What is the difference between iPhone x and XS

iPhone X, XS, or XR. Which one is more profitable and which one to get?

It’s 2019 and soon there will be new models of the company, but even now people are wondering which model is the cheapest and which is the best to buy. 10th generation iPhone has S and R versions, which of them is better to choose will be told in this source. At the moment, the company’s newest phones iPhone X, XR and XS versions. The iPhone X has the same hardware as the iPhone 8, but it does not have the same design as the 10, and it is the final format model from Apple, there will be no more phones built on the visual base of the iPhone 8. But if the budget is limited, it is a very good option to buy, its price is very different from the X and it is much cheaper.

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This model came out in 2017, soon it will be 2 years old. Updates will come to the base for another 4-5 years, so it is still safe to buy, as the phone is powerful and will be relevant for a long time. Pros of the iPhone X:

There are slightly different amounts of built-in memory, which are different: 64 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes. Apple has made specially such conditions for the purchase: little or much. In this case, it has good characteristics, the core processor does well, despite the fact that it was released 1 year earlier than other instances. But it is very powerful and without problems can cope with a lot of opening windows and can pull demanding games. The smartphone has a dual camera with optical zoom, it has excellent stabilization, in which you can take pictures without jerking. But the smartphone has flaws as well:

Overall, the phone is good, it has a small frame, great performance that will allow you to use the phone even after 5 years. The iPhone has a very good camera, which is a head above the cameras of other top Android systems.

This model came out last year and was the Budget version, iPhone 10 XR. it is quite low for the Apple brand. The model is cheaper than the regular version of the iPhone X. The phone has the newest processor that is currently available Apple A12. Performance tests show this, you can see them on video hosting sites on the Internet. The main camera in the phone is only one, but this does not mean that it will get blurry pictures. It is not, it also takes beautiful photos and has good stabilization. The camera can do the desired blur using artificial intelligence or additional software. Blur can be adjusted after taking a photo like other versions of the iPhone. The model is the most colorful, it has 6 different colors. The smartphone has a second-generation Face ID system, like the XS Max and just XS models. The iPhone XR has a display with a resolution of 6.1 inch, and it’s HD, but the pixel count is 321 per 1 inch, which is enough to keep your eye from getting irritated and your vision from getting severely damaged by the sight of pixels. The phone has an IPS sensor which affects the size of the bezel around the edges of the phone. The X and XS models have smaller bezels because they have a different matrix. The model has no 3D Touch system.

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The model released in 2018. The phone is not even a year old and very new. The flagship will receive new firmware packages for another 5-6 years. Stable operation of the phone is provided by the processor model Apple A12, the phone has 4 gigabytes of RAM (of which 500 megabytes is consumed by the system). The iPhone XS has three versions of internal memory, here Apple has broken its principles and created three versions: 64; 256; 512 gigabytes. Minimal The smartphone has a new camera, for it created several modules with six lenses. It has a 2x zoom, combined with processing and optical photo stabilization. The camera sets itself apart with large pixels. The phone has a depth feature that can be used to change the sharpness and depth of a photo. Relatively large display 5.8 in. Improved Face ID system, which has become faster and more accurate. There is wireless charging, as in other flagships. Apple Pay payment system is also present.

In this case, the XR is very much superior to the XS, as it can go 5 hours longer in battery life than its opponent. It also beats the S model in battery life when surfing the internet, the XR can do it for 15 hours straight, 3 hours longer. It can play video for 2 hours more than its opponent. You can play audio for 65 hours, the model gives a head start of 5 hours for the XS version. The phone can last longer even than the iPhone XS Max. Battery performance is either the same, or there is a slight edge in favor of the XR version. If you want constant operation of the phone and its power consumption is high, then this version is better than the others.

Which model is the most profitable?

The performance of the iPhone XR and XS is no different, it is the same. But XS has 1GB more RAM than XR. This is not critical, as the average user has enough RAM anyway. XR has only one camera, has a larger frame and a lower resolution, the phone has no 3D Touch system. The iPhone XS has two cameras, small bezels and 3D Touch, while the regular X has small bezels too, but the processor is different, it is Apple’s A11 processor from last year. The most reasonably priced phone will be the iPhone XR. A big plus is longer battery life, it holds a charge longer than the X and XS. The front and rear panels of the iPhone XR and XS are made of glass that has gone through several stages of hardening. It protects against bumps and scratches, both devices have this glass. The models differ in the side frames: the XR has brushed aluminum and the XS is polished steel. Both coatings can prevent scratches and deformation of the case. Especially brushed aluminum is very resistant to deep scratches. The iPhone XR is sold in black, blue and white. The XS version is only available in silver, gold and black. XR has a factory IP67 moisture protection and can be submerged up to 1 meter for 25 minutes. XS has better water resistance, the phone can be immersed up to 2 meters, for no more than 30 minutes. XR has a screen resolution of 1792 x 828. The XS got an OLED display, the iPhone XR has an advanced IPS. As a result of the flagships made more deep colors and juicy pictures, the XR and XS models have a higher resolution. The iPhone XR weighs 194 grams, it weighs the most. XS model weighs 177 grams. It’s certainly not the iPhone 7, which weighs only 138 grams, but for a modern flagship such figures are very decent. The XR and XS versions are not very radically different from each other. They both have a water protection system, they have powerful stuffing. If the phone you are going to buy should have a good battery, then it is worth looking at the XR.

difference, iphone

The iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone with an OLED screen. It immediately raised the bar of quality for future iPhones. The iPhone XS has received several improvements, although you’re unlikely to notice a difference by eye.

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In both cases the diagonal OLED screen is 5.8 inches, aspect ratio 19.5:9, resolution 2436 x 1125, pixel density 458 ppi. True Tone technology is used, the contrast ratio is 1000000:1, the screen size to body ratio is 82,9%.

As we can see the size remained the same, but it is promised to increase the dynamic range in HDR content by 60%. Contributing to this is the support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which can improve the quality of images and video.

After it was announced many people rushed to say that it had 120 Hz refresh rate. That’s not true, because 120 Hz here refers to touch speed. The screen refresh rate is still 60 Hz, but the touch screen responds twice as fast. As a result, the device seems more responsive.

The cutout at the top of the screen is still there, it has not shrunk in size. Developers claim that the Face ID facial recognition system inside this notch now works faster.

Face ID on the iPhone X is slower than the Touch ID fingerprint scanners on other iPhones. Since any user unlocks his smartphone dozens of times a day, improvements in unlocking speed can only be welcomed.

Checking with software

After identifying the smartphone using external signs, it is worth confirming your opinion with some software tricks that are relevant for Apple products. First option is to check the serial number on Apple’s official site. Simply enter the serial number of your iPhone from the settings in a special section of the site, and then it will display the smartphone in the appropriate color and indicate what generation it is. The second way. check IMEI. To do this, compare the IMEI codes on the package, in the settings menu or in the Phone app by dialing #06#. If the codes do not match. it is better to refuse from the purchase. The last method is to connect your device to iTunes. When you run the program and connect the iPhone to your computer, the program must show the color, storage capacity and version of the connected smartphone. As a rule, iTunes recognizes current iPhone generations correctly.

The difference between the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS max: how they differ?

We propose to study the main characteristics and differences between the iPhone X and XS, in order to draw a reasonable conclusion, if necessary, selecting the most suitable for you modification of the Apple smartphone. We are confident that this comparison will help you determine what the critical difference between the iPhone X and XS. If any doubts remain, they will be resolved by the specialists of our company in Nizhny Novgorod.

Super Retina HD display 5,8
Dual camera 12 megapixel
TrueDepth camera 7 megapixel
Neural Engine processor A11 Bionic
Water resistance Up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1 meter
Contrast 1,000,000:1 (standard)
Automatically turn on HDR when you take photos Available at
Extended color range for photos and Live Photos Yes
HD video 1080p
Payment in stores, apps, and websites With Face ID on iPhone
Video calls to any FaceTime-enabled device Over Wi-Fi or cellular network
Audio calls to any FaceTime-enabled device Over Wi-Fi or cellular
Supported audio formats AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, protected AAC, MP3, linear PCM, Apple Lossless, FLAC, Dolby Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3), and Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX and AAX)
In talk mode (with wireless headset) Up to 21 hours
While surfing the web Up to 12 hours
Enjoy video playback over your wireless network Up to 13 hours
Play audio wirelessly Up to 60 hours
Support fast charging Up to 50% charge in 30 minutes

Smart HDR feature for still photography

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Comparison of iPhone XS and iPhone 11: the main differences

To compare iPhone XS and iPhone 11 is not a difficult task. Having clarified the key parameters of each modification, understanding your preferences, identifying the tasks and requirements that you put forward to the communicator, evaluating your capabilities, you can more confidently make a choice in favor of a particular model. Do not forget that in the salons of our company in Nizhny Novgorod you can always get more information and a visual representation of each Apple smartphone.

The battery and charging

Both smartphones can replenish the charge level by 50% in just half an hour. As for the battery life, there are some differences. If the iPhone X is able to provide 21 hours of battery life in talk mode, the iPhone XS. 20 hours. In video playback mode, the iPhone XS can function for 14 hours, but the X. 13.

  • iPhone X: wireless charging support at maximum power 7.5W
  • iPhone XS: wireless charging support at maximum power 7.5 W, the battery life is 30 minutes longer

Comparison of iPhone XS and iPhone X: what’s the difference and what to buy?

The successor to the iPhone 10 has caused a lot of hype, was named iPhone XS, immediately faced with criticism, dissatisfaction from users who expected something ultra new from the manufacturers Apple. However, the upgrade has been made, as evidenced by the fact that the company has removed the iPhone X from the catalog, nevertheless it is still possible to buy this device.

Attracted by the fact that the iPhone 10 has fallen in price, but is it still worth shelling out a tidy sum for it or try to buy the iPhone XS 2018 release? Let’s try to understand.


In numbers, there is little change. The main camera by design still represents two 12 MP modules, one of which is a wide angle, and another. a telephoto. The front module has not undergone any changes, the same 7 MP.

The camera features of iPhone X and XS do not differ much

There are small changes in the main camera. The sensor size is no longer 1.2 microns, but 1.4, which Apple claims gives 50% more light. It follows that in low light conditions the novelty will win.

Also, the phone is now less susceptible to shooting against the light.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS and XS Max. Should You Upgrade?

The picture on the left was taken with the iPhone X, on the right with the XS

The rest of the features are software. iPhone XS now supports Smart HDR, a counterpart of HDR from Google. This technology takes many pictures in an instant and selects the best one out of them. You can change the choice of automatics manually from the “Photos” app.

The front camera now supports more modes of background blur for portraits.

By the way, the iPhone has never been a serious competitor to the major camera phones on the market in terms of photos, but the same can’t be said about videos. Both phones write 4K at 60 fps, but the XS now writes sound in stereo. Sounds awesome.