What to do if an apple burns on the iPhone

apple, burns, iphone

Why does the iPhone not turn on: what to do when an apple burns and goes out

For the owner of the “apple” device, the biggest nuisance is the “Apple” or generally “black screen” that is eternally glowing on the display. The device entered the endless loading cycle or does not turn on at all. Often this is a result of a malfunction of the gadget’s motherboard and only the service center will be able to help.

But at the same time, many of the mistakes can be corrected without leaving home, programmatically or with the help of simple improvised means. Inexpensive tools, computer, free time and attentiveness are needed. And also you need access to the spare parts store, where you may have to buy failed components. As they say in advertising slogans. “Why pay more?””.

So, let’s figure out what problems can be when the iPhone or iPad itself turns off, why the apple burns and goes out on models 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, what to do in such cases.

When the iPhone is turned on, it freezes: possible reasons

Ordinary iPhone users often become victims of wars between hacker teams. The very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, the desire of the EVAD3RRS group to overtake the rest of the teams and release Jailbreak iOS 7 first led to the fact that the problem of hovering the “apple” gadgets on the logo in 2013 acquired the scale of this epidemic. Due to the “damp” of the utility for Jailbreak Evasi0n 7 smartphones fell into a cyclic reboot-they turned on and turned off until the charge ended.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and the installation of a “buggy” tweak are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on to Yabloko and turns off, this can be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “hacking” the device, but also by a gadget malfunction at the hardware level. Here are what hardware problems can provoke the appearance of a “white apple”:

  • Bencing of the power circuit. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp voltage surge. In order to protect the gadget from the malfunction of the power chain, do not put it on charging during a thunderstorm.
  • Battery failure. You can extend the life of a battery if you use exclusively original and high.Quality charges. Owners of old mobile devices are recommended not to allow the battery full category.
  • Malfunction of the motherboard. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If with each launch of the iPhone the apple burns on the screen longer, the user should perceive it as a symptom and start to postpone money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be the result of the gadget just freezing. The following scale is present on Apple:

From this illustration it is easy to understand that the stable work of the iPhone at a temperature below 32 ° according to Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius) the manufacturer does not guarantee. If the smartphone is on temperature for a long time.4 ° according to Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius), exactly wait for trouble.

It is easiest to get rid of a “white apple” caused by a low ambient temperature. It is easier to place the iPhone in a dry warm place and leave it at least 20 minutes.

Performing a rigid reset of settings if an apple burns and then goes out

In solving the problem in which the iPhone hangs on the Apple logo, and then the screen fades away, the hardware reset of settings can help.

Features of its execution depend on the versions of your phone.

Versions: actions:
iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and later versions. Click on the “upward” button and quickly release it. Then click on the “Volume down” button and also quickly release it. Then click on the power button and hold it until Apple’s logo appears.
Iphone 7 and 7 Plus. Click on the power button and the “Volume down” button and hold them until an apple appears on the screen.
Iphone 6s and other early versions. Press the power button and the “home” button, and hold it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to turn on the iPhone without jailbreak?

What to do if you did not do a jailbreak, but the iPhone still turns on and turns off? When the apple device was not hacked, try to conduct such a test. Reload your mobile device and try to call it in 5 minutes. If the call goes, the load stops at the last stage. This is a good sign. You can access FS! So, without problems, delete any glow applications.

Please note that in this state of the phone, iTunes does not make it possible to change the file system. We advise you to use alternative options. ITOOLS or IFUNBOX programs. All that remains for you is to execute the connection to the PC and delete the applications by analogy with Jailbreak twigs.

If the “Call Test” is negative (the challenge is not), there was a hardware problem. Alas, it is unlikely to be able to solve it without technical knowledge, soldering iron and multimeter. It is better not to go into the filling of the iPhone, but to give the gadget to the caring hands of professionals.

Temperature jumps

The external environment can also affect the performance of gadgets. You have iPhone 5? The apple burns and the device itself does not turn on?

apple, burns, iphone

It is necessary to check whether the temperature norms are observed. If the device from “Apple” is at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the company cannot guarantee stable iPhone operation. When the gadget is in the atmosphere with the temperature.20 degrees, its inclusion may not occur at all.

Overheating of the device also causes a lot of trouble. Iphone does not turn on? The black screen lights up and then turns off? It is possible that the device simply overheated. For example, with a long.Term stay in the sun.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo or Boot Loop (No Data Loss)

apple, burns, iphone

Act in such circumstances should be so. Leave the phone alone at normal temperature mode for about 20-25 minutes. After that, repeat the attempt to turn on the device. It is worth recovering the temperature regime, as the performance will work out.

If nothing helped

None of the above methods helped? This means that physical breakdown has occurred in your iPhone and you need to contact the service center.

Why the iPhone does not turn on?

A failed battery is the most common reason that the iPhone stops turning on. If you previously noticed that the smartphone was rapidly discharged, turned off by 10-30% of the charge, turned off in the cold and any other such anomalies occurred with it, then the problem is exactly with the battery.

Replacement will help. In authorized Apple service centers in Russia, 3000-7000 thousand is more expensive.

Field breakdown is another very common reason for the failure of the iPhone. Symptoms before the smartphone failing are similar to the battery breakdown. Random shutdown of the device, overheating.

Replacing relatively inexpensive. You can change the power controller or other microcircuit associated with the charging process at a price of about 2000.

Failure of other components. Iphone may not be turned on due to the breakdown of dozens of various components, up to the motherboard. Most often this happens after a smartphone drop. Determine what exactly can be broken only during the diagnosis.

Repair can ruin. If the iPhone is not overheated to breakdown, it is better to immediately begin to pray that the motherboard is intact. Its replacement, especially on new iPhone models, will stand in a pretty.

Before going to the service center, we recommend contacting Apple‘s official support. The company’s specialists will willingly help advice.

The apple lights up and the iPhone turns off. What to do

Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and run itunes. Make sure that iTunes is updated to the current version. You can check the availability of iTunes updates on Windows in the menu of the “References” program → “Updates”, on the Mac on the “updates” tab in the Mac App Store. You can download the current ITUNES version on the official website of Apple.

At the same time, click the buttons home and meals on the iPhone and hold them for 10 seconds.

After release the power button and continue to hold the home button until ITUNES determines the device in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

In iTunes, click “Restore the iPhone” and confirm the beginning of recovery. Important! All media files and other these devices will be erased. The latest iOS version for your device will also be installed on the iPhone.

In the window that opens, click “Next” and “I accept”.

Note that initially iTunes will load the necessary version of iOS from the Apple servers and only after that the recovery will begin. You can monitor the progress of the firmware loading by pressing the button in the upper right corner of iTunes.

It must also be emphasized that after connecting iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode, nothing will be displayed on the smartphone screen. And only when iTunes loads the firmware and start direct recovery, a progress scale will appear on the iPhone display.

After the successful restoration of the iPhone, it remains only to make the initial setup and begin to use the device.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on and freezes or turns off on the “apple”?

First of all, I would like to say that all devices are subject to such a malfunction, both old iPhone 5, 6, 7, and more modern iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12. There is no particular difference in versions. Fortunately, we have several solutions for the situation in which the iPhone depends on the apple and does not turn on. All of them have different complexity, but quite fulfilling with a clear follow of our instructions.

We charge the phone

If the phone is turned off and does not turn on, the first thing you should check the availability of a charge on the battery. Most likely, the iPhone was disconnected from that that he was discharged. You need to put it for charging for at least 10-15 minutes. After that, you can try to turn on the device and check its performance. If the method did not help, boldly go further according to the instructions.

We carry out a compulsory restart

If the iPhone apple logo turns on and goes out without any further changes (provided that it does not turn off completely, but simply freezes and the screen goes out), it is worth the restart. There is a hardware method that allows you to carry out a compulsory reboot of the smartphone using keys. In this way it is usually possible to correct temporary failures.

How to turn on the iPhone if it does not turn on, but only freezes:

  • Iphone 8, x, Se 2020 and newer. Press and quickly release the volume increase key, then. The volume reduction button (also pressed and released) and clamp the power key. It must be kept until the Apple logo appears, then you need to release.
  • Iphone 7. Click and hold the volume button and power button at the same time. We release only when Apple’s logo appears.
  • Iphone 6s, se and more old versions. Clound the power button and the “Home” key. After displaying the image of the apple, let the buttons.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

One of the most effective ways that we can advise in a situation where the iPhone turns on and goes out is to restore the smartphone through iTunes. The service checks the presence of various errors in the operating system and corrects them.

How to restart your iPhone if it’s frozen on the Apple logo — Apple Support

  • We load the smartphone in recovery mode. The procedure is the same as when rebooting (see above), you need to keep the keys until the recovery screen appears.
  • Open on a computer with Windows or Mac ITUNES program (can be downloaded on the official website of Apple).
  • Connect a telephone in recovery mode to a PC using a USB cable.
  • The ITUNES program will automatically appear a message with a proposal to restore (or update) iPhone. Click on the “Restore” button.

Important! After this procedure is performed, the factory settings will be reset and all uninchronized data will be deleted.

We use tools for restoring other developers

There are a number of third.Party programs that help to correct different problems of smartphones on iOS, including the iPhone turns on and rush on the Apple logo. Among the most popular phones repair tools: IMYFONE FIXPPO, Tenorshare Reiboot, DR.Fone System Repair, Phonerescue, Anyfix iOS System Recovery. In this example, we use Tenorshare Reiboot. But nothing prevents you from using another restoration means.

  • We open the Reiboot program (there is a version for Mac and Windows).
  • We connect a smartphone via a USB cable to a computer.
  • Start the search procedure for problems using the “Start” button.
  • Initially, we recommend using the “Standard Repair” option.
  • In the next window, we confirm the desire to download the suitable firmware of the “Download” key.
  • When the download process ends, click on the “Start Standard Repair” button.
  • We are waiting for about 10 minutes (depending on the version of the phone) without touching the smartphone and computer.

With a high degree of probability now your iPhone will boot in normal mode. The main plus of the method using Tenorshare Reiboot, unlike iTunes, the data will not be damaged or erased. In general, the procedure is similar in other recovery tools, therefore, guided by intuition, there should be no problems.

Restore DFU

If the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and is not rebooted (especially after updating the software), it is worth trying the DFU recovery method. This is one of the officially recommended methods for solving the problem. The abbreviation is deciphered “Updating the firmware of the device”. Often this is the last method of solving the problem with your own. The consequence of flashing is the loss of personal data.

How to eliminate the problem when the iPhone does not turn on:

apple, burns, iphone
  • Connect the iPhone cable to Mac or Windows and open itunes.
  • We transfer the iPhone into dfu recovery mode. On more recent versions, this occurs in several stages: once press the volume increase. The volume reduction. We clamp the side key until the screen is blackened. Press the power button and the volume button. We release the side key only after 5 seconds, continuing to keep the volume reduction button. Iphone will not report on the transition to this mode, but iTunes will automatically find this. If the Apple logo appears, then the power button was pressed for too long.
  • We agree with the offer of iTunes to start recovery and follow the built.In instructions.

Even if this did not help, there is a high probability that one of the details of the smartphone was damaged. It is worth contacting a service center, preferably authorized, and report the problem.