What to do if the iPhone fell into the water

What to do if I dropped the iPhone into the water

Everyone tries to carefully use his iPhone. But it turns out far from always. It happens that one awkward movement leads to a fall in a mobile device. And if the smartphone falls from a small height to a flat surface, then only scratches on the case will touch the maximum consequences. But in the case when the iPhone falls into the water, the device may completely fail.

The iPhone is also exposed to moisture during the rain. Suppose a person gets a call, and he picks up the phone, despite abundant precipitation. And some people manage to even accidentally throw the phone in washing with clothes. All indicated scenarios unites one thing. The iPhone interacts with moisture. But is it so dangerous to get water, as Apple’s owners think about it?

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Independent resuscitation actions when water gets

All the following actions are equally well suited for all Apple brand phones, whether it be an old iPhone 4 series, or the 8 iPhone output, not to mention 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus and 7 of the series. The technique from the USA is good, but little adapted to the aquatic environment, however, like other electronics. The only one who was concerned about the protection from water is Korean and Japanese brands, Samsung and Sony. But even that, protection is more likely formal than really working. They will save from spray and easy immersion, but from serious pressure drops is unlikely. Therefore, for a very long time, the described methods will be working and in demand.

  • Calmly and without fuss we get the iPhone after swimming in the bathroom, toilet, sink (emphasize the necessary). If the gadget spent no more than 3-5 seconds under water, you should not worry, 90% that complete performance will be restored. After 10-20 seconds, after the iPhone got into the water, the probability of a painless recovery rushes to zero.
  • After water, the smartphone is still alive? Urgently turn off the power
  • After water, the device does not turn on? Most likely there was a short circuit and you need to act quickly.
  • If possible, try to disassemble the case, it is advisable to remove the battery, but on the iPhone 4 this is not so simple, a specialized tool is needed.
  • We wipe the device, not forgetting about the connectors, they can accumulate up to 30% of all moisture.

Sea water, worst enemy of electronics

Is it possible to reanimate, the iPhone after getting into salty water will depend on your luck. Salted water, the worst that can happen to your electronic friend. Salt and impurities contained in water will have an extremely negative effect on both printed circuit board contacts and iPhone screen. 90% that an expensive brick is now in your hands, but you should try to contact a good service, 10% still remains, but you need to rush.

Bathing in washing machine

Is it likely to restore the device after it drowned in the washing machine? Here 50 to 50, maybe yes, or maybe not. It’s too late with emergency actions, you should not panic and break the washer, otherwise you will stay with two dead devices on your hands. We calmly stop the washing process, or wait for its completion, do not forget at home a tested iPhone with water and go, we don’t fly, to the service center.

Drowning in other interesting liquids

Favorite iPhone fell into the toilet? I wet the phone with beer? Pour iPhone with tequila? The actions are exactly the same as if I drowned the iPhone in simple ordinary water, with the exception, the repairmen will have to pay even more, for cleaning microcircuits from sticky and/or fetid masses. The advice from the editorial office. The next time, do not take the brand new iPhone 7 with you to the toilet, leave it under the supervision of friends and several beers of beer.

How to fix iphone 8 with water damage

Which iPhone have moisture resistance

How to unlock the iPad, if it is blocked. What to do

Increased moisture resistance and dust resistance are slogans that are used by manufacturers to iPhone 7 models and versions above. It’s all about modern technology IP67. Partly such statements are true, but not 100 %.

In fact, not a single iPhone brand device, even the most modern, is not able to completely ignore the wet. Models from seven and higher are close to the ideal, but still sometimes fail. Very often, even after short.Term getting wet, users are faced with non.Working speakers or darning of the screen.

What to do if IPhone flooded

If you drowned iPhone or iPad, the first thing to do is turn it off. In the presence of appropriate skills, you can try to disassemble the device and with great care, turn off the battery. This can save it from damage. Well, then in any case, the direct road to the service center where they will conduct diagnostics will be cleaned, damaged elements will be replaced, and you can safely use your iPhone, as before.

And yes. In no case put the device on the battery, do not dry the hairdryer and do not put it on charging. This can greatly harm it.

What to do if the water soaked the device case?

If you are sure that moisture has not yet got into the device, then it is worth dried as soon as possible to dry the housing.

If your iPhone or iPad has fallen into water entirely or you are uncertain that only the device is hidden, do not try to use this method.

  • Disconnect the device and take out the battery if possible. Its shutdown will help you avoid shorting if moisture still gets inside.
  • Remove the protective cover, delete any other protection of your phone if it is available.
  • Wipe the device case with a soft cloth well, but do not leave your phone wrapped in it. This will not help, since absorbing moisture, the fabric, on the contrary, will create a wet environment around your device.
  • Next, you can use bulk substances that absorb moisture well. Popular is the “package with rice” method. Just find a tightly closing bag, pour rice there and place your device. Rice absorbs moisture residues from the slots of the phone case.

What difficulties a person who uses iPhone or iPad can face after a liquid hit?

There are times when at first glance the device works correctly. But this does not mean that there are no problems in the future. For example, the device may start to bask, discharge a little faster or not to charge at all, restart, the keys, cameras or the display itself can stop working. All these problems can manifest itself unexpectedly. A month or two after the fluid and lead to the complete non.Combination of the device. Therefore, to save money and your own calm, we recommend that you contact the service center as early as possible.

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What can not be done

  • Do not dry the iPhone next to heat sources, for example, on the battery;
  • Do not insert outsiders, cotton sticks, pieces of paper, etc. D.;
  • Do not charge an unable smartphone.

What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water | How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

If it so happened that the iPhone could not be protected from water. Do not panic, immediately take actions that will avoid its failure.

Iphone repair after filling

After inspecting the gadget, the engineer opened the device. The red indicator indicates a fluid hit, in the normal state it is white.

If the indicator changed the color from white to red, then there was contact with water

Then the specialist dismantled the motherboard and connected it to the laboratory power supply (LBP). The problem with the energy consumption was revealed.

iphone, fell, water

After flooding, problems began with energy consumption on the primary power circuit. When starting, there was a cyclic reboot

One of the features of the iPhone X and more new Apple smartphones, the motherboard of this apparatus is a single design consisting of two separate parts, soldered to each other in the form of a sandwich. The main elements are on the upper part. Processor, memory, power controller and so on, and on the lower. The radio part where the modem is placed and all the components responsible for ensuring that the iPhone connects to the network. To eliminate the problem with energy consumption, the engineer divides the fee into two parts.

On the board you can notice traces of corrosion

The upper half of the fee does not consume anything

Checking the lower part of the energy consumption of the primary circuit

iphone, fell, water

Further, using freezing, the engineer searches for increased heating to determine the failed element.

In this case, the sound amplifier in the iPhone x failed. To fix the problem, the specialist dismantles the damaged element and sets a new.

It is necessary to replace the failed element

Since the “sandwich” boards are soldered with a fusible low.Temperature solder, it is soldered by heating without the use of thermophen. Thus, local overheating can be avoided due to uniform heating of the board.

After the adhesion, the board is once again checked on the LBP without periphery. To check the energy consumption.

The board starts with normal energy consumption

After installing the board in the housing, we turn on the phone repeated from the power supply.

Additionally, the specialist replaced the vibration engine, which also failed.

The engineer is assembled in the reverse order and sets the protective seal

The moisture sensor was also replaced, the screen miraculously remained whole

Then the specialist assembles the apparatus. Now it can be used again. This iPhone was repaired here. But it is better, of course, to protect the iPhone from water. If your iPhone is really very expensive for you, just do not take it with you to a bath or pool. These somewhat sweet minutes are unlikely to be worth passing through all the above unpleasant procedures. However, if this could not be avoided, experts from Apple Pro will make a free diagnostics of the gadget, the iPhone service and will quickly replace the part at affordable cost. And before you had cases of water in the iPhone? Pass the survey below. We will find out how relevant this problem is.

Many have heard that it is better to use only original Apple charges. This is an exaggeration and you can buy third.Party accessories. But some are better to avoid.

Android was not so bad platform. And taking into account the new restrictions that have fallen on iOS users, the Google mobile operating room has completely turned into an island of freedom and stability. After all, only here there were banking applications, contactless payment and much of what is no longer on the iPhone

The screen of a modern phone is protected from everything except for aggressive means. For example, alcohol and other solvents. We will tell you why you can’t wipe the screen and what will happen if you do not listen to this advice.

After water gets, the iPhone usually turns into a new iPhone (preferably a fresh model) ,