What’s the best browser for your smartphone?

Top 10 Browsers for Smartphones in 2021

Modern smartphones replace other technical devices for users. RAM capacity, multi-core processor, and gadget battery capacity allow you to do information work without using computers and tablets.

Browser. an indispensable application for quality internet surfing. It should be free, fast, multifunctional regardless of the characteristics of the cell phone. Inteace. understandable to every user.

The choice of program depends on the purposes of use: search for information or viewing video content. Let’s find out which browser is best for Android smartphones.

Which browser is better 2021?

Chrome tops all the major rankings thanks to Google’s support.By early 2021, the answer to the question of which browser is best for most users is clear: PC and gadget owners prefer Chrome.

  • Google Chrome is the fastest.
  • Mozilla Firefox is a modern.
  • Opera is a unique.
  • Microsoft Edge. the rebirth of.
  • Vivaldi is a transformer.
  • Tor. lord of the Dark Web.

Firefox. mobile version of the famous browser from the company Mozilla. We advise you to download a browser for Android, previously familiarized with the main functions of this application. Setting a browser on your phone!

Orbot. is a free proxy app for your phone. Download Tor Browser for Android (or Orbot) is available on Google Play, F-Droid and directly as an offline APK installer.

Testing which Android browsers is the best

I start the test. Below you can see which one is better and a short comment.

The conclusion of this test shows that the best browser was Firefox and the worst was Samsung Internet Browser. Now let’s see how good they are for games and movies. under load.

In games and movies the best is Dolphin, and the worst is Yandex, I’m a little surprised by this test, it turns out that it is difficult to clearly define what is the best browser when it comes to its full speed.

I really wanted to determine exactly which would be the best browser in every way, but it turns out that it is impossible to do this with two tests.

So you have to make a conclusion which browser is the best and to make it even easier to determine, here are some characteristics.

Which browser is better??

Chrome tops all major rankings thanks to Google’s support.By early 2021, the answer to the question of which browser is best for most users is unequivocal: PC and gadget owners prefer Chrome.

  • Google Chrome is the fastest.
  • Mozilla Firefox is a modern.
  • Opera is a unique.
  • Microsoft Edge. the rebirth of.
  • Vivaldi is a Transformer for.
  • Tor is the lord of the Dark Web.

Best browser for your phone

Today there are a lot of different browsers for mobile phones, with different degrees of comfort, different interfaces and a set of functions. Top 10 Android apps to choose from.

Name Description Price Rating
Yandex.Browser High speed, ability to work even on weak smartphones, built-in messenger Free
Google Chrome Simple interface, great content display, lots of extensions Free
Mozilla Firefox Fast loading of “heavy” sites, different operating modes, no ads Free
Opera Mini Great level of ergonomics, ad blocker built in, moderate battery consumption Free
Tor Browser Correct page display, highest level of data security, no cache saved Free
Puffin Customizable traffic mode, supports virtual mouse and Flash games There are free and paid versions
Dolphin Synchronization with other browsers, built-in gesture control, nice design Free
Kiwi Significant speed, ad blocker, built-in translator Free
Maxthon Secret mode, many plugins supported, data is stored in the cloud Free
DuckDuckGo Multiple design themes, good data security Free

Each of the presented browsers is endowed with an individual style, so before you choose exactly the right application for you, you need to know the characteristics, pros and cons of each browser.

Information security for mobile browsers is critically important because the app accesses the user’s personal and, in many cases, payment data. In this study, the relevant group of test parameters accounted for 15% of the final app score.

In a Roskachevo survey, respondents were asked the question “Do you care about privacy and confidentiality on the Internet??” than 85% of respondents answered positively, but only 40% of them take any action for their own safety.

The first analyzed the permissions requested by the application (all applications do it correctly and do not ask for extra), as well as consent for the storage and processing of data (most applications formally asks for consent from the user, but it is not active, that is, it does not require additional action from the user).

In the second stage, the applications were tested in the “field. Thus, all browsers were tested for protection against phishing using the Russian phishing resources identified by CERT-GIB. Not a single app received the maximum score for the test (that is why Roskatchestvo recommends using an additional antivirus on your smartphone).

The best results against phishing were shown by: Safari for iOS (blocked 52% of sites), and Yandex for Android.Browser” and Opera (blocked 48% of phishing sites).

Also as protection measures against phishing, it is worth paying close attention to the domain name of the site, the presence of https and SSL-certificate. In this regard, the experts analyzed how well the application checks the security of the resource.

the presence of visual warnings about the absence of https and SSL;

Displaying the presence of https and SSL-certificate;

Warning of unsafe or suspicious content;

Forced switching to https (with two domain names).

The highest score on both platforms by this criterion was given to “Yandex.Browser”, also high score in most mobile browsers. UC Browser (for both platforms), Quick Search and Browser (for iOS), Puffin Web Browser, Samsung Internet and UC Browser (for Android) scored the lowest, due to the lack of visual warnings about https and SSL. Users of these browsers should be especially careful when web surfing.

We also analyzed the availability of blocking dangerous pages (all except Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung on Android) and checking downloaded files (Fast Search and Browser and UC Browser on iOS, on Android. also for Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung).

On the third step of security test I searched for potential vulnerabilities with Solar appScreener analyzer using automatic binary analysis technology without reverse-engineering (source code decompilation). The analysis revealed that 35% of the analyzed applications refer to DNS, 28% have a weak hashing algorithm, and insecure native SSL implementation was detected in 14% of the applications. 7% have vulnerabilities such as a weak encryption algorithm and insecure reflexion. No critical vulnerabilities were detected.

The most secure (in terms of information security) on Android. Yandex.Browser (4.48), Brave (4.45) and Opera (4.43); on iOS. Safari (4.7), Yandex.Browser (4.55) and Opera Touch (4.44).

Comparison of browsers

The table below shows the main characteristics and indicators of the selected browsers. Compare them with each other and choose the most suitable option.

Browser name Developer Size, in MB Android version
Google Chrome Google LLC Device version dependent is detected by device
Yandex.Browser Yandex Apps device-dependent gadget dependent
Samsung Internet Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 6 to 69 variable
Mint Xiaomi Inc. 10-13 4.4 and higher
UC Browser UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd. device-dependent 4.0 and higher
Opera Mini Opera gadget dependent optional, depending on the device
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla is defined by device is determined by the features of the gadget

At the end of our ranking we want to ask our readers which browser you think is the best for the Android system, on your smartphone or tablet and why?