Transfer an app from Android to Android

The easiest way to transfer apps from phone to phone

The easiest way to transfer any data from one phone to another is to use an application called “Dr. Fone”. With this program you can transfer data from one mobile device to another very quickly. However, before you can use this application you need to install it on your personal computer.

The program is compatible with all available operating systems: iOS, Windows Mobile, Android and others. Using this app, the user will be able to send photos, videos, apps and other data from one phone to another.

You can import the application as follows:

  • First, the user must download the application to his computer. This can be done from the official site;
  • Next, you need to install the program, following the instructions;
  • Now you need to connect two mobile devices to a personal computer with a wire;
  • As soon as the phones are detected by the computer system, you can start the application;
  • At this stage, you need to select the “Switch” section, which is located in the tool menu;
  • After that, a menu should open, showing the two connected devices. One of them should be in “Source” status, it will be the source, and the other “Destination”, it is the gadget where the applications will be copied to. If necessary, they can be swapped by clicking on the “Flip” button;
  • At this stage it is necessary to select the type of files that will be sent to the receiving device. You need to check the box “Apps” to transfer the apps;
  • To send the selected files you need to click on the “Start Transfer” button;


The owner of the gadget can also check the “Clear data before copy” option, if necessary. This function will erase all files from the receiving phone.

You need to wait for the process to complete.

As you may have noticed, this program allows you to import any files from one gadget to another very quickly. What’s more, thanks to its very simple interface, anyone can do it.

The easiest way to transfer app data to a new phone

Transferring app data, like videos, pictures, etc., to your new Android phone. Д., Can take hours of your precious time. So you need a powerful Android data transfer tool like Aiseesoft MobieSync.

  • Transfer all app data from one Android to another quickly.
  • Preview the data on the original phone for selective transfer.
  • Keep the original state of your application data during synchronization.
  • Rely on hardware acceleration to speed up the process.
  • Supports all Android devices from LG, Samsung, Google and others.

In short, this is the best option for transferring app data from Android to Android without losing data.

How to transfer app data to a new Android

Connect two phonesConnect old and new phones to your computer using USB cables. Enable USB Debugging Mode on two devices. Then install the best data transfer app for Android and launch it. Then it will detect your phones right away.

Note: Application data transfer between iOS and Android is available.

Preview data on your old phoneSelect source phone from the drop-down list at the top of the window. Then all application data will be displayed. You can view them by type. To preview your photos, for example, go to the Photo Tab from the left column. You can now check your photos to transfer to your new phone.

Transfer app data to the new phoneAfter selecting app data, click the Phone to Link icon on the top menu bar and select the new phone. The app data will then be merged with the existing data on your new device.

Restore data to the new smartphone

If your new smartphone is not activated

Turn on your new smartphone and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. Choose a language and region and connect to the Network.

The wizard prompts you to transfer your data to the new smartphone. Click “Next” and select the “Copy from cloud storage” option.

Enter your Google account username and password and accept the license agreement.

Select the desired backup from the list and, if necessary, enter the password from the old smartphone. Specify what you want to reset and hit “Restore.

Continue to follow the instructions of the wizard. The restore will be performed in the background.

When the setup of the new smartphone is finished, wait for 10 minutes: Android will install all the applications from the old device.

If your new smartphone is activated

Let’s assume that your smartphone is already turned on. For example, the consultant in the store showed you how it works. You have two options in this case.

Go to “Settings” → “System” → “Advanced Settings” → “Reset Settings”. If there is no “Advanced Settings” option, select “Reset Settings” directly in the “System” menu.

Select “Delete all data” → “Reset phone settings. Wait for your device to reboot.

Now follow all the steps from the previous instruction with the setup wizard.

If you do not want to reset anything, open “Settings” → “Accounts” (or “Users and Accounts” or “Synchronization”). Click the “Add Account” button at the bottom of the screen. Choose the type of Google account you have.

Enter your smartphone password, if necessary, and follow the instructions on the screen. You will have to enter your email address and password for your Google account.

Under “Settings” → “Accounts” select the added Google account. Tap on it.

Make sure that all desired data types are checked. If it’s not there somewhere, put it in.

Click “” → “Sync”. Wait for the sync to complete. This will transfer your contacts, mail, and calendar to your new smartphone, but not your apps.

To copy them, open Google Play and click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left. Open “My apps and games”.

Go to the “Library” tab and install your apps manually.

Transfer photos and videos to your new smartphone

The easiest way to do this is with the Google Photos app. Run it on your old smartphone. Go to “Settings” → “Autoloading and synchronization” and make sure the option is enabled. Then wait a little while for the download to finish.

Now all your photos and videos taken will be uploaded to the cloud, and you can view them on your new smartphone via “Google Photos”.

If you don’t mind storing your photos in a compressed (but still good enough) form, you don’t even have to pay for them: you’ll be given unlimited storage space in the cloud. Otherwise you will have to buy a subscription to the service.

Transferring data via Google

The service will easily move your notes, phone calls, contacts, music, photos and videos, search history to your new phone.

How to transfer your data via your Google Account:

In the “Settings” of your old device, select “Accounts” 2. Enter your Google account and click “Sync”. There should be check marks next to the materials, so that they will be downloaded to the new device 3. Add a Google account on your new phone. 4. Select “” and then click “Sync”.

Now the desired files and information will be displayed on the new Android device. Operation takes on average 5 to 10 minutes.

The user is required to have a Google account. If it is not available, sign up for a Google account:

After registration, you can copy all the information from one smartphone to another in a few clicks.

How to transfer data to Samsung from an Android smartphone

If your new phone from Samsung, then it supports a special application Smart Smitch, available for download from Google Play.

When you open Smart Smitch on your phone, the user is offered 3 options for data transfer: wireless, USB cable and external storage. Let’s review the easiest one. the first one.

To connect wirelessly, you need:

Then select “Wireless” “Get” “Android”;

Install and open Smart Switch on the old device;

Choose “Wireless”, specify the necessary data and click “Send”.

From Huawei phone to Android smartphone

Like Samsung, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has created a special program “Phone Clone” to quickly transfer materials between smartphones.

First, download the application and run it on the two devices;

Open “Phone Clone” on the new phone;

Tap “This is a new phone (send)” to activate the WI-FI connection;

Open the app from the old phone;

Click “This is the old phone.”. In the opened window of detection of the new device enter the WI-FI network password and connect to the new phone.

Specify the information to transfer to the new phone and wait for the operation to complete.

Transfer data manually

To download content from older Android phones, the above options may not work. The device will not have the ability to install them.

You can transfer data in an outdated but no less reliable way:

Via USB cable

A suitable option for those who are afraid that the personal data can get into the network.

  • Connect the old phone to your computer
  • Select “transfer files” on your phone
  • Copy the necessary information (contacts, photos and videos, files) to your computer
  • Disconnect the old device to connect the new one
  • Transfer the copied content

Via Micro SD card

  • Open “Explorer” on your old smartphone;
  • Choose the files to transfer
  • Click on “Copy to card”
  • Remove the Micro SD and insert it into your new phone.

Via Bluetooth / NFC

  • On both gadgets, turn on Bluetooth or NFC under “Wireless Networks
  • Activate Android Beam
  • Place the devices a short distance away from each other
  • On your old phone, specify the files you want to transfer and press “transfer”.

Please note that Bluetooth can not transfer text messages, contacts, call history or applications.

Technological development moves towards easy and fast solutions for comfortable transition between the phones. Use any of the transfer options that work for you, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort “settling in” on a new phone. Otherwise you risk losing data or transferring files between devices in an unsafe manner.

With Titanium Backup (ROOT)

To transfer the game save to Android from a second smartphone, the user will need administrator rights. Obtaining such rights will remove the device from the warranty period, so do not use this method when the device is under warranty. The user needs to install certain software which is freely available on Google Play or on the Internet.

1 program. ES-conductor. The software can be downloaded through Google Play, and it only needs to be installed on the smartphone from which the game application is transferred. The main thing you will need from this program is to open the tab “Tools”, make the switch “Root Explorer” active and confirm the manipulation.

It is extremely important to remember that before you transfer a game app with progress to the Android memory card to a second smartphone, you must update the game on Google Play to a new version, so that then there will not be any complications. Then you need to install 2 applications:

The first software will save the application and use it to restore the game to its original state. However, since such an application is paid and free analogues do not exist, the user will need another program that extends the functionality of the software demo to the full.

How to enable password synchronization on Android

Since the update has just been released, it is highly likely that the account synchronization tool may not be available on all devices. So if you don’t see it in your settings, just wait. usually within 3-5 days the update gets to everyone.

If there is no synchronization function, you should wait for an update

Synchronization of credentials between two or more devices is done thanks to a shared account. So. I think it’s logical. that you have to use the same Google account on both gadgets. But that’s not all. For everything to work as it should, you need to activate the synchronization function on all devices you use. However, it is possible that one device will already be updated with the tool, but the other one will not be yet. Then just wait. There is no other way out of this situation.

How to make a backup on Android

First, make sure that the backup service is available on your current phone.

  • Open Settings from the home screen of your device.
  • Go to Restore and reset.
  • Turn Data Copying to On.
  • Check if the Google backup account you specified is the right one to save the backup to.
  • Set AutoRestore to On to restore settings and data when you reinstall apps.

Now that you’ve enabled the backup service on Android, your system settings and app data will be automatically saved to Google Drive. When you move to a new phone, you can use this service to restore your settings, apps, and their data.

The option to restore apps and settings is available on all modern phones running Android 6.0 and later versions, although there are a few exceptions. For example Xiaomi phones, they do not offer recovery from Google account at all. The fact that the MIUI firmware, used in Xiaomi smartphones, has its own backup system. Mi Cloud.

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