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Sep 09, 2015 · Why are Pit Bull owners such assholes?[NSFW] (self.AskReddit) While statistically pit bulls do make up a large portion of bite reports that is more due to the improper training/environment that the animal is brought up in and the fact that when the dogs DO bite they are often more severe bites. People are going to go to the hospital (who. Jan 03, 2013 · Pit Bulls, White Trash & Ghetto Fabulous A-holes. Pit Bulls were originally bred as “catch-dogs” to hunt down wild cattle and wild hogs Their jaws are ridiculously strong Ghetto fabulous assholes have used Pit Bulls as fighting dogs to make money for years (insert Michael Vick jokes here) Drug dealers, of all races.

News Just Give the Pit Bull What It Wants and You Won’t Get Hurt. posted by Dan Savage on September 6 at 9:19 AM. Too bad the pit bull wants your four month old infant. The pit bull from next door had charged into Angela Silva’s garage and was lunging for Tom Jr., the 4 . Oct 26, 2012 · The reputation they have tends to attract assholes who truly should never be near a dog let alone own a high energy powerful breed, and this brings you to the bite force. all dogs can snap, but its a hell of a difference when a Pit Bull bites you compared to a Corgi. But what a wonderful breed of dog when looked after properly.

Pit bull owners frequently direct blame onto victims after an attack too. While "blaming the victim" is a universal phenomenon, pit bull owners do so offensively. The instance involving Wendy Blevins, who DogsBite.org awarded 2008 Victims Advocate of the Year, is an excellent example. Mar 22, 2017 · So most people have this idea that pitbulls are more dangerous than other dog breeds but is this really the case? Personally i never owned a pitbull (i have a westie) but i think they are seen as most dangerous because their bite is very powerfull. I don't believe any dog is born evil either. Some states and countries even have pitbulls banned and if you still breed them there (illegaly) they.