TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

What to do if the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

If the TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then the first thing you should do. to restart the TV and router If the device has the function of supporting the Internet. connection even after turning off, the reset should be done by pulling the plug out of the socket. Router is rebooted in the same way. by turning it on and off.

  • Reboot router and TV.
  • Check the password
  • Check if other devices with the same password can connect to our network.
  • Try to connect your TV to another Wi-Fi network (you can give it away from your smartphone).

Wireless connection

  • Go to the LG TV settings.
  • Select “Advanced Settings” → “Network” → “Wi-Fi network connection”.
  • Select your home network from the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Enter your password and connect to the internet. Recall that Wi-Fi password is case sensitive: do not confuse uppercase and lowercase letters!

There are also alternative ways to connect your LG TV to the internet, if for some reason these do not suit you. For example, you can connect to the Internet via your phone using Direct Wi-Fi technology, or use a set-top box on your TV.

Connecting TV with WI-FI

For the connection you must have a working WI-FI router with internet access. This instruction is valid for almost all televisions manufactured in 2008 and later.

  • Take the PU and follow the path “Settings. Network. Wireless Networks”.
  • You will see a list of available networks. Choose your own. Attention! If you can’t remember the name of your access point, you can see it among the signs on the back of the router. This is relevant when no one has set up a custom network name.
  • When network is encrypted. a window pops up where you have to enter your password. Use a connected USB keyboard or use the remote control to type the combination, moving the cursor with the arrows. To select the desired sign, click on it “OK”.

After these manipulations the auto-connection will start. Sometimes this does not happen, then go to “TV Settings. Network. Wireless”. In the pop-up menu, find the “Receive automatically” option, activate it.

It happens that the router does not have DCHP support, which is responsible for autodetection. To get around this, type in the TV’s IP address, following the instructions below.

  • Enter the wireless network section as shown above.
  • On the “IP Mode” line, set it to “Manual IP Setting.”.
  • Enter the following values shown below.

Subnet mask: It has a value of

DNS Mode: This is blocked because you have already chosen to configure the network manually.

Some TVs are able to automatically adjust the connection via WPS, which can be found in the settings menu. But you need the router to support WPS for this to work. How to Check It Out? Look at the front panel of the router, there should be a corresponding inscription or icon.

Samsung has equipped its routers and TVs with the “One Foot Connection” feature, which does not require any adjustments. the devices pair independently. To make them start the process, go to the settings window, find there “One Foot Connection”, click on it and wait for the system to complete the settings.

Connecting with a laptop or PC

The above method is suitable for those who have a router. But sometimes the pairing with the network is made by cable. In this case, a computer with Wi-Fi or a laptop will help. After all, they can distribute the signal they receive to other devices. You just need to configure the system properly.

We will tell you how to do this using the built-in Windows services. We need to create a private Wi-Fi network.

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“Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=My_virtual_WiFi key=Cleep keyUsage=persistent”.

KeyUsage. is responsible for automatic login without password entry.

The command you just entered installed the driver and prepared the PC. Now you need to enter:

Next you just need to connect to the PC as a wi-fi router.

Connect to wi-fi without DHCP

To set up a network connection on a Samsung, you must specify the values according to the gateway address of the router, e.g.

  • IP address:;
  • Subnet Type:;
  • Gateway parameters:;
  • External DNS server details from Google Corporation: (or a gateway address of

After this reconfiguration the wireless connection should be established.

As a rule, after setting up the TV manually, the wi-fi router finds its Internet network.

Now it is necessary to troubleshoot the DHCP session, which provides the functioning of the other home gadgets (laptops, tablets) via automatic Internet access. All you need to do is to have the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC-address. This redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in DHCP operation, and all gadgets will respond to a single IP address of the router each time they connect to the network.

Setting up a Samsung TV connection to the Internet via a router, it’s easy to learn how to connect your Smart TV to your local network using a LAN cable. Installers recommend using a UTP-5e patch cord, but a hand-formed LAN cable will do.

Connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately I can only show you how to do it on LG TV. The process itself, on other popular TVs such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, Toshiba. does not differ much.

When the TV turns on for the first time, it prompts you to connect to the network, via Wi-Fi or cable. But I will show you how to do it via the settings, because you’re likely to have missed this point when you first turn on. Or in general, the first time turned on in the store and without you.

This is interesting: How to access the internet from an LG TV with Smart TV function? Browsing through the sites on your TV

Turn the TV on and open the settings. On the remote control there is a special button for this.

Go to the Network tab and select Network connection.

Here is a small manual. Press the “Set up connection” button.

Select the desired wireless network in the list.

Note. If you need to set the parameters for the connection yourself, then click on the “Manual setup” button. This is useful, for example, if you want to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, specify a static IP, connect using WPS, etc. д.

Now we have to assign a password to connect to a wireless network.

If the password is correct and your network works fine, you should see a message telling you that your television is connected to a wireless network. Simply press the Done button. If you have forgotten your network password, read the article

If you are prompted for IP and DNS, leave it set to “Automatic”. You can also build a network map.

That’s all, you can use all the functions of Smart TV technology! If you turn on Smart TV mode, you’ll see an icon that tells you the TV is connected to the Internet.

Why a laptop can’t see Wi-Fi. Typical reasons for wi-fi connection problems

Portable devices such as laptop, today closely associated with the life of any modern man, as an indispensable tool for processing information of any nature. One of the main advantages of this type of computer, in addition to its mobility, is the ability to connect to the Internet, or other local network devices (printers, other computers, file storage, etc.).п.) regardless of the location of the user. at home, in the office, hotel, airport, cafe or even in the park. Such possibilities become accessible thanks to the adapter of access to wireless local network on Wi-Fi technology built into the laptop.

The problems arising with the connection to Wi-Fi can cause serious inconvenience to the user when using a laptop, greatly reducing its consumer qualities. Some of the most common causes include:

  • errors in the network services of the Windows operating system;
  • malfunction of the Wi-Fi adapter of your computer due to its malfunction or improper functioning of the device driver;
  • Credentials changed (e.g. by the network administrator) or incorrectly entered to access a specific Wi-Fi network;
  • malfunction or wrong settings of the Wi-Fi router network;
  • considerable distance from the Wi-Fi router or/and location near source of strong electromagnetic interference.
does, connect, wi-fi

Let’s consider in detail the most common situations, as well as ways to fix them.

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LG TV doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi: the reasons why the TV doesn’t see the router, loses network and has poor Wi-Fi reception

It usually takes almost no effort to connect your LG TV to your router, and can be done in less than one minute. But there are situations when the TV does not connect to the network, does not see Wi-Fi or often disconnects from the network.

Let’s consider cases when LG TV sets can’t see Wi-Fi. The first thing to do is to make sure that this model of LG TV supports Smart TV and that it has a built-in Wi-Fi module. You can check the TV model on the official LG website. Possible options:

  • Your TV does not have Smart TV. In this case it is not possible to connect the TV to the internet with neither a router nor a cable. Models without Smart TV are equipped with a LAN port, but it is necessary for connecting to the local network and for viewing content, for example, from a computer.
  • TV with Smart TV but no built-in Wi-Fi. LG TV is connected to the Internet either by cable or with the help of an additional router (repeater). On the website, in the description of these LG TVs, there is a “-” in front of the Wi-Fi item, there is no built-in adapter.
  • The TV supports Smart TV, but the Internet only works when you use a proprietary Wi-Fi receiver that plugs into a USB port. On the site of these models in front of the Wi-Fi item is “Ready” or “Optional. This means that the connection is possible through an external LG adapter.
  • LG TV with Smart TV and built-in receiver. There will be a “∙” or the word “Yes” next to the Wi-Fi item. At the moment, almost all LG TVs with Smart TVs already have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

After making sure the LG TV supports wireless connection, you should check that the TV is within range of the Wi-Fi network. And if the list of networks does not show a particular network, then you need to find out whether the router works, whether the signal is good and whether this network is available on other devices. If you have internet, reset your Wi-Fi router and TV. In this case, not only turn off the TV, but also disconnect it from the power supply. Switch off the router for at least 20 seconds to allow it to complete the previous session. When reconnecting to the Internet, the TV may ask for a Wi-Fi password, make sure there are no errors and the password is entered correctly. The password can be viewed on the router, usually it is indicated on the back of the router.

After the performed actions, the TV set still does not get Wi-Fi. Perhaps the cause is a broken router or outdated software. You need to contact the service center to repair or replace it.

If the TV does not see any network and writes that Wi-Fi is off, but the switch is in the “Off” position and inactive, most likely the problem is in the Wi-Fi module of the TV. And you will need to contact the LG service center for advice on further action.

In some cases, after selecting the network and entering a password, the following message appears: “Failed to connect to the network. Try rebooting the TV and the router with the switch off for 20 seconds. If it does not work and the TV does not see the network, or the LG TV shows error 106 when trying to connect to the network, you should check that the DNS address is correct:

does, connect, wi-fi
  • Go to “Settings” section of LG TV
  • Then go to “Network”
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi Network Connection” menu
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” line
  • Click on the “Change” button
  • Uncheck the “Automatic” option
  • On the “DNS” line, enter
  • Click on the “Connect” button
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After the above actions error 106 should disappear and connection to the Internet will be restored.

Sometimes the cause can be found in your router settings:

  • In the DHCP subsection, make sure that “Enabled” is lit near the server icon, if not, you need to enable this function as it automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. Sometimes you may come across the situation that DHCP server is enabled, but not working, then you can assign an IP address manually, available local addresses are in the administrative panel of the router.
  • In the security box, make sure that the MAC filter is turned off. And it is recommended to add TV’s MAC address to the “white list”, devices from this list will not be automatically blocked when you try to connect. You can see the MAC-address of your TV in “Settings”, then select “Support” and “Product Info.
  • Check router settings for correctness. The security type must be WPA2-PSK (Personal). Network name should be in English letters. Specify the network operation mode as mixed “b/g/n”, or “Only n”. Channel is set to “Auto”. Channel width. “Auto”. Try to change the router’s settings manually, changing the channel, its width and network mode (for example: channel.11, width. 20MHz, mode of operation. 802.11n).

Save the settings and reboot the router. It is necessary to reboot after each change. Otherwise router will revert to the old settings.

If LG TV often disconnects from the network or the signal rate drops, but all other devices connected to Wi-Fi work correctly, then you should look for the cause in the TV:

  • Try disabling Wi-Fi Direct, which is a standard based on Wi-Fi that allows devices to share data without using a Wi-Fi access point. This technology has a fairly large range and can connect more than two devices at the same time (TV, projector, mouse, keyboard, camera, etc.).д.).
  • You can also disable Miracast. a technology for wireless video transmission. You can use this to display the screen image from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your LG TV screen. You can turn off “Listening Mode” in the Screen Share settings. This feature can affect network performance and connection stability, so it is always on by default so that smartphones and laptops can find the TV at any time and connect to it to broadcast images.
  • It is possible to temporarily disable the auto update software, as it can reset the network when loading.
  • Switch to 5GHz frequency for a more stable network. You need to contact LG technical support to find out if your LG TV supports the 802.11ac. If your TV supports the 802.11ac, and the router supports handing out Wi-Fi network at 5 GHz (not just 2.4 GHz), then you need to manually change the channel. In the settings of the router, select the section “Wireless mode” and “Wireless mode settings” specifically for the 5 GHz band, in the line “Channel” you need to select one of the values: 36, 40, 44 or 48.
  • Supplement the hardware with a repeater to boost the signal. Because if the distance between the router and TV is too long, the signal will be weakened, and the streaming video will start to be interrupted under heavy load.
  • Connect LG TV to the network with a cable to avoid Wi-Fi network congestion from the mass connection of various devices. It will also help eliminate interference from household appliances (such as a microwave or refrigerator).