What to do if the phone screen is broken

Necessary tools and supplies

At the very least it is a plastic pick. Why plastic? It leaves fewer marks on the body, reduces the risk of damaging the loops and is more resilient than a metal pick. A plastic pick can be made from an ordinary plastic bottle, just cut out a small piece and line it.

For a better replacement, you need to heat the smartphone screen. There are two options for heating:

  • Separator. This is a stove that is heated to the desired temperature, the smartphone is placed with the screen down and heated evenly over the entire area. Such devices are used in workshops and service centers.
  • With warm air. You can use a blow dryer, or you can use a regular hair dryer. Its temperature is enough for the glue to start peeling off the surface.

Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) or benzene Galosha is also helpful. With these tools you can remove the old glue and speed up the process of gluing parts.

You need B7000 glue for gluing. This is a universal adhesive, it is excellent for gluing touchscreens or screen modules to the frame of the smartphone and tablet. There are different varieties of such adhesive. T7000, B7000, E8000, etc.п. They differ in color, adhesion, price and other characteristics. For most repairs, the B7000 will do.

3 Things To Do After Breaking A Smartphone Screen

Even in the repair of smartphones and tablets are widely used double-sided adhesive tape. They allow you to create a gap between the sensor and display. And when a modular screen is glued on, they create additional space for the frame. Double sided adhesive tapes also come in different sizes, colors and adhesion.

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Broken smartphone screen: how to fix it and how much it will cost

When you buy a long-awaited smartphone, you always want it to last as long as possible. But sometimes annoying things happen. for example, the screen can be broken. What to do in this case? Would it be more expensive to repair your phone than to buy a new one?? Or your favorite device can be saved? The answers to these questions depend on the nature of the damage.

Broken smartphone screen: how to fix it and how much it will cost

The 5 best ways to repair a broken smartphone screen.

Here are the ways you should use to fix a broken smartphone screen.

You don’t need to buy a new 700 iPhone or buy a new Android phone to fix your device. You can get a temporary fix for a few dollars.

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What should the service do

If your smartphone has a modular display, they replace it completely. Rarely, the touchscreen and the matrix are not glued together. However, it’s better to do an entire replacement, t.к. The screen wears out over time. For example, if a damaged glass makes the touch screen perform worse, but the picture on your broken phone screen looks the same, that doesn’t mean that all the pixels are working. Damage to 1 point is not noticeable to the eye, but later the matrix begins to collapse, due to which the picture gradually disappears. If the display deteriorates after replacing the sensor, you will have to replace the entire unit.

What to do if your phone is broken

You shouldn’t throw the phone away right away if it breaks and buy a new gadget. On the contrary, you can repair your device for a small sum, replacing the broken screen. There are several options that allow you to do this, it is recommended to use the best method in a particular case.

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If there was an additional warranty or insurance

Before fixing the breakage yourself, you need to check whether the phone has a warranty or insurance. You need to contact the manufacturer of the gadget. You can also look at the warranty period in the documents for your smartphone, they usually contain all the required data.

The warranty on the phone is valid for different periods of time, from a few months to a year. With its help you can get free repair or reimbursement, if the removal of the defect was made at your own expense. Repair is carried out in the store, at the manufacturer or in the service center.

Insurance is an additional service that is valid together with the warranty. You need to contact your insurance company to get reimbursement, not the manufacturer. This document is valid for one year. Insurance can be different, it can mean both a refund for the repair, and the repair itself.

It is recommended that you use the warranty first if your screen is broken. If the warranty is no longer valid or if the user is denied warranty repair, you can use the insurance. If both options are not valid, you will have to perform the replacement of the screen at your own expense or in a specialized center.

Time for repair depends on the degree of breakage. The screen can be replaced quickly directly in the service or take it away for a week, you must come back for your gadget after a certain period of time.

Temporarily stick a protective glass or a film

If the screen is damaged and there is no possibility to apply to the service at once, you can use special methods. They will allow you to temporarily use the gadget. Of course, it is better to contact the service center as soon as possible to avoid complications with the phone.

You can use a screen protector or film only if the screen is responsive and not too damaged. If the display is completely missing the image, there are too many cracks, and the glass crumbles in small pieces and does not respond to touch, do not stick a film or other glass, it will only damage your phone.

If the cracks are small but noticeable, protective glass is used. This can be used to hide the defects and protect the screen from further destruction or moisture penetration inside the smartphone. The glass must have a good adhesive that will not allow additional protection to come off.

The film is applied only if the damage is minimal. It does not have the same strong properties as glass, so it will not be able to adequately protect your phone. It is only needed to keep the screen in its current state, before the repair.

Before applying the glass or film you need to degrease the screen and clean it from dust. The spray can be put on a tissue and wipe the phone display. Only after this procedure, you can glue additional protection.

To replace the screen by yourself

You can replace a cracked screen yourself if you have certain skills. This is also the cheapest method of replacement.

You’ll need to buy a new screen for the repair. You can find the right part for your phone in a variety of online stores that specialize in this. The display must be of good quality and fit the parameters, this will allow the phone to transmit a better picture.

It must be said that the self-assembled display can disrupt the microchips, and the phone in this case will be completely out of order. This will happen if the case will be sloppily disassembled or the screen improperly placed. In this case you will have to spend twice. for a new screen and for phone repair.

To replace the screen at home, the user will need the following set of tools:

Other instruments may also be required. It depends on the model, as well as the device of the screen, as they may differ from each other.

If there are no such things, you need to buy them or take the phone to a service center for repair, because independent repair is impossible without certain tools. The center will produce everything with a high degree of accuracy.

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The of gadget parts vary quite a lot. For a phone that has been released recently, the screen will cost more than for a gadget that came on the market several years ago.

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Take it to an authorized service center

If the user turn to the service center with a request to repair the screen need to tell employees about their problem in detail. Specialists will analyze the extent of damage and offer two options to choose from:

The second option is more expensive. In addition, the price for the service depends greatly on what model of phone to be repaired.

The screen itself is made of a display with a touchscreen, which is also called “touch glass”. They can go either separately or together, that is, they can be glued together. It is possible to separate them during the repair, but this process can cause some problems.

Separation of the elements depends entirely on the skill of the specialist who conducts the repair and replacement of broken glass. Guarantee in this case can not give any master, as the process is complex and the wrong move can cause damage to both elements.

Such repair costs about the same as a full replacement of the entire screen. Therefore, you should find out what process will be carried out, in order to calculate the finances in advance.

It is recommended to replace the entire screen, as the screen wears out with time and can no longer convey a quality picture. Even if the glass is new, the phone may not transmit the image in the desired resolution. In this case, you will have to redo the repair, replacing the display completely.

Replacing the screen takes different time. If the repair is carried out by a professional, the process takes up to 1.5 hours. If there is no such a master, repair and replacement can be delayed for several days, depending on the workload of a specialist. When the operation is completed, the user will get the phone and warranty.

Surrender to a private repair shop

This method of restoration of the screen can be used when the user has no opportunity to give the phone to the manufacturer or in the specialized center. In this case you can always go to a private repair shop, which is usually available in any, even small, city.

It should be understood that a private master does not always use only original elements for phones. Therefore, if you have problems with your phone after repair at such a repair shop, it will be impossible to contact the manufacturer. This is due to the fact that he cancels the contract, if the repair was not made at him.

Therefore it is recommended to first check other options, such as insurance, warranty and repair in the service center. If you have to go to a local repair shop, it is recommended to first find out if they have a warranty on the work performed.

Repair in such workshops usually takes longer than in service centers. The quality of repair can also suffer. Usually to such craftsmen turn to an old model of gadget, which is no longer covered by the warranty.

The price of phone repair is usually lower at private masters than at specialized companies.

How a broken glass on the screen is dangerous for your smartphone

The screen suddenly stops responding to clicks

Typically, the front panel of a smartphone consists of a tempered protective glass, a touch panel that reads your touch, and a matrix that displays a picture.

Top of the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen assembled / ifixit.com

In top-end devices like the latest iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy S line, the touch panel is built into the protective glass, and the sensor is located at a minimum distance from it without an air gap. It is necessary to reduce the thickness of the smartphone and make the picture more expressive. It seems that the icons on the home screen are right under your fingertips.

At the same time, the protective glass is affected by sudden changes in temperature: during charging and loading the device heats up, in cold air it cools down quickly. It is affected by friction and other forces: you touch it and put it in your. it shakes in your bag.

If the glass is intact, nothing will happen to it even with active use, but the damaged one will continue to deteriorate. The small crack will gradually get bigger, and in 2-4 weeks small pieces will start to fall out of it.

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The first to suffer is the touchpad, which will suddenly stop responding to presses. You won’t be able to answer an important message or take an emergency call. In the twenty-first century, it can cost you your job, and sometimes your life.

What the service should do

If your smartphone has a modular display, it is replaced completely. Rarely, the touchscreen and the matrix are not glued together. But it’s better to replace the whole thing.к. The screen wears out over time. For example, if the damaged glass makes the sensor work worse, but the picture on the broken phone screen looks the same, it does not mean that all the pixels work. Damage of 1 pixel is not visible to the eye, but later the matrix begins to collapse, which gradually makes the picture disappear. If the display is ruined after replacing the sensor, you will have to replace the entire unit.

The dangers of broken glass

You can use a broken phone? Many owners of broken phones for a long time do not go to the repair. But because of this, the gadget often fails and can no longer be repaired. A broken phone can break down at any time. It is dangerous for the owner, you can cut yourself.

The screen may stop responding

Broken phone screen may stop working. Because the sensor is always mounted on top, it is the sensor that suffers first. It won’t respond to touch if it’s damaged. The only way to fix it is to replace it. If the glass on your phone breaks, the sensor may work randomly. Prolonged use of such a smartphone will lead to wear and tear of parts, so instead of replacing the display you will have to buy a new phone.

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The glass will damage the inside of the smartphone

You can not use the phone if the front panel is broken and the shards get inside the case. There are miniature parts and microcircuits. Most of them will cost as much as a new device to replace. Not all users know what to do if their phone is broken. They continue to use it while the fragments trapped inside deform the “stuffing”. Such a gadget should be immediately carried to repair or put on the shelf until it can be repaired.

Moisture gets in

If the screen breaks, the sealing of the housing will be broken. You don’t have to drop it in the water for the liquid to get on parts. All it takes is a couple of raindrops falling on the front panel. Even when outdoors, your phone is vulnerable because of a leaky assembly. Moisture is deposited on the surface of the gadget and gets inside, causing the iron to wear out. There may be a short circuit, after which it will be impossible to repair the microcircuits.

How to repair it yourself

It should only be done as a last resort. If you install the module incorrectly or disassemble the case carelessly, you can damage the microchips. Then not only will the repair be more difficult, but the cost of parts will be higher. When ordering a module, it is better to choose the native parts. If you install low-quality iron, you can provoke overheating, which affects all the insides of the smartphone.

Sometimes the part for models produced a year apart is called almost identically. However, a difference of even 1 character can mean that the smartphone is not compatible. So make sure that the selected module fits.

Complex technical devices are not subject to return. In the case of an error, you will not be able to return your purchase.