What to do if the laptop screen is black

How to boot without an installation disk?

It is possible to remove the black screen with the cursor when switching on the laptop without a special disk with the system image. The so-called “rehabilitation” procedure can be loaded from the hard disk. Launch the menu of additional boot options by pressing the F8 key when switching on the notebook. The following case will appear on the screen.

After that we select what is shown on the screenshot above. (Important! If you have important data on your computer, which should be saved, then you need to do this before this procedure. How to do this is described here.) The next step is to reset all settings of the operating system and restore it to the factory state. Almost all laptops do it the same way, so if you decide to recover by this method, then follow this link.

The laptop does not turn on: how to restore its work

Good day to all!

The notebook failure, most often occurs suddenly, when we are not expecting it. It seems that only yesterday everything was fine with it, it worked, and then in the morning for no reason it does not turn on. #x1f440;

There are a lot of questions in this category (especially now that laptops have become more popular than normal desktop PCs). In general, t.к. many users are usually not very specific in describing the problem, at once we want to say that the laptop can “not turn on” in different ways:

  • #x1f449; can not react to any pressing, no “blinking” LEDs, etc.;
  • #x1f449; or it can react on power button, reach booting of OS and show any error.

Actually, on this basis and will build article. I will consider different options below, and what you can do in each case to restore operation. The article, if not to repair your technique, so will help to understand the problem and save an en amount of money.

Most often the problem is hardware, which means the failure of one or more components. But, the problem of a black screen on a laptop can also be caused by a software failure, although this happens less often. The main causes of failure can include:

  • Mechanical Damage. Can be caused by falls or moisture inside the device. As a rule, the cause is associated with violation of operating conditions.
  • Damage of the cable, by means of which the matrix is connected to the motherboard.
  • Contact malfunction in RAM connection slots.

Software defects are usually corrected quite easily. This requires the adjustment of the software, which may involve removing viruses, installing the correct versions of drivers or a complete reinstallation of the operating system.

Black screen on the laptop

Black screen on the laptop. a typical phenomenon that we are often faced with at the most inopportune moment. “Turned on the laptop black screen” frequent questions that come to me in the mail. Yes, and forums dedicated to the topic, appeared quite a few. The main quality in a laptop is mobility, but this feature becomes unimportant if instead of the usual screen saver in the form of a Windows logo, a black or faded screen freezes before your eyes. On different information sources, given the same methods of fixing such a problem. Unfortunately, some of them are described too briefly, and the rest are presented in a chaotic order. The latter leads to the fact that the user begins to go through all sorts of options, not having the slightest idea what he does. Today I will present all kinds of methods to combat black screen, as well as give a couple of useful recommendations!

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Why does the mobile PC goes out?

The laptop does not turn on, a black screen, how to start? Often there is no need to run anything, because the solution lies in the design of the laptop itself. It’s as simple as that! Of course. There are also more serious situations, for example, when the PC hardware fails. Let’s arrange all types of problems in chronological order. At a glance, I would like to remind you that it is possible to reboot the computer. Just in case it helps, then you don’t have to keep racking your brains.

The charging cable and the battery

One of the most unpleasant elements in the construction of a laptop is the battery. It constantly discharges, with the last charge leaving at the most inopportune moment. The black screen when you start the laptop may indicate that the battery is low. When was the last time you charged the battery? This is where the problem lies.

An unpleasant sensation can occur if the battery does not charge when the cable is connected. Removing the battery doesn’t do anything either? Probably the cable or the power supply itself is damaged. In this case, we have to arm the multimeter to measure the voltage at the PSU output. Simply hold the stylus of your multimeter to the PSU output pins and then move the multimeter pointer to 20 volts. At the same time, the display should show the same voltage with a small margin of error, say 0.5 volts. Now, this reading is normal.

Without a minimum knowledge of electronics, it is better not to do it yourself. If the PSU fails, it may be necessary to replace some components, and this is not a very pleasant thing to do, especially without decent tools. You can do even simpler thing. buy a new charging cable.

Black screen on the laptop can be seen as a mechanical injury to the display. Several options are possible in this case. The matrix is the most critical element in the construction of the screen and I’m not just talking about laptops, but also full monitors. It is possible that you have a failed matrix plume or light bulbs, which are responsible for the backlight. It is not difficult to guess how you can check the functioning of the display. Connect the laptop via VGA or HDMI cable to the monitor from a desktop PC or TV. If there was an image. most likely you need to change the display, although if you pre-install the drivers on the video card or chemically with the resolution screen, and if you turn on your laptop screen shows the initial boot-up, and then a black screen or blue screen of death, you probably help restore the system. (If you don’t know how to do it. follow this link) You need to enter safe mode. Run it right after you press the power key, assiduously pressing the F8 key.

After that, the operating system will boot in a “simplified mode” and you have to roll back the driver or restore the system.

Motherboard overheating

Black screen when starting the laptop may be a consequence of the motherboard not working properly. Mini PC can not turn on due to excessive overheating of the motherboard. Overheating, in its turn, is caused by dust and different debris under the case. All this “outrageousness” has the disgusting property of heating up and preventing normal heat exchange. Respectively, the motherboard and everything on it will work slower than usual. The system will not be able to work to its full potential due to the temperature increase. So, we need to disassemble the laptop and everything should be cleaned properly. The main thing is not to damage the vital pins and tracks on the board, do not spill water on the motherboard! Learn more about how to properly clean your laptop here.

Along the way you can change the thermal paste and lubricate the fan if necessary. Thermal paste is applied to the processor and graphics card, and a heat sink with a fan is installed on top for hot air removal. The thermal paste should be applied with a thin layer, you should not squeeze out the entire tube!

“does not turn on the laptop, a black screen, how to start” exhausted question in today’s post. Apply this knowledge in practice and your notebook will serve you for a long time! Have a great job!

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Black screen when you turn on your computer, laptop. What to do?

Good day to all!

laptop, screen, black

Unfortunately, no one is safe from mistakes and problems. Even very careful users, taking care of the security of their Windows, sometimes face the lack of the usual image on the screen (in common people say simply: “I have a black screen. “). #x1f440;

I do not want to be banal, but this problem has its own nuances. The thing is that each user understands a different thing under a black screen.

For one, it’s when his Windows is booted, and instead of wallpaper on the desktop. he sees just a fill of black, and the other. when there is nothing on the screen at all (not a single inscription).

To somehow group the various causes and solutions, I identified the three most common behavior of a computer (laptop) and the Windows operating system (see the following table). #x1f447;).

In this article I will try to give a comprehensive answer and solution for each possible variant. I think that many users, using this article, will be able to solve the problem themselves and save a little money.

The reasons

There are many factors that cause a dark picture on the screen, or no picture at all.

The most common ones are:

  • Mechanical, chemical or other damage (often due to overheating, dropping the device or inattentive user intervention) to laptop components. it simply will not turn on;
  • Problems with the cable that connects the matrix of the device screen to the motherboard. the device is loaded, just no image;
  • Memory card failure. lights may turn on, fan(s). work, but no picture.

The most popular problems with “iron” and methods of solving them

The internal structure of a laptop can be compared to the human body, and the largest parts with vital organs. If one of these “organs” in a computer fails, then the whole “organism” will not work.

laptop, screen, black

System overload

“What to do if the laptop is turned off and does not turn on?”, A friend once asked me, bringing his ten-year-old. The reason was banal: after ten years of service the casing got so full of dust that it made the contact of the internal components impossible. A friend was saved by the usual cleaning.

It will most likely help you as well. Noisy fan noise is a good indication that the computer needs cleaning. But the best solution is the annual preventive cleaning of the “iron”.

The battery broke

The battery is not a vital part. Try taking it out and reinserting it. If the notebook is turned on, the problem was exactly in the power module. You can work without it, but then, until you replace it, the portable computer becomes a desktop.

The RAM card is dirty

The RAM in a laptop is analogous to the short-term memory of a person. It stores all active processes. The card itself located at the bottom of the case does not tolerate dust and small debris. However, even with the most careful storage the RAM wears out.

To fix the problem gently unscrew the bottom of the case, remove the RAM bar (it looks like this).

Then wipe it with rubbing alcohol or a solution containing green. Wait for the liquid to evaporate and reinsert the RAM.

Power Socket Trouble

Remember that cup of tea you spilled on the keyboard a week ago? This is the likely cause that the laptop does not turn on, what to do in this case? The first thing to look at is the charging panel.

If the battery light isn’t on, the power connector is probably broken. The only way out is to go to the service center.

Video chip fails

Notebooks are divided into two types: with integrated video chip and with a separate video card.

It happens that, although the fan works, the laptop does not start, the screen is black and life seems to be solid disappointment. If you have not dropped your computer then most probably the video adapter terminals are loose. The solution proposed is simple, but original. to warm the video chip with a construction hair dryer. Heated metal parts will expand, and most likely they will continue to work.

Warming up is a very difficult operation. We recommend that only experienced users do it themselves.

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The matrix is broken

In cases where the laptop turns on, the fan makes noise, but the screen is black, the problem is in the matrix. The sensor is the element that is behind the protective glass.

It is on it that the image is displayed. Most often this part is broken after falls or bumps. Unfortunately it is one of the most expensive parts of a notebook, so replacing it costs a pretty penny.

You should not prematurely write off the notebook. Consult a craftsman.

Laptop Screen went Black but still running Fix

Conflict of a new component with BIOS or motherboard

Sometimes the motherboard does not “notice” the RAM card connected to it. This happens because:

  • a) The motherboard does not support as much memory.
  • b) The RAM card is of different types (DDR, DDR2, DDR3). Only similar models can work at the same time.
  • c) BIOS firmware is outdated. You need to update it to the latest version and enable multi-channel support mode in the settings.

The processor is broken

The processor is the brain of your notebook. It is very protected, so situations in which it breaks down constitute no more than three percent of all failures. As an option, replace the thermal paste, it will better remove the heat from the processor.

A sure sign that the time to update the thermal paste has come is that the notebook turns on and shuts down after a few seconds. The overheat protection circuit occurs.

Hard drive failed

Blue screens began to appear unexpectedly? Your notebook makes strange noises when turned on? This means that the problematic segment is a hard disk drive.

There are rather many problems with it: mechanical damage, pollution, conflict with the motherboard. To determine the type of damage “by eye” is not possible. You can try to repair it with the.

Black screen when turning the notebook on

By the way, just a black screen when turning on the laptop makes users go to service centers and shell out a lot of money for problems that can be fixed yourself. To the same, unscrupulous service centers love to deceive their customers for example removing the battery and inserting it back after a while, it is possible that the laptop will work as usual, and a user who does not understand it, say that the problem was in the hardware and plaumat large sum of money. So, feel free to try and solve the problem yourself, with a little help from this article, of course.

First of all, you should remember that laptops and desktop PCs differ from each other in many ways, and not only in appearance. Laptop repair is a more time-consuming process, which can take inexperienced users a lot of effort.

So, a black screen when you turn on your laptop and how to deal with it? Usually users, when it manifests itself, restart the computer and everything is back to normal. It is possible that you will need to repeat this procedure two or three times before your PC will work properly. You can remove the battery and put it back in after five minutes, then press the power button again. If the black screen still hasn’t receded, then you’re facing a serious problem that lies in the hardware of your device. Unfortunately, to repair such complexity, requires not only the necessary skills, but also certain components, which can be ordered in the online store, but their price will not cause you delight.

What to do if the laptop does not turn on a black screen?

Every third owner of a laptop encounters a problem with the black screen at startup. Causes that cause failure may be plenty, but before going to the service for repair of computer equipment, it is recommended to make diagnostics by yourself. About this we will tell you below.