Update the browser on the LG Smart TV TV

Installation and update of the flash player on Smart TV

Update from 04.2021!! Now Flash Player for Smart TV and any other operating systems is more irrelevant. Officially stopped support for the technology, and its developer strongly asks to remove the application from all devices. Why did it happen? The creators of the software refuse to work with Flash Player due to the low stability and vulnerabilities of the technology, giving preference to more viable HTML5, WebGL and WebASSEMBLY standards. Today, the official version of Flash Player simply does not exist, but still on the Internet we can find outdated assemblies of technology. We do not recommend installing them due to potential risks for Smart TV, as well as due to the lack of a need for a Flash system. Almost all films, games and other video players and animation banners are already using more fresh technologies. The information below is no longer relevant and is rather a reference character.

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Flash player Smart TV is responsible for processing and showing the animated contents. Through Adobe Flash Player, many sites display video, animation and even music. If there is no installed player on the TV, all the places where the video content should be located are replaced by the image of a broken plugin. When the video on the sites does not work or freezes, the first thing is to install a new version of the flash of the player. About the methods of installing and updating the player and will be discussed further.

The purpose and functions of the browser

Modern TVs. Almost computers or smartphones. Therefore, the software must pay additional attention, monitor the relevance and correctness of the installation. Web Browser from LG helps to interact with websites. Its intensity is slightly unusual. The platform on which it works is called Android TV.

In addition to a standard browser, you can download more familiar programs such as Opera, UC Browser, Yandex.Browser, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. The set of functions in principle is the same. The main difference in the intenses and the location of the working elements.

How to use installed Chrome browser in a Smart TV l How to switch Chrome browser to desktop mode

update, browser, smart

Overview application for LG TVs can be viewed in the video

Among the main options, access to which is opened by the discussed application:

LG Smart TV: How to Update System/Firmware Software Version

  • Use of Internet resources;
  • View sites (through the search engine or input of the URL);
  • Watching video;
  • Seing social networks;
  • Access to online galleys and libraries;
  • Listening to the radio through the network;
  • Launch of musical compositions from open and closed sources;
  • Use of special software products;
  • Can work with a voice assistant.

For the full use of all functions marked “SMART”, you need to connect via cable or Wi-Fi. The latter option is carried out through the WLAN block. Modern models are equipped with them, more old ones can be supplemented with a remote option that can be bought separately.

How to check the availability of updates

The need for updating arises when the next firmware version appears. To find out about it, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the official website.
  • To use the search, you need to click on the icon depicting a magnifying glass. After that, the search page will open. It introduces the name of the LG Smart TV model.
  • After that, using the search results, they are looking for information about available updates. To do this, in the data obtained, select a page dedicated to a particular model.
  • After that, the user switches to the Technical Support tab. It will have a list of available subsections, among which you need to open “software and firmware”. All the necessary information about the firmware will be presented here and the opportunity to download the necessary files is given.

The user is given a firmware packaged in the ZIP format file and installation instructions in PDF format. If problems arise when searching or downloading files, then you can use the help of support service by contacting it through a chat or by e.Mail.

What to do if the application on TV is not updated?

If something at the renewal stage does not go according to plan, although this happens rarely, you should try such solutions:

  • Check the amount of free space. If the memory is completely busy, hence the problem. At least 1 GB of unoccupied space in memory should be provided.
  • Wipe out temporary dataplaymarket. On Android TVs, you should clamp the OK key on the Google Play Market remote control, select “On the Appendix” and “Delete Data”. Perhaps after that you will have to re.Enter the system.
  • Check the availability of operating system updates. It is worth updating the firmware, usually this can be done in the settings in the “Update Po” section.
  • Go out and get into the accountgoogle account. It happens that user data is damaged. Repeated entrance often helps.
  • Reinstall the application. It is appropriate to consider as the latest option from the list, because all the time to reinstall services is very inconvenient.

The listed manual is designed to help updating applications on TVs Android, Tizen, Webos, Yandex.TV and other operating systems of all kinds of manufacturers. It has everything that is most necessary for independent procedure. However, you may have questions that we will be happy to answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to update a browser and applications

Webos is famous for the fact that already in the “out of the box” version in this OS everything is ready for work. Most users use the software that is already “sewn” into the Smart-Tel, and installs third-party applications infrequently. But in any case, all alternative programs require periodic update. So, in order to install a fresh version, you should click on the icon of the application of interest in the panel, after which the system will check the availability of updates and, if new, will offer it to put it.

To refresh the version of the “native” browser or any other pre.Installed software, no special actions need to be taken. During the general update (its methods are described in the previous paragraph), the TV receiver will put new versions of the flash player, drivers and other “sewn” programs.

Smart-TV Samsung browsers

Samsung is one of the leaders in the production of TVs. For Smart TV, she created her own Tyzen operating system, which, in addition to TV receivers, is adapted for smart watches of the same brand. Distinctive features of this OS are the simplicity of use and speed, but also a small selection of applications.

update, browser, smart
  • By default, the browser for TVs of Samsung has an uncomplicated name “WebbBrowser”. However, practice shows that its functions are enough for comfortable use.
  • If an alternative option is needed, then you can use Yandex.Browser. Its main difference is the presence of widgets that open rapid access to different content. Television channels, weather forecasts and other useful resources. This observer also stands out by an organic integral and a “smart” search line. The “turbo” mode will help to speed up the loading of the pages, and you can synchronize the profile with a laptop, tablet and smartphone through cloud service.

Due to the fact that the Tyzen operating system is its own development of a Korean company, there are no large selection of browsers for it, but the available options in most situations fully satisfy user requests.

Prevention of problems

Installation and updating of programs for a Smart television receiver-work requiring certain knowledge and skills. Acting the Pokka method, the user can harm the system and the performance of the equipment. So that there are no random errors, you need to adhere to the following rules.

  • If a removable drive is used, it is important to exclude its accidental disconnection until the installation/update process is completed.
  • The installation file downloaded to the USB carrier should strictly correspond to the TV model.
  • It is necessary to provide continuous power supply to the device and not press any buttons during the automatic installation on.

So, what to do to update the web facial, was described in detail above. The main thing is to use software only from official sources and exclusively for its modification. Otherwise, no one guarantees software compatibility, lack of failures, and generally the performance of the equipment. You can clearly familiarize yourself with the methods of installing a new version of the browser for the LG brand TV in the video review on thematic resources on the Internet.

Possible problems: causes and methods of elimination

In order for the installation and update to be successful, the following rules should be followed:

  • Download according to only with proven sources;
  • With manual update and installation, do not remove and do not touch the flash drive;
  • Do not press the buttons during installation, do not turn off the device.

If all conditions are met, then the functionality of the observer is ensured, but it happens that after installing or updating problems may occur that complicate or make it impossible to use the observer.

Most of them will be able to cope on their own, the main thing is to determine the reason.

Problem Cause The method of elimination
Inability to launch the Smart TV LG observer After a manual update, the system is not able to recognize a new version. Synchronization must be carried out independently: go to the settings-support-irialization.
Lack of Internet connection After the update, information was not imported from the old observer to the new. You need to reset the settings. In the browser, find the “Settings”/“General” tab, click “Settings Reset”. Restore the web browser.
Lack of internal memory Incorrect reading data on the state of memory of the system after updating. Run the SMART function using DU. Open the “Smart” functions, then. “clean the cache”.

These problems are most common among users, but other malfunctions are also possible in the work of the browser.

The installation and regular updating of the installed programs will help to get a maximum from the Smart TV LG. Web browser helps to expand the capabilities of Smart TV LG. By installing a browser, the use of functions will become comfortable.