What does “Other” mean in iPhone storage

Do we need to clear “Other” section?

There is a special function in iOS, which automatically removes unnecessary data from “Other” section, if necessary (for example, if there is not enough space to download an application or other content).

In this case, from the storage will be deleted only those files that the system considers absolutely useless or renewable, and they include far from all the digital junk that is stored on your smartphone or tablet.

At the same time, Apple does not provide the user with tools to clean the “Other” section on their own and, moreover, forbids third-party apps to do so.

So, the salvation of drowning is in the hands of drowning people. Below you will find several methods of cleaning the “Other” section on iPhone and iPad of varying degrees of efficiency and labor intensity. for some it will be enough to regularly get rid of the main garbage, while others prefer to occasionally perform a general cleaning with wiping dust in all corners of the system.

How to clear other on iPhone with the help of apps.

In the app store, search for “Phone clean” or “iPhone clean”. With these queries you can find programs in the App Store that will help you get rid of unnecessary files on your flagship. Before installing such an app, read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. In them you will learn how the application works and whether it is worth using. If a search on the App Store doesn’t yield any results, then search for “Top iPhone cleaning apps” in your browser. These programs change very quickly and new ones appear with each release of a new OS.

Restoring iPhone data.

If your device has already accumulated a lot of junk, such as from previous versions of the smartphone, it is important to approach the method of deletion, reset and recovery very thoroughly. Before you decide to delete something make a backup of your device. In order to save all logins and passwords, program data. Make sure you know your Apple ID and are able to access your copy easily, only then can you restore your copy. In this case all copied data will be restored to your device. Don’t proceed with this method if you’re not sure you can do it right. First, try to optimize the storage using the tips from our blog, also do memory optimization by deleting information in chats and programs manually. You can also delete the Safari browser cache. To do this:

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Reset, clear and restore.

advanced users will be able to deal with such a task.

The whole set of these actions will be shown separately in other articles. For starters, try simpler ways to clean the other partition on your iPhone. Take the time to reset and restore your flagship so you don’t lose your data.

Mac devices also accumulate other things that take up space. How to delete unnecessary files and learn 35 additional easy ways to use your MacBook and iMac. which in 1 hour master class, will improve your efficiency as early as tomorrow.

The “Other” folder stores cache information from various applications: music, pictures, Google Play archives. Those files that cannot be organized. Update objects and files that have not been optimized go into Other.

In the settings menu, find the “Storage” or “Memory” item and click on it. Then go to “cache data” and select “clear cache”. If you have a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone, select “Settings”, then “Device Maintenance”. “Memory”. “Optimize”.

Other refers to downloaded OS updates, leftovers from editable files, copies of documents, browser caches, programs, chat histories, messages. Before clearing the “Other” folder, also read the article “Optimizing iPhone storage“, which has many ways to save memory on your smartphone.

How To Clear “Other” Storage on iPhone & iPad! End the Frustration!!

  • Back up data on your device through Settings.
  • Log out of iCloud, iTunes Store and App Store.
  • In the “Basic” section of the “Settings” menu, press reset, and then select “Erase content and settings”.
  • Calmly sell a clean phone.

iPhone Other Storage: How To Delete It!

The “Other” section in the iPhone and iPad memory

Hi! You can never have too much memory, that’s a fact. And no matter how many built-in gigabytes the iPad or iPhone has, pretty soon they become insufficient, and the time comes to remove unnecessary files. Videos, pictures, applications, games, music with this everything is simple. You have deleted it and there is no more space.

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However, analyzing the information about the occupied space (it is particularly clearly demonstrated in the iTunes program), you can see that a lot of space is taken by the “Other” folder. And here the unprepared user has a reasonable question what the heck is this nonsense? Apple, you’re at it again? Invented by. It’s up to you and me to figure it out. Let’s see what this section contains and how to clear it?

The Other section contains cached Android OS files, created and cached app files, game data packs. They take up a lot of memory. Open the Phone Manager/Device app, then tap Clear Memory to clear your device’s memory and delete caches to optimize performance.

How to Delete Other Storage on Your iPhone

To clear the cache, find the button in your cell phone or app settings. For Android devices, clearing data in the cache is done using the standard tool. In the settings menu, find “Storage” or “Memory” and go to it. Then go to “Cache data” and select “clear cache”.

The answer is simple enough: everything that’s not in the other categories presented in iTunes, such as apps, audio, books, documents, videos, photos, and podcasts. According to Apple, the “Other” category includes the following data: Device Settings Siri Voices.

Choose the “File Categories” tab and tap on the “Other” line. Then click on the folder from the specified subsection, for example: Now act as follows: click on the plus sign, then. “Select all”, then. “Delete”. Confirm action, after that folder will be deleted.

What is other storage on your iPhone and how to delete it?

When your iPhone gets old without enough storage, you may need to clean it out. You can go to Settings General iPhone Storage to check your iPhone storage where the following types of content are stored:

  • Applications: Installed apps
  • Media: songs, audio podcasts, movies, music videos, TV shows, etc. Д.
  • Photos: Photo content, Photo Stream, and Photo Library
  • Books: iBooks and PDFs
  • Other: Safari caches and offline reading list, app data, email caches, etc. Д.
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In addition to familiar categories like “Applications,” “Multimedia,” “Photos,” and “Books,” the “Other” category is a bit cryptic. Category “Other”. is a true universal category that stores all caches, settings, Safari caches, offline reading list, app-generated content, email caches, and other data. And the other storage on your iPhone will take up more and more space, because the size of excess files and caches will not diminish unless you clear them. Then your iPhone storage will get smaller and smaller. But don’t worry, you have several ways to delete Other to free up space on your iPhone. Let’s see how to delete others on your iPhone.

Reset iPhone to default settings

This method is radical, but if you can’t empty the Other folder with other tools, it will come in handy. Remember also that resetting your iPhone to default on any device removes all data completely. This means you will never see your photos, files and videos again unless you back them up on a flash drive or cloud storage. All contacts, settings, themes, games. all this will be deleted if it is currently in the iPhone memory. The data on the connected flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards will remain untouched. But it’s best to disable all external devices before resetting.

  • To perform a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad, select the “Settings” icon in the main menu;
  • Select the “Primary” option;
  • Then find “Reset” at the bottom and click on it;
  • And select the “Erase all content and settings” line in this window.

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The section called “Other” on your Apple mobile device will be completely erased. over, all memory will be freed up. And your smartphone will work like new. This memory-clearing option is the last one we should consider. Since after applying it, you will need to take a long time to set up your smartphone, download and restore the files that were on it before the reset.