Turn on a Samsung TV without a remote control

Can I turn on my Samsung TV without the remote control??

TV Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG and other models can be adjusted and turned on without a remote control. To do this, there are always keys on the bottom, side or rear panel.

To turn on the TV without remote control, you need to press the appropriate button on the body, provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, you can turn off the TV without the remote. On LG, Sony, Thomson, Samsung TVs, the keypad is usually located on the back wall next to the connectors.

Features of TVs

Absolutely all appliances are equipped with push-button control. So you can both turn the TV on and off without a remote. And also switch channels and adjust the sound. The only problem is when channels are broadcast via a set-top box. You can’t set it up without a separate remote control.

Important! If your receiver’s remote control fails, you have to buy a new one at an electronics store or have the old one repaired. At the time of replacement you can try to adjust the basic channels without the antenna. Then you can switch channels with the TV buttons.

But the location of the buttons on the equipment is different. They can be at the bottom under the display, on the side panel. They can be so small that users don’t even notice the keys at first.

For example, the Philips and Toshiba models have the keys mostly on the left side of the front panel. Panasonic and Bravia TVs have manual override rights. Sony, Samsung and LG put the buttons on the back panel where all the interfaces for connecting external equipment are located. In kinescope TVs, the buttons are visible to the naked eye. They are located under the screen.

Solution: I can’t turn on my Samsung TV

Have you checked to see if the outlet the TV is plugged into is working??

Was there a hurricane or power outage before the TV didn’t turn on?

Try resetting the power and see if it works:

Turn off the power outlet (if it has an On/Off switch) to which the TV is connected, and unplug the TV’s power cord from the outlet.

Press and hold the TV power button (located on the side of the TV) for 30 seconds to dissipate the TV’s residual power.

Plug the power cord into the TV and turn on the outlet (if it has an On/Off switch. / Off.)

Turn on the TV by briefly pressing the power button on the TV

If the TV turns on, you can use the buttons on the side to select channels, turn the volume up and down, and to turn the TV off (press the power button again) until you get a replacement remote or a universal remote

Turn your Android phone into a universal remote control with these cool apps “Android :: Gadget Hacks

Have you ever seen an ultra-expensive universal remote control like the Logitech Harmony and thought to yourself, “Man, I really want one of those.”. Those, but it’s too much money “?

You’re not alone. Fortunately, if you own an Android device with an infrared (IR) transmitter, you can get many of the same features without spending hundreds of dollars.

Android phones with an IR transmitter can communicate with any device that receives commands via IR light beams. This includes many remote-controlled devices common in your home, such as televisions, set-top boxes, streaming consoles, home theater systems, air conditioners, and more.

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The only thing you need to set up. Is an app that will allow you to send IR commands to your electronic device. (If you want to put some of your devices behind cabinet doors, you’ll also have to get an IR repeater.)

turn, samsung, remote, control

But which app best suits your needs? Below are the top 5 universal Android remote control apps (in no particular order) with the pros and cons of each.

AnyMote. Smart Remote Control

The first app on our list. AnyMote. Smart Remote Control, which boasts one of the best interfaces we’ve seen in a universal remote app. The setup is also extremely intuitive.

When you open the app, you’ll see some extremely intuitive setup screens to help you get started.Once you choose your device type, you will need to find or select its make and model. In some cases, the general “Most Models” option should work.

Select the blaster in your phone (this should be the only option) and you will be taken to the remote screen. Here you will see a beautiful interface in the form of remote control buttons, which makes it the best choice. You can click the button in the upper right corner to customize your gesture control, and when you’re happy with your remote, click the “Save” button at the bottom.

The free version only allows you to save 1 remote at a time, so you will have to buy an upgrade if you have multiple devices to control.

Overall the app is really good, but we noticed one small drawback: sometimes input can be delayed if you press buttons too quickly. Otherwise it’s a really good choice with great user interface and lots of supported devices.

Smart IR Remote Quick Facts:

  • Supported Android devices: Anything with an IR transmitter, except Sony, Vizio, Huawei and most LG phones (except G3 and G4) running Android 4.4 and above are guaranteed to support.
  • Supported IR devices: AC, A/V systems, DSLR cameras, game consoles, home equipment, projectors, set-top boxes, HDMI switches, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players.
  • Supported Wi-Fi devices: Streaming set-top boxes, Smart TV.
  • PC control: #
  • Price: Freemium (6.99 upgrade with additional features).
  • Customizable Buttons: No.

2.ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR. another remote app with extremely realistic interface that can even surpass Smart IR because of its cool animation effects.

Once installed, you will select the type of device, make and model to configure, then you will be presented with the remote. You can press the arrows at the bottom to switch between interfaces (keyboard, playback, etc.). Д.).

One of the great features of this remote is the room function, where you can set up remotes for multiple devices in the same room and switch between them with a few simple taps.You can also set up multiple rooms for different rooms in your house and you can even customize the names of the rooms and remotes so you can easily identify what’s what.

This is a great app, and while it won’t work with your streaming Wi-Fi devices, just about anything that supports the IR port is supported, and you can’t beat its price (free).

ASmart Remote summary:

  • Supported Android Device: Any Samsung or HTC phone with IR Transmitter.
  • Supported IR Devices: TVs. Set-top boxes, AC, DSLR cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, home theater systems, projectors and streaming consoles.
  • Supported Wi-Fi Devices: None.
  • Computer control: #
  • Price: Free with a promotional banner at the bottom.
  • Customizable Buttons: No

IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote. great app with a lot of settings that you can use to do everything from changing the color of the buttons to changing their position.

Once installed you can access the menu on the left and click on Remote Search. To find your device. Once you get the remote you want, you can use the same menu to adjust its appearance on the screen.

One thing about this app that is a little disappointing. Is the inability to store multiple remote controls. Also, the full-screen ads can really get in your way, as some play videos with sound that you can’t miss. If you like this remote, it’s definitely worth paying 2 for it.99 via in-app purchase to unlock the full version.

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Interace is very fast and responsive. The PC control feature is also handy, allowing you to use your smartphone to control your PC mouse and keyboard, which is really useful for those who use a PC with a home theater in their setup.

IR Universal Remote Quick Facts:

How to Set Up a Samsung Universal Remote

How to set up your Samsung TV remote control by yourself?

Nowadays the TV remote control is an indispensable attribute. Manufacturers produce a variety of devices that are designed for different models of TV receivers. Most remote controls are universal and fit several types of devices. In this case we will talk about universal remote controls for Samsung TVs. Detailed instructions for auto-tuning and manual tuning can be found in this article.

Manual tuning instructions

To configure the universal remote control manually, you must first learn the code from the model of TV receiver. When you enter the code, the devices are paired. If the code is known, the procedure is as follows.

  • turn on the TV-set and point the remote control at it;
  • Press Power button;
  • enter the code;
  • After the LED sensor flashes twice, release the button.
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver and press the two keys, Power and Set, and wait for the LED to flash;
  • enter the code;
  • Press Set key after the light sensor light turns off.
  • Press the TV button to pair with the TV set;
  • point the remote control to the TV-receiver;
  • Press Setup until the LED flashes twice;
  • enter the code;
  • The LED blinks several times when the device is successfully paired;
  • Press the Volume key to check the control.
  • press the TV button and hold it down until the LED blinks
  • Release the button;
  • enter the code;
  • After entering the code, the TV will reboot.

Auto tune

Setting in automatic mode is suitable for those users who do not want to search for the codes for pairing, or in the case when the search for the code is unsuccessful.

Auto setup for Supra devices:

  • turn on the TV receiver and point the remote control at the TV screen;
  • Press Power key for 5-7 seconds;
  • then the LED will light up;
  • press the Power key again;
  • the volume scale icon will pop up on the screen, this indicates that the setup process is completed correctly.

Auto setup for Huayu devices:

  • point the remote control at the TV screen, press the Set key and then press Power;
  • Wait a few seconds and release both buttons;
  • press the Power key;
  • When the volume bar appears on the TV screen, it indicates that setup has been successfully completed;
  • press the Set key twice to exit the mode.

Auto tuning for Beeline remote control:

  • press and release the TV key;
  • press and hold for a moment the OK button to exit the mode;
  • After automatic code search the receiver will turn off;
  • release the OK button.

Auto-tuning for Gal remote control:

  • point the device at the TV receiver, press the device type key and hold for 3 seconds;
  • As soon as the LED lights up, you need to release the button;
  • press Power key for automatic code search;
  • As soon as the TV receiver turns off, you must quickly press the OK button, this will save the settings in memory.

There are a few more auto-tuning algorithms for some remotes:

  • turn on the TV and press the TV button until the LED lights up;
  • press and hold Mute to search for the code;
  • It is necessary to wait until the process is finished and check the result by pressing the volume button.

One more variant of auto-tuning.

  • Point the remote control at the receiver and press TV and OK buttons. It is necessary to hold the keys for some time. After that all the keys on the remote control light up. Wait until only the digit buttons are illuminated.
  • Press TV button to save your settings.
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There are touch screen remotes for Samsung TVs with Smart technology. The remote control devices are supplied with the TV-receiver. Touch controls can also be purchased separately. To configure it, follow these steps:

  • point the remote control at the TV and press Return and Guide keys for a few seconds;
  • A bluetooth icon should appear, this will tell you that the connection was successful.

Many users complain that this kind of touch control fails quickly. For Samsung Smart TV models you can also use universal remote controls.

Possible malfunctions

When using a universal remote control for Samsung TV receivers, some problems can occur. If when you buy a new device it does not work, you should first carefully study the instructions for use. The lack of pairing can hide the reason of incompatibility of remote control and TV model.

If the devices are compatible, you need to remove the batteries and install them again. You can replace the batteries with new ones. Also fast discharging of batteries can be a minor problem.

It’s better to buy rechargeable batteries, they can be charged several times. This saves a lot of money.

To prevent minor problems before pairing the devices, you need to disconnect the TV from the power supply, wait a few minutes and then reconnect it. If the manual setting is correct, but the remote does not respond to the receiver, you need to do all over again. The user may not have entered the code in time. It is important to know that the code must be entered for 1 minute.

Continuous blinking of LED on the remote control indicates a wrong setting. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the TV and turn it on again after a while. After that perform the setup again.

In the following video you will see an overview and connection of the universal remote control to the Samsung TV.

How do I know if my TV has Wi-Fi??

How to find out if my TV has Wi-Fi? If your TV has Wi-Fi, there should be a WI-FI Alliance logo on the box and often at the bottom of the screen at the base of the TV In the settings menu you will also find a network connections or Wi-Fi settings section.

  • Use the arrow keys on the TV remote control to select “Settings”.
  • Select “Basic” “Network” “Open Network Settings”.
  • Choose the desired Wi-Fi network.
  • When prompted, enter the network password and select Done.
  • Press OK.

How to open the service menu on my LG?

LG TV: Service Menu Press and hold button on remote control. and the button on your TV at the same time until the first service menu is displayed. When the TV is in standby mode: Press and hold the and buttons on your TV.

Smart Picture Mode lets you choose from a number of default settings that LG has pre-programmed into your TV Each has its own unique setting that provides the best performance depending on what you’re rendering on the TV. Note If you enable this feature, you can’t set the picture mode manually.

What is the AV input on your TV?

AV output is a special connector, which is used to transmit an analog signal.If your TV has an AV output, you can use it to receive analog video from your computer, camera, camcorder, smartphone, and DVD.

To configure the TV “Vityaz”, you need to go to the service menu. To do this, you need to put the TV in standby mode, then press the AV button on the front panel, then turn on the TV while holding down the. You can also simply connect the pins of connector XN1 to the switched on TV.