Unlocking the bootloader Xiaomi redmi note 8

Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro unlock bootloader [bootloader]

This article will tell you how to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro without SMS and hoarders on the driveway ads. Help in writing the instructions was provided by our partner and Android expert Kondrat Lazarev. This option is completely free of charge.

Types of Xiaomi smartphone firmware

Before we understand how to flash Xiaomi device with a blocked loader, you need to learn what in general there are firmware Xiaomi and what are the limitations of their different types. It is possible to divide them into two categories:

  • Official (or global) firmware versions directly from the manufacturer. There are two. The first “stable” version, which is recommended to put ordinary users, especially if the cell phone is malfunctioning or spontaneously rebooting. It is suitable for the case if your phone has a bug known as “bootloop” where the Mi inscription appears on the screen. The second version is designed for software developers, equipped with the most current features, but the user working with it, is not immune to failure. It is released then so that users can test the implemented functionality. However, there are models for which official firmware is not provided. for example, the popular Mi4c. If the user is planning to reflash such model, he should refer to the firmware from the following category.
  • To unofficial firmware. unofficial versions, equipped with additional options and customized for customers from different countries (in particular, there are russified locks). You can install such modification only on the device which bootloader is unlocked. If the user wants to install the kustom on the locked gadget, he will have to perform the unlock operation first.

Create Mi account

It is a necessary step, because we need this account to unlock the bootloader of our Xiaomi. But this is not the only thing it can be used for. You also get:

  • Access to 5 GB in the cloud, where you can save photos, music, documents, contacts, messages;
  • The ability to communicate in Mi-Talk;
  • Find your device, in case of loss, as well as removing all data from the device if it was stolen.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Redmi Note 8

Now let’s move on to creating the MiAccount itself. You can do this in two ways.

From the phone

  • Settings = Mi account.
  • Choose the “Registration by E-mail”.
  • Let’s type in the mail address and think up a password.
  • Press “Register”.
  • After that, go to the mail and click on the link to activate your account.
  • Go back to settings and press button “Account verified”.
  • Enter the data you specified earlier and allow access to files.
  • Here we go.

From the computer

  • Open the address Xiaomi.com/pass/register.
  • Specify a country. In idea it is defined automatically, but if it did not happen, we choose it manually.
  • We type in our E-mail and click on “Create”.
  • Give us a password and press ‘Submit’.
  • Go to your mail and confirm it by clicking on the link in the letter.
  • Alright. Now you can go to your profile on your device.
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To begin with, it is worth elaborating on the downloader itself. Bootloader is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 engineering menu, functionally resembling the BIOS on a computer. It allows deep manipulation of the smartphone, not just a factory reset.

Redmi Note 8, Note 8T Unlock Bootloader Flash Rom Global Disable Micloud OTA BY UnlockTool.

bootloader is locked by default on the phone. This is done so that the novice user has not made a fatal mistake when editing the core of the device and did not turn the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 into a brick. At the same time, unlocking the bootloader gives the owner of the smartphone the following advantages:

  • The ability to install custom firmware;
  • Getting root rights for extended access to the device;
  • Installing mods and patches on the current OS version.

In short, unlocking the bootloader gives the user a lot of possibilities, but only experienced users can fully appreciate them. If you are among them, it is recommended to read the detailed instructions to remove the bootloader lock.

Easy Redmi Note 8 Unlock Bootloader Tutorial

How to increase the chance of unlock approval

Although the application process is fairly straightforward, many are rejected. The reason could be strange activity on the site or too many unlocked devices. Sometimes the request is eventually approved, but it takes over a month to review.

To reduce this time and increase the chance of approval, you should register on the Xiaomi forum. One profile is not enough, so you have to actively participate in communication, create topics and comment on other people’s posts.

For such users the company grants access much faster and refuses less often. If you manage to get into the group of developers, the approval of requests may become automatic.

What to do if the refusal is received or the wait is more than a month

If the review process takes too long, you can resubmit your request. The same should be done in the case of rejection. When the reapplication is again not accepted, try to create another profile and fill out the form again.

If Xiaomi still does not give permission, you need to contact technical support. They will tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

To contact the company directly, you should send an email with the subject Unlock Your Mi Device. All text should be written in English. They will reply with a request to fill out a form. You should copy and fill in the fields you received and send them to the developer. They should reply within 24 hours. Most often the request is approved.

If the request is denied, you can write a letter with the subject of trouble with customer service for Europe. In an attempt to solve the problem, support will offer several options. If nothing helped, as an exception the company will give permission to unlock the bootloader. This method should be used as a last resort. It is not recommended to use it every month from one profile. you may be blocked.

Incorrect password was entered

In order to avoid trouble, you need to remember well, or better write down a digital or graphical input cipher. However, how to unlock your Xiaomi phone, if you have already forgotten the password? Take advantage of one of the following ways.

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Incoming call. This option will work for models starting with “Mi. To remove the lock, you need to call the gadget from another number. When the dialer will pass, the device will be unlocked. It is required to minimize the conversation window, enter the settings. There find in the menu the option to remove the password, and use it.

Battery discharge. You have to wait for a notification that the battery is about to run out and click on the pop-up window. Xiaomi will come out of a deep “sleep”. Go to the option to remove the lock code.

Google Account. If the first two options do not work, you can return the device to normal operation through your account. If you keep entering the wrong numbers for access, the system will offer to restore it via the Internet. Offer to accept as “Forgot your picture key” and enter the code from the electronic cabinet. If there is no network access on this SIM card, you should replace.

Reflashing. This is an extreme measure, applicable only when all of the above manipulations were powerless. Before performing a reset, you should try to transfer the data from Xiaomi to another medium, as they will be deleted in the device itself.

There could be several options, PC can:

  • Identify the phone model, charge it via USB, but not have access to files, the solution is available below.
  • Do not see the smartphone completely, do not identify it, do not have access to files or even charge it.

If you have a bad quality non-original cable, the smartphone can charge, but the computer may have problems accessing files and other operations. It is hard to say without seeing this very cord, it is recommended not to save on data cable or use the original one|If you use a non-original cable of mediocre quality, the phone may have problems with some operations (firmware / access to files and other) when connected to PC. We recommend using good quality wires, preferably original ones.

The most common causes

Drivers for Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro may be missing or something happened to them, you can download them here: https://yourtopfile.info/droidfix

There may be a problem in Windows OS, you can try using this patch https://yourtopfile.info/yourfirmwares?q=patch. But this is not a guarantee. As an option to use another PC.

The cable might be damaged.

What to do?

  • Update or reinstall the drivers on your PC, there is a link above
  • Change the cable, you do not have to buy it, borrow it from someone.
  • Try it on another PC

Unlocking Xiaomi bootloader in 3 minutes!

About a year ago, Xiaomi started locking the bootloader on all its smartphones. This fact not only caused a lot of dissatisfaction among users, but also greatly complicated the procedure of flashing custom smartphones. Of course, you can install Dev. firmware, submit an unlock request, wait a couple of days to a month and finally unlock the device, but all this takes time. And taking into account that the Chinese service works with varying success, you may not receive approval at all. And even if you get the proper approval, there is always the possibility of a failed bootloader unlock due to a mistake on the part of the Chinese (50% error) or uncorrected drivers.

Don’t forget, that a user can get an unlock permission only once a month for one account for one device. And it does not matter which device you got approval for. For an average user it might not be a problem, but for a vendor (who has dozens of smartphones) it is a huge amount of time.

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Having received another Xiaomi smartphone, I needed to unlock the bootloader. Looking through the Developer options, I found that there is an additional option, namely Mi Unlock: now the status of the device, of course, is “Unlocked”, but at the first launch the status of the device was locked.

In order to get to the developer menu, you need to go to Settings About Phone Several times click on MIUI Version:

Next, go again to the Settings Advanced For Developers:

Click on the Mi Unlock Status tab and in the tab that opens, select Add account and device:

After completing this simple procedure, immediately download Mi Unlock, if not already installed, and unlock the bootloader:

As a result, you get an unlock in a couple of minutes, without leaving the cash register, without waiting for approval, without applying ! It remains to add Root in two clicks, as implemented by competitors (Meizu), for full comfort !

Unlocking the bootloader on any Xiaomi smartphone: step-by-step instructions

As you have already understood from the title, this article will help you unlock the bootloader on any smartphone from Xiaomi. The article is presented as an easy to follow instruction, so even a first grader can understand it. Let’s get started.

  • First we register the Mi Account. On the smartphone: Settings. Accounts. Mi-account.
  • Next, in the hidden developer menu: Settings. My device. All specs. and click at least 5-6 times on the MIUI version.
  • Settings. Get in SYSTEM DEVICE. Advanced settings. Developer options. enable OEM unlocking. below “Mi Unlock status”. “Add account and device” and add.
  • Download from the link MiFlashUnlock. Unpack the archive and run the program by clicking on the file miflash_unlock.exe.
  • After launching the application press Agree.
  • Authorize with your newly created Mi account: enter your ID number and password. Press “power” button simultaneously. “Sign in”.
  • Power phone off. Switch it on again in fastboot mode. Press and hold down “volume down” and “power” at the same time to unlock the bootloader.
  • Using the USB-cable we connect the device to the computer with the MiFlashUnlock software running and press “Unlock”.
  • The program will start its work and after its completion will give you the result. the time period you should expect the unlocking of the bootloader.
  • After this time, in my case it is 72 hours. Repeat steps 5-8 and get the unlocked bootloader. READY!

You can be congratulated. Confirm it by going to the “Mi Unlock status” item in the Developer options menu (Mi Unlock status). Or in the program itself you will see the following inscription:

Now you can install to your phone third-party firmware, recovers, modified software from Google for example, create a backup of all the content along with the system settings and much, much more.

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Here’s a video to help you figure out the ins and outs of unlocking:

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?? Share your opinions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And that’s it for today. Good luck!