What does the error mean on your phone

What does server error 503 mean on your phone?

What does 503 Service Unavailable error mean? This error means that the server with the site is not available at the moment (for technical reasons). If the error message also contains the Retry-After header, it means that the server itself “knows” when it will be ready.

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How to clear the authentication error?

There are various reasons why network devices cannot identify each other. The most trivial of these is incorrectly entered passwords when connecting. If there is no problem with this, then you should pay attention to other variants. There are several of them:

  • Authentication failure often occurs due to incompatibility of network encryption options. They can be set incorrectly. For this you will have to enter into the router settings and switch the type of data encryption used to the type supported by the phone.
  • Another reason is that the Wi-Fi network is not working properly. The highest possible data transfer rate plays an important role here. Some smartphones do not support high-speed modes, which is why the error occurs. Try “b/g/n” instead of “b/g”.
  • Often in the settings of the router you enter the password with a mistake, and then you can’t connect your phone or tablet to the network. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to set a new password consisting only of digits. It can always be changed back if necessary.
  • Sometimes, user authentication is not possible due to a software error in a particular version of the Android operating system. You can check it by completely disabling data encryption in the settings. If this is found to be the case, you will need to update the Android version.

Interesting: many subscribers use Megafon Internet on a computer. You can configure the modem to connect in different ways, choosing the best of them.

Correction in case of unstable 3G or LTE (4G) network

In some cases, the cause of the problem may be poor signal reception, the main sign may be that the phone is constantly changing network. 3G, LTE, WCDMA, EDGE (t.е. You see different indicators above the signal strength icon at different times).

If this is the case, try selecting a specific network type in the mobile network settings. The necessary settings can be found in: Settings. “” under “Wireless networks”. “Mobile networks”. “Network type”.

Changing the type of mobile network

If your phone has LTE, but 4G coverage in the area is poor, try 3G (WCDMA). If that’s not good either, try 2G.

Saved, WPA/WPA2 protection on Android

If there is an authentication problem, usually the connection process itself looks like this: you select a wireless network, enter the password, and then you see the status change: Connection. Authentication. Saved, WPA2 or WPA protection. If later the status changes to “Authentication error“, but the connection to the network does not occur, then there is something wrong with the password or security settings on the router. If it just says “Saved”, then it’s probably about the Wi-Fi network settings. And now, in order, what you can do to connect to the network in this case.

Important note: when changing wireless network settings in the router, delete the saved network on your phone or tablet. To do this, in the Wi-Fi settings, select your network and hold it until the menu appears. In this menu there is also an item “Change”, but for some reason, even in the latest versions of Android after making changes (e.g. a new password), an error of authentication still appears, while after deleting the network everything is fine.

Very often such an error is caused by entering the password incorrectly, while the user can be sure that he/she is entering everything correctly. First of all, make sure that your Wi-Fi password does not contain Cyrillic letters, and that you enter the letters in upper and lower case. For easy checking, you can temporarily change the password on the router to a fully digital, you can read about how to do this in the router setup instructions (there is information for all common makes and models) on my website (there you will also find how to enter the router settings for the changes described below).

The second common option, especially for older and budget phones and tablets is an unsupported Wi-Fi network mode. You should try turning on 802 mode.11 b/g (instead of n or Auto) and try connecting again. Also in rare cases changing the wireless region to USA (or Russia if you have a different region set) may help.

Next thing to check and try to change is the authentication method and WPA encryption (also in the wireless settings of the router, items may be differently named). If your default setting is WPA2-Personal, try WPA. The encryption is AES.

If the Wi-Fi authentication error on your Android is accompanied by a weak signal reception, try to select a free channel for the wireless network. Unlikely, but changing the channel width to 20 MHz might help.

Update: in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев Cyril described the way (which on responses further worked for many, so I’ll bring here): Go to the settings, click Modem Mode. Access Point and Pairing Setting put on IPv4 and IPv6. BT-modem Off / On (leave it on off) turn on the access point, then turn off. (top switch). Also go to the VPN tab put the password, then removed in the settings. The last step is to enable/disable airplane mode. After all that, my Wi-Fi came to life and automatically connected without pressing.

Another way, suggested in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. try to set the password of the Wi-Fi network, consisting only of numbers, may help.

And the last method, which if anything you can try, is to automatically fix problems with the Android app WI-FI Fixer (can be downloaded for free on Google Play). The app automatically fixes many bugs related to wireless connectivity and, judging by the reviews, it works (although I’m not quite sure how exactly).

Change the network type

Try to change the type of network. Let’s say you’re using networks in “Auto” mode. You need to try changing the network type to 3G or even 2G. for a while, then you can return everything to its original state.

Find the section “Wireless networks” (in the example, the smartphone Huawei is used, the interface may vary slightly on devices from other companies).

Change network type. Ideally you should use a mixed type of network (“Auto”), most likely you have it installed. Choose another network type, wait a minute and return to Auto.

After that, send a USSD-request. If it did not help, select other type of network and try to send USSD-requests with it.

If you have “4G only”, in this case you will not be able to send USSD-requests, switch to mixed type of network mode (“Auto”).

What does server error 503 mean on YouTube?

Error 503. problem not related only to YouTube service. In general, the error code 503 means that the page the user has visited is not accessible or does not exist at all at the moment.

What to do if you get error code 503 in your browser

Try not to reload the page several times in a row, this will not solve the problem, but only complicate it. Just wait for about three to five minutes for the formed queue of requests to “dissipate” and the server was able to process your request.

What does server error 503 on YouTube mean?

Error 503 is not just a YouTube problem. Generally, error code 503 means that the page the user has visited is not available at the moment or does not exist at all.

What to do if you receive error code 503 in your browser

Try not to reload the page several times in a row, it does not lead to a solution to the problem, but only complicate it. Just wait for about three to five minutes to let the queue of requests “dissolve” and the server can process your request.

Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools program

Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools is designed to work with Xiaomi command line in fastboot mode. It is a graphical shell command line, which is used to install firmware, remove unnecessary applications and fine-tune the Android operating system with a shell MIUI.

Program operation methods are specific for Xiaomi devices. Compatibility with other smartphones is theoretically possible, but not verified by the developer. So you can use the program with other smartphones at your own risk.