can not restore access in case of loss of login so to say ( well i forgot) and that all yo u just friends help ay u hoo hoo

do not remember the username do not remember the phone number erased browser there is a password there is a username do not remember

I registered my email in order to write Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Paid, wrote once and forgot my login. Now I am periodically charged. How do I stop this outrage.

Igor, hello. What did you pay for?? For registering mail? It’s free. Or for using the site where you left the comment? In this case, please contact their technical support and describe the problem in detail. Plus, you should go to your personal account on this site, see the connected paid services and cancel them if possible; if not, again, contact Support. The company. Whose service is discussed in this article has exactly nothing to do with your problem.

I paid for the right to leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There is a news section on it, and after you read it, you can leave a comment. For the right to leave a comment you must pay a subscription. I paid for it. I commented on a news story once and that was it. I am now being charged weekly for my subscription. I forgot my username. How do I unsubscribe? I explained it clearly?

Igor, everything is clear and the answer to your question in this case is obvious in order to unsubscribe from the opportunity to leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев you need to know your username and password from the mail. because the payment data is linked to the account (mail) in the service. This article tells you how to find out your login, there are no other solutions, because even if you contact Support, you still need some way to prove that the email you’ve subscribed to belongs to you. Obviously, if you don’t know its address/login, you can’t do that.

As an option, you can try to disable Internet payments on the card or set a limit of less than the amount to write off (although it is minimal), but in this way you basically will not be able to pay anything online with this card.

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