What to do if iPad doesn’t turn on

  • If the tablet does not respond in any way or hangs up, you should first try to perform a forced reboot of the device.
  • We press the power button and the “Home” button simultaneously for 5-10 seconds, until you see the familiar “apple” logo.
  • If you are still unable to boot the tablet, you must put it on charge for half an hour or an hour.
  • If the screen of iPad still does not show an image of the battery with the charging level, it is recommended to check the USB cable, charger adapter and the connector where the latter is connected.
  • Also make sure that everything is securely connected, not clogged or damaged. If you have another USB cable, it is worth trying to use it.
  • Connect your tablet to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Reboot it forcibly by holding the “Home” and the power button.
  • When the Apple logo appears, do not release the keys. On the contrary, it is necessary to hold the buttons until the recovery screen appears.
  • Select “Update”. iTunes will now try to perform the system update without deleting the data.
  • You may find that the problem will be solved.

Repairing iPad

Are you the lucky owner of the iPad mini, iPad 2 or any other tablet Apple, which for some reason does not turn on? The device probably has a fatal error in the software that is preventing it from working properly. There are situations when resetting is powerless and what to do in such a situation?

It makes sense to perform a recovery operation on the tablet. The state of the computer after the recovery will be the same as immediately after leaving the conveyor belt. To solve this problem (OS recovery), you will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Turn off the tablet display should turn black (go out);
  • Connect the device to your computer and start iTunes;
  • Press the Power and Home buttons on the tablet for ten seconds;
  • Hold the home button for ten seconds more.
ipad, turn

How To Fix iPad That Won’t Charge

After following these steps, iTunes will tell you that the device has been detected as connected in recovery mode. The software then proceeds to restore the iOS operating system by downloading the firmware. When it is finished, the iPad will reboot and turn on. Unless, of course, there are other issues.


This is a drastic method which will lead to loss of information from the internal memory of your device. Please take care to back up your data beforehand.

Tablets and malfunctions

Financially, the digital electronics market has gotten much closer. In this regard, there is a great opportunity to have a high-tech device, not only for the wealthy people, but also for people of the middle class and even lower. As an example, you can take the tablet Acer, the cost of which does not exceed 150. Probably nowadays nobody will be surprised by the fact, when in public transport you can meet a person with a tablet PC reading an e-book.

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As the number of users grows every day, so do some technical issues. One of them is the power problem. Often from owners you can hear misunderstanding why a portable device does not turn on. Naturally, the causes may be different, and in such a situation you should not rush to final conclusions, and set some dangerous diagnosis.

You need to figure it out thoroughly, using an exception method that will help you fix the problem without resorting to outside help.

An error occurs after jailbreak or installing a tweak from Cydia

If your iPad shuts down, does not respond to button presses, and the Apple logo lights up on the display, the problem is probably because you jailbreaked or installed a tweak from Cydia. This may have caused an iOS error which caused your tablet to freeze and not start. There are two ways out of this situation:

  • It is easy to perform a HardReset (hard reset). You should hold the on/off and Home buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds. It is possible that after a hard reset your Apple tablet will work properly again
  • The hard part is to restore the operating system via iTunes. Connect your device to your computer. Wait for iTunes to light up, press the CntrlS keys, and then go to the “Browse” folder. Conduct a hard reset. After this you will receive a system offer to restore the operating system. Agree and wait for a while. After the update your device will be ready to use again

Remember that performing a self-recovery of iOS, you are fully responsible for the Apple equipment.

What to do if iPad does not turn on

Owners of Apple iPad tablets find their hardware so reliable that sudden glitches and malfunctions throw people for a loop. If your iPad won’t turn on, don’t be alarmed. any situation can be fixed. It is quite possible that it is not broken, but just hung up, because software crashes are not very rare. In this review we will look at all situations and find out what to do if your iPad tablet does not turn on and does not charge.

Method 1

I certainly assume there will be a lot of angry outcries right now, but trust me. the action below is the first thing to do when your iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) tablet computer cannot be turned on. It’s probably just out of battery power. If you haven’t yet tried this method of “resuscitating” your device, do it right now. plug your tablet computer into an outlet.

If this method does not help and the device does not turn on, go to the heavier artillery.

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What to do if iPad is turned off and does not turn on

Even the highest quality tech is not immune to malfunctions. And Apple devices that have won the love of users with their functionality and impeccable reliability are no exception.

If your iPad won’t turn on, don’t worry too much. The cause of this is not necessarily a hardware malfunction, most likely the problem is solved easily and trivially.

Identify the reason for such behavior. If the battery is dead or the power button is defective.

The problem with turning the tablet on may be caused by several reasons: failure of an internal component or system failure. In the latter case the simple actions that do not require opening the device can help.

ipad, turn


The first and most common reason why iPad does not turn on is a low battery. The tablet just turns on for a fraction of a second, the Apple logo appears on the screen, then everything goes out. In this case, the icon of low battery may not appear, the user will see only a black screen.

The solution is very simple. plug your iPad in with the charger and wait 10-20 minutes. During this time, the battery will be able to consume enough energy to turn on again. Then restart your iPad.

It is important to connect the iPad to a power source only through the “native” charger. If possible, do not use chargers from iPhones and other iPad models or any analogues. Often they overheat the tablet, and this can cause damage to the tablet itself. In the screenshot below you can compare how the iPad and iPhone adapters look like.

ALL iPads Fixed: Not Rebooting, Black Screen, Won’t Turn On (2 Ways)

If after 20 minutes charging iPad still does not turn on, check if the USB cable and/or power outlet itself is working. Use them to plug in another phone or tablet and see if it charges. If yes, move on to other options to solve the problem.


Restarting the tablet helps many users in case of software failures, because in the process the system is cleared of unnecessary data, thus preventing further failures and eliminating previous ones. It can be done in different ways, but in our case we have to use the so called “hard” reset. How to do this, we explained in Mode 2 of the next article.

My iPad Won’t Turn On! Here’s The Real Fix.

Repairing iPad

The most radical solution to the problem of iPad not turning on is to reflash and restore it. In addition, this option is the last one that the user can apply at home.

Note that it is impossible to create a backup at this stage, so if it was not created automatically or manually just before the crash, the user risks losing all files without the possibility of recovery.

In a dead tablet situation, only the iTunes program can help reset the iPad and set it up as new.

  • Using the USB cable, connect the iPad to the computer and open iTunes.
  • Click on the device icon on the top bar.
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Fixing iOS errors

Another way to repair the iPad is to use a third-party program that allows you to fix iOS devices errors, and DFU mode. Using this option, the user will not lose important data. In this article, we will look at working with the dr.fone.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer and open dr.fone. Close iTunes, as it will interfere with the repair.
  • Press “Repair”.


The above described solutions to the problem with the inability to turn on iPad are suitable only if the tablet has not been exposed to mechanical damage. If, for example, the fall or moisture could damage components of the device, which led to the failure.

Let’s list the main signs by which the user can understand that the problem lies in the malfunction of the “internals” of the iPad:

  • Blinking screen when you turn it on;
  • Before the image fades, interference, streaks, etc. are observed.д;
  • The apple icon that appears has a fuzzy white color.

If any sign coincides, it is not recommended to repair and disassemble the tablet on your own. Contact a service center for expert assistance.

Today we’ve broken down why the iPad may not turn on and how to solve this problem with your own efforts. However, in a situation of mechanical damage is worth to turn to a specialist.

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The most universal way to solve the malfunction of your iPad is to contact the Apple Store or an authorized service center.

Any original device will either be repaired or replaced with a new one. But only if the manufacturer’s warranty period is still valid.

However, it is not always advisable to go to a service center.

If the battery in the device failed due to wear or careless handling, the service center can only offer to buy a new battery and pay for its replacement.

Although it will be much cheaper to buy the original battery separately, and install it yourself. And it’s pretty simple and you don’t have to disassemble the case.

In addition, if the iPad does not turn on and does not charge after damage or interaction with liquid. So it can damage not only the battery, but also the connector, internal bus and other components.

Standard Apple warranty is not valid in such situations, because the failure was caused by careless handling of technology. There is no point in going to the service, because no service will be provided there.