What can you find out by the IPhone serial number

How to check the iPhone for originality?

Tools for checking the authenticity of smartphones are presented on the official website of Apple. There are also third.Party services that allow you to find out this information. To obtain data in all these cases, you will need a serial number with IMEI. Under these codes, manufacturers register original mobile devices.

Serial number. A unique smartphone code and any other mobile device. You can find out the model, date and production time of the smartphone by it. IMEI. International identifier of mobile devices. Lost smartphones and tablets are monitored and blocking it.

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How to see the serial number in the iPhone?

Information about the serial number is available in the smartphone settings in the “Main” tab. There you need to find the item “On this device”. It is in this section that information about the device will be presented, including its serial number and software version.

After registering in the icloud online service, it will be possible to find a section with registered devices. The Apple technique used by a specific user and its serial numbers will be indicated there.

How to find out serial number using IMEI?

IMEI number can be found out by taking an Apple SIM card from an Apple smartphone.

On the iPhone of the fifth and sixth generation IMEI is indicated in the lower part of the rear cover of the case.

After the user recognized the IMEI number, he can contact Apple technical support. There he will be informed of the serial after confirming the personality and the fact of the purchase of the verified mobile device.

You can find a serial number in IMEI bases, for example, iPhoneimei.Info. The integration of this site is as simple as possible. The user introduces a unique identifier and the serial number of its device is displayed on the screen.

How to check the originality of iPhone by IMEI

On the official website of Apple, check the mobile device by unique identifier cannot. But you can draw up a request to the technical support service with a request to send the serial number of the smartphone with the specified IMEI. However, this procedure takes a lot of time, which when buying a long.Awaited smartphone simply does not. In this case, you can use one of third.Party services for providing information about the mobile device after entering IMEI, for example, IMEI.Info.

To obtain information about the mobile device you are interested in, you need to enter the identifier and go to captcha. If the code was entered correctly, information about the test device will appear on the screen.

Check the iPhone for originality

Below we will consider several ways to make sure that you have not a cheap fake, but the original. To be sure, when studying the gadget, try to use not one method described below, but all at once.

Even at the production stage, each iPhone is assigned a unique identifier. IMEI, which is entered into the phone programmatically, applied to its case, and is also registered on the box.

Checking the iPhone for authenticity, make sure that IMEI coincides both in the menu and on the case. The mismatch of the identifier should tell you that either the device was carried out, about which the seller was silent, for example, the corps was replaced, or in front of you and not the iPhone at all.


The final web service in this review providing information about the phone on the basis of the specified number.

    Go to the page of the iPhoneimei web service.Info. In the window that opens in the column “Enter iPhone Imei Number”, enter a 15-digit code. Right click on the icon with an arrow.

When I am going to purchase a phone that is in operation, or through the online store, add any of the online services offered in the article to promptly check the potential purchase and not make a mistake with the choice.

How activation blocking works?

If the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch includes the “Find iPhone” function, the Apple identifier is safely stored on the activation servers of the company and is tied to your device. From this moment, to turn off the functionality, removal of data on the device and its repeated activation, your password will need to be entered.

In case of loss or theft of the device, it is necessary to immediately transfer it to the missing mode to “Find iPhone”. This mode blocks your screen with a 6- or 4-digit access code and displays a message number on the display in order to simplify the return of the device.

How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New or Personalized

If necessary, you can remotely erase the data from the device, the message will remain on the screen, even after the information delete. While the activation blocking works “in the shade”, preventing the unauthorized use or sale of the device, the loss mode resembles the founder (or stolen) that the gadget has the owner and it cannot be used without knowing the password.

How to get imei on locked iphone

In order to enable the loss mode, go to the icloud website.Com/Find with Mac or PC, or use the “Find iPhone” application for iOS.


A third-party online service will break through the iPhone by serial number in exactly the same way as it is implemented on the Apple website. Over, somewhat more information about the device is provided here.

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Detailed video instruction

The Apple website contains the section “Verification of the right to maintain and support”, in which you can quickly and without much effort to check whether the iPhone was really used to be used before. All you need to know the user to work with the service is the serial number of the device. From activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “settings”, in the “Main” section, the menu item “On this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the starting screen of the greeting, its serial code can be found by pressing the “I” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the iPhone serial number is indicated on the label placed on the rear of the original box.

So, to check the iPhone, follow the following actions:

one. Go to the section “Verification of the right to maintenance and support” on Apple.

2. Enter the iPhone serial number in the corresponding field (how to find out the serial number), enter the code indicated in the picture and click continue.

Iphone serial number never contains the letter “O” (the number “0” is used (zero).

3. If when checking the allegedly new iPhone (or officially restored (refurbished) Apple) the message “Activate your device” will appear, then this really confirms that the smartphone has no history and it is really new.

After activation, the “right to maintenance and support” service will appear (perhaps not immediately, but within a day) the estimated date of the end of the right to maintenance and repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the day of activation. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, take it from the estimated date exactly 1 year.

Note: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, usually this happens in the range from 1 minute to 12 hours.

Where the party number is indicated

Having considered the way to find out, the restored “iPhone” or not, by its party number (model), it is worth understanding where it is indicated.

  • Twice on the box, along with Imei and other data.
  • At the menu items of the device itself: “Settings” → “Basic” → “About this device” → “Model”.

Features of the IPhone serial number and how to check it on it

In conclusion, consider what data about the smartphone can tell its serial number. This is the name of a universal identifier that allows you to distinguish this unit among similar ones. The iPhone has a combination of letters and numbers.

By this number, on the official website “Apple” in the section “check the right to service”, you can find out the model code, the warranty period, and the device is also activated or not. In addition, the presence of these data indicates the originality of this device. But if the “serial” was not found. So, he is fake and in front of you is a fake.