Transferring WhatsApp from Android to Android

WhatsApp messaging guides from iPhone to Android

Every time Samsung releases a new flagship smartphone, some people switch from iOS to Android and look for a way to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. So does the shift when Apple releases a new iPhone.

Today, WhatsApp has become the primary social network and communication channel between millennials and other generations. Many people use it to keep in touch with friends, family and partners around the world. Unlike and Instagram, WhatsApp saves chats on your smartphone locally, but not in your account. That’s why people want to know how to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone. Fortunately, you can find several ways in this post.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using email

Creating backups involves saving all the messenger data in its entirety. But if you need to transfer not all but the actual correspondence to your new iPhone, you should use another function. It involves transferring text and media files through the use of email. To implement this method, you will need a registered account and a valid mailbox (or better two).

So, to send data from Android device to iPhone you need to perform several actions.

  • Run the messenger WhatsApp on your old smartphone and click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots.
  • Select and go to “Settings” and then to the “Chats” tab.
  • At the very bottom of the page select the “Chat history” category.
  • From the list of available operations, click “Export chat” and then check dialogs that you want to transfer to your new device.
  • When the message “Adding media files will increase the size of the exported chat” appears, you will need to select one of two options: Agree or Reject. Note that it will take longer to send media content.
  • When the window with dialog sending options appears, you will need to select the addressee. If the recipient is a stranger or a substitute e-mail address, select the “New Message” option. To send a message to the same box from which it was sent, you will need to select “Mail to myself. In the input field write the text and click “Send”.
  • Now you need to turn on your new iPhone, and enter your email account. Among the contents of the box should appear a new email with a WhatsApp chat attached.
  • To restore them, you should launch the messenger, go to “Settings” and select the function of the same name.

This option of transferring messenger data is simple, but has a number of significant drawbacks. First, only one chat can be sent within an e-mail, so transferring a large number of contacts can be time-consuming. Secondly, despite the possibility of transferring text and media files from Android to iPhone, you will not be able to synchronize them with the apple gadget.

Transferring WhatsApp data from Android to another Android using local backup

One of the answers on how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android. Use local backup. The so-called “donkey-work” method. Is the use of email, in which you must send each chat by email to each contact, and there is no way to do this in bulk. So, local WhatsApp backup. A better option than this. Let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to Android using WhatsApp backup. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android.

Back up all your WhatsApp data on your old Android phone. Just go to Settings Chat Settings. Now select the Email Chat option from the drop down list.

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whatsapp chat history

Transferring WhatsApp chats within the platform

When the WhatsApp user changes smartphone, but remains on the former operating system (Android Android or iOS iOS iOS), he will have the opportunity to transfer to the new device without any hassle correspondence history and other data saved in the messenger.

Files containing WhatsApp correspondence history are stored locally. in the memory of the device or on the MicroSD card. So to transfer all the messages, you’ll need to back up your chats and restore them on the other smartphone.

Please note! WhatsApp does not recognize backups that were created through “someone else’s” account. Therefore, if you are going to change your number together with your phone, you should first go through the procedure of changing it. And only after that should you proceed to work with the backups.

How to transfer chats between two Android smartphones

Without changing the number. If the transfer is carried out without changing the number, it is enough to export the messenger data to Google Drive and restore this data on the new device.

User actions on the old phone:

At the bottom of this section, pay attention to the item “Account”: the e-mail address should be displayed there. If not displayed, you should initialize authentication with Google Drive and give the app permission to access the data by selecting the “Allow” option.

Now everything is ready to export: the user just need to click on the green “Backup” button and wait for the process to complete.

The next step is to prepare the new device for the transfer. First, you need to sign in to the same Google account that you had on your old phone (if you haven’t done so before). Also, if WtatsApp was already installed. delete and reinstall the application again.

You can now sign in to WhatsApp using your old phone number. If you are prompted to search for the backup and access contacts and files on the device, click “Next” and “Allow”.

If everything is done correctly, the message “Backup detected” will appear. It remains to press the green “Restore” button and wait for the end of the process.

with a change of number. Unlike the previous option, you must use the “Change Number” feature before you can back up to the cloud. Sequence of actions:

  • On the old phone, start WhatsApp and go to “Account” from the settings menu;
  • Among the suggested options, you should select “Change number”;
  • A form will appear in which you need to fill in the old and the new number;
  • After confirming the entry SMS with the code will be sent to the phone with the new number. You should enter this code into the appropriate field on the old phone.

The number has been changed, so now we can proceed to making a backup copy to transfer it to the new device, following the instructions in the

How to transfer chats from iPhone to another iPhone

In general, the principle of the transfer has similarities with the similar process on Android. The only difference is in the technical aspects.

Transfer without changing the number. The solution to the problem comes down to two main components. the activation of synchronization of the necessary data with iCloud and the restoration of information from the backup on the other device. And now for the details.

Actions to be performed on the old iPhone:

After the export is complete you can proceed to setting up the new iPhone. The user needs to:

  • Log in to your iCloud account using the same Apple ID that you used on your old iPhone;
  • Install the messenger (or reinstall it if the application was previously used on the device);
  • Authorize in WhatsApp using your number, and when prompted, agree to search and restore data from the backup.

Transferring with a change of number. To avoid losing data, you should start transferring chats by going through the procedure to change the number. To do this, you need to launch the WhatsApp app on your old iPhone and follow the following steps:

  • Go to the messenger settings, then select the “Account” section and click “Change number”;
  • Enter the old and new phone number in the appropriate fields;
  • Enter the confirmation code from the SMS received to the new number.
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Now you can proceed directly to transfer your message history using the instructions from the previous option. With one difference: when you authorize in WhatsApp on the new iPhone, you must specify the new number.

How to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone

MobileTrans. WhatsApp Transfer is the easiest and most effective solution for transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. The application is part of the MobileTrans software package and supports the direct transfer of WhatsApp data between two devices.

Launch MobileTrans on your Mac or Windows computer and select “Transfer WhatsApp data” from the program’s main page. Then connect your Android and iOS devices to your computer. Now select WhatsApp in the sidebar and then select “WhatsApp messaging”.

The app will automatically detect both connected devices and mark them as the source and target device. If they are marked incorrectly, you can click the “Swap Phones” button.

After making sure that the iPhone is the target device, click the “Start” button. This will start the process of transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

If you’ve previously used WhatsApp on your iPhone, the existing data will be deleted.

The WhatsApp chat migration will be completed as soon as possible. You will then receive a notification that you can now safely disconnect your devices from your computer.

When you start WhatsApp on your iPhone, it will automatically detect recently transferred data and allow you to restore it to your iOS device.

The app can also back up WhatsApp Business data and restore it to any device. Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced a special business app designed mainly for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The application has become extremely popular and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. To meet the growing needs of WhatsApp Business users, MobileTrans has added the ability to transfer data from this app. Recently, Wondershare MobileTrans has implemented a special feature that can be used to back up and restore WhatsApp Business app data.

MobileTrans supports all leading iOS and Android devices and allows you to restore a WhatsApp Business backup on the same or any other device. In addition to transferring WhatsApp Business data between Android and Android or iOS and iOS, the app also supports cross-platform transfer between Android and iOS without any compatibility issues. Users often find it difficult to transfer their WhatsApp Business data between Android and iOS. Therefore, the cross-platform transfer feature is extremely useful.

The app works without rooting/jailbreaking the device, and there are no technical problems during WhatsApp Business data transfer. MobileTrans has added WhatsApp Business Transfer as a free upgrade to its existing plans. Thus, the cost of MobileTrans. WhatsApp Transfer plans has remained the same. The company has decided to include support for WhatsApp Business data transfer in existing plans. WhatsApp Business Transfer is currently available in the Windows version of the program, and support for Mac will be added in the coming days.

With the new update of WhatsApp Business Transfer, Wondershare MobileTrans is expected to have more customers using the WhatsApp Business app. The program’s toolkit currently consists of four modules. MobileTrans full functionality includes data transfer between phones, WhatsApp data transfer, backup and restore. The program works great with smartphones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE and others. It is fully compatible with major providers such as ATT, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. In fact, MobileTrans supports all devices and formats.

WhatsApp has finally made chat transfer from iPhones to Android work. For now, only on Samsung smartphones

According to Wabetainfo, the WhatsApp development team has started rolling out the chat transfer feature on iOS devices, which appeared in WhatsApp iOS This version of WhatsApp adds the “Move Chats to Android” option to help you copy your correspondence history.

iPhone owners can check for the feature by following these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp account on your device
  • Go to WhatsApp settings on iOS
  • Tap on chats
  • If you see the “Move chats to Android” option, the feature is active

To transfer a chat room, just click the Start button, confirm your intention and wait for the process to finish. In doing so, you need to keep your iPhone unlocked, controlling this moment throughout the process.

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For now the function works when transferring the chat history from iPhone to Samsung smartphones. Later, owners of other Android devices will be able to use this functionality.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats

The first way to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, is to transfer chats via email:

This way you have to transfer each chat separately

The key disadvantage of this method is that each chat will have to be reset individually, and, as it turns out, it is not synchronization after all. Because all the messages that will be sent to you after sending the archive will no longer get into it.

Is it possible to transfer a backup copy of WhatsApp

The second way is to transfer chats to WhatsApp using a backup:

I hate restoring backups, because this method has never worked for me

This method is good for everything, except that it works out of the box. In 3 cases out of 5 you will not recover anything this way. Especially if the smartphone you want to transfer WhatsApp chats to already had the messenger installed at some point. Then the machine won’t be able to find a proper copy and will restore the ones that belonged to you.

Transferring WhatsApp chats via computer

The third way is to involve the computer in the migration as well. To be honest, I don’t even want to describe it. it’s so complicated and inconvenient to perform:

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer, but do not run iTunes;
  • Run the command line and find the WhatsApp folder;
  • Use the dir command to see the contents;
  • Copy the folder using the copy command;
  • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer;
  • Drop the backup folder into your Android smartphone’s storage.

In short, it’s a total disaster. But I’ll show you a really working and convenient way that has returned faith in humanity.

Frequently asked questions about transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

How to back up Android WhatsApp chats to Google Drive?

You can rely on Google Drive to back up WhatsApp chats on your Android device. You can open WhatsApp and then go to Settings. Tap “Chats,” “Chat Backup,” and then “Backup to Google Drive” to start backing up WhatsApp to Google Drive. information about backing up your phone to Google Drive here.

How to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive?

You need to uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp. Open it and log in with the same phone number and the corresponding confirmation code. Select the “Restore Backup” option, and then tap the “Restore” button to confirm the operation.

Is it possible to move WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud?

No. Currently, it is not possible to transfer WhatsApp from Google Drive to iCloud. Google Drive. One of the best ways to back up WhatsApp chats on your Android device, and iCloud. The best way to back up WhatsApp for iOS users. You can’t directly transfer WhatsApp backup or chats from Google Drive to iCloud or from iCloud to Google Drive.

How to restore WhatsApp chat history from iCloud backup?

If you have a suitable iCloud backup for WhatsApp messages, you can delete and then reinstall the app to restore WhatsApp data from iCloud. You can check the iCloud backup from WhatsApp, then tap Settings. Hover over Chats. And finally hit Chat for backup.

Looking for a way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone? After reading this post, you can get 2 methods to copy WhatsApp chats from your Android device to your new iPhone. You can follow the detailed guide above to easily transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS devices. If you have a better way to manage and transfer WhatsApp files, share it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев with other readers.