What does it mean on Samsung vo lte

VoLTE. a new generation technology that allows you to call over a 4G/LTE network. VoLTE calls are charged at the same rate as ordinary calls. you do not need to pay anything extra. VoLTE technology is available if “Internet Calls” is activated on the number. Technology Label” and “Mobile Internet” service.

  • Open the section “SIM-cards and mobile networks.
  • Find the “Enable VoLTE” line and set the switch to the “Off” position.
  • It happens so that this option is absent in the menu, but the VoLTE functionality is on.
  • Tap on the “Region” line.
  • Select “India”.

VoLTE what it is in your phone and how to disable it?

With the development of digital technology it is not difficult to confuse even an experienced user with names and terms. What to say about others. The subject of this article will be VoLTE. what is it in your phone and how to disable it. Whether this technology is needed, how to determine if it is in your smartphone. all these and other questions will be answered. You will learn all the details and can decide for yourself if you need to disable it or not.

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What to do if there is an error message

If you try to turn on VoLTE, you may get a message “Unable to activate LTE calls. To activate LTE calls for this account, contact your operator. This may happen with some data plans (including business packages) of some operators. Activating VoLTE on a network that has not been certified by the carrier for VoLTE could affect battery life, call performance, text and messaging, answering machine operation, and cellular data usage. Contact your operator for assistance.

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Что такое VoLTE в телефоне? Преимущества и недостатки.

VoLTE is a new generation technology that allows you to make calls over the 4G/LTE network. Calls via VoLTE are charged at the same rate as ordinary calls. you do not need to pay anything extra. VoLTE technology is available if “Internet Calls. Tech Tag” and “Mobile Internet” service is activated.

Let us try to list which phones support VoLTE:

  • Almost the entire line of Samsung Galaxy. Including S3 LTE, S4, S5, Light and many others;
  • Apple iPhone 6 and above;
  • LG G Pro F240S, Optimus LTE 2 F160LV, Optimus LTE III F260S and some others;
  • Nokia Lumia 830;
  • ZTE Blade V 8, 9;
  • Almost all Xiaomi models ;

It stands for Voice over LTE, which means voice over LTE. Not only that, LTE calls are endowed with better sound quality. And to promote all of this, the very same VoLTE icon appears on the top row of smartphones.

If you’re bored with the option and don’t need better communication, here’s how to turn off the VoLTE function:

  • Open Settings;
  • Select the “Cellular connection” menu item;
  • Click on the “Data Settings” line;
  • Tap on “Enable LTE.”
  • Select the “Data” or “Off” option.”.
  • But it’s still more common to see the word VoLTE.
  • Click the “” button.
  • Tap on “Mobile Network”.
  • Here you see the line “VoLTE calls”. the function is enabled.
  • Move the switch.
  • At the same time, the VoLTE icon in the status bar disappears, indicating that the function is disabled.

Go to “Settings”. Open the “SIM cards and mobile networks” section. Find the “Enable VoLTE” line and move the switch to the “Off” position.

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4G networks initially worked only for uploading/downloading data. When making a call, the smartphone automatically switched to 2G/3G, which took an additional 3-6 seconds and interrupted/delayed the speed of Internet access. The solution was the emergence of VoLTE technology, which in Russian means “voice calls over LTE.

  • When making a call the subscriber is connected to a high-speed IP-channel, which ensures the transfer of sound in the range of 7000 Hz: the voice is transmitted without interference, noise. Normal telephony provides 3400 Hz;
  • VoLTE activation is included in the price of the tariff plan;
  • The call does not interrupt data transfer.

The technology only works when the caller dials in the international format 7 (the number to call).

The ability to make a Vo LTE1 call will depend on

VoLTE Overview (Voice over LTE). VoLTE Introduction. What is VoLTE. VoLTE Explained

  • From the operator’s coverage: both parties of the call have to be connected to the tariffs supporting the technology and be within its coverage area (it depends on the area);
  • VoLTE support at the smartphone firmware level.

While communicating through IP-channel the user is charged not the Internet traffic, but the remaining packet minutes.

Despite all the advantages, this does not mean that the solution has no disadvantages. The key drawback is increased battery consumption, unlike communication over 2G/3G networks. It is caused by the transmission of data over IP-coaxial line.

What is VoLTE in a Samsung smartphone

Users of modern smartphones are not always fully aware of all the features of their devices. There are technologies in them, which the owner is not aware of or does not understand their purpose. In this article we will talk about what is VoLTE in a Samsung smartphone, how this technology is implemented, why it is needed. Let’s find out which models of Korean smartphones support VoLTE, and how to activate or deactivate the function.

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On the screen of your smartphone may suddenly appear an icon that says VoLTE. VoLTE. “Voice over LTE” (translated as “voice over LTE”) is a technology that allows voice over the LTE (4G) network. In simple terms, with VoLTE you can make calls not over the 3G network, but over the more recent version. 4G.

Let’s look at how to turn off VoLTE on Samsung:

What is VOLTE and the Benefit of Using it (HD Voice Call)

  • Once again, get to the settings;
  • Select the “Connections” block and open the “Mobile networks” menu;
  • Click on the option icon and press “Disconnect”,