What is the extension of the Microsoft Word document. Different versions of the Word program and the Microsoft Office package

To open a file on a computer with Windows, you need to click on it. The file opens with the program that is set by default. You can change this program to another, more convenient.

DOCX or DOC document is a file, for example, with the name Text1.DOCX or Primer.DOCX. In the name of such a file there is a definition that begins from the point.DOCX. Initially, there was a DOC format, and since 2007 DOCX has appeared.

This document can be opened by Word, either WordPad, or a notebook or other program that is suitable for opening, according to Windows system. There can be several such programs on the computer. But only one of them is the program that automatically, that is, by default, constantly opens the DOCX document.

The user has the opportunity at his discretion to change the default program that opens this or that file. For example, if the DOCX or DOC file opens with the WordPad program, you can replace it with Word or with some other program.

How to find out which programs can open a DOCX document on a computer

Screenshots are given for Windows 7, but the sequence of actions will be the same for Win 10.

Let’s see what programs on the computer can be used to open the DOCX or DOC document. To do this, according to the DOCX file (number 1 on rice. 1) Click PKM (right.button mouse).

There will be a menu in which the left mouse button click “Open using” (2 on rice. one). A list of programs with which you can open the DOCX file will appear before your eyes.

DOC. Microsoft Word document (Microsoft Word Document)

In Windows: Microsoft Word XP, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2011, Microsoft Word Viewer, Microsoft Works, Corel WordPerfect Office X5, OpenOffice.Org, Nuance Omnipage 18, Abiword. At Mac OS: Microsoft Word 2011, Apple Pages, Apple AppleWorks, Openoffice.Org, Planamesa Neooffice, Nuance Omnipage Pro X, Abiword. In Linux: OpenOffice.Org, Abiword. In Google Android: Officeesuite Viewer, Officeesuite Professional, Thinkfree Mobile, Documents to Go, Kingsoft Office, Quickoffice Pro, Picsel Smart Office

How To Compare Two Microsoft Word Documents


Expansion of DOC. the text of the document created by the Microsoft Word program, the text processor is supplied with all versions of Microsoft Office, may contain formatted text, images, tables, graphics, diagrams, formatting the page and printing parameters.

Note: Microsoft Word 2007 and more preserves the documents in the Openxml format with the DOCX extension.

MIME Type: Application/MSWORD, Application/DOC, Appl/Text, Application/VND.MSWORD, Application/VND.MS-Word, Application/Winword, Application/Word, Application/X-MSW6, Application/X-MSWORD

HEX Code: D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00

Other programs related to the expansion of DOC

    The DOC WordPad document contains a text document created in Microsoft WordPad (supplies with Microsoft Windows). Popularity:
    IBMDISPLAYWRITE Displaywrite document is a text processor developed by IBM for its IBM computers line. Documents are used by RFT or DCA format, which were standards on IBM mailframes. Refers to the section Documents. Popularity:
    Interleaf document from Internet. Interleaf once released a product with the same name for the publishing business. He was a competitor to Adobe FrameMaker. BroadVision purchased Interleaf in January 2000. Refers to the section Documents. Popularity:
    Document Palm Pilot format of the document used for Palm OS and Palm OS applications. Refers to the section Documents. Popularity:

    Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe Systems Document Feramaker related to Adobe FrameMaker. Refers to the section Documents. Popularity:

DOCX. document Open XML Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)

В Windows: Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word Viewer, Corel WordPerfect Office X5, OxygenOffice Professional, Hancom ThinkFree Office Write, Panergy docXConverter, NativeWinds Docx2Rtf, TextMaker, Microsoft WordPad, Ability Write В Mac OS: Microsoft Word 2011, Apple Pages, Planamesa NeoOffice HANCOM Thinkfree Office Write, Panergy DocxConverter, IWORK Pages in Linux: Oxygenoffice Professional, Hankom Thinkfree Office Write, Kword Cross Platforms: OpenOffice.org, LibreOffice Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony В Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod): Pages for iOS В Windows Mobile/CE: Word Mobile, SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile В Symbian: OfficeSuite В Google Android: OfficeSuite Viewer, OfficeSuite Professional, Thinkfree Mobile, Documents to Go, Kingsoft Office, Quickoffice Pro, Picsel Smart Office in BlackBerry: Eoffice


Extension file.DOCX. a document created by Microsoft Word, a text processing program. Contains the text of the document, images, formatting, styles, drawn objects and other document parameters.

extension, microsoft, word, document

Unlike files.DOC that stores the document in one binary file, DOCX files are created using an open XML format, which stores documents as a collection of individual files and folders in a compressed package. DOCX files contain XML files and three folders, DOCPROPS, Word, and _RELS that contain the properties of the document, and the relationship between the files.

.DOCX files are designed to make the contents of the documents available. For example, a text document is stored using simple text files and documents of documents, stored in the form of separate image files for one file.DOCX.

DOCX files can be opened in Word 2007 or in a later version in Windows, or Word 2008 or in a later version for Mac OS X. They can also be open in earlier versions of Word for Mac or Windows OS through support for Open XML documents. To do this, install a compatibility package for Microsoft Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. By installing this package, you can at Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003 Open files created in Microsoft Office 2007 (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX).

MIME Type: Application/VND.OpenxMlformats.offiedocument.WordProcessingMl.Document Hex Code: 50 4B 03 04 ASCII Code: PK

Note: To study the contents of the DOCX file manually, rename the extension in “.zip “, and then unpack the resulting file with any archiver supporting ZIP.

Microsoft Word

Text processing and editing program that has become the standard. Used to create personal and business documents, providing modern tools for working with the text. It is distributed on a commercial basis as part of a package of Microsoft Office programs, including Excel, PowerPoint and other applications.

Microsoft Word allows you to solve the full range of problems associated with editing and formatting the text, supports the protection of documents using passwords and automation of frequent operations through macros. The program offers many ready.made templates for preparing letters, leaflets, resumes, magazines, reports and other documents. Users can independently create Word templates and save them in dotx format.

The program contains all the necessary means of formatting and stylizing the text, allows you to insert the columns, the table of contents, links, tables, images, graphic elements, diagrams and videos into the document, as well as draw a block diagram. In addition to standard verification of oographs, punctuation and grammar, Word includes the intellectual selection function of stylistically suitable expressions.

As part of the office package, Word can receive data from other Microsoft applications (Outlook, Excel, Access), text files and web pages. This possibility is often used to create letters, stickers, envelopes and mass e.mail mailings.

Microsoft Word offers modern joint tools on documents, including commenting, comparison of versions, reviewing, conducting the history of changes. The possibility of exchange of documents and their collective editing in real time using Word Online and the cloud service of Microsoft OneDrive is also available.

The default file conservation format is DOCX (Microsoft Word Open XML Document. Openxml formatted document Microsoft Word). The program supports the conservation of files in the following formats: DOC (used in old versions of Word), PDF, RTF, TXT, XML, ODF (Opendocument), and also allows you to convert documents into interactive web pages.

Passral Protection of documents MS Word []

3 types of passwords can be installed on the Microsoft Word document:

  • Password for opening a document [3]
  • Password to change the document [4]
  • Password for making notes and corrections (for versions 2003 and below). In new versions of MS Word 2007 \ 2010, this type of password is called “Password to limit formatting and editing” [5]

Regardless of MS Word versions, in which a document was created, “Recording Password” and “Password for making notes and corrections”can be removed from the document instantly [6]. These types of passwords are not the same for protecting the document as to ensure collective work on the document. And the main protection of the document from unauthorized access provides “Password for opening a document”.

In the documents of the early versions of MS Word (to MS Office 2003 inclusive), the password for opening a file can be hacked without problems.

In the latest version MS Office 2007 \ 2010, Microsoft uses a persistent Aes encryption algorithm with a 128-bit key. The formation of the key occurs by 50,000 \ 100,000 multiple of the Sha-1 Hash function, which makes passwords of passwords extremely slow, and when using a persistent password, the chances to choose it are close to zero [7].

Criticism []

Most often, Microsoft Word is criticized for low security, closed source code, lack of full.fledged cross.platform [8]. Previously, Word was also criticized for a closed file format (open documentation for binary formats appeared only in early 2008). This prompted individual organizations to proceed to the use of other text processors, such as OpenOffice Writer, which is part of the office packagepenoffice.Org. Microsoft Word tools are not enough to create a high.quality printing product [9].

The following functions are introduced anywhere in the document from the beginning of the line. Replacing them with a certain text is carried out when the Enter key is pressed.

Rand [] function

In the editor of the version under 2007, the line with the team will be replaced by a matrix of pancrama:

Eat also these soft French rolls, but drink tea.

Parameter X sets the number of matrix columns, y. the number of lines. The parameters can not be indicated.

In the Word 2007 editor, the line with this function will be replaced by an excerpt from the text of the certificate, parameter X sets the number of paragraphs, y. the number of sentences in each paragraph. Function = Rand.OLD (X, Y) works like = RAND (X, Y) in earlier versions of the editor.

Steps on How to Insert Customized Page Border on Microsoft Word

Lorem [] function

In the editors of Word 2007 and 2010, the line with this function will be replaced by an excerpt from the text of Lorem IPSUM.

Couric errors in the module of verification of Russian oographs of the 2003 version []

The Russian oographs verification module, supplied with Russified versions of Microsoft Word, with the exception of MS Word 2013, is a simplified version of the OO system, manufactured by the company Informatics LLC.

  • Set of phrases Legal capacity to have rights and bring civilian obligations Causes (sometimes after pressing Enter), if an automatic verification of the oographs is turned on, immediate closure of the application without maintaining changes. This error is operated by Trojan “Trojan.WordCrash “(according to the classification of antivirus laboratory DR.Web), which adds this phrase to all documents with the extension DOC and RTF.
  • When recruiting in MS Word 97-2010 phrases “I want to avoid military service»Module for checking grammar as one of the options for corrections offers the text”Mistake in management. The verb “avoid” requires addition to the genitive case. For example: “No one was able to avoid military service”.»Grammar testing reacts to the phrase”Avoid anything“(With the right”Avoid something“).
  • Word 2003 does not know the color “blue”. Early versions of Word knew this color.

Almost all flaws were fixed in Microsoft Word 2003 SP3 and subsequent versions of the product.

The most common and simple format of text files is TXT

If we talk about which format of text files appeared first, it will be TXT. its story began almost simultaneously with the emergence of such a phenomenon as a personal computer. The file has exclusively text, formatting, pictures and fonts in TXT are not saved. This format can be considered one of the most universal. it is recognized by hundreds of applications for various devices.

Among other things, txt can be opened in one of the following applications:

  • Notepad is the simplest tool for processing text information. The application is built into Windows. The application allows you to enter and adjust the text, save information on PC. This decision does not lose its relevance, since when working with information is not always the need to use large.scale text processors.
  • WordPad. an editor that is also part of the Windows OS. The application has a large number of tools, but its functionality is inferior to the solution of Writer or Word. The program takes the origins from the Windows Write component, which is part of Windows 1.0. The editor has formatting, as well as printing text information.
  • Word. this decision from Microsoft’s Corporation is greatly distributed. It largely facilitates the interaction of the user with text information. Word is useful in maintaining official and business correspondence, processing text data, working with correspondence. The program is simplicity and functionality This is a processor with a unique integer. At the same time, the user has the opportunity to choose a similar style with Microsoft Word. Using this tool, you can view the documentation of the Internet observer. The user can hide separate information from the document, a special black strip will appear on it.

Formats of text documents began to develop rapidly, and Microsoft has developed a solution to Rich Text Format. RTF. Before us is a cross-platform format that can store text information. RTF is able to maintain formatting and insert various objects into the text:

The RTF format works with the technology of “control” words, they are distinguished by special symbols and therefore the document takes up more space on the disk.

RTF can be opened in one of the following applications:

  • Microsoft Works is a package that allows you to create various documents. There are tools for combining with PDAs, presentation reproduction tools, graphics manager, calendar-train, electric tables, text editor and database. The application integrates a special “start center”, which includes several sections.
  • Abiword is a free application, it spreads in accordance with the GNU license. The export process in this program has its own characteristics, when using the “Save as” function, the document is assigned to the branded ABIWORD format. which is not used too actively. It is more convenient for transformation to refer to the “save copy” function.
  • Nuance Omnipage is a compact application with the possibility of symbol recognition. Thanks to the possibility of Google Desktop Search, it is easy to find the necessary documents, indicating the words available in them. The application is capable of working with fals, which also contains photos of other images in addition.
  • Textmaker is an editor that is able to work not only in Windows, but also Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Android and Linux. It is part of the SoftMaker Office package. This solution is a Word alternative, which significantly expands the possibility of formatting and processing texts. The application is built in an oographs check.

When discussing common formats of text files, it should be said separately about DOC. This solution was also created by Microsoft, it was used by the Word editor. Note that DOC files belong to binary, they are supported by almost all text editors existing today. This format supports hyperlinks, an insert in the text of pictures and other objects, styles and formatting.

You can open DOC one of the following applications:

  • Libreoffice is a solution that makes it possible to process graphics, presentations, databases, electric tables and texts. This application package spreads freely and translated into many languages. Libreoffice can be used in many ways as an alternative to well.known commercial solutions.
  • Kingsoft Writer. a package developed by Chinese developers as an alternative to Microsoft Office. The decision is officially translated into many languages, including interaction in Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, English. There are also versions of this solution for Linux and Android.
  • OpenOffice is a package of programs that in many ways successfully acts as a competitor to Microsoft Office and other commercial solutions of this type. It is practically not inferior to competitors in the quality of the intense. This solution is supported by many operating systems, including Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows, MacOS, Linux.

When discussing text files, you can not pass by DOC X. This is an improved version of DOC, which was licensed and first appeared with the Office 2007 package.

You can open the DOCX one of the following programs:

  • Ability Write is a text editor with a set of functions close to MS Word. The insignificant differences are insignificant, however, Ability Write does not have an oographs and grammar tests for the Russian language. This solution is part of the package of office programs Ability Office, which is characterized by undemanding PC resources.
  • Panergy DocxConverter is an application for converting DOCX files, as well as XLSX in CVS and RTF formats. The tool allows you to work with the mentioned documents even in those editors who initially did not support them. The transformed document preserves the formatting of the original.

The formats based on the HTML technology are widely used, among them it should be noted MHT, CHM and HTM. The HTML language was created specifically for the development of web pages, however, its convenience, small size and versatility have led to the fact that now this decision is actively used to store textual information. The HTML file is easily reproduced by the basic tools of the OS, it does not require installation of third.party software.

Formats of text files for electronic books

There are special text formats that are created specifically for reading on e.books. A special device or software is required to work with such materials. Documents saved in such formats do not support editing.

The word “Word” in Russian

Word can be pronounced in Russian as “Word”. A lot of words and terms of IT spheres came from English in Russian. For example, the word computer. “computer”. In the Russian language, the terms were originally used: computers-an electron-computing machine, or a “computer”. Now the word “computer” has firmly settled in Russian.

What do you think, is it possible in Russian to include the word “word” (for example, “I have no Word”)?

On the exam, of course, it is better to say that the Microsoft Word program has not been installed. In the course, diploma or other work, you also need to write that the Microsoft Word program is not installed. However, the Word program has been over 30 years old, and in colloquial speech the word “Word” has long been inclined.

The word “Word”, borrowed from English, in the Russian language obeys the rules of the Russian language. “Word” has a male genus, the only number and leaning in cases:

  • Nominative case (answers the questions: who? What?). Word
  • Genitive case (answers the questions: whom? What?). Word
  • Dative case (answers the questions: to whom? What?). Word
  • Accusative case (answers the questions: who? What?). Word
  • Case (answers the questions: by whom? How?). Word
  • Prepositional case (answers the questions: about whom? About what?). Word

We speak Russian “Word”, and at the same time we understand not the literal translation of “Word”, but a multifunctional text editor (text processor). So, thanks to the technical progress in the IT sphere, the meanings of seemingly simple and understandable words are fundamentally changed: “Word” (“Word”) becomes not just a word, but a convenient program.

general description

The format is used in the Microsoft Word system, which includes Excel, Outlook, Photo Draw, PowerPoint and Publisher. The editor built the functions of formatting text, work with tables and illustrations, setting up printing format and others.

History of occurrence

DOC file format. intellectual property of Microsoft Corporation and belongs to the category of proprietary (private, non.free).

The first Word assembly was released in 1985 as a 16-bit PC-DOS / MS-DOS application. The company’s developers constantly modernized the program and the format lasted until 2007. Then Microsoft Word 2007 and a new format of text documents appeared. DOCX based on the XML binary code.

extension, microsoft, word, document

How and how to open

Presenting a list of programs and applications that allow you to open DOC online, as well as on revision of Windows 7 and 10 Operations.

Open online

You can open the DOC file online on the Word Online service. All functions of the text processor are available:

  • control of styles with different sizes and colors of the font, background colors;
  • work with tables and images;
  • Search and replacement of functions using special characters.

The second way to open the DOC file online. Google Docs. Edit the file with colleagues, communicate through the built.in chat, control the file access. The document is converted, while the source file will remain unchanged.

On the computer

Let’s talk about programs that will help open DOC without access to the Internet and are suitable for different Windows releases.

In Windows 10

  • Free Russian.language editor Apache Ophen Office is an alternative to Microsoft Word Package. Works with tables, drawings, formulas, presentations.
  • The next tool than opening DOC for Windows 10 is a portable DOC Reader program. Functionality is not enough for full.fledged work with the text, but enough for urgent tasks: view or print a document, copy part of the text.

In Windows 7

Let’s see how to open the DOC format on the 7th Windows.

Doc Viewer 2 program.0 is suitable only for viewing a text document, the editing mode is not available. Electric transfer option is enabled by electronics.

On Android

Let’s tell you how to open the DOC file on the Android platform. These utilities can be downloaded on our website.

General description of the DOCX format

DOCX format is an updated DOC extension that appeared in the first Microsoft Word editor. The program has access tools for formatting text, styles and work with images. Information about the document is stored in the concise archive XML. DocProps, Word and _Res folders determine the properties of the source and file ratio.

extension, microsoft, word, document

History of occurrence

The first edition of Microsoft Word as part of the Microsoft Office block appeared in 1983. The developer was Richard Brody, who previously worked at the Xerox Parc company on the graphic editor of Bravo.

The program received the recognition of users in 1985 in the Word 3 package.01 for Macintosh “. Then the companies gradually abandoned competitors WordPerfect and Wordstar, who worked with combinations of “hot keys”.

From 1990 to 1995, Microsoft Word took a leadership position, adding new “chips”: introduction of additional objects, graphic tools, a variety of styles and fonts.

In 2008, the company opened Stoknot and now Word documents are opened in almost all offices. However, this happens with errors: parts of the text disappear, editing does not save. To correct the situation, Microsoft releases the DOCX format. Extensible Markup Language has added advantages to the format: the smaller “weight” of the document, preserving the initial properties of images. So the DOCX format became the default expansion for Microsoft Word 2007.

The last update of the editor was released in 2018.

How and how to open the DOCX extension file

In addition to the general description of the format, we have prepared a list of compatible programs that open the DOCX format. Choose how to open a DOCX file on a computer, smartphone, online or offline:

How to open a doCX file online

A quick and affordable way to open a Word online. virtual store Google Documents. Autominate on your account and get to work.

extension, microsoft, word, document
  • To open a new document, click the “file” in the upper strip, then “create”, select “Document” from the drop.down list.
  • To upload the file from the computer, in the upper right corner, press the badge with the folder and click “Loading”. The document will appear in the editor field. Changes are saved automatically.
  • To download the document, click the “File” button, select “Download” as. Find the desired format and click. The document will be saved in the “loading” folder on the computer.

Open DOCX online at Microsoft Word Online. To work with documents in this service, authorization in OneDrive is required. The Inte Weights is similar to Google: on the left there is a list of the latest files, on the right. templates.

  • In the upper right corner, click “Send a document for import from a computer”.
  • The editor window, identical to the stationary Word, with the same set of functions will appear.
  • If the document is not needed, after editing, close the window. In this case, the changes will be preserved.
  • To download, press the “file” at the top left, select “Save as”.

The third way to open the DOCX online file. Zoho Writer service.

  • Click Start Writing. Create an account on the site or use authorization through social networks. Classmates.
  • The editor field will open.
  • At the top of the left, click the “File” button, then “import the document”. After loading, click “Open”.
  • The document is open to work.
  • After making changes, select the “file” and “download how” at the top.

If you need to open the Word Office document online only for viewing, choose the Docspal converter.

How to open DOCX on Android

The official Google application. Quickoffice can also be downloaded on our website. Opens and converts text files, Excel tables and presentations. Synchronizes with a cloud and File Commander for quick access to files on a smartphone. Compared to other applications, it is equipped with extended tools.

How to open DOCX on a computer

We will tell you how to open the DOCX extension on a computer if the Microsoft Word editor is not installed.

In Windows 7

In Windows “sewn” one secret. WordPad program. Through the Start menu, find the “All Programs” section, then “Standard”. This is what the “native” editor looks like:

The program creates a new text or the existing. This editor is not inferior in tools for tools.

Open DOCX in Word 2003

Since Word 2003. This is an early version, opening DOCX format is problematic. Files with such an extension open in limited functionality mode. To eliminate the problem, download the package of compatible programs 1 (SP1) with update. Follow the link and click “Download”. After loading, open the installation file and follow the instructions. However, even after installing such a package, it will not work to edit some elements.