Use your phone as a TV remote control

Connecting a smartphone as a TV remote control via Wi-Fi

Smartphones have replaced many electronic and mechanical devices for humans. Nowadays you can hardly find alarm clocks, calculators, voice recorders and other previously necessary devices. In addition to all of the above devices, a modern mobile device can even replace the TV remote control.

This process is performed in two main ways:

To begin with, let’s look at the Wi-Fi Direct function. This is a way to control your TV through your phone that requires you to connect two devices of interest to the same wireless network.

Before we consider how to connect your smartphone to the TV via Wi-Fi Direct.

Advantages Disadvantages
Allows you to watch the programs of interest from the applications on your smartphone The function allows you to watch only files from your smartphone
Replaces the function of the remote control and TV tuner Wi-Fi Direct is not present on all TV models

To connect Wi-Fi Direct, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the settings of the mobile device.
  • Find the tab responsible for the wireless connection (Wi-Fi).
  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Enable the same option on the TV of interest. TV will show a list of possible devices to connect.
  • Next, you need to select the smartphone that interests us and confirm the connection in the box that will appear on the display of the mobile device.

If all the above steps of the instruction have been performed correctly, then the connection of the phone to the TV through the Wi-Fi Direct function will take place. However, this type of device communication cannot be considered a full-fledged replacement for the remote control, so let’s consider other ways to replace this device via smartphone.

How to control your TV through your Android phone

With the right app, you can use your Smart to control your TV. For example, LG televisions have an official remote app that displays a trackpad on your phone screen. you can use it to move your mouse cursor on your TV just like you do on your laptop using the touchpad.

What’s more, when you select any text field (such as the address bar in a browser or a search field in an app), you can enter text into it using your phone’s touch keyboard.

No more having to select individual letters using the arrows on your remote. Similar apps have been created for other TV models. some of which are unofficial, but work just as well.

Thanks to this, you do not need to buy a wireless keyboard or mouse for more frequent use of Smart TV.

All applications require the Android phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (sometimes you can control via Bluetooth and ik port).

Only then it will be possible to communicate between devices. When both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, the next step is to download the appropriate app to your phone.

Smartphone as a TV remote control. a review of the best apps!

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Smart phone as a remote control for TV

Life of a modern person is hard to imagine without television. An abundance of entertainment shows, movies, TV series and other programs can satisfy the tastes of every viewer. It’s even harder to imagine life today without a smartphone. Today almost everyone has such devices. And so it is natural that there is a question “Can I use a smartphone as a remote for the TV?” And if so, then another question appears on the scene. “How to use a smartphone as a TV remote?”.

The specialists of the online store Mobile Planet decided once and for all to understand this. And today we will give a comprehensive answer to both of the above questions. First of all, let us determine whether you can use a smartphone as a remote control for TV. And the answer is unequivocal: yes, you can! The second question requires a more detailed examination. The solution to this problem is the subject of this article.

How to use smartphone as a remote control for TV

First of all, we should keep in mind that TVs from different manufacturers have a lot in common, but also different. Therefore, the ways of controlling them are different. In general, the smartphone as a remote control affects the TV through a special software. And in order to establish communication modern wireless technologies are required (depending on the TV model and software):

The latter communication technology is considered outdated and is less and less used every year. Nevertheless, it is still in use today. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. basic communication technology. They are the basis for the functioning of the smartphone as a remote control for TV.

Popular TV control software from a smartphone

The variety of software available can be divided into 2 categories:

The first category software is designed to control TV models of specific manufacturers. Keeping up with the times, the best manufacturers of home appliances necessarily create an interface for the functional interaction between TV and smartphone as a remote control to it. Software of the second category is designed, ideally, to control all TV models.

Considering the special software that allows you to make a smartphone Android, iOS or Windows Phone remote control for TV, let’s pay attention to the most popular manufacturers:

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG TV

To control the TV of this manufacturer from a smartphone, you need to download and install the application LG TV Remote on it. When you start scanning, the program detects LG TV in range and connects to it via one of the wireless channels.

Two screens appear on the display. The first of them is an interface which allows you to adjust the volume, switch channels. From it you can go to the home screen, take a screenshot. Also from here you can easily get to the list of all or favorite channels, turn on/off the 3D effect. The second screen has a menu that provides access to the installed apps.

Interace allows the user to lead a finger on the display while the mouse pointer will follow on the TV screen. With this software you can play multimedia files stored on your smartphone on TV and even play games. In this case, the screen becomes a gamer’s field and the display of the device can be converted into a joystick controller.

How to Use a Smartphone as a Remote Control for Your Samsung TV

To solve this problem, you need to download and install the application Samsung TV Remote. Inteace is designed quite simply and understandable. On one screen there are buttons for dialing the channel number, as well as keys for their switching and volume control, TV on/off, sound, navigation menu switching.

The second screen is an interface for controlling the multimedia functions of the TV: color keys, joystick, access to favorite files or channels. It is worth noting that the application has added advertising, which is a significant disadvantage.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Panasonic TV

To control the TV of this manufacturer from your smartphone should download and install the TV Remote Panasonic app. The software is considered the best in its category, which once again confirms the high Japanese quality. Inteis is made in a minimalist style, there is nothing unnecessary. At the same time, the functionality deserves the highest praise.

A distinctive feature of the application. the presence of swipes. All control is based on them. By switching between screens, the user has access to the device files (they can be played back on the TV), navigation menu, settings. It is possible to use the smartphone as a game controller, to enter online mode, turn on the sleep timer and much more.

How to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Philips TV

To start controlling the TV of this manufacturer you need to download and install the Philips MeRemote app. After its installation and opening the software allows you to select the TV in scan mode and synchronize with it. Convenient and clear interface is easy to master. It includes the main screen from which we can access the files of the device, the navigational menu to switch (or dial) channels, adjust the volume.

An important advantage of the software is the speed. So, for example, when playing multimedia files from a smartphone on a TV screen, the transmission delay is less than a second. The SimplyShare function used for this is considered to be the best available.

Turn the iPhone into your remote control

In case we have an iPhone, we won’t have an infrared sensor, and we can only do it by connecting to the Internet. To do this, we need to use the iOS extra or download the application in the terminal, which will change depending on the device we want to control.

Apple itself has integrated Apple TV into the iOS Control Center. Therefore, if we have an Apple TV add-on, we only need to connect both to our account and in the same Wi-Fi network. Then on the smartphone itself we will find the buttons we need to do everything without downloading anything else.

For all other TVs

If we have a TV that doesn’t have the Apple operating system installed, we will have to download the appropriate app to turn the cell phone into our remote control. There are many manufacturers, as well as Android, that offer us the best option to control Smart TV with iOS using these apps: Samsung. Philips. Panasonic and Hisense. In this case, to link them, we also need to be in the same Wi-Fi network, and then we can use our command on the cell phone.

Universal apps for smartphones

The software is really a universal solution if the user decides to use it, as it will fit exactly to the user’s TV. However, there are also other utilities created by other manufacturers. Such programs have many nuances:

  • The main disadvantage is that these programs can be a lot of annoying and intrusive advertising;
  • The advantage is that the user can work with different phones and televisions at once.

Two criteria can vary. It all depends on the program downloaded by the user. The most versatile programs and utilities will help the user to control the TV.

TV remote control

This is the first program that comes across to the user as soon as he opens the official app store, when he enters “Remote Control Apps”.

your, phone, remote, control

“TV Remote” can really help connect to a huge number of TVs, and also has software that is completely free to use. However, its disadvantage follows immediately. ads.

A huge number of adware applications wait for the user almost after every action. Those who have downloaded the utility at least once complain about this. A lot of annoying advertising spoils the impression of the program.

The application at the same time is only available for users with Android smartphone system. You should download the utility only from official stores and sources.

Galaxy Universal Remote

This universal item was originally intended for Samsung Galaxy Smart devices, but after other phones have adopted this software and decided to use it for their televisions.

The iPhone owners can not download this utility.

Also the app can control TV set-top boxes, AV receivers, projectors, Bluetooth speakers and even air conditioners. This program has a huge amount of positive feedback, which other similar programs cannot boast of

Easy Universal TV Remote

The name says that it is “Easy” to use, but in fact it is not. The user will immediately encounter problems, such as language. The fact that the Russification of this utility is completely absent. The item like “Language” is not even in the settings. That’s why those who don’t know English will find it hard to figure out how to connect the TV correctly.

your, phone, remote, control

This program is only supported by Android. devices. The utility can be downloaded through official sources if the user is willing to face a language problem.

SURE Universal Remote

The first thing worth noticing right away in this utility is that it is available on both Android and iOS. That is, the owner of equipment from Apple can control the remote control, and Android. the device also.

The second is that the Android version has virtually no problems at all in order to work. A lot of positive feedback is assured. As for the iPhone, Apple has a lot of flaws and bugs, respectively, a lot of negative feedback.

TV Remote Control

Another utility that can be called standard. This is a simple universal remote control for TV. Users give it an average rating. This is an option for those who want to try this function and all.

Mi Remote

Mi Remote is more often found on apple devices. It has a convenient interface, as well as clear Russification. The user can connect not only the TV, but also other devices. Such programs help the user, as they are made well, they do not need to be especially versed in order to set up correctly. The program will intuitively tell the user what to do, what to do and much more.

The software is also available on Android. You can also download it from the official website.

Please note! Downloading the program through unofficial sources, foreign sites can lead to the fact that the device will appear viruses. These viruses can easily steal user data or banking information. To make sure this does not happen, it is worth using only time-tested sites and utilities.

ZaZa Remote

Another free app that helps the user to manage home appliances. The appliances also include TV. It’s a standard program, but it has a lot of ads. This is its main disadvantage. With any action, the user should view ads for at least 15-20 seconds. It’s not comfortable. It is said that there is also a paid version, a subscription, thanks to which you can not worry so much and see ads. Downloadable on both Android and iOS.

Features of TV control for different phone models

In all cases, to remote TV via smartphone you will need:

  • Smartphone. Must run on the “Android” operating system or iOS. The presence of current updates and software versions is optional.
  • TV. Must have a functionality that allows a stable connection (Wi-Fi, infrared port). It is desirable to connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • Application. It is necessary to install a special program on the gadget. There is software specifically for TVs of certain manufacturers (LG TV Remote, Samsung Smart View).

Certain smartphone models have distinctive features in terms of TV remote control. For example, Xiaomi gadgets have an infrared port. It makes it possible to control TV without using Wi-Fi. Also the IR port is in some models of “Huawei”, “Lenovo”. The “Virtual remote” program is installed by default in “Huawei Honor” smartphone. You can also find it on other gadgets with infrared port.

Using your smartphone for TV remote control is a handy feature, saving you from having to buy a separate remote control. The main thing is to monitor the battery charge, if the phone is almost discharged, it is unlikely to establish a connection. Note that having the Wi-Fi/IC port on your phone on all the time consumes a lot of battery power. However, this drawback is leveled out by the convenience of using your smartphone as a TV remote control. The gadget can even be used to control a digital set-top box connected to your TV.

Philips TV Remote

And another official app. Philips TV Remote (formerly called Philips My Remote) for TV sets of the respective brand. I do not have the opportunity to test the functionality of the application, but judging by the screenshots, it can be assumed that this remote control on the phone for the TV is no less functional than the above-mentioned counterparts.

Of course, there are all the standard functions of such applications: viewing online TV, video and picture transfer to TV, control of saved broadcasts (this can also do the application remote for Sony), and in the context of this article. remote control of TV, as well as its settings.

Official Philips TV Remote and Philips MyRemote download pages.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Another simple application that allows you to use your Android tablet or phone as a TV remote control. Program is similar to the similar ones in its functionality, differing mainly in the interface: it is possible to turn on / off the TV, adjust the volume, switch channels, etc. д.

To set up the remote control via phone, simply select the type of connection from the three available ones and the TV model; support for most brands of TVs: Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, etc. is claimed.