What to do if the iPhone has lost sound

No sound (not recorded) when shooting video on iPhone. the solution

Some iPhone users (including iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, SE, 7, 8 and X, XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro) have complained that at some point their smartphone either stopped recording sound during video recording altogether, or started recording it extremely quietly. It turns out that the solution to the problem is quite simple and it’s quite funny that some users didn’t think of it themselves.

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has used several microphones in their smartphones. One of them is on the back cover between the camera and flash. It is this microphone that is used when shooting video.

Thus, this microphone is often blocked by protective films (including the factory one) or cases that users put on their smartphone, t.к. Some accessory manufacturers forget to make a slot for the microphone on the back of the device. If you use a protective film, just make a small cut so the sound can reach the microphone.

Of course, this is not the only reason why there may be no sound. The back slot may be clogged with something and because of this the sound will meet an obstacle on the way to the microphone. in this case you just need to gently clean the slot.

However, if you have checked your case or the protective film and cleaned the hole on the back cover, but the sound still does not appear. apparently, your microphone is really broken and you should go to the nearest service center.

How to turn off the vibrate on your iPhone

How to mute the camera on the iPhone. instructions

You can guess how to turn off the vibration on the iPhone from the previous paragraph. To do this, you will need to enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Sounds, Haptic Signals” item. At the top of the screen you will need to adjust the first two lines, which are responsible for the vibration mode. To change the setting, you will need to drag the slider to the left, which will change the green backlight.

Note! To restore the previous settings, you will need to enter the item again.

Do not disturb” mode

There is a second way to turn off the vibration. To activate it, you need to turn on Do Not Disturb mode. To do this, just go to the shortcut menu. The difference with the previous method is that in this case the phone can stop accompanying any action with vibration, and the setting will take effect immediately.

You can find the necessary item on iPhone 5, 6, and se models by habitually moving up the screen. It is important that the backlight must be on, otherwise no action will occur. Users of later model iPhones (x, x r, x s) will need to do the same steps, but from the upper right corner towards the center. In the menu that appears, tap the icon representing the moon. If you tap quickly, the activation will take place immediately and will remain in effect until the user turns off the selected mode.

Important! On all iPad models, whose owners have updated their device to iOS 13, swiping to gain access is also necessary to do from the upper right corner.

You can also activate a mode with vibration off for a set time, when any loud sound will interfere. To do this, you will need to press and hold the same moon icon. After a second wait, your phone or iPad will offer three time-out options. for an hour, until the next morning, or until the current geolocation changes.

No sound (lost) with an incoming call on your iPhone, what to do?

If on iPhone the sound of an incoming call or message stops playing, it does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. There is a chance that you have stumbled upon a rare, but not an isolated bug. Banal reboot or turning on / off the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try to use our instructions.

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Try plugging in your headphones, pressing the volume up button and pulling the plug out of the headphone jack. Also try pulling and inserting the headphone plug a few times. You can also gently tap on the case near the connector (but this is only for shamans. just kidding).

If the phone falls and moisture gets inside the speakers, you can’t work with it as before. If you drop your iPhone in a puddle or snow, or spill tea, coffee, or juice on it, you must necessarily turn off the device and take emergency measures, wait until it is completely dry and prevent corrosion of internal parts: chips

Software malfunctions and errors

If you notice that the sound on your iPhone is lost for some reason during a call, do not panic. There is a possibility that it is not as bad as it seems at first sight.

Most software errors can be fixed with your own hands. You just need to know what to do if the sound on your iPhone is suddenly gone.

Silent Mode

There is nothing pleasant in the fact that for one reason or another the sound does not work on the iPhone. But sometimes this reason is so trivial that the user does not even think to consider it.

If you notice that there are no ringtones or incoming messages, be sure to check to see if silent mode is currently enabled. On the side panel of many iPhone models there is a small switch that turns on and off all the sound alerts with one touch.

Try moving the button to another position, or change the settings through the settings.

Confused settings

If the music plays in the audio player on your iPhone, but there is no sound during an incoming call, it is very likely that the reason is in the wrong alert settings on your smartphone.

In this situation, it is recommended to try the following option:

iphone, lost, sound

Lost iPhone? Here’s what to do

  • Open the settings menu;
  • Go to the “Sounds” section;
  • Deactivate “Change buttons” mode;
  • Manually set the volume to the desired level.

Dial your number from another phone and check if the situation has changed.

If this does not change anything, you need to look for further potential causes.

Connected devices

The iPhone has a feature to connect to a variety of wireless devices, including speakers or headphones. There are times when watching videos or listening to music was fine, but then the sound is gone.

Recall what gadgets you have previously connected to your smartphone. For example, if you have recently used a wireless speaker, the connection may still be active. And all the sounds that should play on your iPhone when you make a call or play music are output to the speaker.

It’s easy to check the remaining connection to another device. To do this:

  • Swipe up and down;
  • open the control panel;
  • Select air mode (represented by an airplane icon);
  • this will disconnect the connection with a possible connected device;
  • if the sound appears after that, you need to go to the settings;
  • open the Bluetooth section;
  • Turn off this feature.

This is also where you can usually break the connection to the wireless speaker or other similar device where the sound is being broadcast.

After these manipulations you can safely disable aerial mode.

System failure

One possible reason why there is no sound in games or apps running on the iPhone is a system failure.

Despite its cost and status, the iPhone is still an electronic gadget, the system failure of which is almost inevitable.

If during a call or launching an application on your iPhone the sound is lost and does not appear during the subsequent call, but at the same time all the previously mentioned methods did not help, you should think about a possible system failure.

There are several recommendations that can be made about it:

  • Restarting. When during a call on an Apple mobile device, that is, the iPhone, suddenly lost sound, it is worth trying the simplest, but often very effective solution. Namely from rebooting the gadget. If rebooting does not give any result and the sound does not appear, you will have to resort to more serious methods.
  • Restore your device. To restore your smartphone, you can use the phone itself, or you can do it through your PC by installing the iTunes app on it. The easiest way to do it is the first method. Here you need to open the settings, go to the “Main” section and then to the “Reset” section. Here, click on the “Erase content and settings” button and wait for the procedure to complete.
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There are a lot of cases when a user has lost the ringtone on his iPhone, and he does not know what to do. Yes, sometimes we have to go to extreme measures. Restoring a smartphone falls into this category.

Consequences of jailbreaking

This is a hacking of the file system on the smartphone. The desire to jailbreak, especially the iPhone, is easy enough to explain. A number of programs, apps, and games for these devices cost a lot of money. To get free access to them, phones get hacked.

But this kind of intervention threatens not only the loss of warranty on the smartphone, but also possible damage from third-party and hacked software.

After performing a jailbreak, sometimes you should not be surprised where the sound of calls, videos, etc. is suddenly lost. This happens on different iPhone models, including 6S and more recent versions of 10-11 generation.

Unofficial software

To download apps, games, videos and music from official sources such as the App Store and the iTunes Store.

Before getting there, all content is thoroughly checked and repeatedly tested. This eliminates the possibility of virus infection and other problems.

But some users prefer unofficial sources. Working with them, downloading various software from them, leads to the following possible consequences:

  • the level of protection of the smartphone from malicious programs decreases, and as a result it becomes much easier to infect the system;
  • there is a failure of already installed programs and games, and sometimes even from official sources;
  • There are difficulties and problems when trying to update the software.

In addition to this we can not exclude a number of side effects, including loss of sound on calls and alerts.

iphone, lost, sound

If the sound on your phone is unexpectedly lost, and you have recently downloaded apps or games from dubious sources, try to uninstall and reload the device. There is a high probability that after these actions the problem will disappear.

iOS freezes

Somewhat reminiscent of a system failure. The phone was working, functioning normally, but under the influence of various factors, and sometimes for no reason at all, the operating system hangs.

This usually happens with outdated versions of the mobile platform, as well as on devices that have not been updated by turning off the automatic reception of fresh firmware.

The most correct and only true solution in such a situation will be a forced reset of the iPhone.

But these are not all the reasons why the iPhone does not play a particular sound related to calls, notifications, playing videos and music, or launching games and applications.

The sound on the iPhone is lost: the causes and the solution

Apple products are of high quality, but they also sometimes cause mishaps. Users may encounter a problem when the device loses sound. The main thing in this case is to identify the cause of the problem. Usually the average user is able to find and cope with the problem by himself. But there are exceptions. Let’s look at all of this in detail in this article.

We use the services of professionals

At this point, iPhone owners are advised to contact exclusively Apple Support and Service Centers, as any third-party technical intervention violates the company’s user policy and leads to the brand refusing to further service the user. Such situations often lead to blocking the phone by Apple ID.

If the owner of the Apple device is willing to take the risk, it is necessary to contact the service centers with good recommendations. Under no circumstances should you carry your phone to the master, who works unofficially and is engaged in the assembly of smartphones at home.

Not always the problem with the sound of the smartphone is due to malfunction. A user can turn on a silent mode or set “Do not disturb” and completely forget about it. Therefore, before checking for software failures and hardware malfunctions, you need to make sure that the iPhone is not working silently due to user settings. If the problem really exists, you can solve it yourself only in a number of cases. In other situations, you should take advantage of technical support from the manufacturer.

What to do if the sound does not work on your iPhone

The sound problems are not always factory defects, often the reason for such problems is the owner’s improper actions, installing third-party applications that cause malfunctions.

It is not unreasonable to check the volume, which can be reduced by carelessness.

Setting mistakes

When the sound on the iPhone is unexpectedly lost, most people try to remember if this can’t be the cause of the malfunction, forgetting about the settings of the device and the microphone. Often they have been changed by an accidental movement, and as a result now the sound does not work.

  • Silent mode. The most frequent mistake of users who have recently become the owners of such devices. Developers and designers have tried to simplify the process of how to turn off the silent mode on the iPhone. To do this, there is a separate button located on the side. It is often forgotten, especially in the early days of using the phone. But as a result the device can only vibrate when called. To check whether this is the reason, you can look closely at the button: the red dash inside indicates silent mode. You need to put it in another position. Another option for checking. try to play any tune in the player. It will turn on with sound.
  • Configuration error. Sometimes the user notices that the sound is lost only on the call on the iPhone. This does not affect music playback. This behavior of the phone indicates a failure of the notification settings. You can find them in the Sounds tab. The third line will show a line that indicates the volume level. Moving the pointer to the right will help increase it. Additionally it is possible to put a permission to change the volume with the buttons, which will help not to come back to this point in the future.
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External Connections

Sometimes the cause is a third-party device that plays audio, but not through the phone’s built-in speaker. Seems to be broken, but it is not.

Important! External wireless connection when playing music is visible in the player. This is indicated by an icon in the upper right corner of the icon in the form of a tower with spheres diverging from it.

  • External speaker. Sometimes additional tools are used for music playback. speakers, wireless headphones. They establish a connection via Bluetooth, which cannot always be seen. To avoid such an error you need to turn off the function or activate the flight mode. After that you should return to normal mode and check again.
  • Connected headphones. The most obvious reason for a non-functioning speaker is the connection of external headphones via the appropriate jack. To correct it, it is sufficient to remove them.

System errors

In some cases, the lack of sound is a system error that can be corrected without intervention. To check if this is the cause, you need to reboot. You should press and hold the activation button on the top panel. A shutdown prompt will appear on the screen, which is done after dragging the slide to the appropriate position. Switching it on is carried out by the same holding.

Additionally you can try more drastic measures. reset. It is performed through the “Settings” menu, where in the last line of the “Main” item the “Reset” subitem is hidden. In order to reset to default settings, you will need to do a reset of all settings. After that the personal data saved in the phone will remain and the settings will be updated to the factory settings.

Also sometimes there is a problem while launching a certain application: the sound starts disappearing or is absent at once. If it is not a problem of silent mode, then most likely the problem will not go away until a new version of the program is released. You will either have to uninstall it, or put up with the malfunction.

Please note! The sound of a broken app can sometimes be adjusted by reducing or increasing. To do this, it is worth trying the sound control buttons.

Symptoms of no sound on iPhone

According to our research, the iPhone has different symptoms, no sound problems.

  • 1. The iPhone will ring, but the speaker doesn’t work for anything else. For example, when you received a call, your iPhone notified you, but you hear nothing through the speaker.
  • 2. There is no sound on your iPhone for calls, music, videos, or apps. Your iPhone completely turns into a silent device. Whether you’re listening to music, playing movies, or making a phone call, you won’t hear a sound.
  • 3. Your iPhone has no sound because it is stuck in headphone mode. This problem is common because iOS does not detect that you have removed your headphones, especially when using a pair of third-part headphones.