Video creation apps on the iPhone

The best apps for creating photo slideshows with music

The combination of music and images. are always a good way to express emotions, because they often complement each other perfectly if you can pick up a free option to use music.

Creating a slideshow and pairing it with your favorite melody can be a great way to preserve the most vivid memories of an event that’s special to you. The iPhone photo app allows users to easily create slideshows with music, but if you want more advanced features, you’ll need additional apps. In this article, we take a look at some of the latest apps in the App Store that you can use on almost any iPhone model, including iPhone 11, to create slideshows.


Free utility with a simple interface and poor functionality, aimed at creating videos from photos. There is a base with two hundred music tracks, which can decorate their masterpieces. In addition, the program has support for 285 fonts, as well as high definition HD-720p and FullHD-108 formats. You can share the results of your creative experiments with friends by email, on social networks and video hosting sites.

Where to create a video collage: Best apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Hello, this is Igor Zuyevich✋In Instagram videos often attract much more subscribers to your profile than text publications. Not everyone likes to read texts, besides videos can be watched while you mind your other business. A video collage. a video clip created from several fragments. will help to increase interest to your video.

⚡️Video collages are becoming more and more popular among Instagram users because they allow to show and tell more than a simple video.

⚡️Creating such clips is not difficult, and special smartphone apps can help you do it.

In today’s article, I want to tell you about the most popular video collage apps for both iPhone and iPad as well as Android.

The above video editing apps. Is what many people prefer to edit videos or movies. So, they have some features in one editing app. If you’re looking for editors on your iPhone or iPad with professional editing features, you should check out the following editors to download.

Review: Turn an everyday moment into a creative video with more than 20 advanced video effects.

Review: This Lens Scary Photo Video editor takes stunning videos and photos to impress your followers on Instagram and Snapchat.

Review: These live filters and face changers for video selfies change your look with amazing masks and effects!

Review: This music video editing software edits songs together to create a celebrity music video.

Review: Merge videos adds a transition between videos and merges multiple videos into one video and share them with friends via and Instagram.

Review: Convert square size and video clip to rectangle shape for Instagram and Vine without cropping.

Review: Free app to easily increase or decrease the speed of videos on your iPhone, iPod or iPad for slow and fast videos.

Review: Rotate and flip your movies or videos for free playback on iOS and Quicktime.

Review: Rewind video editing app and instant movie playback for Vine and Instagram.

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Review: The best photo and video app and 360 panoramic camera app will capture your life in 360° with crystal clear photos, enhanced videos and stunning panoramas in an instant.

Review: The video creator allows you to add frames to your video with stunning frames of different kinds, such as bottle-shaped frame, heart-shaped frame, wall texture frame, wood type frame, fire effect frame and many other such amazing frames.

Review: This video editing program trims videos, adds music to trimmed videos and easily adds effects to trimmed videos.

video, creation, apps, iphone

Review: This color editing software for HD videos and photos to create videos with different color styles.

Review: Best GIF editor with added animated gifs and music to your photos and videos to customize your gifs by changing transparency.

Here are the most popular and professional video editing apps for iPhone or iPad. Note that the above apps are taken from the iTunes app store. For some reasons, such as religion or other restrictions, you may not be able to download these editing apps.

The above editing apps are for iOS system device (iPhone, iPad or iPod). If you are an Android user, just go to Android video editors.


This program was created by Apple developers, which is a sign of quality in itself. The video editor is regularly updated, so over time it gets new topical features. So, using the latest version of the program, users will be able to shoot a video and immediately apply templates (for example, to create a trailer), effects and filters to it.

Record soundtracks right in the app. Also added support for 3D Touch and the ability to edit 4K video. The program is paid, but offered for free as a gift with the purchase of top configurations iPhone and iPad.

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We all record more video on our smartphones or cameras than we can social networks, and we often do not have the opportunity to show our friends some of our favorite moments. Video collage apps for iPhone and iPad offer a simple solution to this problem, as they allow you to combine several video clips into one video. You don’t even need to have advanced video editing skills to create visually stunning video collages, as most of these apps are extremely easy to use. So, in this article, we will introduce you to some of the best video collage apps for iOS devices.

Rating of the best video editors with extensive functionality for iPhone and iPad

An overview of the best according to Zuzako About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with an expert before buying.

There was a time when editing videos required hundreds of special programs for PC and people who knew how to use them. In 2019, in order to edit a video, all you need is a smartphone and basic Photoshop skills. Now any school kid can make a video in a couple of hours that would have taken a lot of time and effort before. There are many special programs for Android and iOS. Since all applications are primarily released on iOS, Zuzako editors offer a rating of the best video editors for iPhone and iPad.


This is the original application directly from the manufacturers of iPhone and iPad. The program has all the necessary functions that you need to work comfortably. Even a child can understand the editor’s interface. During editing the application screen is divided into four windows, the main one displays the object of installation, and the others have the desired effects and options. In addition to video, you can edit photos in the app. The photo editor is not a professional one, but that is not required of a video editing program.

  • Lots of different effects
  • There are all the options you need for efficient installation
  • Many people consider iMovie the best app for video editing

Viva Video

The editor has all the necessary options for video editing that a modern social media user might need. There are a lot of interesting transitions and beautiful effects. There are ready-made templates for editing, as well as the manual adjustment of all options. You can save the resulting material in any resolution up to 4K. Among the original features, the presence of the “Live” function, which allows you to keep a beautiful video diary. The free version allows you to record video clips of up to 5 minutes with a watermark. You will have to pay 2500 thousand for the Pro version.

  • Great for video blogging
  • Many positive user reviews
  • The PRO version opens up endless video editing possibilities


This video editor has many different functions that can make a beautiful video. With Videoshop you can cut your videos into several parts and glue them together with beautiful transitions and effects. You can also change the speed of video playback. You can add any soundtrack to your video or overlay your own voice. There is a separate audio editor in the program, with which you can change the rhythm of the music or change the voice. All the obtained videos can be immediately sent to social networks or a YouTube channel.

Adobe Premiere Clip

The app comes from the best software vendor for graphic editing. The program does not have such a great feature set as Pinnacle Studio, but it can help you make a quality video clip or movies. Automatic editing and manual editing is available. To work with Adobe Premiere Clip it is obligatory to create an Adobe ID account where the user will get a cloud storage for a couple of gigabytes.

You do not need an internet connection to create videos. But in order to save the resulting work you will still need a network connection, as the video can only be saved in the cloud.

  • You don’t need an internet connection to create your videos
  • There are many methods to import video from the cloud
  • You can edit multiple videos at once

Cute Cut

This video editing application for iPhone is famous for its ease of use. To start with, you need to download all the necessary material, video clips, soundtracks, etc., into the application’s memory.д. Then you need to select all the effects, overlays and transitions you want to process. Now all the editing elements will be located in a small window of the program, and the user only needs to drag and drop the desired material or in the main window of the montage. The developers have taken care of those for whom the program interface will seem complicated, the program has a step by step tutorial and a few videos, as examples. Thanks to the very user friendly interface, you can work with the application even on a small screen, like on the iPhone SE.


Great iPhone editor for adding effects to video. Comeo has a large number of different effects and overlays that many users will enjoy. There are ready-made templates and basic options for self-treatment. You can add any audio from the library and impose a text with beautiful font and high-quality animation. You can add subtitles and create a cool cover art for your video. When the video is ready you can save it in the file storage of the device or send it to Vimeo. Many filters are available, the number of which is the envy of many modern photo editors. Videos can be saved in any resolution from HD to 4K.

  • The app is a gift from the developers. Not only is it free, but there are no integrated purchases and no annoying ads, although occasionally windows will pop up asking you to upload videos to Vimeo
  • No watermarks on the resulting video
  • Very simple and intuitive interface that anyone can understand
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Pinnacle Studio

It’s the ultimate professional editor, ported from computers to mobile devices. The program has a very wide functionality, which can be used to edit real movies. Many top videobloggers use this app to edit their videos. Despite the large number of options, Pinnacle Studio has a very user-friendly interface that any user familiar with iOS can understand. The program synchronizes with all iOS devices. You can start editing on your IMac at home and when you can’t use your computer, continue on your iPhone and iPad.

Video TrimCut

Unlike the previous representatives of the top, this program doesn’t have so many features. There are no dramatic effects and overlays in the application, just a few basic options and a timeline. This may not be much for some people, but there is no confusion about the options, which distracts from the work on the video. Video TrimCut is great for people who are just getting started with video clips.


The app will allow you to make a beautifully edited video or photo in no time. Magisto has a lot of different effects and stylings, controlled by an artificial intelligence called Emotion Sense Technology. EST can apply the effects you need, taking into account everything from driving speed to detecting close-ups. In addition, the AI can recognize the main characters in the video and make appropriate footage for the story. Thanks to it, an ordinary amateur video can turn into a professional masterpiece.

App for video editing on iPhone with very powerful functionality of the necessary video editing. Thanks to the intuitive controls, with this program any beginner can make a video. Quik has many interesting options to create videos for social networks. There are many different filters and effects, as well as access to a soundtrack library, and it’s all free. There are several paid options in the program, but you can do without them.

  • Anyone can do the editing
  • You can synchronize what’s happening on the video with the rhythm of the music
  • Many beautiful fonts
  • Many filters for photos


The program with a large number of different functions and a user-friendly interface. Newcomers to video editing will love the easy controls, and professionals will be pleased with the large number of different options. The app will allow you to do professional editing without wasting time learning Photoshop. Can save videos in all existing resolutions, except 4K. It’s also possible to send videos directly to your YouTube channel or Instagram profile.

  • User-friendly interface
  • You can synchronize the application with your YouTube channel and Instagram profile
  • Free music
  • Can record from Google Drive
  • Free software
  • Low system requirements
  • No annoying ads

Fly Video Editor

Users of this program can edit like a real professional, since all the editing will occur while watching the clip. You can choose up to 4 separate videos, which will be in a separate window. There are a lot of ways to combine all the videos, you can make a smooth transition or overlay a picture on top of the picture, it all depends on the preferences of the user. Most of the effects and features in the application are paid, and you have to pay for everything about 1500.


In the video editing software for iPhone, which will allow to make videos in different formats. A total of three of them, a standard 169, a square, and 15-second clips for social networks. Replay allows you to insert text and music, trim your video and use one of the 18 available styles. Initially there are only three styles available to the user, but you can unlock the rest for only 300. You can use these functions, but there is a limitation on saving clips. The program has manual and automatic editing mode, allowing professionals and beginners to work with it.

  • You can make a movie very quickly, thanks to automatic mode
  • You can add music from the library
  • Three different resolution formats
  • Many beautiful filters
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Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad (2021 Review!)

Action Movie FX

This is a video editing program for iPhone and iPad with a very unconventional functionality. It offers to use in their videos overlay special effects from various movies and cartoons. Original movie designers worked on each effect. There are effects for fans of most movies. The developers always add the appropriate effects to the premiere of new movies. The program itself is free, but you still have to pay for extra features. Although no one would spare some 60 to appear in their videos himself Star Lord or the team of avengers.

  • Many different effects from professional artists
  • The program has tips from video editing experts
  • You can impose your own audio track
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Great video editor for iPhone with a very simple interface and a set of interesting features. Most often this program is used to create short videos for Instagram. It can combine images and videos into one colorful video, which will not be ashamed to show subscribers on social networks. Deserve special attention the option “Live titles” with which you can impose an animated text on the video. This feature is an intelligent type that allows you to use your voice to control. A simple interface and a set of advanced features, will make a quality video in a few minutes.

The best video editors according to Zuzako editors

To say exactly what is the best video editor is impossible. After all, everyone uses similar software based on their needs. For beginners, simplicity and ease of use is a priority. Masters of video editing will prefer the rich functionality. And someone just wants to put some interesting effects on his video to amaze his friends.

Best video editors for beginners

Cute Cut, Video TrimCut and Cameo are perfect for video editing novices. These iPhone video editing programs are very easy to use and have all the features you need to get the job done. They are perfect for those who are just beginning to master the art of video editing. And they are completely free, which is a big plus, because most beginners are not willing to pay real money for the software or its features.

Best video editors for professionals

Zuzako editors consider iMovie and Pinnacle Studio to be the best programs for professional video editing. After all, there are so many different options in these apps that beginners won’t need, but professionals will see the features they need for their new work. The basic functionality of iMovie is limited, and you have to pay to open all the features. Pinnacle Studio by itself costs 1000 and plus the program will require money for auxiliary features. But no amount of money can scare off a professional video editor.

Apps with lots of effects

For those who just want to dabble in stacking effects, Zuzako recommends Action Movie FX and Replay. They are easy to use and do not require a large investment of money. The programs have a lot of interesting effects that will help you surprise all your friends with your videos.

Charmingly rate my likes and write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев what video editor for iPhone and iPad you use.

Top 5 Video Creation Apps for iPad/iPhone

TiltShift Videos

A very easy-to-use photo-video maker with a music app for iPad and iPhone. The TiltShift Video app helps you turn your regular videos into tilt-shift like stress-free videos. Some of the best features of this video application. is the ability to change the speed of your video, create slow motion and time lapse videos.

VidLab. Video and Movie Creator

Magisto is perfect for those users who just want to add some filters to their videos. It doesn’t offer many features and functions for editing, but it does have some interesting effects that you can apply to your videos with a simple click. The best part of using Magisto is that you can save all your videos in the cloud, so you can edit them at any time from a simple web browser. In other words, if you are not a professional YouTuber, you should try this app to apply some basic effects and common video editing functions.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a professional video creator and video editing for your iPad and iPhone. It is free and can play HD videos and HD videos on your iPhone and iPad and save them in full resolution. You also have the option to export as a GIF image format.

Magisto. The Magic Video Editor

It is one of the best video producers for iPhone and iPad that you can get for free in the app store. This app can be created from your videos and photos. Magisto app. Is a professional, easy-to-use and high-quality video editing app. Note that the Magisto app does not have the same features as iMovies, but you need the internet to use the app.


The iMovie app is one of the most popular photo and video creation apps for iPad and iPhone. This helps users create HD videos without much stress. It also has the ability to make Hollywood-style movies. Videos created with the iMovies app can be published to Vimeo and YouTube right from the app. It is easy to use and comes with the ability to save videos in full resolution.

Alternative for iMovie. There is functionality for editing with built-in templates, the ability to add music and sound accompaniment, insert effects, there are also special filters to improve your video.

We can’t say that the program has a perfect interface, but it is possible to master it in a short period of time. So there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Like iMovie, it’s a free application that can be downloaded at any time using the AppStore.