What to do if Chinese iPhone does not turn on

What to do if iPhone does not turn on

Apple technique deservedly enjoys the worldly popularity and love of buyers: these are high.Quality, modern and reliable gadgets with its special “soul” and atmosphere. The rare owner of the iPhone will say that he is dissatisfied with his device or that it has ever seriously failed. Along with this, even “apple” devices, as well as any other electronics, may break.

The reasons are the most diverse, but this is not the essence. So, we will simulate the situation: one “beautiful” in the morning you picked up your beloved iPhone in anticipation of checking the news tape in your favorite social network and found that the device is not turned on. Shock, panic, resentment, disappointment. Calm down! In many cases, the problem manages to solve “low blood”, t.E. Without the need to contact the service center.

The causes of the malfunction

The reliability of the iPhone has been tested for years. The manufacturer takes care of the quality of his gadgets, so the factory marriage is practically excluded, but is allowed. Many malfunctions arise due to inaccurate handling of a smartphone, or with smartphones from the first batch. As well as malfunctions in the software due to independent attempts to reconfigure the phone, dumping the factory settings.

  • Deformation of the nest or pollution on its surface;
  • Broken electric carrot or non-working USB cable;
  • Rupture of the contacts of the train;
  • The use of Chinese cheap accessory for recharging;
  • “Gluck” of the firmware;
  • Problems with the internal components of the iPhone: battery, power controller, motherboard.

So, first of all, after buying and extracting the phone out of the box, it is necessary to produce the simplest manipulations necessary for further use. First you need to check the status of the device. Now it is rare, but nevertheless, the device out of the box can go with a discharged battery. In this case, it should be charged. Chinese charges differ from the European form factor, so you need to take care of the purchase of an adapter in advance. Sometimes, however, the adapter can be found immediately in the box, for which thank the Chinese more.

The SIM card is necessary to connect the phone with the network of your operator so that you can make calls, send SMS and use the Internet without connecting to wireless networks, like Wi-Fi.

Simka is installed in a special tray, the key to which is located in the box with the device. In separate models of smartphones in the tray, you can also install the second SIM card or memory card. After installing the card, you can turn on the smartphone and continue the setting.

The next item is the connection to the wireless Wi-Fi network. During the first launch, you will be offered several networks that will find a smartphone. Most likely, among them there will be yours (if it is not, then check the router settings). Select the network, if necessary, enter the password.

After the completion of the primary setup, you can immediately start the full use of the smartphone. However, it will be better if you immediately take care of installing new applications. The problem of Chinese iPhone is that they are imprisoned under the Chinese, oddly enough, the market. Therefore, they initially have an application store with Chinese applications. There are no applications popular in Russia, like WhatsApp or Telegram.

To avoid this, you need to turn on the Google store on the device.Play. First, look carefully at all available screens: it is likely that it is located on one of them. The Chinese prefer to hide such extensions in folders with the name “Google”.

If you find Google.Play is impossible, this means that the application is disabled. Turning it on is quite simple:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Find the section “Applications”;
  • In this section, find Google.Play;
  • Select the application and click on the “enable” button.

After these manipulations on the smartphone, Google will work again.Play and you can install all the necessary applications.

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For the phone to really “have its own”, it is necessary to personalize it. The problem of the original iPhone is precisely the fact that the ability to make changes to the design of the Inte Wee is very limited. At the same time, his Chinese copy has all the necessary functions that will allow you to do anything with the gadget.

In the original device, the ringtons have to be bought in the App Store. As for Chinese iPhone, this is easier with this. You can download any melody from the Internet and install it as a ringtone. To do it is simple:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Find the section “Personalization”;
  • Select “Sound and Vibration”;
  • Find the section “Melodies and sound sounds”;
  • Click on the item “Rington”;
  • Choose the desired.

From this moment, with incoming calls, not a standard melody will lose, but your personal.

The installation of wallpaper is not much different from the installation of personal rington. First, find the image on the Internet, save it on your smartphone. Next, do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu;
  • Reach the section “Personalization”;
  • Point “Wallpaper”
  • Select the desired wallpaper;
  • Click on the “Install” button.

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Having completed all these points, your Chinese iPhone will be entirely prepared for active use. You can make calls, send SMS, use the Internet, download all available applications. Do not worry that the device is produced in the Middle Kingdom. The technology for the production of smartphones in China is so honed and debugged that any equipment will have all the necessary functions and will last for many more years.

chinese, iphone, does, turn

Why the iPhone 5 does not turn on? What to do?

So, today we will try to understand with you the question: “iPhone 5 is not turned on, what should I do?””. In fact, there are many rather interesting and incomprehensible reasons that are eliminated in many respects. And today we will try to understand with you the most basic and popular reasons for this behavior.

So, the first version of the development of events that does not include the iPhone 5 (what to do with this, you do not know). This is nothing but a system failure. In fact, this problem has become very common recently. However, it is easier to imagine. To do this, you do not need to wear a gadget for repair or contact a specialist.

You are faced with a problem when the iPhone 5 does not turn on? What to do? Just just hold the Home button under the display, and also hold the gadget on the button on the device panel. Keep them together for about 15 seconds, and then look at what will happen. As a rule, you will have an “download apple”. After that it will be possible to work with the device further. However, these are not all the reasons why the iPhone is disabled. There is still a rather extensive series that provides users with a lot of problems.

Flashing the Chinese copy of the iPhone

Apple is very popular, but at the same time a rather expensive brand of smartphones, which leads to constant attempts from users to save somewhere, find cheaper and so on. It comes to the point that people buy Chinese copies of iPhone. They look very similar, sometimes even impossible to distinguish, but the whole difference lies not in the case, but in the details and the operating system. Obviously, Chinese copies work much worse than original iPhone. Problems in the system and various kinds of malfunctions arise much more often. Reinstalling the operating system helps to improve the situation. In this article we will figure out how to flash or reflash the Chinese copy of the iPhone. Let’s start. Go!

How to update the software on the replica of the Apple Smartphone-in our new article

First of all, you need to download the firmware for a specific version of the copy of the iPhone. 5, 5s, 6, 6s. For each model its own firmware version. Pay attention to it. It should also be noted that copies are available not on iOS, but on Android with a shell, which is close to the design of the intense to iOS.

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After you loaded the firmware, you need to download a special utility for flashing smartphones called Flash Tool. Then unpack archives with firmware and installer programs in a disk folder convenient for you.

Now go to the Flash Tool folder and run the utility on behalf of the administrator. After the program opens, click on the “Scatter Loading” button and indicate the path to the sketch file, which is in the firmware folder. In fact, this is a text file with an extension “.TXT “. By choosing it, click the “Open” button. Next, click “Download” and connect the phone to the computer and laptop using the cable, holding the “Home” button on the device itself. In the Flash Tool window, you will see a red line below, this means that the “Home” button can be released. Immediately after this, the purple line will appear, and behind it is yellow. Yellow says that the firmware is loading. Upon completion of the installation, a window will appear on the screen reporting that the firmware was successfully installed.

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Installation of Android on a copy of the iPhone occurs using Flashtool

Then pull the cable from the phone, close the Flash Tool and turn on your copy of the iPhone. The first inclusion of the device after flashing can take for a long time, so do not immediately be alarmed. After the phone is loading, it is necessary to install the Russian language, because after the first inclusion all signatures in the smartphone in Chinese. Open the menu with the settings and go to the section similar to the “Basic” section on the original iPhone. To find the “Language” item, look at the pictures on the Internet, where this item is approximately. Finally, having got where you need, select the Russian language from the list. To confirm the choice, press the button located in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you may need to install a third.Party keyboard, since the built.In may not work. You can use Go Keyboard or any other. You can download it from the application store or download and copy it to the memory card. Everything. Now the device can be comfortable.

Now, in order to get rid of the Android lock screen and make it the same as on iOS, you need to open the “phone” application and move on to the number of numbers. Next, enter a very simple code #8000 #. After that, the phone will begin to reboot. Wait a while. If after turning on, nothing has changed, repeat the same thing again. During the boot, you will see the screen with the Apple logo, not the Chinese manufacturer, and the lock screen (Lockscreen) will become as similar as possible to the original Lockscreen iOS. Ready. Now the Chinese copy has become as similar as possible to the original iPhone.

A copy of the Android is installed on a copy of the iPhone

In this way, you can independently reflash Chinese copies of the iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s on Android. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article was useful for you, and tell other users how you coped with the recharge of your phone.

Moisture exposure

If you are the owner of the iPhone 6s and the youngest model, then your gadget is completely not protected from water exposure. Unfortunately, even if you dropped the phone into the water about a year ago, you immediately dried, and it continued to work, moisture got inside, and over time it will slowly but correctly cover the internal elements with corrosion. After a while, the device may not withstand.

In this case, you should contact the service center: after conducting diagnostics, the specialist will be able to say for sure whether the phone as a whole is renewed. Perhaps it will have to replace some elements.

Standard Reiboot repair (without data loss)

Often, freezing the iPhone on the Apple logo is a sign of a serious problem, which can only be eliminated with the help of specialized software. In the example, we will use one of the representatives of this segment further, namely the product from Tenorshare.

  • Follow the link indicated above, download and install the program on your computer, then run it.
  • Click “Start” and connect the iPhone to the computer.

If for some reason you can’t download the iOS package using Reiboot, this can be done manually using the “Click here” link (indicated by the number 3 on the image above). Upon completion of this procedure, click “import local firmware” (4) and add the corresponding file to the program.

Note! The firmware file has an average of about 5 GB, therefore, with an insufficiently high Internet speed, its download can take it for a long time.


You have iPhone 5 does not turn on? What to do? And does not charge the same? In cases where you are sacredly sure that everything is in order with the battery and charger, you can start “sinning” on the gadget itself.

Maybe the reason for this behavior was a banal damage to the connector for connecting “charging”. In this case, to be honest, it is possible to diagnose a breakdown only if there is a similar iPhone. Just connect the charger to it and check if everything works.

chinese, iphone, does, turn

If the reason really lies in damage to the connectors, then, of course, it will have to be taken to repair. In specialized services, they will very quickly help to eliminate problems. After that, check if everything works. Not? What to do if the iPhone 5 is turned off and does not turn on? Then let’s continue to study the possible causes of such behavior, as well as options for their elimination once and for all.

If all the methods have not helped

What to do if everything tried, but the apple never appeared on the screen of your iPhone? There is a special recovery mode. DFU. It is designed to restore iOS firmware in the case when all the other attempts crashed. We’ll say right away that this mode should be used only in the most extreme case, because when it is activated, all data from the iPhone will be lost.

So, first you need to connect to charging for five to ten minutes. Having connected to the computer, check if the device was found in iTunes. If this did not happen, go to DFU: at the same time hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons for ten seconds, after release “Power”. Further for fifteen to thirty seconds, keep the “Home” button until ITUNES writes “Recovery Mode”. Do not expect further that the screen will thank you and show, as usual, an apple. Evidence of a successful entrance to DFU-the absence of any image on the screen. If you want to restore the firmware in the iPhone, find the “Restore iPhone” button in iTunes. To complete the work in this mode, just disconnect the cable from the device and for ten seconds click “Home” and “Power”. After these manipulations, the iPhone should restart.