What antenna to choose for your TV

What’s the best antenna for digital TV?

For stable reception of digital terrestrial television, you need to have an antenna that works well in the DMV band. An ordinary omni-wave antenna, such as a standard Delta, will also work. If you want to receive all analog channels, you should get an omni-directional antenna.

  • 5 Perfeo Forward. The amplifier does not need to be plugged in.
  • 4 RMO BAS-5310 Horizon USB. The most attractive price.
  • 3 Selenga 105A. An optimal choice for signal reception in any environment.
  • 2 Hyundai H-TAI220. High build quality
  • 1 Thomson ANT1425. The best amplifier.
  • 5 DENN DAA238 Antenna
  • 4 Delta K331A
  • 3 LUMAX DA1502A.


To facilitate the choice of the device is made rating of the best indoor antennas for digital television. It includes models that have received the greatest number of positive reviews from users.


Model LUMAX DA1203A passive antenna that captures more than 20 free UHF digital channels, with the function of receiving DVB-T/DVB-T2. Features a long leg and a tilt-and-turn traverse. Has a compact size, weight and low price. The radius of reception of 25 km. Manufactured by Zhejiang Longyou Xinxidi Electronics Co, China, under license from Lumax. Overall, quite a good device for living in an area of stable signal reception.


  • Perfectly captures digital and analog signals in the urban area
  • ease of use
  • compact
  • Cute design

Functional, compact television antenna HARPER ADVB-2969 with built-in amplifier, confident signal reception. Has easy installation, setup, receives 20 free digital channels, FM radio. Among the receivers of its class the most powerful amplifier VHF and UHF signals. All moving elements of the antenna is adjustable to improve signal quality. Also the power level is adjustable. Modern sleek design of the model suits any interior. The only drawback. a short cable length of 1m.

Selenga 104A

Selenga 104A active type TV home antenna with built-in signal amplifier of any power. The quality of signal reception is not affected by changes in weather or terrain. Due to the power from the antenna cable, the receiver is compatible with a variety of TV models. The device is good to receive signals even at a considerable distance from the repeater. in suburban villages and country houses. The design can not be called compact, there may be difficulties with the place of attachment. Bracket for mounting is included, as is a clamping antenna plug. The only disadvantage pointed out by users is a short power cable, only 1.5 m.

Delta K131A.03

Active indoor antenna Delta Digital K131A.03, receiving DVB-T, DVB-T2 digital broadcasting and analog television broadcasting signals. Availability of a built-in amplifier with fine-tuned gain allows the use of the device in areas with unstable television signal level. The traverse is adjustable to better capture the digital stream. UHF signal amplification up to 40 dB, which provides interference-free, noise-free reception. By feedback. a good antenna for TV with reception of digital and analog channels for installation at a considerable distance from the tower. But also repeatedly pointed out by users poor quality of soldering and wiring. Country of manufacture Russia.

Hyundai H-TAI200

Compact indoor antenna active type Hyundai H-TAI200 is designed to connect to a TV or receiver. Power amplification of UHF, VHF bands up to 40 dB. Excellent reception of Russian free HDTV DVB-T2 channels. Small size and light weight help you to place the antenna in the best place for receiving the signal. Thanks to the shape of the stand, the cable length of 1.25 m, the device can be placed vertically or mounted on the wall. Special design is designed to improve the reception of digital channels, perfectly fits into the interior of rooms.


The antenna REMO BAS-1318 is used as a room receiver for digital, analog television, FM-radio. Receives UHF, VHF, DVB-T/T2 digital standard. Built-in amplifier increases the power of the received signal up to 30 dB, protects transmissions from malfunction and interruption. Remo BAS-1318 equipped with a metal bracket for secure mounting on the wall for optimum signal reception. Tuning of the amplifier is adjustable, the power supply is connected to 220 V mains. On the quality of the channel is not affected by changes in weather conditions, the remoteness from the repeater. Receiver is designed for installation in multi-storey city buildings and country houses.


Lightweight indoor antenna active type VVK DA20 with a reliable reception of analogue, digital television and radio signals. Designed for connection to BBK DVB-T/T2 receivers or LED TV sets. Built-in 22 dB amplifier enhances received signals of DVB-T2, VHF, UHF. Desktop placement, the model does not have brackets for vertical mounting. The manufacturer’s stated coverage area of 25 km, a reception angle of 360 degrees. Type of power supply USB, connection to a network through the adapter unit. On responses of users. the best indoor antenna for the TV.

How to choose and install the TV antenna

Question: Tell me which dish is better to buy for the TV?? began to sound so often that I felt an urgent need to write a few words about the types, types of television antennas, the correctness of their installation and about the television signal itself, which is broadcast from the TV tower What antenna is better to buy in the country or in the countryside? To this question, especially actual at the beginning of a country season, I too will try to give the answer, here much depends on distance to a television tower, a relief of district and a line of sight if your summer residence near to a city and a tower. across the river by the window. Room antenna will do, but. Let’s take it one step at a time

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First of all, there are antennas: meter (for receiving channels of the VHF meter band, decimeter (UHF) and universal (all-wave). Which one do you need?? What are you going to watch? If conventional over-the-air television channels, the universal, as we (in Nikolaev): Inter, STB and Pervy. Broadcast in the meter range, and all the rest 13. on DMV.

Digital terrestrial channels are transmitted in the decimeter wave range, so you can use any antenna, except purely “meter”, remember that no special antenna for receiving a digital TV T2, does not exist

What can you do, if you just plug something into the antenna jack on your TV and think it will work fine. That only happens in fairy tales Most of the complaints about poor TV performance are related to problems with a bad signal and antenna, not indicative of a faulty TV circuit.

Blurring, flickering, splitting, noise, channel loss. This is not a complete list of problems caused by broken antennas, broken cables, broken connectors, or improper installation of the receiving antenna

TV antenna. complicated technical design, and its calculation. is not as simple as it may seem, so if you. not a radio amateur, just buy a ready-made (but not modern Chinese, but normal), no need to assemble an antenna from empty cans or some incomprehensible rods with disks

The television signal is very small (in amplitude), any infringement on the way of its reception from the aerial to the TV (the rusty aerial, an old cable, a lot of stranding, incorrectly soldered plug) will cause a lot of noise and interference on the screen of your TV

In the stores and markets of the city sellers are increasingly trying to sell the buyer an antenna at a higher price, with an amplifier, making the accent on the fact that the amplifier removes interference and makes a good signal. People buy it, put it on their TV, watch it. and then go to quarrel with sellers, because these super-antennas work worse than simple ones without any amplifiers. Why so? Isn’t the amplifier doing its job??

It performs, only and it is not omnipotent, here, for example, on the right photo the well-known Polish aerial (as people have dubbed it, and in my. a good fish-smoking tray). It will work well if you are in the village, 30-60 kilometers from the city and only if it is set as high as possible on the roof of your house. If you. in the city, then, instead of improvement, you will get a total crap, because it will not only amplify the main signal from the tower, but also a bunch of reflected (from high-rise buildings)

In the picture on the left. the not less known and awfully expensive indoor antenna, with possibility of adjustment of gain and an incomprehensible impressive reflector. Do you have one of these?? How? right, no way Any Soviet indoor antenna works better, unless it is broken, why?

And these are. good outdoor antennas, above. The ideal all-wave universal, below. universal, with an amplifier (I doubt that it is needed there, but the owner decided to put such, maybe also woe-sellers listened to). Let’s dwell on the upper antenna, why is it so good? First of all, by the fact that it. directional type, the reflector (tray) is absent, therefore, under condition of direct visibility of the TV tower, this construction will receive the main (direct, most strong and qualitative) signal, and any reflected. No

Two sticks (on the edges) are used to receive channels of the meter range, and the airplane, with transverse ribs (according to the people). for decimeter channels: here such antenna I advise all of you to put on the roof, if you. city dweller, and the TV tower. no further than 20 km.

Then they make a reflector? It is needed in order to collect all crumbs of a weak signal (when the transmitter is very, very far away), these crumbs are reflected (as from a satellite dish, here from that round thing, that is called a basin) and focused (collected together and amplified) directly on the receiving part of the antenna. In satellite systems. The head plays this role (the collector of a signal), and in usual antennas. Metal pins and ribs of the central structure

How to get a good TV signal? To do this you need to know the laws of its propagation, so let’s dwell on this question in more detail

The most important rule to ensure good signal reception: direct visibility of the TV tower from where your antenna is located. To put it simply, the antenna must see the tower as we see it with our eyes because the signal is distributed directly, it can not turn a corner, bypass an obstacle or climb in a window, well, he does not know how to do it

If there is an obstacle (stone, brick, concrete, wood) in front of your house (the window, the place where you installed the antenna), the signal from the tower will simply bounce off it, but it cannot go all the way through (it is not radioactive). In this case, you need to look for another way out, for example: a high-rise behind the tower, but well visible to your antenna

Which antenna to choose. model review

Indoor antenna “Blackmor DVB-T2-T5207”

Room type device with amplifier. Captures the signal in two formats in decimeter range. Gain of 28 dB. Cable for the device must be purchased separately.

Indoor antenna “Delta K 132 A

Room type device with amplifier. Power supply comes from injector or directly from set-top box. Gain varies from 20.5 to 25.0 dB. The sizes of the device: length. 22 cm, width. 33.6 cm, height. 83 cm. Weight not more than 250 gr.

Antenna “Blackmor DVB-T2_711C”

Universal device that can be installed indoors and outdoors. Suitable for receiving channels in two formats. digital and analog. The package includes a special bracket for fixing the device, power supply, cable and stand for mounting on a horizontal surface. Gain depends on the number of received channels: from 6 to 12 channels. 30 dB; from 21 to 60. 36 dB.

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Antenna AU-13

Small-size outdoor model, mounted on the wall or balcony rail. The manufacturer of the device is DSR brand. Gain is 13.5 dB. The device dimensions: length. 60 cm, width. 30 cm, height. 20 cm. Product mass is 900 grams.

Antenna ANT-507S

Small-size outdoor unit, which can be attached to the wall or balcony rail. Manufacturer. “Fuba” brand. Gain varies from 5.8 to 7.2 dB. Instrument dimensions: length. 41 cm; width. 42 cm; height. 29 cm. Weight about 450 grams.

Antenna ANT-512S

Small-sized outdoor unit, fixed to a window or balcony grid, you can also attach the device to the wall. Manufactured by “Fuba” brand. Gain is 10 to 12 dB. The device dimensions: length. 60 cm, width. 42 cm, height. 36 cm. The weight of the antenna is just over one kilogram.

All presented models of outdoor devices can be equipped with an additional amplifier, picking up the appropriate gain.

It is very difficult to create a special rating. A model that performs very well under certain conditions may not produce the desired result if they change, even slightly. Much depends on the number of floors of the house, the presence of obstacles and other factors. Therefore, to pick up a really good antenna can be very difficult.

Especially for you, we made three reviews of antennas, which judging by user reviews have proven to be the best. Analyze the information provided and try to choose the best option for you.

REMO BAS-5320-USB Inter 2.0

Indoor antenna on the TV Remo Inter 2.0 differs from analogues with affordable price. Despite its affordable price, the device has excellent technical characteristics. Such a balanced price-performance ratio makes this model one of the most popular ones.

This is a universal receiver, with which you can tune 20 digital and 10 analog channels. Other models are mainly designed exclusively to receive digital signals. Convenient antenna control system allows you to achieve the desired level of signal gain. This significantly increases the quality of reception.

If we talk about other advantages of the most powerful TV antenna, in their reviews customers note the ergonomic design as well as the easiest installation process. collapsible housing can be assembled in minutes. You should not have any special difficulties.

A few words should be said about the power supply and the coaxial cable. They differ from analogs with high quality insulation. The length of all cords allows you to install the device in the right place for you. There are certain disadvantages, too. Users note the poor quality of the plastic, from which the body is made, as well as the unstable signal reception.

Cadena AV

A simple antenna that is suitable for digital signal reception. This is an ordinary device that will work properly only within a radius of a strong signal. not more than 20 kilometers from the repeater. Cadena AV has a built-in amplifier with separate power supply. Everything you need is included in the basic package. The maximum signal amplification level is 30 decibels. Can be connected to a television directly or via a special receiver.

  • The built-in amplifier is located in the TV antenna stand;
  • Designed for use in heated rooms, does not work in temperatures below freezing;
  • Compatible with DVB/T2 digital television standard.

Quite a universal variant that also has an optimal price to quality ratio.


TV antenna is used to receive DVB/T2 digital signal. We should also note the versatility of this model, since it can also be used to receive analog signals. Antenna for digital television Delta DIGITAL 5B is equipped with an amplifier.

The signal gain adjustment function is implemented. Powerful antenna is suitable for use in regions with varying distances from the repeater. It is possible to change the angle of inclination of the device within a range of up to 25 degrees.


Modern television antenna for home, which is absolutely in no way inferior to similar products on the market. Despite its compact size, provides quality digital signal reception. It can be installed on a window sill, attic or even on the roof. Mostly positive reviews about this model.

Powerful TV antenna is equipped with the amplifier with the coefficient of 39 decibels. The receiver will be able to provide a comfortable view of digital TV, even if you’re 80 kilometers away from the repeater. Receives excellent first and second multiplex TV channels. It’s versatile in both installation and application. Opportunity to receive digital and analog signals. Can be installed not only in the room, but also outside the room.

Antennas: country models

What digital antenna to choose for the country: active or passive?

If you care about service life, then definitely buy an antenna.

The active ones work for a year. Why such a short time? Because bad weather and corrosion puts them out of operation.

Whatever antenna you choose, you’ll need a quality cable and a good amplifier.

How to choose a cheaper indoor antenna? It is better to avoid saving and buy only imported cables, for example, Italian.

Many people wonder how to choose the antenna amplifiers? The main thing to remember that the extra powerful amplifier can only harm you.

For example, will begin to catch superfluous signals or worsen the quality of a picture.

  • The model of a running wave is ideal for your summer cottage if it is in the city or near it.
  • The improved version of the Polish model will be ideally suited for the country settlement which is placed far from city settlement. It will easily catch a weak signal, which will be transmitted to the screen without interference.

Rating T2 antennas

The best antenna for T2 is the one which will allow to maintain a stable television signal of necessary power. It is not surprising that in each case there will be the best antenna. Practice shows that confident reception is best provided by outdoor antennas for t2. They are well suited both for distant reception of TV signal and for installation in places with a confident coverage area.

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It is generally accepted that outdoor antennas work in areas with average signal strength, and large powerful outdoor antennas work in areas with weak signal.

T2Wave UHF 269

First place in our rating is taken by the long distance T2Wave UHF 269. Rather large size and clever design antenna provides a high gain of up to 17dB. The antenna proved itself perfectly for installing in places with weak and medium signal level.

T2Wave UHF 269 is a powerful T2 antenna designed to receive medium to very weak signals in the DVB-T2 digital television range. It copes very well with its task.

In its basic configuration the antenna does not require a power supply. However, in case of long distance to the repeater, the received signal can be amplified by installing an antenna amplifier for T2Wave UHF 269. This solution will increase the level of the received signal, as well as to compensate for losses in the TV cable, if the distance from the antenna to the TV is too long.

T2Wave UHF 269 has a classic, as for outdoor antennas, design. It is best established on a mast or a roof of the house because there it will receive the best TV signal. If you are dealing with poor reception, you need an antenna mounted as high and as far as possible away from trees and other obstacles.

UHF 269 directional antenna. Before installing it, it is important for you to find out where the broadcast towers whose signals you are trying to receive are located. AGSAT service will perfectly cope with this task.T2Map.

Wave 2-24

The second place in our rating is occupied by the TV antenna Wave 2-24. It is designed to receive television channels analog DMV range and digital TV standards DVB-T / DVB-T2. After the transition from analog to digital TV reception of the latter is of interest to residents of most cities and villages of Ukraine. Although some continue to use DMV frequencies for their tasks.

As you can understand from the name, the antenna design is a wave channel. This constructive solution is very good for receiving terrestrial TV. Wave 2-24 has proven itself in places where the signal is not strong enough. Has 16 dB gain, no power supply required. Numerous elements focus the antenna along the direction of the main beam, which allows it to cope with the interference that can affect the reception.

At test the aerial at distance of 50 km from the tower Dorogozhichi (Kiev) the aerial has shown excellent results. It successfully received 32 DVB-T2 digital channels and over 50 TV channels in total with a stable picture.

World Vision Maxima L

Outdoor TV antenna World Vision Maxima L for mounting outside the house, suitable for areas with medium and weak signal strength broadcast. In tests this antenna has shown good results, not for nothing in our rating it takes honorable third place.

Maxima L features high gain, a good option for uninterrupted digital TV reception. Quality components ensure efficient digital signal transmission.

In order to receive the maximum number of TV programs, including high definition, you should accurately point the antenna to the transmitter. In order to reduce losses, to transmit the signal from the antenna to your TV or T2 tuner, use only quality coaxial cable and connectors.

T2Wave City 69

On the 4th place of our rating room antenna with an amplifier T2Wave City 69. A good antenna for receiving signals at short to medium distance from the tower.

If you live near a repeater and you’ve had problems with other indoor antennas, then T2Wave City 69 can solve your problems. The antenna has a low price, and its size and design can easily fit into the interior of any room.

T2Wave City 69 is a room antenna with an amplifier, in a black plastic housing. When mounted vertically, on the included stand, the width is 10.5 cm and the height is 23 cm. If mounted horizontally, the antenna looks like a soundbar. Either way, it looks much more attractive than most indoor antennas on the market.

The 5 V antenna is supplied through a 6 m long television cable, which is included with the device. Be sure to turn on the power supply (the green LED on the case will signal the received power), without it the antenna performance is very weak.

Eurosky ES-003

At the end of five of our rating the inexpensive antenna Eurosky ES-003 with the amplifier. Comes in 2 versions, both allow you to enjoy high quality digital TV channels without monthly fees or subscriptions. Antenna is suitable for receiving TV programs, including 1080p HDTV resolution, with the highest image and sound quality at a distance of 30-40 km from the broadcasting tower. Of course, you have to take into account the transmitter power and possible interference at the place of installation.

How to get a high quality satellite TV picture?

Quality plays a key role here. You can’t choose the cheapest components of antenna system to play 4K quality TV. It is also not a good idea to buy no-name brands of equipment. Sufficient bandwidth and interference-free is achievable only with good equipment.

A high-quality antenna, cables and converter are essential if you want to enjoy uninterrupted satellite television. Modern standards have specific requirements, so before you choose components for your antenna system, check if the selected components comply with them.

Definitely choose devices from well known producers and buy them from a trusted store. That way, you can be sure to get high quality equipment.