Unlock like an iPhone for Android. Remove Android lock screen in different situations

How to unlock your phone at home: useful instructions

Everyone can forget a digital password or a graphic key, so some phone manufacturers, in particular Google, have come up with several ways to save your favorite gadget. There are “soft” and “hard” ways to unlock.

The stylish Samsung, the traditional Lenovo, the button-minded granddaddy Nokia, and even the Apple iPhone all share the ability to protect information with passwords. But sometimes those passwords and pattern keys get forgotten. and we lose access to our phone. But do not get upset before time and think that the light is unambiguous reflashing, there are ways to make everything less painful.

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Most modern phones run on this particular operating system, so the guide in this section should help most readers get their locked gadget up. It is worth noting right away that you can “painlessly” disable the lock only if the smartphone is in the hands of the owner.

So, the first way is the Smart Lock feature. If it is activated, it will be able to unlock the screen if even one stipulated condition is met. For example, when connecting a particular device via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, if “Smart Lock” has not been set up, it will be useless.

What can help Android Unlock for you

Forgot your Android password after setting it up.

The screen is locked after entering the wrong password many times.

The password has been set by your children / friends or other people.

Unable to enter the correct password on a broken / damaged screen device.

You bought a used Android phone with locked screen and you need to remove it.

How to enable WhatsApp login by fingerprint

You can’t sign in to WhatsApp by face yet, but you can do it by fingerprint right now:

Protecting WhatsApp with biometrics can be very useful

From now on, every time you open WhatsApp, it will require a fingerprint login confirmation. It may seem like an unnecessary protection, but in fact it can help you a lot if someone you trust, for example, to call or look at pictures, wants to read your correspondence as well. That’s where the fingerprint requirement will stop him. But since many smartphones today are equipped with an under-screen scanner that works out of the box, it’s really cool to be able to log into WhatsApp by face.

Unlocking SIM card on Samsung S5-S7, note 4 note 7

Note. The unlocking process for Samsung Galaxy S5-S7 devices is simpler. But to successfully unlock these devices, first make sure you have rooted devices.

First launch Android SIM Unlock Tool on your computer and select Android SIM Unlock from the Advanced tab.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to your PC For rooted devices connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable. Android SIM Unlock Tool will automatically detect your phone.

Unlock your Android phone Once you press the “Unlock” button Android SIM Unlock Tool will automatically unlock your phone with the SIM card. All you need to do is wait a few minutes for the process to complete. During the process your phone will reboot once. Please do not disconnect the phone. with your computer until the unlock task is finished.

unlock, iphone, android, remove, lock, screen

Frequently asked questions about unlocking an iPhone Sprint

What does it mean that my Sprint iPhone is “locked”? or “unlocked?”

The term “locked” refers to a device that can only be used on the Sprint network and cannot be activated on another carrier’s network. “Unlocked” means the device is no longer locked to Sprint’s network, and the user can switch to another carrier’s network.

To check if your iPhone is unlocked or not, you can go to the Settings app. Tap “Cellular or Mobile Data,” and then look for “Cellular Data Network” or “Mobile Data Settings” on the screen. If you find either one, your iPhone is unlocked. Otherwise, your iPhone is locked.

Will Sprint let me know when my device can or has been unlocked?

For postpaid customers with SIM unlocked devices, Sprint will automatically unlock your active SIM unlocked device. But for prepaid customers, Sprint won’t automatically unlock your device. You will need to call Sprint Customer Support at 855-639-4644 to request an unlock for your device.

As a rule, it is recommended to unlock your iPhone Sprint when you are going to travel or move to another region. In addition, you can also unlock iPhone from Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile or others. Before you unlock your iPhone, you need to make sure that your carrier offers unlocking, and the difficulty can vary from carrier to carrier. After sending the request, the process may take several days.

How to unlock parental controls with a password

You can easily set up and add parental controls with content and privacy restrictions in screen time (iOS 13) or general restrictions (iOS 12). As mentioned above, you can easily unlock and disable this feature if you know the password. This part will show you how to disable parental controls with a password.

Step 1 Turn on your iPhone and go to Settings app. As an example, we’ll take unlocking parental controls on the iPhone in iOS 13.

Step 2 Scroll down to find the Screen Time option, click on it. Then select and privacy restrictions in the screen time interface.

Step 3 Now you can enable and privacy restrictions away to unlock the Parental Control feature on your iPhone. At this step, you need to enter the Screen Time password to confirm the operation.

By disabling content and privacy restrictions on your iPhone, you can easily unlock parental controls. You can also reset the screen time password to set parental controls.

If you don’t know the password, you can skip to the next part.

Unlock iPhone using iTunes

Turn off your iPhone and perform the following steps to put it into recovery mode:

  • On iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and release the Volume button Press and release the Volume button. Then press and hold the ON button until the restore mode screen is displayed.
  • On your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus device: press the side button and Volume at the same time. Hold down the two buttons until recovery mode appears.
  • On iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press the Home button and the ON button at the same time. Hold them down until the recovery mode screen appears.

Connect your locked iPhone to your computer, no matter what Windows or macOS operating system, and start iTunes.

Select your iPhone and press “Repair iPhone”.

After that, the firmware will be downloaded to your computer and installed on your iPhone and the phone will be unlocked!

How to enable smart unlock

For example, my Honor View 20 offers only one way to smart unlock at all. when using a Bluetooth accessory. Apparently, the manufacturer thinks the others are insecure. But there’s a catch here too: the headphones, for example, will not work. It is necessary that it must be a fitness bracelet and necessarily produced by Huawei or Honor. So the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 I have lying around won’t work either. Too bad. But, if your device isn’t that fundamental (as I understand it depends on the firmware), you can unlock your smartphone with more than just biometrics.

Smart unlocking is not so safe, unless you count voice matching

  • Connect Bluetooth accessory (or choose another unlock method);
  • Confirm smart unlock activation;
  • Try to unlock your smartphone the way you choose.

Honestly, what’s offered on Android isn’t all that secure, given that in the smart unlock state, the smartphone doesn’t lock at all. This gives you reason to worry that someone unauthorized could gain access to your device in your presence, putting your vigilance to sleep. Against the proposed methods of smart unlocking I personally think voice unlocking is the safest, because, firstly, it still locks the smartphone, and, secondly, it is some kind of biometrics, not tied to touch or scanning.